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FULL MOON in ARIES, SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 – Stay in Balance or Dramatic Turn of Events

Do you feel like you are spinning in the wind yet? Do you feel any electric currents? How impatient are you?  Feeling self-centered? The last two weeks was a time of delving deep into the dark places. Did you address what your unconscious was telling you? Did you finally walk through that fear of knowing that you were hiding from yourself? What gift did you bring back with you as you delved into the unconscious

The FULL MOON in ARIES at 7 degrees takes place on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 11:19 pm EDT. What is your feeling as it approaches? Is there an “I” in your relationship or just a “we” do this and we are that? Sometimes relationships never get to the “we” stage because you are too much in the “ I” place. I want this, I need that and nothing works anymore in the interaction between the both of you. What are you going to do about it? The Full Moon in Aries makes you notice what doesn’t work anymore in your life and in your relating to your partner. This Sun in Libra is about patience and balance and waiting for the right moment, the right action. Full Moon in Aries wants it yesterday. (So do I) and can be impatient. Not a bad thing to be when it brings the opportunities to you.  Sometimes that Aries moon jolt is what we need to move forward and make a new start? FULL MOON in ARIES may be bringing you more than you anticipated—a surprise or two. Let’s hope there are no shocks and if there are, you approach with a new perspective rather the same worn-out patterns.

Full Moon in Aries is not about pleasing people. So if you are one those types, the Libra Sun air may stir up the fiery Moon in Aries. If you are unauthentic at this time, there is no way out of the maelstrom until you walk through it, act accordingly and stop hanging on to things and people who have no interest in you or your life. This is a big letting go time. This is a time of skin shedding and it means business and if you refuse to step up then there is no telling what kind of ride will occur or where it will take you. This is your choice. This is a big risk Full Moon. You have a choice to take action or wait for it to shake up your world because Uranus is sitting right on this Full Moon and that makes emotional craziness.  Plus, Pluto, the grand regenerator/transformer is square the Full Moon and Uranus which makes for truly stormy events or interactions.

This is a time to make a decision and move toward it.  Do you understand? I am encouraging you to take strides towards your desires and just do it, otherwise who knows what can happen. The Libra Sun is holding the balance now and you have the biggest opportunity to leap up to another place or will the “I” in you take over until it becomes so selfish that you do nothing. The “I” can be a good thing as long as it doesn’t equate to a total ego mode. Where do you allow this Aries Full Moon to take your independent spirit and thrive since this Moon definitely is a freeing one? Remember this isn’t Kansas anymore.  This is a very chaotic type Full Moon and extremely powerful. This power is seen in the closest relationship which exists in your life. If you don’t know what you choose in a relationship and you haven’t given the other person a clue as to what it is you desire, then YOU WILL BE AFFECTED. No guarantees as to where this control mode will take you. Drama may arrive and that is far from what you desire.  Ideas are to share and talking about what both would like has to occur for the relationship to continue to grow. If the drama comes it brings upheaval. Is that what you choose? I would suggest allowing a breakthrough in whatever barriers have been constructed and let the soft wind bring them down. Otherwise, it will be a windstorm with lots of lightning. No thanks. Go with the changes or they may unnerve you. Deep breathing is necessary.

Some of you may be given some new career opportunities that you need to jump on. Some will be given leadership roles at work or in groups. Then others of you may need to really put your talents on display in a very prominent way. And some may choose to train in a new field or expand in their current areas. New connections may come for many of you.

If you run away to the hills in fear, you may miss a great opportunity in an area in your life that has been sitting there waiting for you. This is a great time to rid yourself of those demons who subconsciously haunt you and pull at you and keep you in tow. Blast them away or they will continue to keep you from being your authentic self. Yes, there may be bumps for some of you especially if you are affected in your chart, but running away will only bring more intense complications and shocking changes. Stay in the moment even though it can be a very exciting time and keep that Libra balance (or will it throw you off balance). Those shackles that you wear may become too restrictive and you may throw them to the wind. Just know that empowerment is here for the taking if you are one of the lucky ones, even though others may wish to confront you and create a struggle. You are now ready to seek new adventures with your new found authenticity. Do you intend to do so? If you remain rigid and stubborn then there are no guarantees as to anything but conflict.  The Divine is watching and applauding if you take the initiative and go for it.

