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NEW MOON IN ARIES, April 18, 2015- Ready, set, whoa!!!

Are you taxed out as I am? This past tax season was filled with lots of delays and energetic bumps and I know most of you have survived and many waited as usual until the last minute to file. Of course, many of you requested extensions. Take a deep breath and get ready to begin anew. I guess if I said I didn’t like taxes were a great thing, the infamous blue van would show up on my street. Right? Yes sir. On another note from the real world it looks like baseball season is full swing. My favorite team is in dead last place and their cross-town rival is in first. BUT, I did actually hear that the infamous ARod had a spectacular blast tonight (measuring 477 feet). Enough said. And did you see that unbelievable happening in the state of Wyoming. A blizzard was taking place with hazardous conditions and drivers were going too darn fast and wow – what a mess it was on the road with many injured. What is with all this aggression? I know this is the negative side of the Aries sign.
In the meantime the NEW MOON in ARIES at 28 degrees 25’ is set to arrive on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 2:57pm EDT, 11:57am PDT and 6:57 GMT. Both the Sun and Moon are together In Aries. There are no real aspects to it because it quickly moves into Taurus not too long after. So what does that mean for you? First of all, it is a time for you to take a look at all those things which are still hanging on and just let them go. No new beginnings will go smoothly if you haven’t released the blocks. Dear one, do it now and see the difference it makes in your life. Wouldn’t you like to ride the surging flame of this Aries NEW MOON? I may actually take you in a new direction if you have the courage of your intentions and vision. And if you are already on your path of truth then it will give you a push forward. Sounds good to me!
How many of you have leaped already? This NEW MOON in ARIES is checking up on you and seeing if you are in attunement or are out of balance from the last Full Moon in Libra. Where are you? Have you corrected the extremes in your life? Have you come up with a new perspective on where you are heading in your life? If there is something at odds in your life or you have had negative discourse with others, then think about a peace offering at this time because life can get rough if you don’t. Explosive energy may appear. No one said you had to agree with anyone. Many of you still carry grudges and refuse to budge. You choose warmongering instead of peacefulness. Stop resisting the process and let it be.
Do you have fear that is blocking your vision at this time of the NEW MOON? Then that fear needs to be transmuted. Turn the fear into being more courageous. You may even choose to be more adventurous. That would be a grand thing. And believe it or not, ARIES NEW MOON has a service-bent to it. So, if someone is in need, offer your help. Many of you already do this. This is commendable. NEW MOON in ARIES is a passionate sign with a big vision. Are you going to take your intention and bring it to your vision so that you can open to the world and share it? How do you know if the energy is taking you forward on your true path? When you are confident (Aries New Moon energy) and believe in yourself then you choose to create your vision and it flows.
Since New Moon energy is about setting this intention you need to put it out there whether you write and burn it or just keep it in a sacred place in your surroundings or you choose how to do it. Without pure intention, it gets stuck. Stop talking about intentions, just intend and let it go. By the way, since Mars the ruler of the New Moon in Aries is in Taurus, the moving forward is more like ready, set, whoa!!!! Do you know what that indicates? Yes, it means that you are going to wish to race to the finish line and Mars is saying no! You are going to have your intentions/ your vision set and then you are going to take a walk, or read a book, or join your friends. You name it. You are going to slow down and plod along once it is set. Mars will hang you up if you push too hard. Capisci? Allow it to gather momentum slowly. It will be able to sort out anything that may keep it from flowing.
This New Moon is also about quality not quantity. It can make you feel restless. On my radio show tonight I already mentioned how this restlessness is creeping into our lives right now. I have heard it from many individuals in the past couple of days. With Mars in Taurus trine (favorable) Pluto in Capricorn your ambitions are fired up at this time.
A couple other aspects going on that may help you along. Jupiter in Leo square Mars in Taurus. If you are looking for love and this aspect touches something in your chart. It is red-hot. Need I say more? Passion and humor join the fantasy and what appears? REAL LOVE. Some may even find magical interactions. And if this square off between the two planets touches deeply, you have a winner in your life. Go with it. Also, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces which says watch for foggy thinking. And watch for mirages in relationships. It may not be actually what you think it is. One more thing-Since the last Solar Eclipse on March 20 you have been given an opportunity to be more unified within. This energy will be present for the next 6 months from the Solar Eclipse.
Those with birthdays from April 14-April 22; July 18-July 26; October 18-October 26 and January 15-January 22 will be more intensely affected by this Aries New Moon. If you have personal planets or angles at the 28 degrees 25’ in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn then you also may be affected more than others.

