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Where shall I go this week? Wandering down the aisle of fear or through the looking glass of dreams and all is going to be ok syndrome? The energy lately is being torn in so many directions that my head spins in confusion.  Do any of you feel the shifting energy that is subtly affecting all of us? Let’s go here or maybe there, where can we go but anywhere or everywhere? BABBLING BROOKS make more sense. Oh yes, dear ones, the TRUTH will win out without you or me doing anything EXCEPT looking within. There is nothing out there in front of you to look at. Why do you insist on looking elsewhere other than within your own heart? That is where the answer resides The ILLUSION has gotten you to believe in it. Do you like the merry-go-round so much?. Do you feel, think or believe that the world is ending? Or do you feel, think or believe that we are going to ascend to the higher dimension? What is it? I notice that old patterns and habits are still running strong and preventing you from shedding the past. And you are going nowhere unless you raise your energy and look within. And for goodness sakes, drop that fear. Do you know that there are only facets of fear that hold you back? Fear in the news darkens the days and it continues on and on. Fukushima is on the verge of a big event and if they continue to downplay it, Japan won’t be there much longer. That is a big fear yet also a real issue. There is something else I noticed in the news and is being downplayed. In Milwaukee the Red Cross is setting up a backup plan for those who may be forced to evacuate Chicago during the time of the NATO Summit in May. (5/18-5/21). Why are they doing that? What would be the reason for an evacuation of that city? Keep it in the back of your mind.

How many of you still take things personal? Why do you still insist on doing it? What makes all of you so fearful? I think it may be that you watch too many brainwashing news or reality shows. When was the last time you sat in nature and thought about what your true self intended you to do in this lifetime? Who of you has taken the time to live your truth, be your truth and speak the truth? C’mon. Are you kidding me? Who in your life walks their talk and speaks the truth? Anyone? Am I prodding too much?  Are you struggling so much that you cannot see the forest for the trees? Nothing is as it seems.

I said that I would continue the writing about money and abundance. Well, in my thinking there is a connection as to whether you are being in your truth or being in the world. You can make tons of money in the world and lose it in a matter of minutes unless you begin to discern what it is you are seeking. You can receive money from others but will that bring you what you truly need to do this lifetime. Stop deluding yourself. Many of you are hooked on spending. Does it bring you gratification? If so, great, continue spending. Many of you are compelled to gamble. Does it bring your heart great joy? If so, then continue playing the games. Many are hooked on the fear factor. You cannot get enough of that violence, the war game, the prejudice, everything that would bring up fear. Let’s bomb that country. Let’s take out the terrorists. That may be you whether you know it or not. It is coming to a town near you. Stop feeding the anger which is part of the fear game. Why, do you insist on that fear? Is it helping you to create more abundance? I doubt it. What will bring what you desire and truly feel you deserve? How about following your heart? Some would say that is too New Agey! All of you are connected yet will move forward in a variety of ways. Does that indicate that we are all separate? How can we help each other to flourish?

 I have found in my own life when I give in to my inner workings and follow the path that is right in front of me without going on detours, then money flows to me. There is no stress when you are doing what you love. NONE. I will give you an example from my own life. I have a two-fold life. One is practical and one is spiritual/metaphysical. Why do I need the 2-pronged approach?  I saw in my chart that this would keep my joy to the forefront. If  I do only one and not the other, I tip the scales one way. This is a big truth. So, I continue to do both. Now, please understand that you too may have two things going on in your life to keep you in balance. Some of you will just do one thing. And others will run around in circles and choose to do nothing on their path. I have found that if the joy is there then you will do what you do with ease. When it becomes difficult that is when the money begins to disappear. The stress level rises and you have no time for joyous activities aka FUN.  And you ask, why is that? I hear some of you saying that you have to work hard for a living. That is an old belief that has nothing to do with your life. Who taught you to think that? Yep, someone had to do that. And you bought that concept, that belief that it runs you ragged. Discernment is necessary for good choices. Your soul knows who you are and what you came to do. When you feel that intuitive power rising within, take a look and see. Feel good about the thought…go for it without being impulsive. So, yes, leaping is good when you have a clear idea about which road you are moving forward upon.  If the idea is still foggy, stop and let it come to you in meditation or just plain hanging back a bit. Wait too long and the opportunity disappears. How many have you missed an opportunity and it was right in front of you?  It is all about timing and that is why sometimes a look at the chart of a situation will help you to discern whether you are on track and prevents many miscues.

