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The New Year and You -2021

The New Year has come in with a sigh

The same old thing is happening, why?

And where are you in the mix of things?

Hopping on the bandwagon, America sings (not)

Singing as a storm comes through the gate

Being locked down for some starts to grate

Take a look around as so many are hiding

As you watch as the country is sliding.

Sliding into a place against the unknown

Following the crowd with not even a groan

Is this what you wish for your life to be?

Stand in the fear so you now are not free.

Freedom comes with a take charge shout

Will all hell break loose, without a doubt?

Stand in your power and take a chance

Or you will continue to live silently in a trance.

Trances are working better than before

You can take part now and open the door

Oh, you cannot because the virus is there

Wow, is it the truth or just a scare?

Scaring you is the way that it flies

Knowing that one day everyone dies

Keeping the craziness alive and well

Your ability to see is taken over by a spell.

Spells abound in a gigantic way

Staying in your face to keep you at bay

Is that what you choose as the year begins?

Or will you step up and bring on the wins?

Winning is not about the political ploy

It is saying to you to step into your joy

Can you find a way in your deepest heart?

To bring out your truth and get a restart.

Start to release all the heaviness of your life

Take a step in the direction to rid the strife

Be kind to yourself as you walk in the Light

Never looking back and keeping the sight.

Seeing is in range of your heart today

Nothing will stop it if you continue to pray

It is you who can bring about a shift

May the New Year bring the blessings that bring you joy, love, peace, prosperity and good health.

Copyright Jan King 2021

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, November 30, 2020- Let go already!!!!

Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. The days certainly are getting shorter. It boggles my mind when I have to turn on a light at 4:30 in the afternoon since it is almost dark out there in fantasy land. It is such a strange world that no one sees anyone anymore. Will that take away my happiness? Nope. Do you know why? Because my faith is deep and no one will take that away. There are many things that I would like to say on this post yet I feel at this time it would be censored eventually. SO, one day soon I will have my website up and things will be said and shared. In the meantime I will continue to give you what I know about truth in your life according to the stars. Since this is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon it is about getting rid of that which is no longer pertinent in your life and once that is addressed then you may wish to think about things like love, financial needs/security and your own health/well-being. What keeps you from getting what you choose in life. Focus on that and let go what no longer is needed.

What can you expect from the FULL MOON in Gemini? Please Geminis you do not have to run for the hills. Look, I know the world is currently in a heap of trouble. I do know that there is something positive always within. Tap into it! Many have accused me of being too lighthearted at times. It is a game, dear ones. LIFE IS A GAME. I dislike games immensely yet I watch them being played around me. So, what does this have to do with the FULL MOON in Gemini? This is a time when you may not know it is a game. The shadows are immense and the tricks are out there. Why does everyone want everything free, no families and hatred? I know most will say fake and more fake…Do you not know we are being manipulated so that the family can be destroyed?  (Of course, that is far from what the mainstream anything says.) Wake up dear ones since there is so much more than your bitterness, anger and backstabbing. If you do not see the true picture of what is happening here, then I send you blessings because life as it is will stand in your way and that will not be to your liking and that is for everyone involved in this country of ours. Coming from your heart works miracles if you choose it. Love wins; fear loses. Keep that in mind.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini arrives on Monday, November 30, 2020 at 4:30am EST; 1:30am PST: and 9:30am GMT in 8 degrees 38’. Sun in Sagittarius is at the exact same degree. This Full Moon is one that stimulates turning points and “a ha” moments. It is the second one this year on this axis. It is about making changes in your life. It is saying to come from a spiritual perspective instead from your fear-based thinking. Are you still out there fighting or will you come from a place of balance to speak to those who are not thinking like you are? Gemini can change their mind in a minute.  And their quick wit keeps others entertained. Gemini is about communication about hearing the truth since Sagittarius is about truth. So will you be able to discern the information that comes to you regarding this truth or will you block it out? The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is also about seeing what truly is in your hearts which is the truth and bring it out to others. I feel there is some kind of hesitance with many who continue to sit in the past and therefore nothing changes. Life will bring great joy if you truly change your belief. WILL YOU choose to do that? On the other hand are you willing to fight for what is rightfully the truth? This Gemini Full Moon is also telling you to stop talking and start listening. Oh, now, wait a minute that says whoever is talking is talking too much and not letting others in on the conversation. If I may be a bit over the top asking but when was the last time you had a real conversation. You have been too immersed in your phone, your TV or social media. How about just being and see what happens? You may be surprised that there can be a lighthearted interaction which can be fun.

