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FULL MOON in VIRGO, February 25, 2013-Thinking, Dreaming and Letting the Past Go

Here we are again. The FULL MOON in VIRGO at 7degrees 23’ shows up on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 3:26pm EST. You are facing the duality of spirit and materialism. If you are looking for a major shift, now is the time it may appear for some of you. Wherever this FULL MOON in VIRGO is placed in your chart tells you where the intensity takes place. There is a stellium of planets along with the SUN in Pisces at this Full Moon. One of them is Neptune which opposes the Moon which indicates there may be some confusion in your midst or perhaps some boundaries are dissolving. Sun in Pisces is about creativity, spirit and dreams among many other categories.  Some things about Neptune on the Sun and opposing the Moon brings about con games since Jupiter is square these two planets. Be aware of confusing elements. Sun in Pisces also is about music and enhancing your talents and gifts in this area. Of course, it does depend where this falls in your chart as to how it plays out.

As the Full Moon is occurring Venus the planet of what we choose in love enters Pisces and expands our loving qualities and dreamy emotions. It helps those of you who want that romance in your lives on a higher level to reach out since your intuition is stronger now. This VIRGO FULL MOON is about perfection. Find it in your chart. What house is it in? That is area you need to be less critical. It also is the area that will be more in the limelight this month. The Full Moon in Virgo in my chart is in my 4th house. I need to look at if my home is where I choose to be and how it can be in it and find peace and calm. It can also affect my 10th house of career and public recognition. Is my current “career” really my path or is there something else I could be doing? That’s what I will be pondering this month. How do I become more practical in my home and work life? And I know many of you are too practical already and have little interest in my talking about the spiritual. It does take you to spirit talk in this Full Moon even though you keep the practical in balance.  This placement of the Full Moon also tells you where you have to stop procrastinating. It is a time to do something about whatever is dragging you down and stop hanging on with fear energy.

Did you put a plan into action or an idea out there initially back in November 2012? Then this is the time that it will come to a head. Music helps to release any blocks now if you still need to let go of anything. You know what blocks I am speaking of, don’t you? Those are the ones that keep you from taking leaps. Listen to music that tunes you into your heart and you will notice how different you begin to feel. Now is the time you can finally walk through those walls that you have built around you for a very long time. Any breakthroughs you do have will be on the emotional or intellectual plane and will be huge. Go for it. It continues to be a time when you can help others in a big way and stop looking behind you. Forget any grudges which you may hang onto. Clear your mind and emotional baggage and you will see where you are heading right this moment.

At this time there are some of you who may feel at bit off balance due to stressful conditions that may arrive including other’s reactions and feeling threatened. Music helps again. Use it. Those of you who have any planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will feel the effects of this Full Moon more intensely.

Mercury has just gone retrograde in Pisces, Saturday, February 23, 2013 and you know what that means.  It goes forward again on March 17. What does Mercury retrograde mean exactly? As you may know it rules communication, transportation and computers, cell phones, and any way that you interact with others. Those most affected this year of 2013 are the Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio types since Mercury goes retrograde in those signs. If you have anything to sign please think twice because you may have to redo it once it goes forward. Also, you may expect something to take place or someone to show up and they forget or it gets all messed up. So, watch what you say and how you say it during this time frame.

Saturn went retrograde in Scorpio 11 degrees on the 18th of February and goes direct again on July 7, 2013. It is a time to look into the past and follow through on any commitments made. It is a time to restructure your life so that you are ready to move forward on your path when it goes direct. Saturn retrograde gives you the opportunity to let go of the past situations that do not serve you on your path. And if you fail to do so the frustration level mounts and you may find it a harsh time. This is a time to give up hurt feelings. And you may as well forget the major career changes or new activities at this time because it can become draining. This is about reevaluating and truly setting boundaries and being accountable. Then you can take a leap down the road when you have cleared out the muck.

