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Will you stay on the path?

new moon 2020 mayHello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. What an insane energy that has taken over the world. I have had enough.  It may be wise to take care of yourself on a deeper level. And as I said previously I am not in this all together. Period! Are you one of those who have no wish to take care of your own self and wait for an “authority type’ do give you advice. Wow, I missed something here. Did you know that wearing a mask continuously will deprive your cells of oxygen?  Oh, I know they do not tell you that. And those wearing them to run and walk outside…good luck down the road. Did you miss the science class? The sleight of hand has continued to bamboozle many of you. Wake up!!! It took a long time for spring to arrive in my garden and the plants are beginning to bloom.  As the New Moon is ready to descend upon us there are many who are in an extremely negative mood. If you choose to leap then fear has to go. Spring to me is a time of joy and renewal as the days get longer and our hearts are warmer. You are the creator of your life and why are you letting those out there in control keep you brainwashed?  What have you done since the last Full Moon? Did you let go and revise or revamp or did you stay locked down in fear without taking the opportunity to dig deeper and find the truth? As I look out over the mountains I feel that new starts are around for those of you who pay attention. Then there are those of you who are in constant need to fixate on the news that the mainstream media suggests is real and you see only what they want you to see. When was the last time you used your intuition and stood in your power? Some of you have but many still lag in doing so. You are here to thrive in your life. Yes, Dear Ones, to thrive!!! Remember what you think is what you create. New energy is going to show up.

Why do you need someone to tell you how to feel or how to take care of your health or think? Why do you need someone to control the real you? Life is on the track to go beyond. Fear is the opposite of love. As the babble continues regarding a vaccine it is apparent to me that this is a mind game. If you choose to take it then I wish you good luck; and if it becomes mandatory then you know there is something else going on here. Before the shift occurs there may be some further chaos to disrupt your life even after all this is said and done. Life is as you choose it to be or have you forgotten? You are responsible for your life if you are an adult. What happened to that notion? As a hypnotherapist I can see how many out there have totally gone under.  Unbelievable! A news item- some doctors have received $400 per patient to mark it as a CV-19 death. Yep. Money talks!!! And you think that those out there care about your well-being. Stop!  “Quarantine is what you do to restrict the movement of a sick person. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of a healthy person.”

New Moon in Gemini shows up on May 22, 2020 at 1:39 PM EDT, 10:39 PM PDT and 5:39 PM GMT in 2 degrees 4’. Sun is also at same exact degree in Gemini. All new moons are about newly planted seeds. So whatever you are doing or thinking about it is time to take a look at what your intentions are. This is a reminder to write out your goals/dreams (10 of them in a list). Since Gemini is about communication, socializing, learning, listening, teaching and curiosity then your intentions should be in one of those realms. And the best time to do it is within the first 8 hours after the new moon arrives (or at least in the first 24 hours). The New Moon in Gemini is in the first decan and it asks you to face your shadow. Isn’t that an interesting thought? Sometimes that shadow can be your own childhood beliefs or those from other lifetimes. Why hold onto something that deters you from moving ahead? Any emotions that are beyond light and airy are unusual with this new moon. So keep the laughter going. It will not harm you if you laugh. Gemini tends to fear boredom and keeps on keeping on; thinking, planning and actually doing. And Gemini doesn’t like to commit since it may not come through. Gemini types like to keep things open to assess and then will see what actually is going on. C’mon Gemini energy do take that risk. It is time to enjoy life in a light and airy way. Oh, you can do it no matter what is going on. Love shines a bit but watch for untruths. The Moon and the Sun square Mars in Pisces, thus stirring the emotions of the world in a fight or flight position. Lots of built up anger shows up. Will you get pulled into it or stay on the path?

Venus retrograde and Mercury are at 20 degrees of Gemini at the time of the New Moon. As they are in tune they are also square to Neptune in Pisces at 20 degrees. This cosmic duo of Venus and Mercury teaming up are really nice together but Neptune as the planet of spirituality and dreams can also bring illusions into the mix. New things can show up but in the fog. Where do you turn at this time? Go within and find your center so that answers come to you. The aspects of Venus and Neptune may still keep the virus to the forefront yet there is much deception as it occurs. Keep your eyes and ears open to new developments which are not being shown. Just keep in mind that propaganda is in the picture in a big way. And the virus does disappear sooner than later. Whatever you choose to have…shout it out; write it down; and know it can happen. Go for it. The New Moon is trine (favorable) to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. This helps to bring about some grounding to your energy.  It truly supports any goals and thinking about things in a more methodical and practical way. Make some really good choices that will last. Those who are most intensely affected are the Sun signs/rising signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces 0-6 degrees.  (28-30 degrees of signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are also affected).  Birthdays involved are:  May 19-May 27; August 21-29; November 21-29; and February 19-27.