The Full Moon in Scorpio shines on May 5. Look for me back again, then. Sending you lots of love and blessings for a beautiful week. Until again. Jan

NEW MOON IN TAURUS-April 21, 2012 – Sensitivity and Heating Up the Senses

Well dear ones, I am all taxed out. This is a very exciting season now that Spring has finally arrived here in the Eastern US. The Sun went into Taurus today, April 19 at 12:12pm EDT. What a difference in the energy in the first hour. The Moon joins the Taurus Sun at 1deg 35min. on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 3:18am EDT. So, get yourself ready for this important and powerful NEW MOON at that time. It is so beautiful and great for taking walks in nature and truly getting in touch with your senses and physical being and all your own resources upon which to draw. Are you feeling worthy? If not, this is a great period to work on self-worth. And since Taurus can bring out your stubbornness, maybe a bit more flexibility would help in those areas that may feel burdensome and stuck. This is a very beneficent trend. Do take advantage of these good aspects in the next few weeks. The NEW MOON is trine to Mars in Virgo and widely trine to Pluto in Capricorn. The energy flows with these aspects. And even though it flows it still speaks of taking your time. Forget the impulsiveness. Taurus likes to plod along. Take the hint and do so. Soon the fence gate will open widely and whoosh there you go riding that race horse, ever so fast. DEEP BREATH!

This energy from the NEW MOON is about the senses, the good things in life. Since it is in Taurus how about thinking of the senses in relation to your daily living and how much you are worthy. Set the table with delicious, tasty food and as you look out you see nature at its most beautiful. Then tune into some deep musical sounds which bring out the feeling of fine laces or linens and smell the fragrances of your life. That is part of what the Taurean influence is about. And of course, in that moment, there may be some conversation but it is so sporadic and light. Just be. This is a moment to stay out of the drama of others. Did you hear that????And you know they want to pull you right in. Yes, they do. Are you going to allow it? Puhleese! And for goodness sakes, all those ideas you have, stop sharing them with everyone you come in contact with. Wait until they are fully developed and then do it. And remember to include your partner in the sharing. There can be very pleasurable moments if you allow them to happen since this is a VERY sexy New Moon. The energy gives out sensitive feelings yet has much heat. There is a Moon /Ceres underlying aspect- watch that temper.

What resources (this is more than money I speak of) can you offer to others that are yours alone to give? Is there something that is picking up in momentum in your life now? Are you truly on your path doing your life’s work? (Ok, some of you may be stuck…and only you know the answer as to why) And those of you who have found your niche, your calling, your purpose, commit to it and move fully into it.

This New Moon is about riches. Do you realize (real eyes) that if you think and know deep inside that you are rich, you will manifest it? This is a powerful, RICH NEW MOON. Allow the golden opportunity to manifest in your life. Riches are more than about finances. Riches include all things that create abundance and prosperity in your life. This is about your own ability to create the riches that you may choose to share with others through a variety of avenues. Are you worthy of the riches that are flowing to you? Will you allow them to come into your life? What magnificence! Are you ready to leap?

Along with the New Moon in Taurus the planet Venus is in Gemini and this is a flirtatious and light aspect. No heaviness in conversation. It will dampen the mood. Fun times abound for those who choose them. This is no time to address any serious issues in relationships. And those who have Venus in Gemini in their charts like to deflect the serious issues constantly.

BUT the energy is getting better for reevaluation of relationships in your life. Any fears that linger at this time can be addressed and you can go deep to really clear them out. Are you courageous enough to take that leap into doing this so your true self can emerge?

There is much going on in the background right now. The Earth is crying out, whether you can believe that or not. And since Taurus is an Earth sign, who knows what comes in the next few weeks. Earthquakes are becoming more frequent in certain areas and the volcano in Mexico is spewing out much steam the last week. Fukushima is in a dangerous condition. Had enough fear. I thought so. Now do you understand what I am saying? Fear does nothing except makes you feel old and drains your energy. Stop the fear. Work on YOU. GO within and find out what YOU have to offer and then do it. The media is continuing to create havoc with race issues and political race issues and I guess I can be funny and say races are coming soon at the Derby. Ok, so I was being funny dear ones. Laugh already. One laugh will touch someone who will laugh and it will continue to grow. Wouldn’t that be an interesting phenomenon if everyone laughed instead of shouting out angrily? It might even begin to change the energetic so the vibrations elevate. Look within dear ones. You are being distracted by superficiality of those around you who wish to stay in a state of entropy. Lots of fear is still around. No one can change anything unless you choose to change yourself. And please keep the negatives out of your communication with others. Mars trine the New Moon will help any situation resolve itself for the hest since Mars just went direct. Are you intending to leap?