Keep in mind that since it is a wide square to Neptune in Pisces the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse may put out some misinformation which has to be looked at closely to see what is untrue. The Full Moon is quincunx Venus in Scorpio which brings love to you yet it is not as much as you give out. Relationships may get a bit tense if you let the imbalance continue. Sometimes this aspect is about taking a good look at your own self-love and just how you do feel about yourself.  If your mother was emotionally distant to you this may bring up unresolved issues from the past that needs to be brought into balance. Think about how to approach this so you can feel good again. The Sun in Sagittarius is quincunx Uranus in Taurus which increases some anxiety.  Is there freedom on your mind? What will happen that will change your behavior or plans? What is the unexpected about? Some kind of adjustment is needed. Will it be major or a minor change? Sometimes if you approach things in a different way will help to clarify the situation.

Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus which says there is some uncertainty in relationships and tension appears. No affairs please. It will exacerbate the whole relationship situation and not be good for either of you. Separation from out of the blue may show up. New relationships for those in the dating field can be exciting. This is not the type of aspect for commitment. If not in the relationship mode there may be windfalls financially or losses. Stay away from gambling now.

Those with SUN/Rising Sign within 5-11 degrees of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini or birthdays that are August 27- October 2; November 28-December 3; February 23-29; and May 25-May31. Those with personal planets (Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars) at those degrees can be also affected. Some tidbits follow:

Aries-Make your plans and be ready to communicate. Some travel shows up too. Improve communication with your siblings. A breakthrough moment may come?

Taurus – Tense about finances? Resolution comes about. Take a break; relax. Do stand in your power and know that there are gains on the way. Feel good.

Gemini – What is best for you at this time and long term? Cooperation comes in personal interests. Make decisions to get your needs met finally. Heart counts!

Cancer – Make adjustments in everyday living.  May have to drop some obligations at this time! Get rid of toxic relationships and see how things change.

Leo- Some excitement appears in your social network. Good time to surround yourself with those who love and care for you. Plans are on track to workout.

Virgo – Are you being pulled in many directions? It is not about what you do but how you do it.  Is that recognition in your career finally showing up?

Libra- What are you looking to do?  What is the inspiration behind your thoughts? You may wish to travel. There may be new possibilities out there.

Scorpio – The past is dead. Let it go already. Embrace a new way to move forward when the time feels right. Investment possibilities! Time to share with partner.

Sagittarius –Relationships are the focus. What do you really want from a partner? Talk about it and share. Reach inward for intuition to help you with relationships.

Capricorn – It is time for health and wellness.  Are your habits more positive than negative? Daily living needs some extra attention. Let go.

Aquarius – A partner brings comfort. New people come in. Communicate what you truly feel in a romantic relationship. Creativity may be a new road to take.

Pisces – With courage and faith you can move mountains.  Your home life and family are important at the moment. Build a nurturing energy to share.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you well as the changes come to everyone. Listen to your heart so that then you can change what needs shifting. Better you change it then outside energy does. Be well and many blessings to you. Until again, Love, Jan

FULL MOON in Aries, October 1, 2020 – Clear the deepest wounds

Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. I am sitting here looking out at the change of season as it is foggy and gloomy and many are feeling just that. Yet I see that certain plants are thriving still and the birds are still flying about. If anyone looked out my window they would not see that life in this America is getting crazier by the moment. I feel like I am back in 2016 but now it is a thousand times more insane. Nothing seems to stand in the way of everything being a reality show of disdain, name-calling, accusations, lies, and any other thing you can think of. Is this really happening or have I been transported to another place in the universe? If you think this is weird then wait until you see everything that is coming up shortly. Fear-mongering by the mainstream media is so ridiculous. And many of you believe them. Dear Ones, I am asking you to wake up because life will not be the same if you allow this charade to continue. And I am not talking about the mundane that may infiltrate your daily living. I am speaking of your freedom.  Desperate is the word of the day. Why are you being pulled into the chaos? What can you do to bring back a real country of true values, spirituality and your rights? Please wake up or it may shake you awake. Life is about sharing your love and joy and being in your truth. Perhaps if you truly look within you will understand what is going on. Are you thinking for yourself, digging deeply to find out who you are? Amazing how the blindness has crept in and the programming that has taken place. Stay in your truth (not someone else’s opinions) and you know it will help you immensely.

