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FULL MOON in Sagittarius and Solstice, June 20, 2016-What is true for you now?

sagittatius full moon

Well it doesn’t happen frequently that a Full Moon and Summer Solstice arrives within a short time of each other but here it comes. And those western states I am sure wish that a freeze would show up since I am hearing the high in Phoenix area is supposed to be 119 degrees. Are you kidding me? Can you even breathe in that kind of temperature? I know stay in the air conditioning and all is well. Then again will the A/C last as everyone pumps it up even more? Just saying. Somewhere in the background I heard that the interest rates are going up. How true is it? And not sure that England is too happy right now since the banks are being held hostage in some way and it is now sitting on the edge. Hang tight. Oh, how can I forget to mention that Germany who is one of the NATO strong members is no longer in support of this organization?  Where will this lead? Also, those hooligans from Croatia who disrupted the game with Czech Republic are somehow ready to do it again when Croatia meets Spain. They are protesting against the Croatian Football Federation.

Is it quirky or just scary or maybe just a bit strange? The Full Moon is to what I am referring. Will you be able to perceive what is really going on or will you just put up that shield of protective light and walk through the days and nights just waiting patiently to be shown what is not seen. Who is having it tough right now? You are questioning everything and wish to be in a place that offers a respite so that that entire gunk goes away. Or is it just in your mind? You tell me. What do you wish to do?  I say be patient and allow what is staring at you from the depths and maybe even the dark spaces around you. Just keep walking or take a break for those who have any planets in difficult aspect to this Full Moon. You need to slow down or burn out comes and who needs that? I am really sensitive right now and I refuse to open myself to this smattering of forces that wish to get in my head. Well, they are unlucky because my shield is too strong and I will walk on through. Something all of you have to do at this time.

And where is this Full Moon occurring? It is coming about on June 20, 2016 in the sign of Sagittarius. Hey, wasn’t there another Full Moon in Sag a month ago? Yes, there was and its energy was totally different due to the dark shadows that play with this one. It occurs at 7:02am EDT, 4:02am PDT and 11:02am GMT in 29 degrees 32’ of Sagittarius. The Sun is opposing at the same degree in Gemini. Can you remember when the last Full Moon occurred twice in the same sign?  It sure does want to penetrate your mind and throw you off a bit. Hey, stay in your power and stop letting the shadow of others get to you. I did that for years and maybe this is why I am saying not happening. Shield is up totally and do check for holes in that aura of yours.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is about truth and openness. Since Jupiter rules Sagittarius it is expanding the way you look at those insights and understanding that comes to you. It is your search for wisdom and truth that brings you a new understanding and even a opening to the life purpose. Whereas the Gemini Sun is saying that yes, talk all you want but how about listening also. Curiosity is also a Gemini trait. The other side of Gemini is dominated by the mind totally. Too much thinking appears. And shadow Sagittarius says it is entitled. Really? This Full Moon in Sagittarius is about walking your talk so that you can fully understand deeper truths.

Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is in Virgo and trines Pluto in Capricorn (exact on June 26 at 16 degrees 29’) says that you need to be discerning and notice what is draining or distracts you so that you can concentrate on that which is really important. Mercury (ruler of Gemini Sun fills the empty leg of the T-square of Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune) and is saying to be extra careful of your thoughts and assumptions. And Chiron is in a T-square with the Full Moon/Sun which is saying to please don’t let any struggle or difficulty in your life take over. Look at it and let it heal you even though it may still be present. It is about finding a better way to deal with those things that you may find uncomfortable in your life.

Venus is opposite the Full Moon in Sagittarius and says that you want things to be beautiful. You command the bad news to go away. If this Full Moon touches on your life then you are pulled to either your duties parent/family or going with satisfying your wildest desires.  Sun conjunct Venus does not accept love easily. (Hey, who doesn’t want love? Let it come to you already.) This is because it is still combust and is burnt out by the ego. You are most likely looking for praise and lots of attention.

Summer solstice arrives within 12 hours after the Full Moon. Since solstices are energetic gateways (effect starts on the June 19 and lasts to later on June 21.) Lots of emotional energy appears as the Sun moves into Cancer. Also the grand cross is part of the chart for the Solstice. Some countries which are affected strongly are Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey along with Moscow and eastern Brazil. Upheaval is a possibility.

With the Moon entering Capricorn not too long after the Full Moon in you may wish to use intuition instead of your cold hard facts right now since there may be confusion appearing. With the Sun entering Cancer at 6:32pm EDT it may be wise to stop clinging to the past already so that you can move forward more effectively with help from your roots. This a Full Moon just may tempt you go off path to somewhat forbidden zones. If you do, keep your head about you. There may be magic in the air.

The degrees most affected are: Gemini 25 -Cancer 3 degrees; Virgo 25-Libra 3 degrees; Sagittarius 25-Capricorn 3 degrees and Pisces 25-Aries 3 degrees. Approximate birthdays more intensely affected: June 16-June 24; September 19-27; December 17-25; and March 16-March 24.

I pulled a Butterfly card from Doreen Virtue’s card deck. It says it is about courage.So, take positive action steps today toward your desired outcome, and know that you will have everything you need in each moment that follows.”

