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NEW MOON in TAURUS, MAY 17/18,2015- Momentary madness may bring a turning point

ALGOLalgolAs I sat and pondered writing the new moon post today I got sidetracked and watched Field of Dreams on MLB Network. I kept getting up on commercials and doing some odds and ends and would then race back to continue watching every time it was back on. I wondered why it was pulling me so strongly to watch this movie today. I have seen it a few times through the years. (No, to answer those who know me, it wasn’t because of Kevin Costner). The movie was a message and then I knew what it was. Message is for later in the post.

Many of those with whom I have come into contact lately have been stressing on some level. It was unnoticeable at first but since I took a short break, it is more blatant than ever now. Lots of issues coming up for many of you who are running around doing great service yet taking little time for yourselves. That is part of the problem which many of you face.

The world is still spinning and there are odd things going on, as usual. Did you see the Amtrak train which derailed was hit by an object and had its windshield shattered? And the engineer says he remembers nothing of the last few minutes. Watch what comes out of this!! He did have a cut that was stitched up on his head. Oh, utter disbelief from me that they gave the death penalty to Tsarnaev in Boston. The demon star must have been right in the courthouse. One day the truth will be unveiled. You keep watching dear ones. And why are police getting riot gear in Cleveland?

As the New Moon in Taurus (Sun in Taurus) arrives May 17/18, 2015 it may bring unusual energy and some turmoil. I can feel it already. The New Moon is in 26 degrees 56’ and it shows up at 9:13pm PDT on May 17; 12:13am EDT on May 18 and 4:13am GMT (May 18). It is conjunct the fixed star Algol/Medusa’s head. Oh, joy! It also conjuncts Mars in Gemini which itself is opposing Saturn in Sagittarius. And this means what? The basis of the New Moon in Taurus reflects the material part of your life and what you value. It also emphasizes the five senses and how it relates to you. The ruler of this New Moon is Venus which is currently in Cancer and is trine (good) to Neptune in Pisces. A saving grace, I think. Since Venus/Taurus is about the five senses and Neptune is about the sixth sense (higher understanding) then maybe you will take advantage of an opportunity that may present itself to you which will help to open your heart and mind. Then again, you may miss it because you have a brief interval of momentary madness from Algol.

This is the time to get out of your mind because your heart and senses are going to tug on you until you do. If fear exists within then Algol will roadblock your discoveries and insights. So, what is this Algol star doing here anyway? Algol/Medusa’s head is taking you into the deep shadows which many of you wish to avoid. Saturn is also helping you to address the shadow now. The snakes of Medusa’s head are about deep wisdom. Don’t you choose that already? Choosing to ignore addressing the shadow and also allowing the heart and senses to lead your way will find you still in the same place you have been for eons. Wouldn’t it be good to plunge into that darkness and let the old ways release so that turning point (the message of Algol and the New Moon) come about? The new direction is waiting for you. Are you willing to let go the fear and move on it? The next few weeks will be difficult for some of you who refuse to face the fear that you repress. It is really the fear of the new energy that is sitting right in front of you. If you live with fear then you create more fear on and on.

One thing that is important for those who consume alcohol. This New Moon in Taurus with Algol present will bring about negatives if you drink too much. Algol is about alcohol addiction also.  If you overindulge you may get ornery and go ballistic because that pain is trying to surface and you just won’t let it. Clear out the pain once and for all. Find a way for your own benefit.

The Taurus New Moon affects more intensely those with planets around 26 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius including the first few degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Just watch for some turmoil in place you least expect. Of course, if you know your chart houses you can see immediately where that New Moon will affect you.

This New Moon in Taurus also gives you a time of organizing, focusing and making your list of goals for down the road. Since Mercury is going retrograde on May 18, my suggestion is to make the intentions and then you may find you choose to revise, rework and revisit your initial thoughts. Remember it is about heart and senses this time around. Give your mind a rest although it is really thinking when it is in Gemini. So there seems to be a paradox present. Just watch your thoughts more carefully.

Some other aspects taking place are Uranus in Aries at 18 degrees Aries influencing those who have planets around this degree including those with planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Also, Pluto is currently at 15 degrees of Capricorn which influence those same signs. Unexpected happenings occur and major transformation with any planet being aspected by Pluto.  Venus is in Cancer opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. Some relationship issues may come up but you can prepare a bit since they appear a few days after the New Moon in Taurus.

Oh, yes, I go back to the Field of Dreams movie. It gave me insights as to how complicated life has become if you live in fear. Everyone kept telling him he was crazy (thoughts of the mind) and he heard the voices which were giving him an opportunity to do something for others and give him a new direction. Life isn’t about other’s opinions, fears or otherwise. It is about you taking the bull (Taurus) by the horns and doing what you came to do no matter what the world says. But it has to be done in a noble manner and keep it authentic. Also to go with that, the Sabian Symbol for New Moon and to me says that in the movie he was down on his luck and no one was there to really support his dream. It didn’t matter since he battled the odds and he needed no one else to validate his worth.