I am amazed that the animal I picked to help you be in this energy is dolphin medicine. Dolphin medicine is about creativity and that is what is needed to get you through any bumps or shockwaves that may occur. “Dolphin spirit please come to me, Help me be ass playful and creative, As the sparkles upon the sea. Teach me about passion and joy, About being graceful and free. Show me how to breathe and go, With all my life’s ebb and flow.” (from Animal Powers)

Sending you many blessings to keep you safe on the path as surprises come and letting go takes place. Thank you dear ones for all you do and your support. Until again. Love, Jan

AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, September 22, 2012- Choosing Love

Here we go again, dear ones. What a week of upheaval. Of course some of you may not even notice that the energy truly is more intense because your heads are still in the sand. Then  again others are facing challenges which bring you to a new place in your lives. Let the wind blow and hold onto the mainsail so that you allow the waves to take you past the shoals which may interfere in your timely passage. The Autumnal Equinox has just occurred in the dNorthern Hemisphere and Spring is upon you in the Southern. It is a day of equal time =12 hours =darkness and = 12 hours= of light. Balance is upon us as the Equinox arrived today, September 22, 2012 at 10:49am EDT . What was going on with you as it came to you? The Sun has entered the sign of  Libra and brings you harmony, diplomatic interactions, energetic feelings and social time.

This Autumnal Equinox gives you the opportunity to look at your life and see what really needs pruning and then it will eventually regenerate into a new beginning. You planted seeds in the spring in order for them to come to fruition. Whatever is left at this time will expand as the energy continues to amp up and that which doesn’t work will begin to prod you to let it go. Since silent winter is around the corner you will begin to see that life is on the verge of changing if you allow it to do so, Now, there are many of you in this world who choose to stay in the fear mode and refuse to see the opening to move through and take the leap.  Keep in mind that the equinox today is more powerful than most. Pay attention to the energy and do stay in the moment. 

The Sun in Libra is about relationships and loving others. That is why the equinox is a perfect time to go deep within and whatever you harbor that keeps you in past-outworn beliefs, old thought patterns, fear, guilt- it is time to let it go. This is a time of love and without love there is no peace. Those hidden emotions that continue to trip you up and keep you from flowing on the sea of harmony need to vanish. And if you continue to hold on, the new energy will be more challenging to you. Do you choose the challenge? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is what is needed here. Nothing else works as you face each day. Find that love within and share it with your partner and with others who are important in your life.

This week has been filled with changes. Did you get caught up in whatever happened or did you let it flow over you?  Pluto has been exactly square Uranus this week and that is the 2nd of 7 times these 2 planets are in square aspect through the next couple of years. It is a time of revolutionary change and a clash between old and new. With Jupiter on the South node it is a time also of connecting to the Divine directly instead of through the structure of the Church. As the year goes on the energy intensifies and there can be some divisiveness at first on the global scale. Since the square is a challenge you may feel frustration as you walk along as things are transforming. Take a deep breath please.

This time of the year is good for reviewing how happy you are. And how many of you pretend to be happy when your frustration interferes. Allow that happy place to appear in a genuine way. Look at your job/career, your romance/relationship, your friendships, your family and your spirituality. Which one is out of balance that it is creating discord and unhappiness? Joy leaves when any of these are out of sync.

Listen to your inner guidance so that your ego stays to the side. And remember some things come only in Divine Timing no matter how much we push and prod and decide it is your decision. Wait. It shows up and once you get out of your ego mind and follow your heart, life will definitely shift for the better. 

May your life be blessed. The Full Moon in Aries shows up later week on the 29th. Get ready to really discard what doesn’t work. It gets really intense. Have a beautiful week and find that love within to share with those who are important to you. Thank you for reading. Until again. Love, Jan







NEW MOON in VIRGO,September 15, 2012- Healing through Chaos

Tonight the NEW MOON in VIRGO at 23 degrees is upon us. It is a countdown to a new start at 10:11pm EDT. As I have said before New Moons are a time of setting intentions. The New Moon in Virgo is conjunct Mercury. You may want to write down about 10 intentions and see how they manifest during the next few weeks. Do remember that just wishing doesn’t make it so. You have to put some action behind it. For example, you write down that you intend to win the lottery. You have to buy the ticket, right? How about you write that you intend to meet your soulmate and then stay at home instead of going out and being in public etc. They are just some examples. Another example is listening to your heartfelt feelings…that intuitive voice that pops up. Or will you just ignore it and do what you choose instead of what that strong feeling is telling you? Maybe it is trying to get you to seek a new direction. Remember to recreate communication in your life. Mercury with the SUN/Moon in Virgo will help open it to flowing between you and others.