A few tidbits- “There is NO science, meaning no randomized control trials, which suggest that wearing a mask might have any impact in reducing the spread of a virus.”  Mayor DeBlasio said anyone in NYC who doesn’t wear a mask will be fined. Voting is disrupted with mail-in ballots are being thrown away. Just heard the 911 lines were down across the country. I wonder how many stores will stay open down the line. It is getting ridiculous out there with all the state restrictions still going on. New SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett is getting more harassment than anyone could imagine and I wonder what her real truth is. More Napa Valley wineries are hit by the fires. And on Tuesday night the first debate between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden takes place in Cleveland. Ain’t seen nothing yet!!! And that’s exactly what I saw. Unbelievable! The President of Belarus turned down $940million aid to lockdown his country. Good for him. It was offered from the IMF and World Bank. Interesting to say the least!

The Full Moon in Aries arrives on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 5:06pm EDT; 2:06pm PDT; and 9:06pm GMT in 9 degrees 8’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Libra. It is a time of fertilization, romance and relationships. Whatever you started at the previous New Moon can come to fruition. So the Sun in Libra says it likes to compromise and feel good about relationships. Whereas the Moon in Aries is all about asserting the self and going out there doing courageous things. It is about independence and desiring companionship. Within you something is brewing so that you cannot hold it within anymore. You will need to express it and you will. Release is the keyword for any Full Moon. And much of the expression may not be exactly easy to say.  Is there something you wish to initiate that has been poking at you for some time? What shows up that you now know is important to your relationships and now you express it? Stand in your truth/power as you also stand up for others reconciling the balance of opposites. Onward!!

Well, here comes the revved up energy that makes the actions out there in the world even more intense. Go away I say. On a personal level drama may show up and thrill you to pieces. Not. Chiron is conjunct the Moon in Aries so the since it is the wounded healer it brings more healing energies in. Go beyond the drama and see something in a new light so that you can now feel much better than you have been. Whatever is holding you emotionally hostage is now ready for release. Chiron aspect is the only aspect that is close to the Full Moon and may open up the present time so you can see what is down the road. Are you ready for the beginning of where this is going in the fall season? Prepare.  Jupiter in Capricorn is loosely square (8degrees) to the Full Moon in Aries which says watch out for hot tempers and things being exaggerated. Stay in the Libra Sun place of being fair without being pulled into any turmoil. I noticed that Venus in Leo is sextile the North Node in Gemini and if it doesn’t feel good right now then I suggest you go sit someplace special and watch what shows up after you just relax. What love is there that you put aside? What goodness evades you because you see it not? Are you fearful of the magical energy? Remember Mars is still retrograde in Aries and that can bring many projects to a slowdown. And soon Mercury goes retrograde in Libra (October 13 2020 –November 3 2020).

Dear old Eris dwarf planet in Aries is in the picture sitting right with Mars in Aries (about 5 degrees away) and also square Pluto in Capricorn. This started in 2019. I am running and hiding. It is important to know the truth now. She is a Goddess of discord. Oh, yay. She wants to change and reform what is necessary. She is like a feminine Mars and is supportive of the feminine side of you. Do know that she wants change and change it is. And as you look at the Eris-Apple of Discord in some eyes (President Trump) it will be noted that he may be playing this role whether anyone likes it or not. Change is the keyword and be ready for it to come about. And it will continue into the beginning of next year.