Aries- Someone may be able to give you some clues about how to handle anything going on in your life. Spiritual pursuits may be the thing to do.

Taurus – It is all about your resources which do include your time, your skills, and your knowledge besides money.  Look for ways to increase income. Do you write at all?

Gemini – Who are you? This may be a great time to find your true self that you have been waiting for. Your dreams and goals are in the spotlight.

Cancer – Take a deep look within and gather some wisdom as to what you choose to do in life at this time. Stay away from burning the candle at both ends.

Leo- This is good energy for you to make new connections or reach out to those who are in tune with you. Be receptive to a friend’s ideas. Find a diversion.

Virgo – Take advantage of your own ability to see things and be the one that knows how to do the job.  Use your insight to work through anything that may be difficult.

Libra- Fantasies are sometimes wonderful yet now is the time to take them and put them to use in your own reality. Do not let your imagination run wild.

Scorpio – Who is there that you choose to be in tandem with? Now you can put the togetherness to work. Shared assets may be part of the focus.

Sagittarius – Life tells you to reach out to someone and find out what you do not know about this individual. There may be much more than you realize. New relationship?

Capricorn – Have you thought about some pleasure with your business? Now is a good time for that to take place. Mix it up a bit. Shift some of your daily routines.

Aquarius – What kind of creative insight will show up in your mind? Something on a new level which you have never thought before?  Consider many possibilities in creativity.

Pisces – Take a look at the inner you and be amused by what you see. It is amazing how you can shift your perspective. Find a way for work and home to blend better.

Thank you all for reading and sharing if you will. Would love to hear if you agree or disagree with what I have presented. No matter what is going on in the world you first have to be authentic as you communicate and share. Times are truly changing and even though intensity may show up let the lightness of your heart shine through. Stay well; be in the moment; and be blessed. Until again, love, Jan


FULL MOON in Scorpio, May 7, 2020 – A revealing may occur

FULL MOON flower may 2020 Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. It is apparent many are not in the mood for awakening and taking leaps at this time. Do not fret. It will occur and many will be shocked at the outcome of all the deception that is taking place. Why do you keep jumping on the Mainstream News storytelling? I am amazed at this each time I read or hear the constant fear-mongering. What is it that you fear most? Is the thought of something changing in the sense of rebirth and transformation in your life scary to you? I am asking you to go within and find your truth and stop being influenced by those who have no interest in you or your life and are just looking to control you. STOP already. I am not “all together at home” because the narrative says I am. Are you kidding me? Stop buying into the illusions. How many people actually died of this coronavirus without other underlying conditions? Well it was stated as above 60,000 and now it says the CDC has that it is between 37,000 and 38,000 as of today. This total is only for Covid-19 deaths. And one more thing…I agree if you are up there in the age bracket and not in the best of health…yes, do stay away from others. If in nursing homes then I feel sad because you are at risk not from the virus but other things that are behind the scenes.  By the way-Dr. Fauci gave 7.4 million bucks to Wuhan and he also said in a statement in 2019 that look for a pandemic to arrive in the near future. And you follow him totally, do you not? Why are there so many seniors at risk? And it has nothing to do with underlying conditions. Big business got the money and the small guy has to starve. You have inalienable rights and what do you do?  They are being torn away from you without the truth. God bless America because it needs the Divine more than ever now. Oh, I forgot, that is not allowed. Just saw online-PhD Researcher at Univ. of Pittsburgh was on the verge of significant finding re CV19. found shot to death!

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives May 7, 2020 at 6:45am EDT; 3:45am PDT; and 10:45am GMT in 17 degrees 20’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Taurus. Scorpio is all about deep feelings and secretiveness. What is being hidden in your world? What has someone not told you yet? It will eventually show up and shocked you may be. There is a positive and spiritual influence regarding it. The energy is quite good when it comes to communication due to the fact the Sun is conjunct (within 3 degrees) Mercury in Taurus. If you have this aspect in your chart, communication is important to your life. I have this also. It can be a time of monumental shifting for you if you have cleared off past life fears and other items which have stymied you in your life. What is being hidden in your world? What has someone not told you yet? Do you need to change something about you and not the situation? That would be an interesting twist Try not to act too quickly in any moment. Full Moons are also about healing. Moon is trine to Neptune so it gives you some ESP in your life and I suggest you pay attention to what comes through. Fear blocks it. So stop the fear. When was the last time you actually just sat in silence and allowed the energy within bring you to a new place of balance? Why am even saying this? When was the last time you sat and just let life be, being in the moment and noticing how you are feeling? (This is beyond being forced to be inside) Venus square Neptune says do find some way to ground yourself at this time. Be creative.

