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FULL MOON in CAPRICORN, JULY 1-2, 2015- While the thunder roars your core self emerges

full moon and ocean

Hello again to those who are sleeping and those of you who have awakened to a new perspective in your lives. Do you believe that because you may have been shocked briefly by the unexpected that you are free from further jolts? Perhaps there is a need for you to reinvent the way you think so that your heart can be freely expressed. Isn’t that what this life is about anyway? Of course there are those who are roaming the Earth without heart and soul. So, what about them? They will be gone in due time.

Anyway, the July 4th weekend is just about here in the US of A. Many rumors are flying about false flags (incidents which are not real but made to look so they are) taking place. Do you think that eventually there will be no American flag to fly? Will you be ordered to take it down? Shall I continue with this negative thinking or shall I find something to say out there? Before I go to the more pleasant, the Greek banks could default and the crisis is starting to spread to other places. Those in power become more powerful as the rest of the populace are so in a trance from all the technology they use daily. And one more item of news or not- Donald Trump stepped into it in a big way. My goodness, what did he say that was so untrue?

On a brighter note, Jupiter is conjunct Venus tonight, June 30 at 21 degrees 38’. What a wondrous day! Once a year this occurs somewhere in your chart and it is a great phenomenon since they are the two most beneficial planets and they sit together. Since Venus begins its retrograde motion on July 25, it will come in contact again with Jupiter two other times this year. This is a big aspect for both love and money. How will it affect you in the next few days as the Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on July 1-2, 2015? Keep your heart open, no matter what is going on, so favorable changes can come about. The next time they connect Is on August 4. It is not the grand joyfulness of the first time. It may bring about some separation and upheaval. Later in the year they join together on October 25. This can bring back a rising up of passions and big leaps. More on this down the road.

This FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (Sun in Cancer) is the first full moon of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. For those in the Southern part of the world winter is just beginning. It is called the Thunder moon and that’s what it is doing. Thunder is in the background as I write this post. This Full Moon in Capricorn shows up on July 1-2, 2015 at 10:19pm EDT; 7:19pm PDT; and 2:19am GMT (July 2) in 9 degrees 55’. This Full Moon is about bringing the inner core and expressing it in the outer world, in the community. It is the Father (Capricorn) and the Mother (Cancer); home and country. The old ways are faltering and coming to an end. Old beliefs are dying and a new paradigm is cutting through the mud that has been enveloping you for a very long time.

Pluto (the transformer) is widely conjunct the Full Moon in Capricorn. This is about integrity and it is quite intense. This is a time of doing it. You have to be who you are in your power. Pluto is about power but not at the expense of others as you can see in the world today. The patriarch rule is falling down. It is no longer about control even though it continues to be that. Things have to shift or there will be nothing left on this Earth. There is a fear among the powerful and whatever can be done to stop the awakening will be done (I don’t think so). Anyway, stay true to your truth and life will shift accordingly but you must relinquish that control in order to have freedom. My moon is in Capricorn and I am beginning to feel a true shift in how I emotionally relate to everything that comes my way.

What else is the Full Moon saying to you? Capricorn loves setting goals Well, if that isn’t ma,I don’t know what is. This is a time that whatever you put out there will come back to you. Watch that you have few expectations. Just go with the flow you set your goals. On the other hand, the party is starting with Venus/Jupiter trine Uranus in Aries. Then there is also Mercury sextile (harmonious) to Uranus/Venus and Jupiter. That will help with kind communication and keeping things upbeat. So, whatever you have to say, do so now because it doesn’t get any better. And while you are at it, maybe get your dancing shoes on. Relationships are inspiring. Take the time to enjoy each other.

Then there is Mars in early Cancer nagging at the Full Moon and riding along with the Sun in Cancer. He wants to stir up the works. Mars comes on strong at times (since it is ruled by Aries) and it really wants to resolve some issues since it is squaring the Nodes at this time. So, whatever you choose to talk about and move through, do so. If any family issues come to the fore it’s time to walk through and release once and for all. Stop hanging onto the past. The Sun in Cancer loves to do that, as you know. Sometimes this aspect may take you off your path on a detour leading you to find out something that may not have been obvious had you stayed on it.

Neptune is trine the Sun in Cancer and sextile the Full Moon in Capricorn. Your creativity may come to the forefront .What more can you ask for with your imagination coming out of the doldrums of the past few weeks. What is it you are wishing for? It just may show up magically in your life. Keep the faith dear ones. It can happen. Optimism is at a peak. The next 3 months will say it all and when you look back it will be amazing to where you have leaped. Then again, along with the great may come some setbacks. Keep going with the flow.

Full Moon in Capricorn affects more intensely those who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) between 5-15 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (birthdays- December 28-January 8; March 27-April 7; June 28-July 8; and September 28-October 8.)

Animal Powers Meditation card for this Full Moon in Capricorn:

“Dolphin spirit, Please come to me. Help me be as playful and creative, As the sparkles upon the sea. Teach me about passion and joy, About being graceful and free. Show me how to breathe and go, With all the life’s ebb and flow.”