I pulled a Lakota card for the time of the Full Moon. It is Wakinyan or Thunderbeings. Its mantra is “through the single eye of Spirit my path becomes clear and my energy becomes focused and effective”.

Sending blessings to all of you and know that whatever pops up will allow you to ponder and feel before you have to make a decision. But do realize that nothing will come of it until you clear out the past and walk your path. Have a wonderful week. Until again. Love, Jan







You can always find your chart on where there is bevy of information and is used by those of you who truly choose to see the challenges and the gifts in your life and where to take them and how to go beyond them. Well, it doesn’t actually tell you that but you have to learn how to interpret those aspects and influences. Anyone interested?  

NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, FEBRUARY 10, 2013 -Envisioning the Future and Letting Go!

This has been one heck of a week. My stress level was over the top. Was it me or was it others? Or was it those around me mirroring me? Don’t know; just let it go before the new moon set in. I do hope most of you have experienced some good happenings in the last 2 weeks since the Full Moon. Life is getting very interesting and with the New Moon in Aquarius a few hours away, it is time to step up to plate. Take that idea and run with it or at least come to some decisions this weekend that will carry you forward into a truly new beginning in some area of your life. Make a commitment to walk your path following your true purpose. The New Moon in Aquarius takes places on Sunday, February 10, 2013 in 21 degrees 43’ at 2:21 am EST. The Sun and Moon in Aquarius awakens our tendencies to reach out to others. And if you already have been doing this in your life in some way, then now is the time to take it even further.

Aquarius is about the rational mind and reaching deeply into the Universal mind. This is a visionary sign that loves to interact with those in the world, the collective.  How many Aquarian types do you know who dislike being social? Very few.  This is a freedom-loving sign that sometimes brings out the unusual. The Aquarians among us truly like to interact and share their stories with anyone who will listen. This New Moon in Aquarius brings mainly social relationships and friendships into the forefront. They can show up unexpectedly in your life and turn it upside down for the better. Good things may be ready to show up in your life if you keep your thoughts positive. Want to change something that is bothering you this weekend or in the next few days? Reach out to your friends or social group and expect the unexpected. You may meet someone who has a profound effect on your life. In my own chart there is New Moon trine my Uranus which indicates that I may advocate unexpected changes that will shift the energy in my life in a profound way.

The Aquarian New Moon will prod you to question what is amiss in your life due to its negative aspects to the Dragon’s head and tail. What is failing to work no matter what you do? This is the kind of energy that will energize the changes that you need to make. Since the New Moon is square the lunar nodes which are now in Scorpio and Taurus (the Dragon’s Head and Tail) this is telling you to evolve. If you choose to hold on,  it will make your life a big mess until you do. And you resist and hold on to the past so tightly that you stress yourself to the max. Is this what you choose? It is time to let go of things that no longer work in your life…relationships, jobs, old patterns and habits, anything that has no further purpose. This is about you and how you respond to the energy and whether you are going to leap into new areas or will you allow it to turn your world upside down? It will until you let go. The eclipse in May touches this New Moon point and I am so lucky it is part of my solar return. Letting go is the high road or you can continue to be lazy or sneaky. Oh yes. Sound familiar?

Sometimes the Aquarian effect will get so bogged down in their beliefs that they refuse to budge and that is when the trouble begins. Turmoil, stress and chaos appear. This New Moon In Aquarius says to you that you can create a truly new start in whatever area of your life that is being affected. You have to keep in mind that you cannot hold onto those old beliefs, patterns and become obstinate about them. Will the fear that you feel unexpectedly keep you tied to the past or will you let go? Also, will you just decide not to do anything because you just don’t choose to do so? Lazy? Could be a downfall and keep you tethered to old stuff and truly out of alignment with the energy.

On the other hand there is really good news along with all this letting go talk. The New Moon in Aquarius is trine Ceres which has a fortunate tone to it and could be lucky.  It also tells you that your relationships need to be flexible and have the ability to maneuver without being so tied to each other. There is also much emotion churning under the waters of the New Moon. How will you handle this energy? Will you be able to show you are vulnerable or will you repress the feelings?