The most intensely affected are the following birthdays: Libra/September 30-October 6; Capricorn/ December 28-January 3; Aries/March 27-April 2; and Cancer/June 28-July 4 at 6-12degrees.  If you have planets at or near the degrees affected in those signs then you will also feel the intensity in some way.  A few thoughts at the Full Moon for the Signs/Rising Signs:

Aries-Are others creating chaos? Lots of shaking going on! Take a walk or get a massage. Is there a lesson? You are in the limelight even with a wound that may show up from the depths.

Taurus- Whatever surfaces from your inner workings sit with it and gently let it go. Let the shifting within happen.  Soul-searching in your work, health or within may precipitate changes.

Gemini-What can you do in a different way? What you want to do and what you ought to do is the question. BE true to you is the answer. Romance and friendship may need some work..

Cancer- Changes may appear in what you do for a living. In the long term it will work if you stay grounded. Think before acting. Balance needed between career and home life.

Leo- If your beliefs are restricting you then maybe you need to challenge them and let go. Someone may say something and you see things differently. Some topics come to conclusion.

Virgo- If you have any unhealthy habits or dependency then something will disrupt the flow. There may be some soul-searching regarding emotional intimacy or financial concerns.

Libra- Will you allow behavior of those around you to affect you? Some positive developments may occur and if so keep moving forward. What is it saying about your partnerships?

Scorpio-What can you change in your health or work life? It will not be good to rush aimlessly forward. Take a breath and nourish your inner self. Balance both areas of work and inner self.

Sagittarius- How have you been expressing yourself lately? Let go of things that are not yours to carry. Is there a new direction on the table? Dare to be different. Use your creativeness to soar.

Capricorn- What from past shows up?  Are there some disrupting forces in home or family area? Stop trying to keep things the way they are. Don’t let the upsets keep you off course.

Aquarius- It is time to shift thinking and see things from different viewpoint. Is a habitual response holding you back? Let go of it and feel the freedom. What are you waiting for?

Pisces- Flexibility is the keyword this time around. Be detached no matter what shows up. Your money/finances are in the limelight. Break free from old thinking. Values matter.

Thank you for reading and sharing if you will. Full Moon in Aries will definitely change something in your life. It is the first of two full moons in October. The other is on October 31 2020. Best wishes and blessings for whatever comes in. Tune in to Wizards Within on Monday October 12 for insights on the New Moon in Libra and other interesting things to help you on your path. Until again, love, Jan

NEW MOON in Virgo, September 17, 2020 – Details matter

new moon small

Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. Wherever you find yourself in this world as it chimes right now much is not what it seems. Much attention was focused in the last week around the 19 year anniversary of the Twin Towers going down. As I sat and pondered that scene from way back when so many lost loved ones on that day. May the families continue to be blessed.  Many insights have come through and many disputes as to what actually occurred. Not for this time…perhaps down the road. And you say, sure it is exactly that which is happening is what it is. Whether then or now it is way deeper than you think and it may be good to look beyond the veil. With so much chaos going on it may be time to just focus on your inner workings and daily doings instead of getting caught up in the insanity at the moment. Many have let their minds rule and hidden their hearts which says to me that you are uncomfortable to resonate with love. By being in your mind you may think that some things may have to go because it makes you feel uncomfortable because the mind makes it uneasy to deal with. So, instead of looking within the heart core and allowing the truth to appear, many will just say the following:  I am done with this and who cares what happens or else many will just follow the crowd. The discomfort is just too much and instead of walking through it, many of you resist the energy which is helping clear out the past patterns, negative thoughts, stubbornness, and fear.

As I sit by myself wishing I was interacting in person with others much of the time I have decided that life is too short to be in fear. And so many that I encounter out there are terrified or just not present to the moment. I hear that the lockdowns according to Dr. Fauci are going to go beyond the fall through the winter. Fear factor, it is. What does he know that no one else does?  Sorry, this is beyond my comprehension. According to something I found to be interesting is that when one hears there is a spike in the virus it is because more testing has taken place not that there are new cases. Pennsylvania and Ohio are now being challenged due to their lockdowns among the rest of their doings. I feel so sad that California is being burned to the ground. And it is not due to climate change or that bunk. It is being done by arsonists who are being supported to do so. And the LA County Sheriff has challenged LeBron James, NBA player, to match the reward for finding the gunman who shot two deputies in Compton Saturday night. If he does not, I think much of NBA is going to be on the hot seat. Many are no longer watching due to the politicizing actions. And I saw there was a protest closing the George Washington Bridge the other day. Unbelievable!

