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FULL MOON in CANCER, December 28, 2012-Love Surrounds You if You are Real

The Long Night Moon is upon us on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 5:21 EST. The FULL MOON occurs in Cancer at 7 deg 06’. The moon is in a water sign which is good for love. The Sun is in Capricorn and is about structure. FULL MOON in Cancer brings to a conclusion a year of emotional highs and lows and those who were affected most know what I am speaking about. It all began with the Full Moon last January in Cancer also. What kind of year did you think you would have and what actually happened? The culmination was the end of the Mayan calendar. And, guess what, you are still here. But many will be seeing a change in energy, in thinking, in feelings and slowly leaping to Higher Consciousness. Do you see it yet? Probably not. But it is going to arrive soon enough. One last bang may show up before the next Full Moon. If there was no resolution to any issues that may have arrived during the summer then now is the time to look and see what you can do to resolve them once and for all.
The FULL MOON in Cancer brings you to a fork in the road going into the New Year. The Yod with Jupiter at the apex and the Saturn and Pluto sextile is quincunx Jupiter. I briefly mentioned the Yod previously. It is about raising your consciousness (Jupiter in Gemini) instead of doing the same thing (habitual patterns) over and over again. It is trying to guide you away from the long-standing grudges, prejudices and judgements that you all have chosen to hold onto for many moons. Can you bring your perspective back into balance? Can you keep your feelings unconditional? Saturn in Scorpio says there are secrets and mysteries that you know exist and need to investigate further. It also speaks of accountability of one’s actions and words. Pluto talks to you about spirit and soul. Of course, Pluto also clears the deck of all unnecessary things and people in your life who no longer resonate with your inner being. Saturn sextile Pluto will help to restructure your life.
This Cancer Full Moon is about being courageous emotionally and getting back to who you truly are. If you have been inauthentic in your feelings or you are repressing or holding back how you really feel (whether positive or negative), this is a time when a crack in the armor may occur and things get a bit rough for you. It needs to be said and now is the time to say it without fear. It is time to integrate your feelings. This is a positive growth FULL MOON. It will help you to jump over the hurdles in trusting in emotional relationships. Love finds a way. You can feel vulnerable and still move forward. Take advantage of the positive energy that it sends to you no matter how much you feel like you are hanging on the cliff. Open to the truth, dear ones. What a relief to release all the anxiety and dread that has you bogged down. Now you can finally let it all go and be in the present moment. Are you willing to take the leap into being in the moment? So many of you live in the past and the future and forget that the present exists
Stop talking and thinking about every negative thing that happens in your life. Does it make you feel any better? It is much better to stop every time a negative thought comes in and let it fly right out of your mind. ( It has been very helpful for my own thought process to do this.) Can you keep your mind free of those chaotic thoughts? If you can do this, the Full Moon will help you to choose the right path in the coming year. Family ties are also quite important at this time. You will notice that many things have changed between individuals to whom you are relating especially family members. Are you holding onto stuck beliefs from your family ancestry? Or are you actually enjoying sharing memories of your family coming from your own truthfulness.
This is a grand time to nurture and be nurtured. Who doesn’t love that? Reach out to others and see how good it makes you feel. Anyone who you may have difficulty relating to you may be actually reflecting your own insecurities. Keep to the high road in any interactions. Respond instead of reacting! With the Full Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto (old rage) and squaring Uranus (hothead) staying peaceful no matter what is truly suggested because this T-Square can set you off in a big way. Those of you with planets and asteroids around 7-9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are most affected by this Full Moon. Please keep your cool no matter what shows up or who says what. How many of you are ignoring your sexual nature because you have some kind of belief that is keeping you from sharing deep intimacy? Is that fear controlling you? This Full Moon is about really being the true individual. Stop pretending. Be real or jump ship.
Here are some additional words to describe the different planet degrees which are in place at the Full Moon. Walk the high road. Listen to the birds. Music. Are you whining? Where is your fear coming from? Be inspired and creative. Are you talking too much? Codependent. Repressing the emotions and then a blow-up. Lightbulb moments. Sudden realizations. Jumping ship. Are you withdrawing again? Get to the point already. Only comfortable in the past. Publishing something, are you? Greed. Respecting boundaries. Is there romance in your life? Soul mates. Insincerity. Fear of commitment. Allowing love to flow in your life. Fiscal Cliff can be resolved.
Thank you all for reading my blog and thank you for who you are. Let’s shine in 2013. Create, be inspired and walk your talk. Take a deep breath in the shaky moment and know that love wins. I wish you peaceful tidings for a grand and glorious new year. And remember to take the fork in the road as Yogi Berra would say. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, December 13, 2012- A New Direction