Thank you Dolphin. This certainly supports the creativity and wishes that may show up during this timeframe. YAY! Enjoy the ride the next couple of weeks. Stay in the moment no matter what goes on. Thank you for reading and share if you choose. I welcome any comments. Many blessings. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in GEMINI JUNE 16, 2015 – Keep your mind and heart in balance


I can already feel this New Moon energy and it is about 48 hours before it descends upon us. It has been quite intense and much of it is due to other things going on with my own aspects. Some childhood issues have reared their ugly head and my anger is finally beginning to dissipate. At least it seems that way. So, besides the world’s turmoil, I contend with it myself at this time. Across the globe there are things like 134 cases of MERS in South Korea. Did this possibly come from the biowarfare lab experiments? Big news blackout on this. Down the road in July there is that Jade Helm military drill that will take place in mainly SW United States along with California, Florida and a few other states. Keep an eye on this, dear ones! And in late summer around September 13 it is the last day of the Shemitah year on the Biblical calendar. Two other times on this date in the past has brought about a stock market upheaval. Yes, the actions are revving up. How will this NEW MOON in GEMINI affect you?

The NEW MOON in GEMINI arrives at 10:06am EDT, 7:06am PDT and 2:06pm GMT in 25 degrees 07’ on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. The Sun, Moon, Mars are dancing together in Gemini, which says to me that this could be volatile depending on where it shows up in your own chart. It also implies that it is a warrior new moon since Mars rules the sign Aries. With Gemini as the ruler of this New Moon it energizes your thinking process. In fact it may indicate there is too much thinking. Some of you may have off-track thinking. Others may just be in a constant state of mind which allows nothing else to enter. And the fact that technology has overtaken every aspect of our life, aren’t you thinking all the time? Well it is apparent many are doing just that. And you say what does it matter at all? Do you realize that what you think shapes your life? Will you allow that thinking to be changed or shifted accordingly? Have your choices brought you to the place of truth, peace within? If not, stop and look at your life right now. Is it how you choose it to be or have your thoughts influenced you to a point that now you are at the mercy of your mind? One has to be in balance and allow the mind and heart to work together. Yes, your thoughts do influence your actions. It is a time to evolve for both men and women into the spiritual warrior leaving behind the victim and the tyrant mentality.

There may be verbal abuse and violence connected to this New Moon. That truly depends on its influence on your own life. Watch for this especially those who are out and about in places that may have hidden darkness. Anyone who begins a new connection at this time will need to watch for red flags depending on your own chart, of course.

The New Moon also squares Chiron which is saying that men have been programmed that heart does not matter and women have been in submission through the years. The patriarchal society in this world is on its way out. So many men, if you notice, know that heart is important but due to conditioning and focusing on earning a living and fear, they shut down their heart core. Lately I have seen more men opening to feeling. Letting go of the fear the heart core heals and comes to life fully and relationships flow. Both men and women, have to evolve past the fear, the letting go of other’s beliefs and rise up to meet your truth in both feeling and thinking. Why do you think that heart disease is the leading cause of death? How about opening your heart of love and joy no matter what is going on? Yes, you can have your momentary madness and lack of gladness. That is ok. Move beyond it and find those heartfelt feelings backed by good thoughts. And know that you have to love yourself before you can share love with others. This is definitely showing up strongly since the North Node is in Libra and the South Node is Aries. My friend Jean and I have discussed this for years.

I have seen those of you who are resisting. You hide your truth, you seek solace in things that matter little and you refuse to take a leap into a new energy. The Divine within and without shines its Light upon you no matter what you think or do. Why not make it easier for yourself by going with the shifting? I know there are those out there who will continue to put roadblocks in your path and you may just ignore them and believe all that you hear. Be discerning in what you allow into your energy field and how it affects your thinking.  

Quantum leaps are available to those who are ready to shift or have done the work to go with the opportunity. Those of you who have resisted changes are being held up by Saturn going retrograde June 15 back into Scorpio. If you are fearful of a major move forward then it is time for you to get rid of all fears relating to what is keeping you stuck. Do it now. Early August Saturn goes direct but still in Scorpio until September when it brings you (those who have resisted) forward motion if you choose when it goes back into Sagittarius. This is so important at this time. The Divine energy applauds those who have taken a leap already.

There are some other aspects which are happening now New Moon is square Lilith. Uh oh! This is a triangle personified. Who gets hurt here? It is about stopping the need to please everyone and for once, decide what is going to make you happy and do it. Mars also squares Lilith which truly brings us to the battle of the sexes. This New Moon also is saying in order to have a win-win outcome then those involved in any relationship need to be able to communicate and have integrity. The New Moon must have read my journal.

Those of you affected most intensely will have personal planets and ascendant  between 20 -30 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Birthdays affected most will be June 11-20; September 14-24; December 13-22 and March 12-21. Please let go and see how it all flows easily.