The New Moon in Virgo comes in on Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 7am EDT; 4am PDT; and 11am GMT in 25 degrees 1’. The Sun is in Virgo at the exact degree of the Moon. The New Moon is trine to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Some things that Virgo rules in your daily life are physical health, hygiene, those who serve others and many other things, It is about the service you give to others and your daily habits/ routine, the working environment, pets.Since the New Moon in Virgo is about purification, it is time to clean out your body and mind and that around you. And it is also about healing aspects of you. Healing hands can help you. You may experience something magical. With the New Moon trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and also is trine to Saturn which is also in Capricorn. Wow. You choose to transform your life then start doing it instead of sitting there on the chair and lazing about. This is a time when it is easy to flow with finding daily routines in exercising, nutrition and anything like that which will benefit you in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Set your intentions to lose weight, change your diet and get everything back on track with your health and wellness. New Moon in Virgo wants you to take responsibility for this. With it trine to retrograde Saturn it says to break down your biggest dreams into many smaller intentions/goals to make them more workable. Those small leaps can lead to Pluto helping you have major transformation.

The New Moon in Virgo is quincunx (imbalance) Mars retrograde in Aries. Uh, oh!! Mars retrograde which began on September 9th may stall the moving forward a bit. Much impatience is indicated and some frustration. Watch out for impulsiveness which may bring out angry outbursts too. Keep the temper tantrums to a minimum unless you wish to be stuck. Take one step/day at a time and clear out any negativity. You think that ego defenses are good for you; well they serve as a mask in some ways. And you know what? Ego masks do not work  So let the reactions go out the door. Remember anger is not the answer. Figure out what you really need to do and walk with it.

Mercury in Libra is square to Jupiter in Capricorn on the day of the New Moon.  it will expand your mind and what you think about. Jupiter just went direct on September 12 2020. For those who are earth signs it is a good opportunity to take a leap. Jupiter has been retrograde since May and it gave you some time to look at how you can bring about a more joyful time in your life and also for the world. Of course in this year to me it was not as obvious yet I found myself saying no matter what was going on I was staying in a place of heart and joy. And those with whom I came in contact sort of looked at me with strangeness because the world was certainly not a place of joy and having faith that all will turn out the way you allow it to do within and then it happens. And as it goes direct it is beneficial to take that joy and let it shine brightly on you knowing that your faith is helping you be who you came to be. Uranus also is retrograde in Taurus at 10 degrees. Be your authentic self.

As the New Moon in Virgo energy takes effect five days later dancing in the sun is the Fall Equinox on September 22, 2020. It falls in Libra so it is about getting relationships in balance. Funny thing, you have noticed they are a bit off, huh? Those more intensely affected are: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius in late degrees (21-28) of the signs. Birthdays affected: March 12-19; June 12-19; September 15-22; and December 12-19. Here are some tidbits:

Aries -This is an excellent time for connections of all sorts. New work may come into the mix in the next couple of months. Lay back a bit so you stay in good health.

Taurus –Creativity and romantic involvements are highlighted and children too!  New love may enter picture. Watch out for any critical commenting. Is there a new project ready to run?

Gemini –Are you looking to bring more beauty to your home or getting a new one? Or is there going to be lots of entertaining in your surroundings? Or is organizing it the key?

Cancer – It is time to get away on a short jaunt. Take a drive or go take a walk in the woods and see how your energy changes. Reach out to others in your daily life.

Leo –Your self-esteem gets a charge. Financial talk and planning may take you in a new direction and even bring in some added revenue to the table.

Virgo- Now is the time to look for a new routine for your health and who you are. Big changes come in the next few months. Start fresh and look at how to better yourself.

 Libra – You are running all the time. Take some time and go within and try some quiet time and meditate. It is time for a slowdown and release what is holding you back from moving ahead.

Scorpio – New goals are in the picture so go for it in the next months. Also, new friends show up and old ones are ready to be there. Enjoy the camaraderie.