So, here you are again being told to let go. This is a very powerful time to do so. This is a time to overcome any darkness that may appear in your life. Sometimes you may find yourself at odds with those around you for some unknown reason. Now is the time that you can proceed through the difficulties and get back on track. But it takes some effort on your part. This New Moon affects those more intensely who have planets in fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you have Sun, Moon or other personal planets in those signs at 18-24 degrees, you will notice some kind of shifting taking place.

As you know New Moons are advantageous for your new intentions and I suggest that you intend what you wish on paper and do a write and burn. Write down your wishes for this social New Moon in Aquarius and then burn it in a safe way.

Stay in the moment, dear ones and love yourself and the world this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Will you send out love? I hope everyone feels the love on that special day. May you be blessed with independent thought and lots of positive outcomes. Until again, Love, Jan

Groundhog Day, FORGIVENESS and YOU!

So the lights went out in the Super Bowl. It probably caused much havoc financially for those in control. How much fear did it create for those in attendance? How much for those of you watching? It is about fear and you are most tired of hearing me talk of this. You need to be aware of what is going on in your life and on our great Planet Earth. Many of you are feeling stressed about a variety of things. How many of you feel your life is like the day that passed—Groundhog Day? Everything is the same over and over again.  Have you changed anything yet? Or are you that conditioned? Do you notice how there are many people who come into your life who create disturbances and more so lately? Tension is building and you need to continue paying attention. But then again you can stay with the lights out and keep living your Groundhog Day.  As Bob Dylan said,” Times they are a-changin’ “. And the energy is certainly coming to us in a new way. Haven’t noticed yet? Pay attention dear ones.

Since I keep talking about clearing out the fear and all the other junk that pervades your mind what can you do about it?  Do you know how to get peace and harmony in your life? Is it by being stubborn and logical? Logic works if you are working with logarithms or other mathematical computations.  Does running away from those fears hamper or help your well-being, your interactions or your basic thinking? What do you think? How about giving love and see what happens. I am sure there are those of you who will cry out and say, that is a bunch of hooey. Really? How many of you feel love in your heart, in your life, anywhere you are? Do you give it freely or do you keep it all to yourself because you are so fearful of no one returning that love to you? What does it matter if they return it? Love is something you need to send out no matter what happens. Some of you may feel you don’t deserve it. Well, you do but you have convinced yourself because past patterns and deeply ingrained negatives have influenced you. You want it to be the way you have been trained and it has to be perfect in your eyes. Ironically you are perfect in God’s eyes and who cares what others think?

First of all you need to forgive as a starting point in order for you to feel love. If you hold onto the junk, resentment, anger and guilt take over creating a maelstrom within.  Is that what you choose? Many of those individuals in the highest places would like to see you stay in your fear place. Fear allows others to control you unless you recognize it and start loving yourself. Take a look at your own life and see who controls you? Seriously, look deeply within and admit it. You are controlled by someone or their actions. What can you do? Recognize it and stand up to it. Send love to all with whom you have any difficulties. It shifts the energy.  I know it works since I have tried it in my life. Before a meeting send love to all the individuals present. If you know someone is trying to undermine you, send love. What about those family members who get under your skin? LOVE them. This is real. LOVE is all that is real. For those on your paths already, you know this is true and it makes things flow considerably well.  Boss is in an uproar and he wants to see you now. Send love before you meet. What a difference. Your spouse is on the warpath due to whatever you did or said, send them love. See them smiling again. How about a help me God walk through this. Thank you. Amen. Why would anyone fear love? What does love really mean to you? Forgiveness is the first step to bringing the peace to your heart.  Then send the love and watch the changes take place. And if you resist this, then Groundhog Day is ongoing. Start to forgive and shift to love. Another good thing to look at is EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. Will write about it soon.

Be blessed. Watch for Full Moon in Aquarius post for February 10, 2013. Until again. Lots of love, Jan

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