Are you leaping yet? What’s holding you back? It is 12/12/12 and there is much shifting going on within us if we allow our mind, body and spirit to open to it. Will you and I do that? The stars are in reach beginning now. Will you reach for them or will you stay in the quicksand of yesterday? You know that the New Moon is tomorrow and before I get there I will say this. In my own life I felt really in a murky place about a week ago and I decided that being in that mood, which has been reflecting many around me, is the pits. I now give it up. No matter what, life is really on my side and it can be on your side too. What the rest of the world does is their choice. I know deep inside of me that if I choose to be in the joy place, I will shift and be present to who I really am and what I am here to do. And that means you too can leap in a big way walking through the junk that is thrown at you and let it go. My turning point came the other day and I have no idea where it is leading me but I am fully, completely and totally onboard. Join me and see how your life can change.

The NEW MOON in Sagittarius is at 21degrees 45’ on December 13, 2012 at 3:43 am EST. After the last two eclipses this is a regular lunation. Since Sagittarius is a Fire sign the quick to do it is at hand. Rushing into things and flying away into a new venture is likely part of this New Moon. Sagittarius is fun-loving and adventurous but can be a bit sensitive at times. Optimism and highspirtedness are the keynotes.  So this New Moon is taking us on a ride to new possibilities and a different direction.  Sagittarians can talk anyone into anything most of the time because they tend to inspire and excite but those Earth and Water signs will tend to hold back if pressured too much. If your birthday falls on December 13 plus or minus 5 days then you will find changes that will give you big opportunities in the new year, Just remember Sagittarians that December 14 will help you be at your creative best due to the Mercury /Uranus aspect. Take advantage of the highest thinking because Mercury is pulling out of the retrograde shadow also.

The New Moon is about looking for new ways to take leaps but much patience is in the mix. Oh, I know, that word is like a bad one to some of you. Sometimes, it just reeks. Yet, that is what is needed at this time. This is also about asking yourself just what are you willing to sacrifice for those big dreams that are on hold.  Now is the time to get excited about any new plans you may have recently thought about and share them with others and get them on board also. Lilith asteroid is conjunct Jupiter in Gemini which says to me that women are militant with its trine to Eris but it can also mean there is an insatiable desire for a sexual interaction.  Jupiter also is at the apex of the Yod with Saturn sextile Pluto. Jupiter still has those big dreams and Saturn can help reach them. If you are feeling in your shadow energy, then make it conscious and look at what is really riling you up. Can you do that? Wouldn’t that be a breakthrough of some sorts if you can actually admit that so and so makes you really upset. Wherever the Yod is pointing in your chart is where the shadow is in this Yod. Mine is in my 12th house and has Saturn and Pluto sextile from the 5th to the 7th house. Something in a relationship is bringing out a past shadow. On the other hand I already feel the Saturn support has brought me to a new inspired awakening.  It can also indicate for you that a counselor type will help you figure out about the shadow and how to walk through it.

Watch out then early in the day for some unexpected event or otherwise. Uranus goes direct in Aries at 4 degrees 36’ and trines Mercury.  Wherever it falls in your chart will be the area that there may be a surprise or could be exciting news.  New Moon is also trine Eris asteroid which brings to the table a kind of eccentric behavior in someone or yourself yet the mystical aura is present and others are pulled to you without knowing why. This can also bring to the forefront mediumship. Don’t forget that Uranus is still square Pluto and continues to bring about the tearing down of old to allow the new to surface in unexpected ways.

Venus goes into Sagittarius later Saturday and then squares Neptune. Watch illusions around a relationship because it may seem dreamy but the disappointments can show up sooner than later. Watch that movie instead.  Be cautious of jumping into a new interaction presently because it may be something that will pull you into the seedy side of life. 

So where will you let this New Moon take you. What new direction will appear in your life? Has it already shown up? Anyone of you who has a planet on or within 5 degrees of the New Moon energy will be affected more intensely. The signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Soon the light returns and the days begin to get longer. Winter solstice is near and so is the tipping point for possible changes on 12/21/12. We all await to see the direction it takes us. Thank you for your support. If you wish to be reminded when a new post is published, do click on follow on the main page and you will be notified. Many blessings and warm wishes for those who celebrate Hanukkah. Until again. Love, Jan.