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Remember no leaping unless you take a big breath and slow yourself down first. Remember to pay attention. Thank you for reading and if you choose, please share with others. I am most grateful for your support. If you have any questions about this post or if you wish to have a reading, please comment and I will get back to you. Look before you leap. Until again. Many blessings. Love, Jan

Watch for the Full Moon post for May 3. Also if you choose to listen to my radio show, it is on May 1 at 11pm EDT on

FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA, April 4, 2015- Lightning bolts of change

What are you experiencing in this moment? Is there confusion or deception hanging around? Saturn square Neptune tends to amplify this. The energy has been intensifying since the Solar Eclipse in Pisces in March. Or do you tend to ignore it all and just pretend life is always the same as you drift along with the video games, the IPhones, the texting and social media? You are being captivated by nothing. Oh, what do I know since I am an infrequent user as the energy bombards all of us? Will you take another look and allow it to enhance and prod so the effect can be profound?

How many of you would like to take off for places unknown to have some peace? I know many of you would be willing to do so if you had an opening. Right? Yep. Did you pull off the joke of the year on April Fool’s Day? Maybe you should have done so to alleviate all the pressure that is being thrown at you. And please remember that taxes in the USA are due shortly on April 15. This is crunch time for all the tax professionals (including me) since most wait until the last minute to send. Oh, yes, don’t forget the less than amazing Final Four that is up on Saturday. Most important of all Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate and if there is something else going on, then best to you too!!!

Now, on with the show! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra arrives at 8:05am EDT, 5:05am PDT, 12:05pm GMT on Saturday, April 4, 2015 in 14 degrees 24’ and the Sun is in Aries at the same degree. This is a potent, explosive lunation. As this comes into being the Solar Eclipse in Pisces energy is still going on from March20. Did you release anything since then and begin anew or are you still hanging on with giant pincers to the past. Did you have any incredibly clear dreams in the past 2 weeks which gave you big insights to where you are heading? Or are you just sitting there dreaming about long lost places? This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is compounding the effects of that Solar Eclipse. Pay attention please.

If you think it is one and done know this energy brings a shifting in circumstances which may be unexpected due to the conjunction (intense) of Uranus to the Sun in Aries and opposite to the Moon in Libra. Will something in your life blow up as Pluto in Capricorn forms a T-square to the Sun and Moon? Keep in mind that if you suppress these energetic forces you may have a rough ride. Play it safe and release that which is no longer resonating so that you stay on track with only minor bumps if that. Since all eclipses affect your DNA, cellular structure and Pineal gland then the eclipse can be a major catalyst for dramatic changes and deep insights in your life. This Lunar Eclipse will be visible in North and South America, across Asia, Western Australia and the Pacific Ocean. Back in April 1996 an eclipse occurred in the same degree within minutes. What was happening in your life back then? What are you allowing to come forward to change with this eclipse?

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra is about balance in your life. It also speaks of equal partnerships. How do you approach each other? Do you do so with arrogance and self-centeredness or with diplomacy and peacefulness? That is far from peace at any price. This Libra Full Moon is quite tolerant. Sometimes it may even give in easily to others and not stand up for its own principles. Empower yourself at this time because it is giving you that opportunity. This is a time for the Aries Sun to transmute its shadow side of self-absorption and aggressive behavior and come back into that Libra balance. The Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is asking you to look at the place in your life that you are acting out of balance and also to see both sides before you make any decisions. IF you know the house in your natal chart where the Full Moon is then you can see what area needs to be balanced. It is also about whether you are being true to yourselves or just being who others wish you to be. Give that a thought at this time. It is important that you are true to you and not just trying to keep the peace by being someone that appeases those around you. Others in your life may bring out different parts of you. Each one is touching on a different part of you…like humor, adventure, nurturing…you name it. Don’t get taken in by lies or propaganda by anyone no matter how close they are to you. It can get pretty down and dirty. Watch it. Then again maybe the whole energy will just be a whimper.

Remember that the Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn seventh square which took place on March 16, 2015 is still in effect. In fact it is still going on for the next 4 years. Changes and more changes are coming your way. Those most affected by this Full Moon in Libra Lunar Eclipse are those whose birthdays are April 1-April 8; July 4-July 11; October 3-October 10; and January 1-8. If you have personal planets at mid-degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you will be intensely affected. This also includes Ascendant/Descendant points in those signs. So depending where it falls in your chart is what it is going to do for you. The energy can be cleansing, healing or even a birthing time. Will the lightning bolt of Uranus in Aries opposite the Full Moon thrown you in a frenzy? If it hits your life things will be different from then on.

There are some shining moments since Jupiter in Leo trines (favorable) the Sun in Aries and sextile to the Moon in Libra. Take advantage of the joy that comes to you even if it is between the energy shifts.

Animal Power card for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse -I drew the Horse and its meditation is about strength. “Horse spirit, please come to me. Thank you for leaving the freedom of the plains behind. To lighten my load with your strong body and helpful way. And take me to far off places faster than I could ever go. You help me learn the ways of others and teach them mine. You help me jump over all obstacles on my journey. Your selfless service is an inspiration to all beings.”

Be blessed at this most holy time. Thank you for all you do and stay in peace as the shifting occurs. Please share this post if so inclined.  Until again. Love, Jan


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