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The heat is still burning in my part of the Northern Hemisphere and the New Moon will be in 7 degrees of Leo on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 2:40pm EDT and 11:40am PDT. The Russians are planning a nuclear drill which can become interesting. The debt crisis is brewing deeper and should you be quivering from the fear? I say, let’s reach out to the stars and see how we can bring that truth to Light and raise our energy now. Are you ready?

As you await the New Moon arrival, the Sun just touched Uranus and this may bring exciting new opportunities. Now remember in the last post I mentioned the rabbit and how it tells us to look for those opportunities. Of course they may be fleeting so you have to pay attention. What else is new? HA! And today, how many are feeling some romantic glow? Venus has gone into Leo and boy, what a lovely time for parties and frivolity with the Sun helping to charm everyone around you.  You want to go out there and play and have fun and let those around you say how wonderful you are. You are, aren’t you? And let’s not forget Jupiter is aspecting the Sun also and that means easy overindulgence in the area it hits in your life and taking a moment to think before you make those decisions.

Leo is all about creativity. That’s what this Leo New Moon will accent in your life. What will be your creative expression? How will you use the artistic talents you have? Are you playing your music or dancing, singing a song, writing that book or poem, or just reaching out to people telling them you love them? Finding a new creative path in life is another option. What does that child within wish you to do? This is the New Moon for intending what you wish to create in your life. This is a magnificent time to find the wonder in your life and take it to the next level. Ponder what it is that you truly wish to create for this is a time of beginning to make your dreams becoming reality. It may take a few months to get it going. Take one leap at a time like the rabbit. Or amp it up and take many. This is a time of fun, joy and love. Be out there and shine. Radiate that charm. Be the renaissance you. Where this Leo New Moon falls in your chart is where you feel the greatest love for life, your joie de vivre, and what enhances your happiness the most.

Uh oh, as you are all looking to take that cosmic leap in your creative mode, and along comes Mercury retrograde on August 2. Now what will you do? This is a big tease about what is to come and most likely you won’t see it right away. All of a sudden you may have a grand idea and retro Mercury will make you recreate that idea or ponder it awhile. It is helping you to review, revisit and have a newly polished form for it by the end of the period on August 26. This is certainly a good thing in many ways. Just stay away from signing any major agreements or other documents during this retro timeframe or put off buying anything major – appliances, cars or any other electronic equipment. Expecting messages and they don’t show up until after you needed to have them, dear Mercury, the sometimes trickster is working overtime. Keep that in mind and you will be able to take that creation to new heights. Some of you may do major things that you ask whether or not to do them since Mercury is retrograde. Well, signing agreements during this time is not recommended as I said because hidden things may come to light after the forward motion begins again. And since it goes back into Leo for awhile again, whatever you wish to create will be pondered and pondered and recreated. Another thing with agreements, something may be forgotten by one of the parties involved and that would bring some confusion to the table. Enough of the retrograde, right? Almost. It is a good time to discard and let go of all the stuff that has accumulated in your life that is no longer touching your heart. This is clean-up time for some of you. And speaking of letting go, are there old disappointments, burdens, resentments? Do you think they are doing you any good? Clear them out now. It’s time.

So as you are truly enjoying life and maybe doing some recreating of a dream idea or creative gift, there is this Mercury/Neptune, Venus/Neptune aspect going on. Woe is me because who is lying or confused in your realm? Deception, anyone? You are all amped up emotionally and someone is skirting the issue or maybe there is a toxic individual who just won’t let it go. Or do you plan to do some detoxing for a healthier you? For any toxicity remember the homeopathic remedies or the herbs for health. You can even use herbs for a protective mode. And on the other hand it is a great time to channel answers from the Divine Spirit helpers. You will be surprised how quickly the answers show up now. Many spiritual insights are ready to come to you. A little sage burning while you are praying or meditating helps the Spirit rise within you. And bingo, the answer appears.