Sagittarius- Where is your career headed? Do you have a new direction in mind? How do you intend to advance? Stay in the positive. Dreams may come true.

Capricorn—Intentions about work, travel and good interactions will make this a grand time. What new skills and talents are waiting for you to take up?

Aquarius – is there money coming to you out of the blue? Is there a new intimate connection coming into your life or is the one you have getting better? Transform something.

Pisces –In your relationship give it your all and plant more loving seeds. Remember to stay practical and stop sacrificing so much. You may have a reason to celebrate together.

Thank you for reading and sharing with others. Bring your heart together with your mind and the world around you will open to brightness. New ideas are waiting for you. Watch that temper and keep your cool. Check out Wizards Within podcast every other Monday night at 9pm ET. Until again, be blessed, love, Jan

NEW MOON in LEO, August 18, 2020- Bogged down or not; be creative

new moon in leo lion 2020Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. How can it be that August is flying by and soon the cooler weather will be upon us? I have never experienced weeks passing by so quickly. I cannot imagine how fast it would go if we were all back to our real lives. It amazes me how truth no longer prevails in society. The deception and lies are so rampant that my head spins. Is this the kind of life that you choose? Do you really think that you are here to be controlled by a few in power? It is interesting to me that many out there are doing nothing to expand their consciousness as to what they came to this earth to do. It matters not your age nor does it matter whether you are rich or not. What I see is the complete stuck in a rut kind of energy. And you say—but there is a virus out there? How do you know this? Seriously! Show me the proof as to the actual numbers. Do the research or is the fear porn keeping you so entranced that you see only what you are told and the control has taken you over completely. I bet you did not listen to your parents as you are doing so with this debacle. History always repeats itself unless someone or many decide not this time. Yet, here we go again with the same BS. By the way, what is going on is about money on one side and truth on the other. So money wins at the moment. Wait until the truth comes barreling in and shocks those disbelievers to the core. No joke is included here. Just remember if something ticks you off there is something within you that is an issue especially if you truly show hatred. I have a question for you-does 2 plus 2 equal 5? If you think not, then tell me why. Fear is so rampant that you do not see what is right in front of you. Hey, I am saying it like it is. Show me that it is untrue. Oh, by the way, as I have said before, masks make things worse. And if you are healthy can put you at risk. Stay in the fear mode. Your choice! Is this country on the verge of the 1984 playbook?

A few items before the New Moon in Leo shows up- Manipulating information on social media sites is now quite rampant. Why do you let them control you like this? Censorship is the keyword of the day, the month, and the last years. Why do you allow this? For instance, I shared a post from a couple of years ago recently and it was not posted because it was against community standards. Are you kidding me? It was a beautiful quote. So why was it censored? It will be interesting to see what occurs in the next month as to the new Democratic ticket. You ain’t seen nothing yet. I take no side in this issue of the upcoming Presidency yet everyone else will look at me and say, how can you say this, think that? Dear ones, is this not America? Or did you forget what the First Amendment is about? And using political correctness is just control that is beneficial to those censoring. Oh, and destructions of property is supposedly ok. And I pray for the little boy who was shot in cold blood and mainstream media said nothing. Evil will lose.

Enough of the chaos says the New Moon in Leo. It arrives on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 10:41pm EDT; 7:41pm PDT; and August 19 2020 2:41am GMT in 26 degrees 35’. The Sun in Leo is in the exact degree. There are no negative aspects affecting the New Moon in Leo. It is conjunct within 2 degrees Mercury in Leo at 28 degrees. Much of the energy is about communication and getting it out there. It is trine Mars in Aries and quincunx (adjustments needed) Saturn in Capricorn. This is an especially good time for creative projects and self-image along with boosting self-confidence and healthy relationships with children. Fear has no place here. Got it? Good. Wherever Leo falls in your chart will tell you which area is ready for improvement. Creativity is truly the word to bring to the forefront. There is some back and forth motion here at times so if a block shows up it is time to clear it out and begin anew. It is time to just leap again. And if you haven’t been leaping even slowly then maybe ask your inner child what is keeping you stuck. Mercury trine Mars says to you that there is lots of creative passion in your words. Say what you truly choose to say and share the ideas that have been brewing within. New and exciting projects connected to communication may be on their way. Since Mars is square to Saturn and it is linked to the New Moon there may be some circumstances that pop up and you may get impatient.  Keep an open mind so that any deep issues or crises popping up can be resolved in a way that leads to it bringing about transformation. It may not be easy to deal with that which shows up. Watch that you do not resist what is happening especially with those in authority.

