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NEW MOON in LIBRA -September 27 2011-Creativity and Balance

Here we are just past the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, 2011. This energy will last for the next 3 months until the Winter Solstice. This energy is about the art of compromise and having mutual respect between you and others. Uranus in Aries in opposition at the Equinox brings you to looking within for a new identity. Who do you choose to be in the days ahead? What do you intend to create? How are you going to take that creativity out there in the world? Also, new structures are being formed with Saturn’s influence. Venus is saying that this is a time to open up in your relationships without fear. Take that leap.

The NEW MOON is in LIBRA at 4 degrees, September 27, 2011 at 7:09am EDT. Wherever 4 degrees Libra is located in your chart is where you will be affected. If it is in your 5th house, it is about creativity and love. If it is in your 7th house it is about partnerships, business or personal. In the 2nd house you will be looking at your values and resources and how you can use them to manifest what you need. If you find the NEW MOON in your 9th house you may find yourself looking for new horizons in travel or reaching into that higher self that you haven’t looked at recently. That is only some of the places it can be affecting. Remember New Moons are about new beginnings in whatever part of your chart that it is influencing. This NEW MOON in LIBRA gives you the opportunity overall to bring balance to yourself and have reconciliation in relationships. It is a powerful New Moon.

As I said this is a time of balance within and in relationship with others. You are looking to join others of higher spirituality, seekers on your path, who you can illuminate or vice versa. What you have seen before will come to you more clearly now. You are getting more attuned to your true path and no matter what the obstacles or undermining individuals, you still need to move forward in some way. Things are intense at this time since Mercury is in the T-Square and there is much tension in the air. Mercury opposition Uranus says expect the unexpected in a part of your life. It may be quite the delight or maybe a big shock. Perceptions and illusions are shattered and you get a wakeup call or just a pleasant surprise. And do watch what you say and how you say it at this time of the NEW MOON in LIBRA. For once you may be able to see your situation with objectivity. And do discern the voice in your head. Is it real or is it your ego? What does your heart say? Your heart is always true to your path. And if your mind and heart are in balance, you will find that new direction in relationships and within.

This NEW MOON in LIBRA is also a time to look at your old habits and patterns. Are you still feeling stuck? You are being given the chance to release those issues that continue to drag you down and bring out the fear when someone disagrees with your beliefs. This is a time when you can really go deep within and chuck all those nasties that no longer work. Well, they can be nasty if you let them take over your life and you find yourself stuck in a groove so deep that you see nothing except your banal existence. So, my suggestion is to stop wasting the opportunity and meditate, pray, sing, dance. Do something to release the old junk once and for all. If you have a fear about something that may or may not happen…please acknowledge it, release it and let it go once and for all. This is a time when illumination will take place and your patterns will hit you hard if you don’t look at them now. Since you all are choosing new beginnings then how can you really intend it if you still are stuck in the muck? And keep your eyes open because any new opportunities that may appear may come about unexpectedly and it would be a darn shame if you missed them. Let go of that which no longer works for you. This past summer’s eclipses brought something to a close in your life. Did you recognize it?

Kindness is the keyword at this time. Have you demonstrated kindness to those who have been there for you? How about beauty? When was the last time you looked at the beauty around you? I am referring to the beauty of nature, the beauty of someone near you or the beauty of the you within? Well, have you been paying attention to this beauty because Libra is about beauty also. Many may find that to find that peace and balance that is so desired comes as you take a walk in nature and truly appreciate the beauty of it or when you actually realize that you glow with the beauty of your inner self.