The New Moon in Virgo is about healing, organizing the details of your life or any projects you may be working on. Virgo is about health, healing, your employment/coworkers, and cleaning out what needs to be released from your home, work or self. It is a 6th house related New Moon. This is a great time to look at your diet and the food you consume so that it brings you a healthier body. I have found that it is also about being healthy overall. And if you are still using fluoride toothpaste, I suggest you find natural tooth polishes or powders that do not coat your teeth. Fluoride affects the brain and is a poison. Take that initiative and read about the negative effects of fluoride. Many of you will say you won’t use something else because your dentist told you it protects your teeth. You have choices. I stopped using any toothpaste with fluoride in it years ago. And there is no convincing anyone that they are poisoning themselves. That is just one of the many health dangers that exists today. Another big one is aspartame which is probably in most everything we eat although it is listed under other names on packaged foods.  Do pay attention to your intestines and digestive tract this New Moon.

Anyone with planets at 23 degrees in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo or MC/Ascendant will feel this New Moon more intensely.

As this New Moon energy plays out there is something you need to think about as the next few days are upon us. What is going to rattle you this week? Is there anything you need to look at that may create chaos, upheaval? Prepare and organize but also be aware of the other energies taking place as in the upcoming 2nd Pluto-Uranus square on September 19. Is there going to be any rumbling in your life or in the world? It is intense again as it was back on June 24 and if you can remember what went on in your life back in June then that may help to ward off any major conflicts. This again says change is upon us. What will you choose to change? Or will you just sit back and be prodded in a more demanding way to make that change? This Pluto-Uranus square is a revolutionary/evolutionary theme which has no real outcome that is visible at this time. And I hear you say, but I need to know now. Not happening, sorry. This is a time to create, visualize, and feel as you walk along your path. Whatever is deeply embedded within that is holding you back is beginning to surface for you to release it. If there has been loss, betrayal, disappointment, deep angst through your life and just refuse to let it go this is an ongoing process until the end of 2015 that will help you do so. I can see many of you with hands over your ears or closed eyes in order to keep from addressing these issues. Let these things go yourself and maybe it may jolt you a bit or do nothing and the spiritual 2X4 shows up and truly brings the release. You choose. I know what I have done. And you? That closed door only adds more intensity to the process. Why do you choose to continue to hold on? This kind of holding on affects your health if you continue to do so. And since this NEW MOON in VIRGO is about health and wellbeing, let it go already.

To manifest anything in your life that is positive and beneficial you need to clear out all the outworn thinking and the hold the ego has on you. Your ego wants the old stuff hanging around so it feels comfy. Oh joy. Let me tell you that you can create so much more when you are clear of the past programming that has hold of you. This is a time of both personal and collective awakening. That closed door has to open so you can get to the real you and create what you came to do in this lifetime. I realize that life on this earth is not what it seems. Does that mean that you just sit around and do nothing and just be the serf? No, it is about serving others which is another aspect of this NEW MOON in Virgo. How can you help that other individual who is stuck in the darker energy? How can you enlighten their lives? It could come from just a small gesture of friendship or helping someone to clear out the attic in their home. Any kind of help this New Moon time is welcome. Pluto is saying to release all those patterns that are surfacing and start to feel how Light you are becoming. By doing so your vibration is getting higher and you are more joyful each day. Do it now and create the change before it does it for you.

Evolving says to go into chaos. The Asteroid Quaoar is square the New Moon also. Quaoar speaks of creative chaos. It is about creating a new reality. Be open to the new possibilities, new beginnings, new homes, new starts in relationships and new work. This is good as long as you flow with it. Any resistance just makes mud. Embracing change right now is more important in the next months than trying to ignore it or suppress it. Are you ready to take part in the change?

Thank you for reading and know that the New Moon energy is here to help you heal and be attuned to who you really are. I have noticed that readers from many countries are supporting this blog. I welcome you and all the new readers that continue to show up. I appreciate your support. Many blessings and much love. Until again. Jan

Transforming the Past through the North and South Nodes

It is such a clear day today in my part of the world and not a chemtrail in sight. You all know what they are, don’t you? Those lines that spread out in the sky and take away the clarity that you need to awaken. They are there to keep you from feeling as good as you can feel. They exist to assist in the depopulation of this planet. Ok, stay in the box. It is ok. Are they trying to emulate the same kind of weather day it was 11 years ago? Life has come a long way since September 11, 2001. Much grief has been spent on the lives lost. Is it time to move on? It is amazing how bombarded you are with mainstream media and their ability to manipulate, maneuver and tell stories. Prove to me there is an al-Qaeda group since they supposedly flew the planes and the buildings collapsed because that is what would happen when planes fly into buildings. Are you living in the real world? That was the turning point for the terrorist syndrome. Who can the world blame this month? That brings me to my question of the day?