Many blessings as you experience the Full Moon energy. Allow the old to be released and new magic and miracles appear. Keep in balance as you walk your talk. Tune in Tuesday night at 9pm EDT for my show Going beyond Astrology: Thank you for reading and for all you are and do. Happy Solstice too!!! Love, Jan


NEW MOON in GEMINI, June 4/5 2016-Break on through with love


June is bursting out all over. Roses are in bloom and the heat is out of control. I love summer when it is time for that season not before. Spring has been my time of year but many of you love the high heat that summer brings. And even in the mountains of the Northeast of the US has had temperatures higher than normal. Oh by the way, not sure what is happening here but the Sun seems to be moving more north than south as it should be at this time of year. You haven’t noticed? The weather man is leaving now. So are you ready to spring into action and take a leap with this New Moon that is about to arrive? Or are you transfixed with the Presidential candidates show for the masses? One day the truth will show up and many will shake in horror at the actuality of what is going on. It is always about truth and when it is present many lose friends and family and all the other things that may have been in one’s life due to the inability to shake off the lie of the mainstream. Will you be able to do so? And don’t forget to get enmeshed in the big game of NBA sham. Hey I love basketball but not when it is about a circus appearance. LeBron and the twelve year old Curry battling on the court – well he looks that age, doesn’t he?

Ok. Let’s move on to the New Moon in Gemini. It arrives June 4 2016 at 10:59pm EDT, 7:59pm PDT and on June 5 at 2:59am GMT in 14 degrees 53’. The Sun is also in the same degree in Gemini. I mentioned the truth in the beginning and this New Moon is all about seeing the reality of your life. Venus is conjunct the New Moon within 1 degree in the next couple of days. Is it love you feel or is Neptune deluding you? Is it money that is coming to you or is it just a pipe dream? What is it that is pulling you into a new reality? The last time Venus and the Sun were so close in a New Moon was back in August 15 of 2015. What happens when Venus and the dark of the moon come into contact before the New Moon? It is about burning off the residue of the past interactions, relationships, values and needs which are no longer resonating with you. Now moving forward the new energies appear so that everything can be reseeded with a new direction. Gemini is about the twins who are wishing to be together (soul mates) or looking for their own separate paths to come in union as life happens.  Wherever Venus is working in your life is where this whole shining star will appear. It could be in the passionate love arena or in a new way of perceiving what is already present. Use the day of June 6 for major intention setting since Venus will be in superior conjunction. You may be surprised what comes about.

On the other hand this New Moon in Gemini is forming a mutable grand cross in the chart. And that indicates that fear may show up due to the following process. The grand cross is Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, this New Moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Virgo along with the North and South nodes in Virgo and Pisces. Lots of combustible energy to deal with if you will allow it to affect you. If there was ever a time to have faith in the unknown then this energy is certainly it. So much is going on that you will find yourself spinning out of control (I think I started this a few months back in my own life) and the need to make a priority list. Oh yes. It will be a factor. Not to get into a fear place is the main thought here. Trust and faith is what it about. And also you may find yourself asking why you are pursuing this dream when it is so foggy that you cannot even see the rest of the road. Hopefully you will maneuver your way through this mist of Neptune. I suggest keeping your heart in the mix so that it leads you to your truth.

Much of what is happening with this Grand Cross is about purging the past and reshaping the structures in your life and your path. Of course there may be some swirling energy to contend with but it is for the best. Just allow it to do what it chooses so it can revamp your emotional outlook too by getting rid of old hang-ups. Whatever houses these planets fall in your natal blueprint will tell you what is being pushed and pulled to break free the energy so new influences can manifest. In my own chart the planets are in my 4th, 6th, 10th and 12th houses. This should be interesting as it continues on. This Gemini New Moon is part of this energetic door to open this Grand Cross and bring about a Venusian rebirth.

Chiron also has an effect with this New Moon in Gemini. Chiron is about woundedness yet with the ability to manifest healing. Since Asclepius asteroid is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius at present and will also have an impact in the grand cross. Asclepius is a healer as is Chiron so what surfaces can be brought to healing within you.

This New Moon with the Grand Cross involved is truly about being torn between what your duties are and passions (your career, your pleasure-seeking or your path). It can get out of control due to too many things going on and feeling you have to be there for everyone and everything, Stop right there. Find a balance please. This Moon with Venus is about peace and love. Can you find that in your life? Watch the Moon square Jupiter which can be a gambling effect. Also with Sun conjunct Venus it is overshadowing the good part and Venus now doesn’t know how to accept affection. Sun wants all the attention.

The New Moon in Gemini affects those with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury) at 10-18 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Birthdays would be around May 30-June 8; September 1-9; December 2-10 and March 1-10. This New Moon in Gemini is as powerful as eclipse moons.

I pulled several cards from the Pages of Shustah deck and this is what they said about the New Moon influences for you:

The Harmonizing Page says it’s important to take time to relax and recharge your batteries, even though you are fired up with enthusiasm for my new project. You will create even more from a place of relaxation and harmony.

The Angel of Spring is the time of new beginnings, and that finally, the blockages are removed to make a way forward.  There is joy with this Angel, and fresh starts available.

The Yellow Chalice is about emotional birth/rebirth. And it can also ask how full is the cup?

There is much more to say but I will add some other interesting influences on my radio show Going Beyond Astrology on June 7 at 9pm EDT. Thank you for reading and please share if you will. Have an outstanding New Moon and lots of joy to you. Until Again. Love, Jan

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