Dear ones do have a happy next couple of weeks until the Full Moon. The New Moon gives you a chance to get things ready and the next new moon in June will give you the go-ahead to put it into action. Be well. Until again. Lots of love and joy. Jan

FULL MOON in SCORPIO, MAY 3/4, 2015- WIll you look at what is resurfacing?

As the Full Moon is on the path to its brightness the world is swirling faster and you are feeling some shifting within. Yet, some of you are still sitting in the gunk of the past and this Full Moon will prod you out of that need. Some world news appears before the Full Moon. Congratulations to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their second child, a new princess. She arrived today, May 2nd. I think she is going to be a girly-type princess who has a bit of a rebel in her. Yesterday, everyone’s not so favorite ballplayer had home run #660 tying Willie Mays for 4th on the list of all-time home runs. Kudos to Alex Rodriguez! He had a quite humbling moment after the game since he shed some tears. The past is done. Let it be. Sometimes you arrive at this type of moment and you realize that it could have been different. Stop judging since it could have been you having a moment like that. Think about this one more thing of the news- What are the Baltimore riots really about? And why now? Oh, it is truly something other than what you are thinking.

 As I gaze out my window the moon is almost full. It arrives tomorrow, Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 11:42pm EDT, 8:42pm PDT and 3:42am GMT on May 4, 2015. The FULL MOON is in Scorpio at 13degrees 23’. The Sun is currently in Taurus. That shadow is surfacing and so is a bagful of other things. What have you been suppressing? I know no one really knows what is going on beneath the surface with anyone yet soon it will appear. Oh, dear me, it emerges from the depths of your being and what will you do now?

Well, if you are hiding anything, you will find it comes out of the woodwork and you have to deal with it. Seriously it does show up in some way. The shadow doesn’t like to be hidden anymore. It likes some recognition so do watch out if there are any lies, old gunk, secrets because surprise…here they come.

Is that a frown I am seeing? And I am sure you won’t feel like acting like a clown, now will you? This Scorpio Full Moon will definitely be shining really bright on everything. So, I suggest you keep in balance and walk in integrity so that all that shows up is flowing. You do realize that this FULL MOON will tend to cause you to lash out in anger if something does show up. Is it worth it? Remember this- no matter how much you don’t choose to see what is happening, look anyway. It will be well worth it.

If you have been looking for any recognition, acceptance or validation for anything that you choose to create then it may be better to keep quiet and just work on the expression of something new for now.

How about trusting your own self instead of always reaching out to others? That way no one will try to convince you otherwise. With the Full Moon in Scorpio it is time to explore what is your passion and to also enjoy the passionate side of your relationship. Letting the passion arise from within in regards to your expressive gifts will help you to create in a new way if you aren’t already doing this. It is very healing at this Full Moon. Also, the passion that you share with your partner will be truly exquisite with this Full Moon and you will be looking for emotional expression.  Taurus Sun is very sensual and Scorpio Moon is quite sexual. Enjoy the moments that show up.

 The Full Moon energy this time around says to you to dig deep and see what time of programming you still carry from early childhood. This can be in reference to cultural, religious or even social conditioning.

Why do you choose to let it keep you stuck in the mud when you can be running and leaping forward in big ways? Go within and honestly ask yourself if you can let the control go and experience a new beginning in your life. And if you do, will you actually follow through? Let the fear go already. It’s been too long that you have held on to it. Full Moon energy of the Scorpionic type may bring out intense dreams that have you wondering what the message means.

Jupiter conjunct Juno is in a tight square to the Full Moon in Scorpio. It also squares the Sun in Taurus. This is a T-square and it can bring to you much more artistic expression through music or art. Let it shine

through you and create that masterpiece. If you can stand some uncomfortable moments than an opportunity may present itself. If you watched the Kentucky Derby and bet on it, then you were a bit tense and were waiting for the finish. That is the type of tension that may appear.  A big yippee to you if you won. Also, with Jupiter ruling expansion and being in Leo it resonates to the flamboyant, very outgoing and optimistic energy versus the hidden emotional aspects of the Scorpio Moon. Jupiter wants a merging to take place with the Full Moon. Since Scorpio dislikes anything about releasing the emotional depths, it may not be the easiest thing to happen.

Mercury goes retrograde on May 18. DO not sign papers until it goes direct, please.  The best thing to do as it is retrograde is to revise, regroup and be ready to move forward with plans when it is in forward motion.

For those of you who have any planets near 13 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius know that it will be affecting you more intensely. I have Mercury at 12 degrees of Taurus and my vertex at 11 degrees Scorpio and my Pluto at 11 degrees Leo. Oh yes, it will be interesting. I am planning to hide and say very little.


By the way, I would love to hear about how this may be affecting you. If you choose to share anything, please write in the comments and I will post it. I look forward to hearing from you. Have an outstanding couple of weeks and I will be back for the New Moon on the 17th of May. Thank you for all you are and all you do. Blessings to you all! Until again.  Love, Jan

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