What about service? Have you reached out to others in service? This is a time of new initiatives and some expansion. I know you choose to go in your direction yet there are others who need your help and service and this helps you too. Your Soul Family is coming together as I write this. And for those who choose to ignore this factor, then life gets a bit more stuck until you wake up. THIS IS A BIG OPPORTUNITY to wake up to the truth. Justice, fairness and balance is present to you. Will you allow it in your life? Know that no matter what happened in the past is now gone. In order to wake up you need to release what doesn’t work and is off your path if you intend to be your true self. For those who feel a wakeup call is not needed know that eventually it will affect your whole being if you continue to beat the same drum that has no meaning in your life. The outcomes look good if you stay in the positive without illusions. Many of you, including me, are going through a very deep cleansing process to remove the wounding that occurred in our lives and other times. It is a good thing and quite necessary, although you would like to scream and rant and rave until it finally clears out. So do it. As long as you stay in balance no matter what is going on around you, the energy will be in your favor. Be kind to yourselves and remember that your guides and the Creator are always available to help. ASK!!!

Thank you always for your support and I send Abundant Blessings to all of you. May the peace of this NEW MOON in LIBRA reach out to you so you feel the harmony within. Until Again. Love, Jan

PS Keep your eyes open over the next couple of days. Too many things are hidden in plain sight. Maybe nothing will occur; maybe a total change in some way.


Are you one of those individuals who are stuck in the past? Well, hold onto your hats because the past is no longer here. Were you aware of this? Not trying to be facetious! Just wanted to get your attention. And you are paying attention, aren’t you? Great. How many of you had to review, regurgitate and revamp those ideas and thoughts. Even your feelings were affected. Those buried emotions which held you back are now in process of being released so that healing can take place. Right? Or do you continue to hold on for dear life to an old thoughtform, belief, pattern, person, job, lifestyle or anything else that fits no longer in your new “you” way of being. What am I talking about, you ask?


Guess what, Pluto is now direct as of September 16, 2011, slowly moving, but in direct motion. And boy what a show it has been. And several aha moments happened for dear ol’ me. Wow, can there really be this much intensity in one’s life? And it keeps pulling away all the layers until it gets to the deepest layer of truth within. And it will get there, I know that. And so do you who are feeling it more than others. Any of you who have planets plus or minus 4 degrees in the following signs are more directly affected – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Taurus and Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces (a bit more flow). So the bottom-line is think about your chart or if you don’t know ask me or go and see what planet is being aspected if any.  If your ride has been rough and filled with pressure and intensity then you know you must be having a Pluto transit. Of course it may not be as intense as it could be since you may have allowed Pluto to take charge. Pluto is about manipulation and control in the negative and clearing and regenerative healing in the positive.  Pluto will push at you until you get it. Get what, you ask? That you need to let go and let Pluto do the work of the transformation in whatever area this is occurring.

 If you are in a relationship and there is fear involved, the relationship gets stuck until you trust that the process is working without your interference. Pluto can bring a tug of war in relationships and it ends up with the person who is more controlling actually letting go of the rope and the other falling flat and not knowing what happened. Didn’t you see the signals? Pluto brings anger, obsession, control/manipulation, reactionary responses, emotional outbursts which all say you need to allow the feelings to come up. If someone says you shouldn’t express these feelings, run out the door quickly. I know that some of you may say that you need to control everything about emotions. Yes, you certainly do since it is inappropriate to go nuts in a meeting or on the roads or even on the phone. In a Pluto transit you DO need to allow yourself the opportunity to have emotional expression, otherwise it may just really pull the rug out from under you by creating unhealthy conditions in your body and mind. There I said it. Talk to a friend or a counselor – someone who actually listens and hears you.  Pluto takes no prisoners and if you know this in advance, the intensity will not throw you against the wall. “Never apologize for showing feeling, when you do so you apologize for the truth.” (Disraeli)

 Let me give you some examples. Pluto is sextile right on my Chiron (wound), which is the place I am most wounded. My wound (Chiron) shows up in my 5th house of love and creativity.  So guess what, I have a deep wound regarding love and secrets (Scorpio).  It also affects my creative self-expression which has helped me dissolve fears and patterns which were blocked. In part, the blog writing has helped me walk through all the wound releasing that had a major hold on me. Sextiles are 60 degrees apart so it is not a really negative aspect BUT it is Pluto and if something else is aspected it brings out intensity even more. In my case it is inconjunct (150 degrees) my Saturn and ready to touch my progressed Venus.

