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FULL MOON in LEO, JANUARY 26, 2013 –Shall We Dance?

Who is your guru? Is it the political party you follow? Is it the media streaming in your living room with the talking heads blabbing all day long? Is it the so-called mentor who says what he says is the truth and that is all there is since it comes from him? Or is it your own self who has walked through the dirt, the streams of unconsciousness, climbed icy mountains which lead you to a place of awareness without the distractions and gobbledygook of those that say they are Godly yet do things that would bring a sigh to the face of God? Have you moved forward since the New moon? Have you changed your thinking on any level? Is your way the only way which says to me that you are still stuck in the old rigid patterns which keep you from seeing your truth? How self-absorbed are you that you see nothing except the old paradigm? Have you taken a small leap yet? Why not? Some may be patiently waiting for the timing to change. Others of you may find yourself frozen in time because of those old beliefs. Dear ones, wake up. Change your thinking once and for all and celebrate you this Full Moon.

The Full Moon is in Leo at 7 degrees 42’ and it takes place on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 11:38pm EST. Full Moons are a good time for releasing anything that is no longer flows for you. Full Moon in Leo comes from the heart. It is a loving and efficient Full Moon which has you at its center. It is the actor in you choosing to come alive to the applause as you seek the real you and present to all who choose to be there for you down the road. It speaks of being a bit self-centered in a positive way by bringing forth your most creative, visionary inventions all from the heart. The Sun is in Aquarius and aspecting 3 other planets (Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter) in air signs. Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius like to ponder, to think and analyze to help create new visions for those who choose to pay attention.

For the next couple of weeks you have an opportunity to eliminate anything that is keeping you stuck. I know I say this all the time but it is so important to let go of things that no longer work. It is paramount that you release what you need to so that love, money and anything else in your life flows and when it does you know your magnetism has been released from the burdens that you have been carrying. Any of you who feel no love for yourself will have no love in your life except in superficial ways. Those of you who struggle with money have hung on to past beliefs that keep you going around in circles. Face your negativity and anyone else’s and allow it to go. Let it scatter to the wind. In order to attract anything in your life your magnetism has to be turned on. If you continue to bring in negative thinking there is no way that it works unless it is something that may teach you. And from another way of thinking, how many of you deny that there is anything negative happening in your life or in the world you live in? That’s another block that keeps things stuck. Of course, constant moaning about everything and anything will also limit your life to a very superficial existence.

The Full Moon in Leo (the Lion) energy is about heart and love and courage. A very special man wrote me a song that had the word Coeur in it. The song was titled “Jan de mon Coeur” which in French means Jan of my heart. BUT, just recently when I was thinking about what to write about this Full Moon the word Coeur came to mind love is walking through the feeling of fear. By going forward the fear feeling melts away and love blooms. The root of Coeur is courage. He taught me to face my fears many times and I am deeply grateful. Leo Full Moon is about courage also.  Walk forward, dear ones and the fears that you hold deeply within will transmute. This whole concept brings a new you to the fore by helping the truth to reign. New beginnings can take hold and new creative designs in your life uplift you in dramatic ways. Envision joyfulness.

Since love is also important at this Full Moon your mind needs to be in sync with your heart. Negative words have to be eliminated not just now but completely for good to come to you. Peace comes only through being in a loving state of being. Whatever you experience in your life is being created by you. Yes, you. Your peace is at odds with the conflict you carry within. Your love is in jeopardy due to your fears. What are you going to do? Share love and stop the fault-finding! That is a good start. Also, this is a time of decisions. Take the time to ponder what you choose to do and then make a decision. Base your decision on current truths rather than old belief patterns that your ego may use to distract your jump ahead. Many of you will make new connections that will be heartwarming which will be supporting to your faith in yourself. Maybe you can even dance your way to a new start.

Full Moon in Leo trine Uranus may help you to speak up and stand for what your authentic self. The only drawback at this time it may open the door to some of that critical behavior of others who are truly walking the mainstream path. So if your ideas are creative and imaginative, only some may go along with them at this time and critical comments may be thrown at you. If you recognize a fear coming up it may be from an outworn behavior and now is the time to let it go. The Full moon sextile Jupiter is quite erotic and sensual. Lots of sexy feelings come out.

So life has been speeding up and there are many more things going on within us. Some of you will look at ancestral patterns or just enjoy who you really are. The Full Moon feels good like a beautiful dinner of sweet nectar.(As a Taurean I like to speak of food and how good it tastes.) Have a beautiful time enjoying who or what enters your life at the Full Moon. May your blessings be many and may you find your truth. Thank you for your support. Until again. Love, Jan





NEW MOON in CAPRICORN, January 11, 2013 – Trickster or Truth?