Thank you for your support by reading. Please share with others. If you have questions I will respond. Many blessings in the New Moon energy for you and yours!  Happy shifting!!!! Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS, June 2, 2015- The art of doing nothing to help you see

full moon sagittarius

It feels so good to be sitting on the edge of the universe watching the mayhem that is inundating this country and many around the world. And you ask, why would I say it is a good thing? Sometimes it is a favorable thing to just sit and observe and actually pay attention to what actually is occurring. The Full Moon which is upcoming Tuesday is that kind of time. Before I get to that keep an eye on this Texas flood fiasco. HAARP is hanging tough over the state. (Look up HAARP if you are unfamiliar). Also, do you know about Jade Helm? What is the basis for it? You tell me because it is not a drill, dear ones. I feel bad for Beau Biden because I wonder if the brain cancer was from overzealous cell phone use. It is something to ponder when you are taking a breath. Oh, my, you don’t take time to just breathe, do you? It may be the best thing to do this Full Moon. One more thing to think about if you will- When was the last time you sat out in the sun basking in the rays? It may be more important to you to do so if you want to help your energy shift and to “see” better than you do.

The FULL MOON in Sagittarius is arriving on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 12:19pm EDT; 9:19am PDT; and 4:19pm GMT. For the rest of the world calculate from GMT. It is at 11 degrees 49’. The Sun is in Gemini at the same degree right with the fixed star Aldebaran. This fixed star on the Sun in Gemini brings out the charmer, the winners, the indulgent, the smooth talkers and the very sexual.  The Moon in Sagittarius loves to be the wanderer, teacher and philosopher. Antares, a fixed star, is conjunct the Full Moon and opposes the Sun/Aldebaran. It brings success to those who dare to excel at their intentions. Sometimes it is almost like a clearing out experience which generates the success. It can be ruthless though.  

Gemini likes to gather information in any way, shape or form. With Neptune in Pisces in square aspect (conflict) to the Full Moon there is a challenge to look deeper within. In other words Neptune is wondering as to why you are choosing to keep out your intuitive awareness. On another note: some of you may just be doing nothing but dreaming.

This is a time of change and they come from who you have been and what you choose on your path. Life is shifting and some have already gone through turning points in the last few months. What have you encountered as you walk through that door that has opened for you? As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, life has become a technological frenzy. Have you noticed how much information you process every day, every week and it keeps coming at you? Hey, I know technology is terrific but Sun in Gemini is going nuts, if I may say so. How wonderful it is to keep in contact minute by minute and reach out to the world. Outstanding! Whew, I do it on a limited basis at this time because it makes me weary. For example, I remember seeing on Facebook that a friend stated that she was overwhelmed by all the technology involved in her daily life. She was absolutely correct in her experience of this. Welcome to technology overload. What does this have to do with the Full Moon in Gemini? If you don’t feel this way, and you are in a chronic stage of technology use, then you have been pulled into the pattern that is unhealthy. Seriously, I have nothing against cell phones of all varieties, the Internet, TV programs, and on and on it goes.

What now? This Full Moon is saying to you to STOP. Take a breather and go walk in nature where you can clear out the past patterns that still abound within you. Sit in the sun and meditate or sing or just be. I know a good amount of you wouldn’t know just how to BE, now would you? It means do nothing. NOTHING! Sounds scary, right? Well, even so, I suggest doing it because otherwise you may be tripped up and have to take the time to do so. Please note that the Full Moon in Sagittarius with Antares right on it needs a breather. It is time to reconnect with your Higher Self and truly listen to your heart. That is what Neptune squaring the Sun/Moon is saying to you. You have gotten off-track with the emphasis on information. If you begin to tune in to what your Higher Self is trying to tell you, what a difference your life will be and your destiny will open to you.

This is also a time for clearing out and releasing any old outworn patterns that plague your life and keep you from moving forward in a steady, flowing manner. You will be amazed what occurs if you can just tune into you instead of the information around you. Take a risk and allow it to happen. FYI – Watch your alcohol consumption and any other addictions at this Full Moon.

Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini. Please refrain from signing any important documents until after June 11. Revise and reclaim who you are and Saturn in Sagittarius will help you to focus on anything that may need to be addressed or any goals that you are working on. Put them into action once Mercury goes direct. Since the Sun in Gemini is between Mars and Mercury retrograde there you may have your curiosity heightened and some solutions my come to the fore. Jupiter in Leo helps to support this action.

A friend of mine stopped by yesterday and shared with me a new product line which she asked me to try out. It is called “3rd Eye Free”. I began using the Myst and the Roll-On. It helps you to step into your spiritual birthright and expand your inner vision. The third eye chakra is also the pineal gland. In case you are interested it can be found at The timing is perfect for this Full Moon in Sagittarius. I will let you know how it is working for me. Oh, by the way, fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and this product will help decalcify it.

Those of you with birthdays mid-sign (7-15 degrees) will be more intensely affected. Those specifically are: May 28-June 6; August 29-September 6; November 28-December 6; and February 26-March 6. One more thing – watch for family drama.

Thank you for reading and please share if you are so inclined. Have a beautiful FULL MOON in Sagittarius and let me know in the comments if you are finding a shift in your life. Be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

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