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There is lots of intense energy Sunday and Monday right before the NEW MOON late on May 2nd- early May 3rd. The Sun is in Taurus and since that is about Earth things, I will just say there could be a significant Earth moving sometime in that timeframe..possibly in the Pacific NW/Vancouver . Why are they doing that great FEMA drill in the Midwest along the New Madrid fault line? A big one?  Of course, that might be too obvious. And from what is the Royal Wedding diverting our attention? It was beautiful and regal and all that, BUT I begin to ponder what the mission is. They have just a tiny connection that I see. Please no moans on that. It is not what it seems. Open your eyes, dear Duchess of Cambridge.

It’s a pretty good NEW MOON and maybe good tones (Mercury conjunct Venus) with a bit of flair may be emitted in your voice to sway a lover or friend.  That earth type Sun/Moon has a bit of “hot stuff” underlying it. (Lots of Aries energy burning underneath.) Many still feel like bolting out of the starting gate but that ol’ Saturn energy is saying hey folks, take it easy already. If you are burnt out from pushing too hard in work or life- a breather is needed. Take the time to rejuvenate, relax and refresh. And if you are just getting impatient and want to take that BIG LEAP, (we all do) take a walk in the garden or on a winding trail through nature. That leap is coming; know that. One more thing, Hephaistos, an asteroid, is sitting right there with the SUN/MOON and it really works hard to take what you have and transform it into gold. I think they used to call it “character building” even if it feels uncomfortable. And Hera (Roman name for Juno) brings you empowerment through your interactions. It also conjuncts the NEW MOON. It sounds like it’s a time of real integration of talking it all through, no matter what.

Just realized that NEW MOON sits right on my Mercury at 12+degrees.  What do you suggest I do with all that Aries passion firing up yet it’s being flagged by Saturn and now the communication in my life is being affected? And you know what, it’s in a really good way if I open to some adjustment. Hmmm! I guess I will go back to writing that book and see what happens because I may turn it into gold. What about you? How are you feeling at this NEW MOON?

Sending blessings to so many areas of the country and the world still in distress from the storms of nature and the storms of individuals. May the Divine watch over all of you as we move forward in our daily lives. Protect yourselves with Divine Light so you can walk through whatever comes to you. Peace. Until Again.

Eliminating the FEAR!

Here I am after celebrating Easter. Did some energy work which turned out extremely well. Who has encountered new thoughts today? Maybe you have had a new beginning. Intend it. Things are shifting slowly.

I have been skimming some blurbs and there are a few talking about how trapped we are. In many ways I do agree with that. Not sure I wish to write about the trapped thing right now but I will mention that periodically the planets are all gathered together in one area of the chart and that makes a trapped configuration. That’s when we want to move forward and feel something holding us back. The real topic I wish to throw out there is about fear. Had an inkling to do a book on fear back at the turn of this century. It seems like eons ago.  Anyway, it still lingers on my shelf half-started and barely looked at lately. Why fear? Because in order to take a leap, dear ones, we need to let go of all fear. If there is fear, there is no light able to get through that door. Did you ever wonder how things have changed almost instantly when you kept that positive thought in your head instead of the negative? How about the time you intended the big vacation, the magical love, the extraordinary job and it didn’t happen? What a letdown that was. Why didn’t it appear? FEAR. You let your shadow take over and the light in your heart was buried under the fear. You put out the negative thoughtform instead of concentrating on the higher vibration of love and being in the positive.  The vibratory rate of Mother Earth is rising and your vibration is rising also. Some people are doing nothing to boost the energy within. And the easiest way to do that is to meditate, do what you love in your life and pray. And ask for help. Did you hear me? Ask the angels, the Divine, whoever you wish. That’s a topic for another day. BUT the main thing that is necessary to get that energy amped up is removing those blocks and distortions and the fear-based thinking. Rid yourself of all the anger, the grief, the fear, the sorrow and the Light will shine brightly within and you will begin to see and hear more clearly. The joy will come back to you.  Take one item at a time and get rid of that inner critic who keeps you from moving forward.  If you haven’t tried any healing modalities, then explore that possibility. EFT is being used by so many individuals. I even saw it has become a part of sports. Players are using it to better their performance and ridding themselves of fear. That’s just one of the models you can try if you haven’t already. For those unfamiliar it is the Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. It works wonders.