A new year is upon us, dear ones, and I hope many of you have decided to change your eating habits as I mentioned in the previous post. If you haven’t done so, start now to look at how you can become your fully healthy self in the new year. This is a great time to start that process of change.  This is a time of action not sitting back and wishing it. 2013 is a year of truly looking at yourself, your life and making a decision to move forward. Do you really think that someone else is going to make the changes for you?  The world around you may be swirling and turbulent. People are angry about the gun control issues. There are others just plain angry about things going on, like unnecessary wars or the rising taxes or the drones.  My father was right when he spoke about H.G. Wells “The Shape of Things to Come”. We are living that story and continue to do so.

Pluto in Capricorn brings us the controls of government showing up, but it also indicates there is much clearing out of the top ranks. It can help bring you to a big evolutionary/revolutionary leap. Pluto helps you to clear out that which is no longer necessary but if you resist, it may be deeply disturbing. Pluto’s intense energy continues to affect you in many ways. Why do you choose to ignore it? Use it to manifest your dreams into reality. What is affecting your ability to do something? How does it keep you from bringing your best to the table? Show me what is keeping you trapped in that bubble of inactivity. If you truly choose it, then do it. Stop sitting there living in the past and complaining about the past. Gee whiz, get over it already. Too blunt? Then show me your joyousness that comes from you walking your talk and finding the mission you came to do. If you are your authentic self than you will have no time to game play or moan about what should have, would have, could have been. Joy will be your mantra. Many of you are very awake yet continue to live on the wheel. What fear keeps you from being free in your heart? What lesson is it trying to teach you?

The New Moon in Capricorn at 21 deg 45’ is today, Friday, January 11, 2013 at 2:44 PM EST (SUN conjunct MOON in Capricorn) brings us the energy to choose a new direction or some changes on the path you have already chosen. It is a Capricorn moment grounded in the earth and the Sun/ Moon are joined there by Mercury, Pluto and Venus (the love planet just entered on the 8th). New Moon in Capricorn speaks of your resources whether they are financial ones or your creative talents and gifts. This is a good time to reassess and regroup your resources. Where will you allow these resources to take you? How will your creative resources impact your new direction in life? Assess your finances and see how to manifest more money if you need it.

With Mercury conjoining the New Moon in Capricorn ponder this. Who is whispering in your ear? Are you hearing what is being said or is it a trickster trying to distract you from the truth? Are you actually paying attention to what is being said? Do you actually see what is happening or are you being so pulled in by the senses that it really is an illusion? What did you say? I cannot hear it. Say it again. Why don’t I see you? Where are you? You just do not want me to hear what you are saying. I know that’s what it is. Guess what? That trickster energy will stir up your emotions and your mind if you refuse to be attentive.  Turn down the sound. Why do you play that music so loud? On and on you go. This New Moon in Capricorn is about letting go of the past. Gee whiz, is it about that again? Still?  That deceptive music keeps coming at me, turn it down already. Yep. It is even more so at this time of the new moon. You are so stuck and you just continue to stay stuck. What is so great about being back there in the past? Stop clinging already. You can still play that music but please purge out the dark side and work on beginning to let go. It is time to put that creativity to use which is another way to cleanse all the demons of the past. Use that artwork, the painting, the drawing, the photography, the music or whatever you create, to help you let go of anything that no longer feels good in your life and is deterring your progress on your path. Take that cosmic leap already. Saturn will support your efforts.

This New Moon in Capricorn affects those of you who have planets at 21 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn within about 3 degrees either side. I have Mars which is squared by the New Moon which tells me to watch for rash actions or too much intense energy and also to avoid arguing and tone. Oh, that tone, how much it is gone from my words.  Let me hide under the bed. What it means is the tone of my piano will be too loud and the neighbors will come by and tell me to cut the noise. If that is all, I can deal. Or is it the tone of this post today? There is a secret bubbling up within you…listen to the words that come from your heart and the leap will be rewarding. Oh, did you say you wanted to just watch? That’s ok. Soon, the light bulb will flash and you will allow the turnaround. Good job.

Since Venus has entered Capricorn you have the option of bringing much integrity, mutual respect and a no nonsense approach to relationships. If you wish to build a long-lasting connection, now is the time. For those already in a heartfelt relationship, continue to create on the foundation that is already present. Actions speak louder than words in the next few weeks. Physical intimacy is important with Venus in Capricorn. It is rock solid. And with Mercury conjoining the Sun/Moon in Capricorn truth is more important than ever.

Sing and chant on the New Moon especially if you are ruled by the Moon or have strong planetary connections to it. AND this is really important to remember. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY out loud during this time frame, unless you truly wish it to happen. Watch the trickster talking in your ear. How great it makes you feel!