What in the world does all this mean? Basket case personified?  With Pluto going through my partnership house, an issue has arisen and brought to the surface long buried issues of partnership/love wounds (Chiron in 5th) through communication (Saturn in my 3rd). These unhealed wounds are surfacing now because they are ready to be processed and released. It came to me no matter how much I prayed and meditated, they still existed. Why, because they weren’t ready for assimilation. These were long buried wounds that brought anguish to my heart and to my psyche. Yes, they were coming up and I had too really look at them for healing to take place. Tears have been constant for a few weeks until I truly realized that it was just a planetary cycle and I was ok. Then a vision came to me and I saw how things are changing and no matter how difficult it has been, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course shortly it hits my progressed Venus. I know a few others in my circle who are experiencing this aspect of Pluto/Venus and it continues to hit them hard. What does this mean exactly? Is this the kind of relationship you really want to have in your life? Is it worth the effort to take action on it? For those with the Pluto aspecting their Venus, give up theold patterns in love because they will create havoc in your life. Some who are together are destined and it is only about old releases that will bring new beginnings. Some of you will meet a manipulative individual who may just want to just have a sexual interaction instead of a full relationship. Watch for financial issues (depends on your chart) cropping up. And that’s the Pluto story for today. Maybe that cosmic leap is there when the road takes a turn.

Let us all empower ourselves as we march toward Friday, September 23, 2011 the day of the Autumnal Equinox. Look for a blurb later week. Thank you for all of you and many blessings too. Until again. Love to you and yours, Jan


Where do I begin? Isn’t that part of a song? Before I take you to the FULL MOON on Sunday, September 12, 2011 at 5:27am EDT (2:27am PDT 9/12/11), 19 degrees Pisces, I want to say the following. Wow, this has been one heck of a year. I have noticed more things this year then I have in the last 20 years. Why? The answer is I spent most of the year releasing and healing from the past and find myself even moreso (for those who know Japanese, this is not the meaning that I refer to–) concentrating on finding out the truth in everything I do. Before I go on I wish to send blessings to all the flood victims and those who have been evacuated and affected in all parts of the Northeast and South, also those in Texas who have encountered the fires for such a long time. Don’t forget the Japanese who are still feeling the effects of Fukushima.

Just read a favorite site of mine where the individual let it all hang out the other day. And you know what I decided to do that too. Why? Well, first of all, I know that 9/11 is coming up and everyone is feeling down about the losses that were incurred and the ‘attack on American soil’. Ok, trying to be sensitive I am. And now there is a credible threat for this weekend. Is it bringing up fear? Gee whiz, you need to stay grounded in a healthy mindset. It is what it is. Can you fix it, can you do something about it. Unless you all stand up and say enough is enough, then what is it that you need to do? We can remember with peace and solemnity in our hearts for those who were sacrificed. The pounding of this scenario constantly every year for 10 years is overkill.  This was a horrible thing to happen on our American soil. Do any of you really know who did it? I do not and neither do you.  Now we need closure not constant mind-bending rhetoric which says nothing. Didn’t you ever wonder? What is the truth so that those who lost the loved ones can sleep at night?  Did the entire scenario that occurred bring up fear? BIG FEAR? I hope you woke up already to realize that there may be many untruths among the news media reports. If I made you upset, then maybe you need to think about it   Let us all take a leap for once and release the trauma of this situation. What does this have to do with the Full Moon? Maybe the Moon is actually bringing some kind of truth even further out into the public eye. I am really tired of the lies and those who look no further. So be it, dear ones.

The past New Moon was a harbinger of good things leading into this Full Moon. The good vibes have been affecting those born plus or minus 4 days around the following dates…July 10, May 8, March 12, November 9, and January 8. They are just some who are being affected positively. Give love in quiet ways with oodles of sincere affection and no outrageous displays. Not the time or place. Loving kindness and gentleness are the keywords this time around. The patience you have will be greatly rewarded. With Venus and Mars in good aspect you will find the weekend of the Full Moon for some of you filled with sparkling romance and you knowing exactly the right words to say.