What keeps you living in a box? Because if you believe everything the media tells you, your company tells you, your parents tell you (or told you) and even your neighbors, you live in a box. Tell me is it about fear of leaping? Is it because you have no inspiration? What is that you find so intriguing about living in virtual reality? Where is your motivation? You are going to find yourself with walls closing in tighter as the year ends and into next year. Saturn goes into Scorpio in October and that changes the dynamics. Look, I have to be real and you do too because things are going to amp up before there is any kind of balance. How will you deal with that? What if there is another false flag? How many more wars can those in charge create? It is all about money and power. And it has nothing to do with having a good life except for those in power. There is no end of the world coming so I guess you will have to face the facts that are presented to you. Are you in denial of the truth? The energy that you have encountered in the past eighteen months has been about truth. Did you find yours? Did you hear someone else’s? It was about higher levels of consciousness. Did you raise your vibration so you can leap right out of that box? I know many that have; some of you are gripping onto the past. Now you will see how much in the box you really are when the material world is affected. It will be so noticeable how greedy people are and how in the box they live with the entertainment, the must have toys, the video games, or just plain you have to have it possessions. Problem is, the chickens come home to roost and it may be unavailable or else it pulls you into a really deep hole under your boxed in world. Taurus South node is all about those material possessions, money and got to have stuff. But the money wants your attention. The more the better; the more luxurious is desired.

And then you see the Scorpio North Node which has just begun on August 29 as I mentioned in my previous post. Scorpio is all about healing, metaphysical, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Wow, really? Yes, it is truly about transforming yourself. You have to dig deep with Scorpio and if you don’t, it will create problems in any of those parts which are up to heal and you then have to face the reality of the situation. This is a time to release the past, to stop playing the games, to get rid of old beliefs and patterns. This is a serious time, dear ones. I doubt you will be stuck in a box unless you live in a place that is unaffected, like the graveyard. Ouch.  That box is expanding and maybe just maybe you can find yourself looking at things in a new way and actually living in the real world. Many have created these boxes for protection from knowing what is real. Life is scary to many of you because you listen to the junk that is broadcast daily conditioning you to fear and doomsday attitudes. Get real already. You are so fearful from the brainwashing of media babble that you believe your life is so on track. If it is, why are you so unhappy? It is time to walk your talk and stop pandering to others who have no interest in you or what you do.

It is time to take that Taurus South node and raise it up to the Scorpio North node. Use the Taurus practicality, the strong self-worth, grounding and money sense and channel to the North node path of Scorpio in order to reexamine what needs to be broken up and transformed in your life in order to release any rigidity surrounding your beliefs and old thought patterns which can bring you stress in an emotional or psychological way. Your fear of change which is that Taurus south node is going to become overwhelming if you continue on that track. You have to examine what the power is about so you do not get pulled into any of the power games. As the North Node entered Scorpio it was 29 degrees and on the 12th and 13th of September 2012 asteroids Eros and Juno are conjunct the North node. This is all related to love, eroticism, connecting on the soul level, committed relationships, sexuality, repulsion and attraction. There are energy exchanges which will take place over the next 30 months with some being successful, some not. And please watch who you have any money dealings with because if it is off track you can be hit very hard. Pay attention. Wherever the Taurus South node falls in your chart in the next 18 months will be the area that needs BIG CHANGE. And believe me it will change. Woo hoo!!! I cannot wait.

Everyone has nodes of the moon in their charts. There are always 2 opposite each other, 12 total pairs in all. They are Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces. And then the reverse is – Libra-Aries etc. I have Gemini north node and Sagittarius south node which tells me to use the positive aspects of the truth base and sensitivity of Sagittarius south node to help me get to the broader perspectives of the Gemini north node. Bottomline is I had to learn how to listen to others and boy has that been the story of my life. Obviously, my rants got me nowhere and now I feel that my heart is always open to those who need to talk. Whew. New ideas come to me through conversations with others, many foreigners (Sagittarius ruled) and I don’t have to force any hollow beliefs down anyone’s throat. My true purpose is about communicating and boy it ruffles my feathers when there is none.

It is going to be a wild ride filled with all sorts of openings and closings. Be ready for breakthroughs and also for hard whacks if necessary. Oh, go ahead laugh a little already. Be well and stay in the moment. Thank you for reading. Look for the NEW MOON post by 9/15. Many blessings, dear ones, Until again. Love, Jan

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