Set your intentions with writing a check to yourself for an unlimited amount signed by the Highest Being or make a collage of things that you choose to manifest this NEW MOON. What are you waiting for? Sending many blessings, peace and joy. Until again. Thank you for your support. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in LIBRA, April 6, 2012 – Balancing Differences with Harmony

Hello dear ones. Whew, Mercury just went direct. What a difference a day makes. It has been a truly remarkable week since I have been hosting the 5 Archangels in my home. Utmost peace is the description. They have been a beautiful energy and my whole outlook has been upbeat and quite calm. Gee whiz, my drive to work was awesome. When someone cut me off, I felt like ho hum. Nothing I can do. (IS THIS ME?) Anyway, that’s my story. In the meantime, the FULL MOON in LIBRA is just about upon us. It appears in the skies on Friday, April 6, 2012 at 3:19pm EDT. The Aries Sun and Libra Moon is about balance in relationships. Are you consciously aware of how you act towards others in your immediate circle? Maybe you need to stretch a bit and truly reach out in cooperation. Or do you prefer being selfish and pretending to sacrifice when it really is just plain ego?

Aries is about being free to be yourself, going on your way, doing your own thing. Aries dislikes limitations. Oh boy, I am sure he is not happy about Saturn playing with his freedom right now. Libra is about relating in partnerships, committed relationships.  Are you committed? Not to the asylum, but to your partner? The Aries Sun wants the freedom to blaze trails, to take risks and believe me, likes to leap. Wherever that Aries Sun and Libra Moon falls in your chart is where you need to balance that relationship. Since this is truly a balancing act FULL MOON, this is a time to find harmony with others. Aries is about finding your own identity and Libra is about giving up your own desires for the good of the partner. And some of you go to extremes and are totally out of balance because you do it all and the partner does nothing. Old stuff. Balance is a must with this FULL MOON. The self-sacrifice is unnecessary. This is old junk that needs to be cleared and believe me this moon wants it cleared so you can cooperate in a relationship. Both of your needs are important. You take care of yourself so then you can help the other one. What’s this about anyway? Are you fearful the partner will walk out the door?  I have the Full Moon in my 5th house. And dang, that’s about love and love and fun and creativity. Maybe another love poem will show up in my journal or someone will criticize my work or maybe I will find deeper love if I can accept differences (well, that’s a great one since I have accepted all differences with anyone and everyone.) I must have gone beyond my chart. No ego intended.

Oh no, I forgot to tell you something. This Full Moon is quincunx (150deg.) to Jupiter. And this means it could be all about sex. Yep, Jupiter cannot get enough, but it really is not happening. Nada. Try, try all you want…nothing. Why not? It is because we have another aspect going on with Venus, Mars and Neptune. Venus is square Neptune at this time and that’s fantasy love. I love you because I love loving. Really? And Mars gets into the act and squares them too and guess what it is like nobody does anything. Venus and Mars are going to be giving it a shot BUT Neptune enters into it and goes back to fantasyland. Or are you just plain getting addicted to love? I think that may be the case. And then there is Asteroid Isis entering into it and what a shame because she really has a thing going on and what frustration there is. Be there for the one you love without complete sacrifice. What is still holding you back from any forward motion and keeps you from having a truly loving relationship.  Do it now dear ones. What a difference it will make!

As I mentioned in the early part of this post, commitment issues may surface at this FULL MOON. Respect your loved one’s choices. What keeps you from being fully committed? Do you ever really give it a thought? Maybe it is time to ponder this.  All of you who have 14-19 degrees for Libra Sun, Moon or mid Libra rising will be most affected. The FULL MOON touching  planets/asteroids at those degrees in Aries, Cancer and Capricorn may also create intensity

Mercury went direct yesterday April 4. Of course I do think I said it would go direct on the 7th somewhere in past post. Mercury was playing with my mind. How were your dreams in the past couple of days? On the day Mercury goes direct a dream may bring you an answer to a nagging issue.

Mars goes direct on April 13th. If you have felt stuck in any aspect of your life, this will help you take a deep breath and leap a bit forward. Now is the time to balance out the emotional intelligence and logical mind. When you have this balance you feel terrific. Without it you may feel dragged down and without much energy. Do you believe that your intuition is as beneficial as your factual thought process? A balance is needed for your well being.  

