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FULL MOON in GEMINI, December 17, 2013 – Watch Your Words or a Storm Brews Unexpectedly

Let it snow as the song goes. One thing is wrong with this picture. It is autumn and I think I have seen more snow than there would be in the winter around here. Remember that the Solstice is soon upon us on December 21, 2013. And the following days are off the chart oppressive and looking a bit depressed. And you really want to hear more. I am looking for the good energy. Guess you have to continue to keep yourself blanketed with the Light and stay away from the continued pulling on you from others. No one has a pass on this energy. So, remove your dander out of the uproar. By the 21st I am looking for more of you who are stuck in the Matrix to awaken with the help of the Uranus/Neptune aspects from the Solar Eclipse in November. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Keep your words to a minimum and your actions even less for December 17, 2013 Oh boy, this is a time that rumbles can happen. This FULL MOON is more than intense. Looking at a Gemini Full Moon I would find myself looking to get together with friends and chat and have fun and all the rest of that kind of thing. This GEMINI FULL MOON is beyond intense. It can be downright cantankerous and a bit unruly. Here it is the holiday season in many places and you may think twice about doing any gathering at all. If you do, watch it – one wrong word can set off someone’s hidden anger. Gemini Moon under better circumstances loves to flirt and chat and share information and have lots of social interaction. This is far from the norm coming up.

I will say that a doozy of a time will be showing itself in the next few weeks. This FULL MOON in Gemini is at 25deg.36’ occurs on December 17, 2013 at 4:28 am EST and 1:28 am PST. Those most affected are those who have Sun/Moon and planets at 22-29 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Under normal circumstances you would continue to talk and talk and talk. These are unreal circumstances and I would say just keep quiet unless you say something nice and kind. Why do this all of a sudden and not say the truth or be your witty self? Venus in Capricorn is out of sorts with the FULL MOON in Gemini. It semisextiles (not too bad) the Sun in Sagittarius and inconjuncts (adjusting needed) the Moon in Gemini. Yep! And I haven’t even gotten started yet. Perhaps along the way I can find a good feeling to share. By the way, Venus in Capricorn is about good manners so don’t even think about coming to others without appropriate manners and good will. Mercury is in Sagittarius which would be a good thing. There is too much of an outgoing attitude for Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Stop treading on those water sign feelings. Cranky is the word. Maybe you can hide from the stares and glares.

The Sun in Sagittarius is about finding your life vision. For what reason have you come to this life? This linked to the Moon in Gemini is about rising up to your higher mind. Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius and opposes the Moon in Gemini. Mercury does not like the Jupiter and Saturn watery feelings. It makes the Mercurial energy grumpy. I guess I will be walking the halls of work to keep the energy flowing because it is opposing my Uranus. Great!!! Many thoughts and ideas for a partnership come to the forefront. Really? Anyway, along with this there is Uranus turning direct in Aries and then right on its tall is Mars who has just entered Libra a couple of days ago almost opposing Uranus. Will you have lively conversations or rebellious actions on December 25? Jupiter trine (good) Saturn will keep you in the flow. So it does help.

Any of you who are testing fate may have things chopped right out of your life if it doesn’t belong there anymore. This is definitely a wake-up time. If you are particularly sensitive these days perhaps a step into the background will help keep you balanced and out of the turmoil. Please bite your tongue to keep from saying something that will set off an uproar. If you like heated discussions it now is your time.

Uranus in Aries goes direct on December 17 adding to the rumbling unexpectedly. There is lots of shaking going on to help you awake and see the truth about what is going on in the government and the world. Will you open your eyes already? This affects mostly those who have Sun and Moon and planets at 8-12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. You might call it a lightning punch or electric shock. Speaking of Uranus the Full Moon in Gemini is right on my natal Uranus which brings with it a possible new direction if only at this moment. It tells me to entertain all possible directions. YAY! So if any of you have Moon in Gemini conjunct Uranus…pay attention for new openings. Oh, and I do see something positive for all…hey it’s time of joy. Lots of support from family and friends can take place. So forget the misery and eat some sweets. There can be good times if you just flow. Stop looking for a fight. Experience life in a new way.

Remember that Venus goes retrograde on the Solstice, December 21/22 in Capricorn 28+degrees. When Venus is retrograde you may find yourself leaving a relationship or being indecisive or making an impulsive decision. Which do you choose? And to top it off, when it goes direct you may find yourself wishing you had just done nothing because it may have to be redone. And it may affect the money in your life. Oi vey! Those affected most are January 17 birthdates and when Venus goes direct and will be at 13 degrees so around the January 2 natal day is affected more than others.
The Full Moon in Gemini highlights the Crown chakra; whereas the Sun in Sagittarius speaks of the Root Chakra of the galaxy. The Galactic Center is conjunct the Sun. Any planet that is conjunct the GC will be more sensitive to energy.

I pulled the Rabbit card for a meditation. It is about opportunities which come about for brief moments. Work with this for a few days and see what happens. Rabbit Invocation for Opportunity- “Rabbit spirit please come to me. You help me discover opportunity. You are sensitive to your surroundings. Teach me to be more intuitive and awake. To think quickly, in the blink of an eye; To survive because I am observant. I will know what is real and what is fake.”(Animal Powers ) Major changes are coming for all of you. Allow the opportunities to present themselves without talking yourself out of them.