Ok, now one last thing just following the Leo New Moon. Mars/Uranus/Pluto are aspecting and sweetheart, this is something to which to pay attention. Power struggles, major nasties, and unexpected shocks abound in this week. Just be forewarned so you keep out of any toxic environment that tries to pull you in. This can also include toxic family matters. Keep those joys flowing no matter what is going on around you.  “Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long…” Many blessings and childlike joy to all of you. Until again. Getting ready to leap? Love, Jan   

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Hi everyone. Hope you are keeping as cool as possible with all these extreme temperatures. I have had much brain fog with this heat so my expression may be a bit off. It sure is difficult at times to even focus on anything important. As much as I like to be outdoors, this weather certainly does nothing to support my wish. There are so many things going on in the world today that it makes my head spin if I think about it. And people are really mired in the foreboding news about this debt crisis. EEK! Somewhere within I know if you walk your talk things will be ok. How can I say that? Well, you all know that our energy frequency is rising and the more of us that wake up, the better things will become. So, what does this have to do with current events? Do you really think that you are going to go down in a heap of rubble because the mainstream media jabbers on about the end of the world? Puhleese! Life is changing. You are shifting in consciousness. Yes, there are big energetic shifts coming to all of us. Will you allow it to happen? Will you actually wake up and know that this is all a big illusion and if you are only thinking about what the media is blasting at you, then how in creation can you even raise your frequency one iota? Or maybe you aren’t listening to the mainstream news and you are just so self-absorbed that you see nothing else except your selective world.

Since August 1987 the timeline for the earth changed. There is much written about this beginning of a timeline that ends with December 21, 2012 which supposedly is the end of the Mayan calendar. Is this accurate or is there something else going on that may not be revealed yet? If you believe what many of the so-called experts say, then the world will change drastically at the end date. I have little idea what will happen if I listen to the talking heads. If I listen to the Divine within, I feel that you and I will have an energetic change to raise our consciousness even more and so many hidden things can come to Light whenever this time occurs. Do you believe that the loving God will destroy us? I guess if that is the case then what’s the point of being of this earth? And the more I hear you talk the more I hear the fear in your voices regarding what is going on in the world. Most of the fear is about money, relationships and career. Will you have enough money to survive and move forward, will you have love in your life and will you have a job? Is that fear truly what is holding you back? Sounds to me like a limiting belief pattern and you may be afraid of success, afraid of money or even too many clients and just have little interest in taking the responsibility that comes with it. Or you may just be waiting for the right time which you know is just around the corner. That’s ok. The fear has got to go regarding you and the money, the relationships and the job. This is another one of those demons. Next time fear shows up name it. Say to yourself, guess who is looking over my shoulder, the fear thing. You just have to recognize when that fear comes up. How many of you have lost opportunities because fear showed itself to you? Was it a job or a lover or a just losing something else because fear stopped you from seeing the reality of the situation?  Of course, fear comes with many hats. Society has told us you need to be fearful of those with whom you are unfamiliar.. FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. Fear your neighbor, fear your boss, fear new people in your life. It’s making me nauseous to write about it. Yuk! How do you take a cosmic leap, raise your consciousness with fear lurking in the shadows. Tell yourself that one small step at a time in the process to eliminating a fear is all that needed.

In my hypnotherapy work I have come across many clients who have wanted to get over a fear and the results are truly amazing. Sometimes it may show up as a past thing and you have no idea why you are fearful. These hidden fears may come from childhood or from former times (for those who think there are past lives), I have known individuals who create chaos in their lives due to these fears that haunt them. I say, walk through it by meditating or seeking healing modalities that will help you discard them.

Sometimes the root chakra is out of balance when fear appears. It isn’t always about anxiety or a phobia but it can easily be about security or just being restless. Are you afraid of losing a person or possession? There is a good meditation exercise for fear that may arise. Sit in a cross-legged position on the floor with your back straight. Visualize an oak tree and think of its qualities such as strength, endurance, deep-rootedness and nourishment. Think about this for at least 20 minutes and in that time frame also say the following: I have the strength to endure the upheavals of life. I am grounded and secure. I am courageous.  See how different you feel afterwards.