Talk to me dear ones and tell me that you are allowing changes to take place so your path is clear for you to manifest whatever you choose. Clear your mind and come from your heart and see the difference. Many blessings to all of you and thank you for reading this blog. I am most grateful. Have a wonderful week. Until again. Love, Jan


Happy New Year. It is now day 6 of the year 2013. Are you hanging onto your own Fiscal cliff or otherwise or are you leaping forward? What are your intentions? What dreams do you wish to bring to reality? Are you currently your most healthy self? Is your heart sending out love to everyone you know? Where do you wish to be by the end of this year? Those are the questions I am asking you now. Will you be able to answer them now and in 6 months? Stress sure has taken its toll on some of you. Others seem to be in a state of entropy. And then many are still stuck in the muck of old habits, patterns and beliefs and are unwilling to budge beyond that mindset. You do know that holding on to that gunk is just another way to create blocks in your body and mind which can manifest illness. Don’t you? Some of you have let go allowing your life to flow no matter what others say, do, or think. No approval needed. Good for you, dear ones.
This is a time of finding that truth within and making a commitment to the mission in your life. And you say you have no clue what your purpose is. Then it is time to open to it. How do you do that? Stop running amok. Take time to actually listen to your heart instead of sitting in your mind. By doing that keeps you from going in circles and recreating the same thing over and over again. Take the time to write down what you are feeling. Let the Divine enter. Listen to what insights come to you and actually hear them. Listening is grand but you need to hear it once it comes to you and follow those insights. Stop downplaying your abilities. You all have talents and gifts and now is the time to expand and share. I can hear it now…I am doing it my way. Oh sure, then guess what, you will be running around in circles as usual. How about doing it the Divine way? Allow it to happen as you follow insights from your heart and soul. Some will say, that’s what I do, I sit and wait. Please. When you receive an illumination, take a moment and ask if it is truly on your path. You will know immediately. And then you may choose to act upon it in appropriate manner.
This is a new year and it is a new beginning in some way for your life. You have set your intentions but something stops you from moving forward. Can it be that you are tired, depressed or there is some other kind of ill-thinking is taking place? What can you do to begin to feel energized? My suggestions are the following: Your eating habits – eliminate these items: aspartame and Splenda (if you are into these in diet foods then you need to stop…they are killing you); processed foods (if it comes in a package forget it); high fructose corn syrup (makes you fat and that makes you eat more); fast food eating (I don’t think that there is an ounce of nutrition in these products); processed flour; canned or bottled juices; and many other things which I will address down the road.
Also, stop the negative thoughts and words. These are a big part of why you feel unmotivated and down and lack energy and get every bug that goes around. Your nutrition is important but so are your words and thoughts. In this new year make an intention and follow through to walk more, laugh, send out love to all and share intimacy with your partner. Let your heartsong reach out so you feel the connection to others.
Some things to also eliminate or cut down: Cell phone use (bad news especially while driving); laptop use (electromagnetics constantly on will disrupt your nervous system and men’s ability to perform sexually); GET off those drugs that they tell you are so healthy. Do you feel any better? I doubt it; pasteurized dairy products; cut down too much TV unless you wish to become brainwashed totally; HD TV is really bad for health; fluorescent lighting undermines your immune system and makes you tired; and many more to come.

Now, what can you eat so your feel upbeat and energized? Living foods like vegetables and fruits; sprouted breads; green drinks which can include chlorella, barley grass and spirulina; seafood like haddock and flounder; organic anything made by companies (not every organic company is really organic anymore) which are truly organic. Brown rice is ok. Many people eat pork…cut down on it considerably. And beef, if you have to, then make sure it is raised properly. If you cannot pronounce what is part of the ingredients then I suggest you don’t eat it. If you have the time to make your own then you know the ingredients. Pure water is essential. Get a water filter for the tap, because tap water is the worst to drink due to chlorine and fluoride (especially in US). Bottled water is good and some is better than others. Check it out online if you need more info. And do make sure you drink at least half your weight in water a day. It will help flush out the toxins. I can hear some of you say, not happening. Well, that’s your choice, dear ones. Toxicity in your body keeps you from losing weight, feeling energized. You then begin to feel downright lousy and it can compromise your immune system. Cleanse your body for good health.
Other things which will help you on your new beginning in 2013: magnetic pads for your bed; shower filters; meditating; listening to good music; Chi Kung; getting a variety of massages and other healing modalities like Reiki, Acupuncture, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Chiropractic, Reflexology, and NLP.
Any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Thank you for all your support in reading this blog. I appreciate all you do and all you are. Have a beautiful week. The New Moon in Capricorn is coming up on January 11, 2013. The New Moon from December in Sagittarius still affected our new year beginning and this next one gives us a kick start if you haven’t done anything yet. Be well and until again. Love, Jan

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