For those who celebrate have a joyous Christmas. For everyone else have a peaceful season filled with harmony. Keep your eyes and ears open. Many blessings to you. Thank you for all you do. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, December 2, 2013 – Renewed Creativity Helps the Changes Flow

Hello dear ones. It is a new energy that is now arriving after the last weeks in Scorpio when it was intense and brought out the truth for many of you. Walking to the NEW MOON in Sagittarius on Monday there are many things going on as you arrive at that time. Hey, how many of you were out on doing the material thing on black Friday? remember that buying is all there is. Ok, so I am being a bit sarcastic. What about Comet ISON? It was supposed to melt in the Sun’s energy field. Wrong! And did you see the latest foreigners on our soil? Yes, they are Russians and Chinese helping with those exercises that will save our necks. Yep. And don’t forget to pick up your green card because I just saw they are giving them away easier than ever. Did you even notice? Secrets always come to light eventually and when they do, watch out.

But now the energy is Sagittarius. The Moon is just about ready to meet the Sun in Sagittarius and that will bring something else to the table. And it isn’t the leftover turkey leg. How will you take that truth that is revealed? Or has is it been delayed in coming out due to some manipulation or control on someone’s part? Those who are looking for truth it will be revealed to you. Then you have to transmute the debris of that illusion that still hangs around. Where will you be as the NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS is upon us? It occurs at 7:22pm EST, 4:22pm PST on Monday, December 2, 2013 and after midnight on December 3, 2013 in London. It is in 11 degrees of Sagittarius. Is your life the same as it was a month ago? In my life I feel like I was thrown into an abyss and many things have left and some things wait to be renewed. Major purging took place for me. How about you? Since I am a Taurus the Scorpio energy seems to be a bit more intense than I choose to experience. Oh well, life is changing and if I hadn’t done the work through the last years I probably would have run off in an invisibility cloak.

Something changed from all this intense energy. Have you found yourself more focused? Has there been more projection from others bringing out their fears and negativity? I have seen it and it has truly been more blatant. Lots of deep cellular memories have been brought up and released and now with the NEW MOON, a new direction can take place. Where are you at this time? It brought me more balance after I cried my eyes out for a week. Did you find things falling apart around you? That means certain things may be leaving your life. It is not a bad thing because they do not serve your purpose. Wake up already!

So, now that the NEW MOON in Sagittarius is upon us, a bit of refreshing energy should enter. This is a time to integrate your feminine feeling side with your right brain side. It also is saying to let your imagination be to the forefront so that your creative power can bloom. You need to bring together all parts of your emotional body to heal. This is the time that you have to choose to change yourself and not look for someone else to do it for you. Do you understand that so many of you want to change everyone around you and if they don’t do so, you freak out? Tell me that is false. Presently with this NEW MOON it is a perfect time to heal yourself. And why do that? Then you will be able to help others to heal. How about that?

Sagittarius NEW MOON tells you that you need a vision. How many of you have one? If you have no idea, now is the moment to create it. Now is the moment to imagine, to intend, to create and push it out there once you allow that healing to occur. Goals are important. No matter what you do in life if you have no vision or goals, then you wander aimlessly through life waiting for others to tell you what you can do or not do. Take command of your life and you will notice that your outlook will change immensely. Are you on the same track as your partner, your friend, your children or whoever else you choose to talk about? And if you are on a different path, so what does that mean? Do you need to alienate everyone else because they choose to have a different vision? Do you hold a grudge because they choose differently? Sounds like you are still back in the Scorpio energy. Walk forward and let those who are to be in your life and could help you to reach your goals be there; otherwise, move on.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a bountiful new moon if you allow it. Life can be beneficial for many of you but you have to pay attention. It all depends where it falls in your chart also. Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius is in good aspect to Saturn. That keeps thing pretty even as you go along and Uranus is trining the New Moon which also may bring nice surprises in the next couple of weeks. No guarantees but do trust the energy. Keep the negatives out. This is a perfect energy that will support you making a break from the past. Oh no, that could be scary. You can actually be in the now. That would be outstanding if the old patterns go by the wayside and you now step into your balanced power. I hope that can happen for many of you. Do challenges or conflict disturb you? You do know that changes have to take place and Pluto square Uranus is trying to pull you into your soul direction and some of you just need to fight it. Please change what needs changing or it will change it for you. I am sending a reminder. Flow with the changes. They are for your benefit.

One more item-Mars enters Libra on December 7, 2013 and you will feel quite upbeat and enthusiastic, hopefully in balance or you may feel filled with anger and stubbornness. Pleasing others has no place right now or it will backfire on you. Take time to work on your relationships since Mars will be Libra for 8 months.

No one said you couldn’t be free in your own reality even when you are in a relationship. So please know that life can be quite good if you go with the flow of all the aspects going on with the NEW MOON and down the road. Creativity will keep your vision aligned with your soul. Go for it.
I send you a big thank you for reading and your support and also blessings for a prosperous and happy New Moon. Until again. Love, Jan
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