The Full Moon on early Monday morning is square the North and South Nodes. The Sun in Virgo is about healthy living and Moon in Pisces is among other things about spiritual healing. Also it can mean you may find yourself in an instant karma type situation if you do anything inconsiderate or rude. Among the out of sorts aspects you may find yourself confronted with are unruly behavior patterns and plain rudeness from others. Manners have gone out the window but not if you treat everyone you meet with kindness. No harsh words please. Oh boy, I am going to hide if I start to get impatient since it is squaring my Uranus (which is right on my ascendant). Patience is my keyword and for many of you out there. Should I run for the hills and hide. Not happening. I will face it head on. Anyway, the Full Moon is about letting go of total emphasis on the mind. You do have other parts of you that are just as interesting to use, like your dreams and intuition and spirituality. Is your bottom line about technology or do you actually see that you are walking your path in truth? The real you, that’s who I am talking about. If you are blinded by the bombardment of external toys and not paying enough attention to you as you, what does that get you? Sounds like you are out of balance. And now with the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, both mutable signs (changeable), changes can occur. Maybe it will happen a bit down the road; the changes are coming, if you allow them to occur. Take some of that healing energy and begin to share it with the world and bring service to others. This is another aspect of this Full Moon.

Along the way lately you may have felt lethargic (isn’t that the truth) or filled with anxiety due to the energy rapidly changing within us and around us. Uranus and Pluto have been squaring off and this is a brief time to take a deep breath from that aspect. Speaking of  Pluto – since April when Pluto went retrograde has been a time of transforming your rigidity, your ambition, your controlling nature, your financial situation, your authority /father issues and anything else that may have been suppressed that are similar to these. It was about deeply looking at your inner demons and finally finding a release for them so when the time to leap comes, you are in balance and ready. Who of you are ready? Stop denying your truth and walk into it now. Pluto goes direct on September 16 just a few days after the Full Moon. Pluto brought your teacher to you and now you can begin to externalize all those feelings that have been transformed from your inner being. Hurrah! Bless those individuals who have taught you much in the last 6 months. And send out healing to those who have suffered and now are ready to be healed. Mercury is trine Pluto at the time of the Full Moon and that means there could be a really big breakthrough in finding out why things are the way they are in your life. Something that may have been just out of reach in the deepest part of your mind may turn that light on and bingo, a truth shows up that has evaded you for a long time.

Dear ones, do stay in the present and take a couple of deep breaths to center yourself so you keep in a peaceful place this weekend and through the next week. Remember this is the time for you to be the REAL YOU not who someone else wants you to be.  September is going to be a roller coaster ride. May all of you be blessed and find your truth ready to take that cosmic leap. Until again. Love, Jan

LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! (or how to walk past the fear)

Here I am back again wondering how those who had to deal with Hurricane Irene made out and those of you who are now having to face the effects of Hurricane Lee are doing. Was there anybody who actually helped another individual or family in the throes of this weather emergency? Did you send your love out to those in need? Sometimes in the midst of our own needs we forget that others may have to walk through the muck too. So, what have you experienced in the past week and are you considering taking a leap in any part of your life? Was a busy time these past days and the fearmongers were truly out in force. I hunkered down in my abode and thought really good thoughts to keep the weather to a minimum in my area. Stay safe as the changes are coming rapidly and do continue to pay attention in all areas of your life. This week is volatile in some ways or maybe it is just a shift that is coming into action. Or the fear mode may take effect in a big way. Watch the 7th of September.

As I continue to watch the fear rise up in some of you I think about how much love is being kept out of the picture. What else is there besides love? Do you have a relationship right now? Did you tell that person you love him/her? If not, what are you waiting for? Love is all that matters. Do you know that the more hugs you give the better you feel? I am sure most of you are aware of this. Fear weakens everything within. It raises your blood pressure, creates havoc with your nervous system and is the opposite of love. Hey, you say, isn’t hate the opposite of love? No, it is not. Hate is part of love, because you can love and hate a person at the same time. Not saying that’s a good thing but it does occur. Fear is not part of love. Fear is deadly to one’s loving. Once fear enters love runs away, bolts out the door. Fear prevents love from showing its face to that other person. How many times in your life have you been fearful in a relationship and something happened to create chaos? Was the chaos from the fear within you or did the other person do something to create fear? You tell me. Fear is deadly.