Extra item: Today I picked an Animal Power card and it was Rabbit. In some decks rabbits may indicate fear or crisis. This interpretation is about opportunity.  With fear the opportunity is missed so rabbit says that opportunities exist for a moment in time and then they are gone. Once a rabbit senses an opportunity she runs for it because she knows it lasts only for a short time. A rabbit also knows that the best opportunities are ones that have yet to be shown to her. So take a rabbit run to making that leap. Get rid of the fear and you know that life will be flowing and the opportunities in all aspects of your life will gain speed. Stay cool in the heat and be blessed with the magnificence of you. Until again. Love, Jan


Before taking a look at the Full Moon this month of July 2011 let’s see what else is happening in your world. Are you still standing from all those eclipses in June/July? Those around me seem to have not noticed the effects yet. Are you feeling anything different? In the past week Uranus turned retrograde in Aries which means that you are going to take a look at yourself in a big way and by the end of this year, dear ones, your whole perspective on your life will be changed. What a wonderful thought! It is time to go within and let that inner child be free. You have been getting ideas and thoughts which will help you push your dream into reality and help you take that cosmic leap that is so rightfully yours. The good points are that you are thinking along entrepreneurial ways, impassioned and independent. Or you just might be the other side of the coin and be selfish, non-committal and impatient. It also brings us back to reliving the past again one more time with the illusions and delusions that may still enmesh you. Secrets finally are revealed and that brings a sense of relief to some of you. Once December rolls around that idea you once thought impossible or just a play in your mind, may just take you to the next level and wake you up to what your true direction is. The shift from Pisces into Aries last year brought you sudden changes but also rebirth. How did you handle the changes that unexpectedly entered your life? (It took me awhile to face them and adjust.) And now this timeframe will help you relook at everything and see who you really are and how you will reach out to help in a worldly fashion. The shake-up has come and gone, not saying there isn’t something else down the road, but you can now handle it if you go within and truly look at you and what will set you free. From Daykeeper Journal, “Uranus in Aries will confront us with our willingness to grow, sometimes against our own grain. We can expect a lot of grandstanding and that many people will say they know the truth—whether they know anything or not! We will hear from thinkers as well as people who can’t be bothered to think anything through.”

On with the show and the FULL MOON is at 22 degrees Capricorn, July 15, 2011 at 2:40am EDT, 11:40PDT.  My moon is Capricorn which is a tough act to live with. At one time I had no idea what it was trying to show me. Moon in Capricorn loves boundaries and being out in society relating and focusing on outcomes. (How ironic I have Uranus on my rising sign which very much is filled with surprises and loves freedom to have to deal with this moon in Capricorn. Explains why I keep my humor going). Moon in Capricorn dislikes abandonment, being unloved, disrespected and humiliation. Anyone having this moon in Capricorn knows what I am talking about. This FULL MOON is the Sun in Cancer (all cuddly, family-oriented and tenacious) and Moon in Capricorn (boundaries, practical, vulnerable). In the opposition the Sun Cancer/Moon Capricorn has a tug of war in some sense between work and family matters. That is generally speaking. It is a time to choose a balance between the two. What is best for all concerned? You can make this work if you truly look at it. Is work your only focus these days? Did you forget about that all those others who are meaningful in your life? Have you been showing consideration to all people in your life because if not, this will bring the ducks off the pond. When there is imbalance and especially with work and relationships/ family matters, the feathers may fly until you come back into balance. If there are any past issues that have not been addressed they will rear their ugly heads in your life until resolution is reached. This time it can be.  You heard me correctly…this time there can be resolution. Hurrah! This is a time of precise decisions and you have to take responsibility without trying to shirk it because your hidden patterns are going to arise to stare you in the face. No hiding anymore is the key. Look to your roots for answers. Look at your foundational core of family traditions and ancestral yearnings and ask yourself what do you have within to enhance your gifts and talents that will bring that one idea to fruition. That’s the idea that you are looking for to bring you the recognition that you deserve and desire. That idea may have already been recognized and now you have to dig a bit deeper so that you can get ready to leap with it. This FULL MOON in Capricorn allows you to let go of anything that no longer works in your life. Reflect upon what it is you wish to create and dig deeper than you have been to find that Divine inspiration. It will appear if you intend it. Even goats can leap.

Keep your focus and bring back that balance to your life. And remember you are connected to all around you. Honor those that walk the path with you and those who are just in your life for an instant. Blessings from the deep and joy to you all. Until again, Love, Jan


It’s Friday and I wonder where you are today. Are you enjoying the moment or allowingthe self-critic to guide you astray?  It’s been a crazy ride this past June/first day July with the 3 eclipses coming at us to wake us, to shift us, to enlighten us. Or you may have not been affected yet because you are hanging on for dear life, not even knowing that you are. The effects last at least for the next six months and the big trigger point (as mentioned in previous writing) is in mid-August when Mars hits that eclipse point of the solar eclipse on July 1 but there are 2 other times Mars hits a trigger point of the other 2 eclipses. This week has been a dandy for many having meltdowns. Right around this past Wednesday, July 6 there was a hit from Mars and there is another coming up on over the weekend of the 23-25th of July.  Is the world going to be shaken up or are you?  It depends where it is affecting you will tell you just what your life will be like or how you feel.

