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New Beginnings in Astrology and Beyond

Oh dear ones, how lucky we are to have each other. Are you sharing your love with someone today? I had to shake myself out of the doldrums due to lots of old issues and baggage clearing out and it took its toll on me today. No whining, just facing the reality of it all. Did pull myself together and took a quick walk down memory lane and then decided that the present is what exists. So, my heart won and that wonderful Light around me brought me to where I am now. It took some courage on my part to look at what truly bugged me about my life and now it’s a moot point. Life happens while you wait for the dream to take place. I just jumped on that wave and look to those who wish to journey with me to be there also.  So that’s an example of things going on with everyone. Some recognize it; others do not as of yet. Soon though, the awakened ones will be an example for those who are still on the fence to jump on that wave. And believe me that wave is fast approaching.

 Nothing in life is more important than to have that love within and allowing it to flow to all. What beauty there is in that thought and feeling!  Do you realize that Spring is almost here? It arrives at 1:21pm PDT and 4:21pm EDT. It’s our true new year and a new beginning. Sun enters Aries to join the planet Uranus. Things can get electric and unexpected, as if they aren’t already.  What are your dreams for this new beginning? Put those intentions out there. List them and keep them nearby so you can check if you are staying the course.  Anyone off your path do hop on that wave and let it take you to your next level.  For those who are walking your path and knowing it, you are thinking what a wonderful moment. The tide is truly turning no matter what the doomsayers predict. We are our thoughts, so keep that to the forefront. If you wish for doom and enough people think that, well, guess what, it happens.  So, my suggestion is stay true to yourself, not your ego. That ego of ours can create major havoc if we let it. So keep it in line already.  Our minds are great when they are used in the correct manner working with the heart.

As the Sun charges into Aries it is truly about bringing creativity to the fore. It’s about action; not sitting back and waiting for something to happen. The passivity of the people will not work in any way, shape or form. Create is the password for this new beginning.  Are you bored with your life? Why do you sit in boredom when you can create something? Everyone has some kind of gift or talent that needs to be brought into the open. A few years ago I was so stagnant it stunk. Yes It did, dear ones. How did I get out of that stagnant gunk? How about a conscious decision to do it?  Oh dear, please no excuses, I had many and even though at this  moment I am recreating myself, I still need to consciously decide to ride the highest wave. It takes courage to do what we came to do in this lifetime. It takes courage to be with the person that was intended to be in your life. It takes courage to walk that path without thinking what people say about you…that approval that many people need. Courage is the other password to that new beginning. There is much more to say about this down the road. Listen to your heart with some focus of your mind and you can create a new beginning in every part of your life. Until again I send the love in my heart to you and yours. Happy Spring. BLESSINGS TO YOU!

Dr. Jan King Ponders the Full Moon March 19

Where are you as we approach a major point on the yearly trek heading to renewal and revival in the Aries point energy of the spring? Do you have balance in your life or are you teetering on the brink of falling back into the same old routines, worn-out traditions and old thinking?

Life is shifting rapidly and we all may wish to look at our perspective on how to rummage through our ‘old stuff” and let go already of things that no longer work for us. Does that bring an uncomfortable feeling? Our thinking does influence our life whether we choose to believe that or not. Whatever is going on in life at the present moment is a product of that thinking. So, how can we affect that old thinking pattern so that we can now create what we wish to in this highly-energized pace that we encounter daily?

Look within. Take the time to rest up, remove and reconsider all that is affecting your life. Simple, huh? Not really? We cannot change our thinking in the middle of a chaotic burst but we can take a walk within and see those old patterns that keep us stifled and stuck where it grinds away our energy and takes away that balance. That’s what we truly have to do. Not everyone agrees with that approach. Just keep on doing the same stuff day in and day out. Whew. Who needs it? Those of us who really choose to take a big leap in the next year. That’s who.