Where oh where has the cool summer breeze gone in this neck of the woods? Tomorrow is July 4th. Summer is half over. Drat. It seems like I just wrote the last FULL MOON post. So, have any of you begun to feel the shifting energy? There was a noticeable change over this past weekend which I felt immensely. What about you? When I woke up yesterday I felt that something definitely shifted and there was more lightness within me. It was almost like a door opened and some positive air flow came rushing in.  Worldwide, Fukushima is emitting more radiation than thought before; the storm results from last week are still affecting those in the East (Mid-Atlantic, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio); and the US unemployment is around 38% (if you look closely). I said something many months ago about being prepared for any unexpected happenings. Please take note and at least have a couple cases of extra water stored and some food supplies (3 days is good but 3 weeks would be better). It also would be helpful to have some cash on hand (of course if the dollar crashes…it won’t matter.) Start being who you really are and stop listening to those who have no idea what life is about. The veil is getting thinner and thinner. Enough said.

The Full Moon in Capricorn takes place today, Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 2:53pm EDT in 12 degrees 14 min. Capricorn. The Sun is now in Cancer. It is a time of releasing things which no longer work in your life. This Full Moon is most powerful and intense. It is conjunct Pluto where it just went through the Pluto energy and square Uranus in Aries. Oh boy, what a wallop that brings. Capricorn is about structures in our life and the boundaries you have. Capricorn is the high achiever. Cancer, on the other hand, is the nurturer. It is a time of finding how to integrate those parts so that you can nourish and build upon it.  Capricorn Moon likes to get it done and Cancer Sun likes to use the emotions of it. Are you finding a struggle between work and home life?  This Full Moon brings that to the surface.. And as you are thinking about this polarity, how about looking at what Uranus is doing. It feels like you want to rebel and actually it is a good thing because it takes you out of that rigid old thinking and into a new perspective. So, it is an awesome time to allow the higher awareness to develop within. Change your thinking dear ones and wow, what a thought, it may change your life. This is being facilitated by the Mercury in good aspect to Uranus.

What’s hiding in your closet? Well, dear ones, if you have guilt, shame and any other negative factors that hang out behind the walls of your mind, know that they are going to go down, be disintegrated and released whether you choose it or not. The trigger is present. And those who fail to be authentic will be shown that it is the only way you can be to move up the steps to a more awakened, peaceful life. THIS IS ALL ABOUT BEING IN THE MOMENT. Stop right there. Did you read that correctly? YES, this actual moment, not the past moment. The past has died. It may linger in your life for a bit, but it is over. NOW it is about NOW. Think about it. If you resonate and feel good with yourself, then life is a charm. If you fight and resist, then how do you feel? Stop the resisting. What pains you so much that you resist the truth?  This Full Moon in Capricorn brings it all out if not immediately then give it a few days or even a week or two…watch what happens if you are off-track. Uranus in Aries squaring this Full Moon in Capricorn makes a statement. Stop worrying about everyone else; stop beating yourself up; and start being who you came to be. This is a one-way transformation. There is no turning back here. Remember this because it may take time to recognize. Try the warm approach instead of the stern old-time father approach. Do you have a father complex? So many do! Unexpected change is here, like it or not. The I Am Presence within you is ALL THERE IS. Venus helps here because it wants you to move from the past into the NOW and have those interactions which you are dreaming about and will bring about the letting go that is to your benefit so new starts may take place.

Also this Full Moon is part of a yod. A yod has 3 planets and is shaped like a long witch hat. Wherever that point falls in your chart will tell you what really has to go. GONE it is. For instance, in the 11th house, any friends who fail to support your soul growth…gone. There is also some underlying feminine energy rage sitting around from the last moon. What will you do with it? Use it wisely.

The Full Moon will affect more intensely those who have the Sun, Moon, any planets or Ascendant, Midheaven near 12 degrees Capricorn. It can be fall between 7 degrees and 16 degrees. Cancer and Capricorn are affected most and then Aries and Libra.

One more thing is needed- a time out. Yes, that means YOU. Capricorn is an earth sign and because it has ambitious plans it needs a time to regroup. Uranus and Pluto square will heat it up to intense proportions that you need to pause. Emotions can explode with this aspect. So, it is a perfect time to take a leisurely hike, to walk in the woods, to refresh yourself so when you go back to work or whatever else you do, you will see more clearly. And with Mercury in Retrograde coming up on the 14th of July, you will need to be alert and aware.  Mars goes into Libra and I will talk more about that next time. It will help get your relationships on a better level.

Have a wonderful July 4th and beautiful, inspiring week. Thank you all for your support. Write to me with your thoughts. It will make my day. Until again. Love, Jan 

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