Venus goes retrograde May 13 until June 25 2020. It joins other planets in retrograde: Pluto in Capricorn April 25; Saturn in Aquarius May 11; and Jupiter in Capricorn goes retrograde on May 14, 2020. If you are looking for answers they will come slowly to you. This is a time to go within and finding the solutions rather then continuing on automatic pilot. If you are looking for healing then this is a good time to begin and delve into the process. With Venus retrograde in Gemini it is not only about pleasure, love and desire. Venus rules your values and money. If you are in a relationship it is time to fix anything that may have been on hold so that newness can come about when it goes direct in August. It may be the end of a relationship for some. Down the road someone more suited to you may show up. If a new connection begins know that it may push your buttons at first. Keep that in mind. Keep those purchases that bring beauty in to a minimum and watch for that change in your own appearance which may not be to your best advantage. Saturn retrograde asks you to face the music in whatever area of your life it affects. Saturn may be telling you that you are working too hard and you need to make time for some rest and relaxation. Some of you may feel blocked especially those of you in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Pluto in Capricorn in retrograde motion is not going to go along with your need to buy the BS.  Pluto wants to change the dynamic—transformation is the main thrust of the Pluto energy. And you say but there is a virus. Oh, yes, there is a virus…in fact there are many within your body. Did you know this? And did they do any harm? Not unless you forget about eating well, taking care of you on all levels which are mind, body, spirit and emotions. Does anyone pay attention anymore to anything? Do you know that if you cross Pluto the planet of transformation you will be hit on the head with a 2×4? Ok, it will only feel like it actually happened.

The Lunar Nodes will also change signs on the day of the Full Moon into Gemini and Sagittarius. At the North Node, you take in the new energy. For roughly a year and a half, you are learning about Gemini energy: ideas, information and communication. This is a time to exchange ideas, perceptions and awareness with others. It is also a time to find to speak up and share your knowledge with others. Learn to listen better. Find the laughter within and share it with others. With the South Node it is saying let go of that which you no longer need. Go out and connect with those around you. The world is out there but someone in the same area may be what you need right now.

Those with the following Sun/Rising sign will be most intensely affected. Those signs and degrees are: Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius at 13- 19 degrees. Birthdays: May 4 -10; August 7-13; November 7-13; and February 3 -9.

Aries –The Full moon is in your fiscal zone so watch what you do with your money. Be careful of your communication with others and news comes regarding money.

Taurus- What will you do that will surprise others? Relationship will come into focus in the next couple of weeks. Do talk about any issue that may arise.

Gemini – Need to find balance in your work and home life. You may find yourself irritated and stir up something for the heck of it. Chill and find time for you,

Cancer- Emotions rise and you may find yourself wondering about a connection to a child or lover or friend. Communicate your feelings to lessen any tension.

Leo – There is a turning point in career or home life. Be calm and stay in the moment.  Will you find yourself in the middle of a conflict that is not really necessary?

Virgo – When was the last time you really looked within?  And if you need a discussion, do so in a knowledgeable way. Travel would be a great dream.

Libra – Think before you undermine security or creates a loss with some purchase that is not really needed. And keep any power struggles out of the picture.

Scorpio- You seem to have a knack to problem solve with others. Important developments with your close relationships may come to light. Shifts are coming

Sagittarius – Good time for healing in major ways. Stop letting worries get you down. Some exciting thing may occur that is unexpected. Take time to rest.

Capricorn – Great time to see that your motivation and goals are now paying off. Watch your approach when communicating especially with those close to you.

Aquarius – Looks like many good things in home life are coming to fruition. Stay in your power when out there in the work world.  Good things are showing up again.

Pisces – Changes are coming and most likely positive. There are lots of things you may choose to do with neighbors or siblings.  Some vacation plans in the making?

Thank you for reading and sharing. It is a pleasure to know that what I may write may trigger an “aha” moment for some of you. Tune into Wizards Within with my co-host Sprinkles as we talk about a variety of interesting things upcoming on May 18 at 4pm EDT. Be blessed; be well, until again, love, Jan



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