The full moon on Saturday, March 19th brings this opportunity to dump the old. Yes, I said to dump all old stuff that no longer serves your needs, your desires or is real. It is time to be ready to jump on that high speed train that may pass you by. The full moon along with the Uranus in Aries exciting, unexpected energy takes us to a turning point between reality and fantasy as we look for balance. Yes, cleaning out the clutter of the old thinking is necessary now. Old ties, old possessions and old thinking no longer have a place in the upcoming way of life. There are many on the doomsday train; is that where you wish to be? Or do you wish to be on the high speed train which gives you the opportunity to create a new beginning within and around with Divine blessings upon you. You have the way to do this and you can choose it. Bring the balance back to yourself now in work, play, relationships and Spirit within. There are endings here and there are new beginnings. That’s up to you and how you think. Open your mind and your heart to the reality of any situation and you may be surprised at the uncanny way things turn out to your advantage. Give up that need for control because it no longer serves the purpose.  Be free within and the world becomes free around you. You affect me and I affect you. Yes, dear ones, it is so true.

I am at the  station waiting for that high speed train. Are you going to join me? Blessings to all and may the Divine keep the Japanese people in His arms protecting them from further catastrophe. May all the world be blessed and filled with peace. So long for now.

Taking A Leap in Relationships

Weekends fly by these days.  And why do we have daylight savings time starting so early? Uranus is now in Aries fully for the last 2 days. Anyone with planets in the first 5 degrees of Aries will be affected more than others in the next year. It’s going to bring radical changes wherever it falls in your astrological chart. And those who have no astrology interest, it will affect you anyway.

Many were having relationship issues surface this past week leading into this change in planetary energy. It was a maelstrom of emotions that seemed to pull people into the churning. It was like a tsunami of the past trying to overtake the present and it was touching many people as I said in my previous post. This turbulence had the purpose of clearing out the old. How many of you are holding onto that old baggage, that past relationship, that old belief. Do you truly need it?  Did you notice lots of anger coming up this past week? Get rid of that anger and when you do it will turn your life around. That does takes a conscious effort. Are you projecting your anger? If you are calm, people will respond as such. And if you are otherwise, who knows where that goes. Soon, one will notice that the manipulation can no longer take place.  The wheel is turning and you can go with it, moving in the direction it is taking you, or else fall off the wheel and go back to that old stuff once again. This is a time when relationships have to be real. The cards are on the table and there is no longer any room for deception. It’s time to walk your walk and talk your talk and begin to communicate with each other. This time is about blazing forward with new energy. Those who are in a relationship that is filled with unreality will see that it no longer flows. Is it important enough for each of you to let it take the leap into a new level of cooperation and respect for each other’s individuality? Or do you choose the selfish path of old? Life is changing quickly. Time is speeding by. What now? Jump on the wave and ride it fully so that the energy is going to help you to leap higher than ever before and it will bring the real you to the surface-the core of self.

Many believe that this new burst of energy will bring us the truth, the reality of life. Traditions will be changing or falling by the wayside. That’s for another day. Blessings and may you find the courage to walk your path in truth. So long for now.


Hello world!

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Cosmic Leaping

Today I woke up early and before I started the day i decided to talk

about the move of Uranus in Aries. It certainly shook Japan and affected

some of the islands in the Pacific and Hawaii. Many people have no idea

of the changes that are coming which are really significant.  It is a leap

that we all need to take and this is just the beginning of a shift that will

affect us all.  What is this leap about? In general there are many who

are so caught up in consumerism that they refuse to look at their lives

and what is going on inside. Fear has taken over.  Do we need to go to

that fear place? Yes, I know there are many frightful things out there

such as the quake today. Yet looking at the quake just says to me that

something is shifting within us all.  Perhaps we need to look within and see

what we are holding onto. Mother Earth let go today because it was time

to do so. And more of this is coming. There is no blame. It just is.  How do

you feel today? Are you upset, happy, annoyed, angry, joyful? What is

the motivation today? For those not affected by the quake did it really

touch you? Why did I feel so compelled to write about it? I feel it is a turning

point. Be prepared and pay attention. We are all connected and this will be

a factor in the days ahead. The energy is changing and it’s becoming more

focused yet unexpected. It is time to look within and know that soon you

may have to leap into a higher level guided by the Spirit which brings more

cooperation, more insight and moving on your own path with clarity and

focus. There is no time to dally anymore. Our energy is rising whether you

like it or not and you can choose to leap onto the great wave that has arrived.

Blessings to all those in Japan and around the world and may the protective

forces be with you all. So long for now.

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