Sending you all the best energy…feel it now. Open to it. Take a leap into a new creation that is all your doing. Blessings to you. Do pay attention the next couple weeks to what you are thinking and what you manifest. And remain in a neutral place when there may be dramatic news that appears. Love and healing to everyone. Until again.


Every day gets better and better. Now radiation is good for you according to those in high places. Obviously there is nothing to concern us so let’s move on to other things more important.  How are you today? It’s Friday and it’s the usually the tax deadline but since there is some kind of holiday in our nation’s capital we have been given a reprieve until Monday the 18th at midnight.

Are you still in the unreal world or have you seen cracks in the armor like I have lately? The higher dimensional energy is here and it is beginning to affect everyone, well almost everyone, except if you are a robot. Have you felt the energy changes? If you have, it takes awhile to get used to it because it can be intense. Of course, if you aren’t paying attention it may just shake you up unexpectedly. You need to stay in the moment dear ones and allow the energy to flow through you.  Stay out of the anger and ego energy.

Seems like many are being affected by the environment…pollution, chemtrails and other nasty things that are being pumped out into the atmosphere. And we are all being affected by our own raging battles within. How about letting them go already? Face up to the fact that you are at a crossroads and it’s time to release in a major way. And by facing up to the inner intense workings of ourselves, we also look at relationships now at this Full Moon on Sunday, April 17.

How are your needs in those intimate relationships? Are they balanced? It’s a time to look at who you  truly are…our true selves and stop trying to live up to some fantasy creation of someone else. Relationships are at a turning point because life is changing swiftly. It can be a very magical time right now in our relationships and there can be gentle healing occurring that opens up new doors  and directions. That is dependent on where you are in that relationship and how much nurturing you are giving to others. Are you ready to give up the turmoil and create the real world of yourself or do you intend to stay in that unreal creation that is not even yours? Balance is the keyword at the Full Moon.

I love this quote:

“ Like a bird in flight, your life can soar above the troubles of the world.

Breathe deep and break the shackles of the past.”

Are you ready to leap? Until the next time. Peace.

From a prior post:  Since I am relatively new on this blog, there was a comment and somehow it disappeared,  I think. Let me just answer that a bugout bag is one you have in your car to take with you essentials of water, some food, some clothes and anything else you think you may need for a couple of days in a major emergency.

Letting Go

Back on track again. Was down for the count for a couple of weeks with some nasty bug. The time that I had to rest and recuperate gave me some time to see things more clearly even though I had no energy to do anything else. Had some emotional issues come up which I failed to deal with and my immune system went astray. I have a much clearer perspective on matters of the heart and my joy is now returning.

Have you noticed how things are rapidly shifting as the minions are trying to keep us entertained with so much chatter with fear and doom? Oh, yes, there was another earthquake in Japan. But that is still old news since the war, among other things, is more important. And forget about the radiation, there is very little coming our way in the USA and across the world. (Believe me it is on its way or already here-truth.) What reality are we living in? It gets crazier by the minute and watch out for the New Madrid area, there is something big brewing there. Are you prepared? Do you have enough water and canned goods and other preps which will help you if something unexpected happens? Hope your bugout bag is in your car ready for you just in case. That unexpected may show up sooner than you think. Please pay attention. If you keep your thoughts on the positive in your life, then you will create that positive within and without. If you are a doomsayer, what is your life bringing to you?

So, today I am asking you, “what are you working on?” Have you given up those old habits, old ways of thinking about your life and others in it? Or are you still hanging onto everything in your life that needs to be revamped or let go? Rejuvenate whatever you can and then let go the rest of the things and people you cling to for no other reason than fear itself. This fear keeps you trapped in a unreal existence blocking your way to seeing the truth. And without the truth, where will you go? Nowhere but back around in the circle again. The Spirit in us all is waiting for you to ask for the signs, the synchronicity of meetings. The Spirit is waiting to show you that purpose that you have been looking for all these years. Some have found it, most have not.  PAY ATTENTION. It will be shown to you and once you have any inkling, that block will be removed and in Divine timing, nothing will stand in your way. Keep the love in your heart going out there to others. May you all be blessed and may the earth places which are under attack be under a protective covering. Have the courage to take that cosmic leap. You will know when it is time. The new beginning has just begun. Let the wave take you where it may. Until again. Peace.

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