 Life is speeding by. Are you ready to hop on the high speed train or do you need to be prodded until you get tired of the prodding? I know that not all of you are ready to take the big cosmic leap. It can be a bit of a risk and the fear wells up like nothing you ever imagined. That fear is such a bummer. Go away already. Talk to your fear and ask it to leave. I suppose that is too simple. How can we get through the fear that is holding us back, blocking our way?

Some of you have already released those fears and blocks and the timing may be  off and you need to do something else before you are ready to walk through the door in a new direction on your path. Or maybe you just need to come from your heart and take a deep breath. Do you speak from your heart? Or do you dance around and manipulate and say nothing for fear of some kind of reaction from the individual with whom you are relating?Are you coming from an authentic place? So many of our fears center on relationships no matter how long or how short the individuals have been in your life. Take a look at your relationships. Do they trigger some kind of deep seated fear that shows up as anger or sadness or just plain annoyance? How many of you are in a relationship and still have no clue about your partner, friend or any other individual with whom you interact? You think you know them. Do you?  Are you seeing them as they really are or are you seeing them as you wish them to be? How many of you are fearful of the reactions or responses of your boss, your friends, your lovers, your partners?  So, they did or said something that made you feel insecure, unhappy, angry. Oh sure they did. No one has control over anyone else unless that person allows it. Why allow their behavior which is in many cases very conditioned by external circumstances  to affect your outlook? Have you ever noticed that when you are in a really great mood someone comes along to try to create negativity? And their negativity plays on you and then you may even pick up that mood. And it doesn’t matter if they are right in front of you or halfway across the world, believe me if you are really connected to that individual, you can pick up energy from them from a distance. What’s going on anyway? They are only responding in old ways, old habit forms. And how can they know you if you don’t even know yourself. Let’s get rid of those ol’ demons and take a leap already. Those old fears and anger are just dragging you down and no matter how you think you are free of them, unless you really look deeply at yourself, how can you possibly even understand or know anyone else.

I read a book by Jack Kornfield years ago which spoke about naming the demons within tobegin to bring the spiritual nature to the forefront. Before you can move in a beautiful way on your path, these demons have to go. Now, many of you have been working on yourselves, and I am sure if you haven’t been, the prodding will begin shortly. He speaks of taking a look at the inner workings of these demons. I mentioned the fear one which I will speak more about the next time. This time let’s look at the “anger” demon. Oh dear me. Every one of you and me has been conditioned to be angry about something. Are you creating suffering over something that happened a long time ago and you are still angry about it. This anger colors our whole life. That anger shows us exactly where you are stuck. If you hold it back it will eventually turn to rage. At least it is coming out and it is opening up in order for you to release all the blocked energy and begin to transmute it. Remember I am suggesting to look at it not act on it. When you notice yourself getting angry, name it right then. You can say to yourself I am angry. What made me feel this way? What triggered it? That is most important for you to pay attention to what actually triggered it. Many times, as you know, it has nothing to do with that moment. And believe me you are not bad or going crazy because you have the anger. IF you suppress it, do you really think it will go away? You know better than that. Once you figure out the trigger, then you can take a layer away and move forward in a fully conscious way. Although it may take awhile to work through it, isn’t it worth the effort? Your energy becomes much lighter each time you focus and walk through the anger.

 Here’s an exercise you may wish to try this week. Name your anger when it comes up. Notice what triggered it. How long does it last? This process of opening up this sore spot may take days or months to work through but will bring you to a new level of energy and that ‘angry” demon can finally be put to rest. Now, some things may annoy you still, but that deep anger/rage will be gone. Try focusing on any anger that comes up this week and see how you can walk through it.

 May the Light shine brightly on you this week as it leads us to the Full Moon on July 15. Listen to your heart now and see what it is telling you. Watch for the Full Moon post next week. Peace and love. Until Again. Jan


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