How many of you hold grudges because someone said something that you disliked? You felt they were attacking you. And you actually owned what that individual said. Oh my. Get a grip here. You want to own those words that came out of fear and now you say he/she attacked you with words. Please. Any attacks are either that individual venting their hostility at you and it just so happens you are there or you are reflecting that and you are the one who is fearful or angry. So, is that grudge worth it? I thought you understood that the Divine God wants you to be loving. Show love, be love, share love. And if you find that the one you love has no clue about loving, then what do you do? Hold a grudge? Well? Round in circles you go. LOVE IS. You all have moments of frustration, of anger, of fear and just plain don’t want to be bothered. Is that wrong? The part that creates chaos is when you stop showing the love in your heart. Is that what you are doing? I hope not. Love never ends. I can hear some of you saying, it sure does. NOPE. Sorry, untrue. Mainstream BS. Love is always present unless you are some robot in hiding or alien abductor. If it is always present then why do you fail to show it, share it, be it? Obviously it is the political correctness, the conditioning of childhood, the old worn out patterns and the fear again. Gee whiz, go away already (fear) and let the love shine through. I could write pages and pages about love and some will continue to dispute it. As I said love never ends. If you insist it does, then I say you are experiencing lust. Love is in the heart and lust is not.

Are you fearful of being hurt in love, dear ones? I do agree with Don Miguel Ruiz who says that fear hurts; love does not. If there is hurt involved or what you perceive as ‘hurt’ then maybe you need to look at whether you really love yourself and why you choose to be on the fear track. If you feel obligated, that is fear. Love has no obligations.  Love has no expectations. Love is unconditional.  Fear is when you think that you love someone only when you can control them, when you like the image presented. Fear is not kindness although it may show up as kindness yet you are impatient with the lover. How can you be so impatient?  To love is to accept. You love for no reason. It just is. You do something because it brings joy. Love is fun.  If you experience the fear track some work needs to be done due to past connections, past patterns. Sometimes it happens that you love deeply and it goes nowhere. Look at it as an opportunity to create peace between you because fear is definitely still present. Love has been buried due to external forces in your life. Love is not convenience. Love may have entered and the fear overcame it. You have to keep the love flowing between you no matter what goes on. Are you angry when your loved one doesn’t act, speak or be what you expect him/her to be? Is that love? No it is control. If you feel that you don’t like him/her then maybe you need to find someone who you do like to be with no matter how they act or who they are within. Another thing that comes into play may be old beliefs which have been forced upon you from your childhood. Are those thoughts and feelings and beliefs keeping you from knowing the love that is in your heart? You tell me. You are blocking out the love because that fear thing exists. (Charts can be checked for any of these kinds of things.) I have always thought that if you love someone you need to let them go because like a butterfly they will return if the love is real. Love is responsible. Fear runs away.  And by the way, “anger is only fear with a mask.” (DMR) So, what do you plan to do about it? Keep holding onto the fear track or do you intend to really love from your heart unconditionally. And don’t tell me you have fallen out of love because it is untrue. No one falls out of love. It didn’t exist in the first place…total hogwash. You liked what that individual’s exterior, nothing else. So be it.

I would love to hear how you are doing in love. Remember we are all connected and love from me goes out to all of you every day. The more love shared will bring about more peace and joy. There are those who have no love as I have said before. Those individuals will soon be a forgotten part of our lives. Peaceful thoughts, warm feelings and lots of love to you as you travel the road that will bring you to a big leap in consciousness and elevating you to your truth. Keep on the loving track. May the angels surround you and may you find that truth that opens your heart to love. Have a wonderful week dear ones. Many blessings, much love. Until again, Jan

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