And Pluto, yes Pluto, does have a deep effect on all of us. It is going to go retrograde on April 10 and stay that way until September 17. This is an intense time for some of you due to major clearing out especially those who have planets in Capricorn at 7-9 degrees and beginning degrees of Capricorn. Other Capricorns will have overwhelming feelings at times but the bottomline is as long as you go with it and allow Pluto to transform the area it affects, all is good. When Pluto is retrograde it takes no prisoners. Profound changes take place for everyone who is touched by its energy.It brings your shadow side into the limelight.

 Keep your heart energy open and flowing. May your day be filled with the Divine Presence. If you celebrate Easter or Passover, let the joy fill you with harmony. Until again. Love, Jan

MONEY TALKS – Are you leaping yet?

Here we are again. Have you noticed any difference in your money flow since you have stated that affirmation from a couple of posts ago? If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? I certainly have and sometimes it is in other things beside money that show up to get the ball rolling. It could be an unexpected token of friendship or a kind gesture which touches your heart. It is still working the manifestation process. Did you ever think that all those kind gestures and small gifts you give others without asking for anything in return begin to mount up in the background and then one day voila, something you desired materially happens?

How many of you are afraid to have money because as I said before there is a belief that sticks with you? You stick with many beliefs that may affect your prosperity and abundance. First, let me tell you what the most important things to clear out so you can actually allow your ability to attract the money, you need to get rid of the following: INDECISION, DOUBT and FEAR. Oh dear ones, how many flounder in life because you keep these present in your mind. As long as they are present, do you really think the money is going to flow to you? How many of you can honestly say that you have not one of these negatives in your thinking process?

The basic fears that block riches as Napoleon Hill emphasizes are the following: “ Fear of poverty, fear of criticism, fear of ill health, fear of loss of love of someone, fear of old age and fear of death.” How is that for getting to the core of this money thing? If you allow these fears to consciously or unconsciously rule your thinking, then luck is chased away. Yep, gone from your life because the moment you even give it one hint of a notice, it takes shape and that thought goes out to energetically create it. Many of you fail to realize this because you may be in total disbelief about it. The age-old adage which states “change your thinking, change your life” is true. Can saying that affirmation which I gave you work if you have these enemies of indecision, doubt or fear? No!!!!!!Does this hit home yet? Can you comprehend why this is so important to work on and pay attention to what clutters your mind?

If you desire riches to magnify your lifestyle, you need to decide what you are going to do with these riches. It is not, as I have said before, just a thought, I want to be rich. Please forget it. You need to figure out exactly what you desire to do with the riches that will come to you. You see it is still about who is the king of the jungle. Yes, it lingers after hundreds of years, thousands of years, that as long as you are wealthy you can do as you please. Who do you know that is wealthy (in mind, body and spirit) and is not considered successful and on top of the world? Look, if you want to stay on the bottom rung of the ladder and have poverty-consciousness, go right ahead. YOU NEED A PLAN. PERIOD. Without a plan, wealth will fail to show up in any way. So many today are poverty –stricken. And I refer to the whole individual. Riches are about thinking without those particular enemies of the mind coming in, being in good health and being aware of who you are and getting rid of those patterns and beliefs which drag you down and keep you in that poverty-consciousness. Is someone else thinking for you? Does your need for approval from others keep you from taking those giant leaps? What do you doubt? Are you looking at the negative side of every situation or interaction? Are you worried? It shows up in your manner, in your dress, in your finding fault with others, in your silence and self-consciousness. Have you forgotten how to be enthusiastic, imaginative?

If you expect nothing, that is exactly what you get. Do you feel deserving of riches on every level of your life? If not, what keeps you on the merry-go-round in your mundane world? Feels really comfortable, is that what keeps you there? You think about living the good life but want it given to you without effort. That’s great if you can pull it off. I didn’t say you had to work yourself to death. Please. You need to focus on your desires. What would bring you the greatest happiness?  Living someone else’s life has only negative effects upon your wholeness. Lazing on the porch does nothing for you except when you are planning your next leap. And there ARE times when you do need to rejuvenate to energize yourself and be ready for what comes next.

Mercury is retrograde and will be until the 7th of April. So, if this post makes no sense, read it again. <grin> Keep your thinking in a positive mode and if you haven’t rid yourself of those interlopers of the mind, work on it. Watch what your automatic thinking is doing for you. Clear your mind of everything for 2 minutes. What do you mean you cannot do it? No excuses.

The next post past the next Full Moon which is coming up, I shall continue on this topic to get you on track to riches. Have a beautiful weekend and blessing to you. Until again, Love, Jan

A side note: If anyone is interested in hosting the 5 Archangels from April 11-April 16 please let me know. They are arriving tonight at my home and I will be looking to send them to whoever would like to host them. Thanks. J

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