Mercury in Leo also quincunx Saturn puts a block on good communication if you allow it. Please do not give into fear because that will only exacerbate the true creativity of the New Moon in Leo. Fear will show up and how will you deal with it? Your nervous energy can easily go to a panic attack. Stop right now. Find some positive individuals to talk to so this has no effect on you. Some fixed stars are active and close to the New Moon in Leo. Trouble with enemies, communication may be blindsided, poisons in the mix.

If you can stay in a place of positivity your negative feelings and deep issues can be transformed and will truly bring about the best answer to all issues. Creatively speaking you can accomplish something beautiful if you actually stay positive and bring your heart into it. Are you willing to choose happiness in the present moment? Sun/Rising signs affected more intensely are Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio at 24-29degrees and the 0-1 degrees of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. If you have personal planets – Mars, Mercury, Venus and Moon at those degrees may also be affected.

Aries –Romantic involvements are highlighted and children too!  New love may enter picture. Could be lots of entertaining in your surroundings? Creativity comes through.

Taurus -Are you looking to bring more beauty to your home or getting a new one?  Are you planning to redecorate or redo? What are you doing with the family now?

Gemini – It is time to get away. Take a short drive or go take a walk in the woods and see how your energy changes. Lots of communication with others! Do some writing.

Cancer –Your self-esteem gets a charge. Financial talk and planning may take you in a new direction and even bring in some added revenue to the table. Some changes occur.

Leo – What are you wishing for? Put it out there and watch what occurs. You are more in the center of attention so let your light shine. Is there a change in your image?

Virgo– Hang back a bit!  Go within and find your spiritual center to bring about a shift in your living and be authentic. Run with the new idea that pops in at the moment.

Libra – New goals are in the picture so go for it in the next months. Also, new friends show up and old ones are ready to be there. Enjoy the camaraderie. Changes!

Scorpio- Where is your career headed? Do you have a new direction in mind? How do you intend to advance? Stay in the positive. Make adjustments where needed.

Sagittarius- Where will that travel take you? Are you doing things that you really love? No restriction necessary…let it go. Have fun and do it your way.

Capricorn—Intentions about work, travel and good interactions will make this a grand time. What new skills and talents are waiting for you to take up? Transformation is key.

Aquarius – Is money coming to you out of the blue? Is there a new intimate connection coming into your life or is the one you have getting better? Togetherness is good.

Pisces –This is an excellent time for connections of all sorts. New work may come into the mix in the next couple of months. Good ideas show up. Chill out/ stay in good health.

Thank you for reading and sharing if you will. I am most grateful for those who have not given into the fear-mongering. Stay in your heart Dear Ones and life will shift in a beautiful way. Tune in to Wizards Within on Monday, August 17 2020 9pm EDT for our podcast which includes chakra energy/ New moon. Until again, be blessed, love, Jan

FULL MOON in Aquarius, August 3, 2020 -Expect the unexpected

full moon in aquarius 2020 Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. And out there in the vast world I live in welcome to gaslighting. Go get your goggles, folks. Does anyone laugh anymore? That goggle thought makes me laugh. You are kidding me. Wow. I find life so darn interesting when all I see is negativity. This is not what life is about. If you have been pulled into this drama then how is your life working for you? Life is changing dramatically beneath the surface and I observe that you have not noticed too much. Masks are more important than the truth. Oh, I realize that you may be one of those waking up to the reality of why you are here. Yet, others have no clue. Speaking of which, that is what life is about. Find your truth and direction and love, love, love.  I could go on a major tangent but you know everything especially in the past few months is being watched and censored. Amazing that no one has anything better to do. I am confused because riots and lootings are ok yet talking about anything that is not acceptable to those few running the show is not. Is this 1984? I have found in the past month or so I continue to meet those who are hiding in their homes and behind the masks. I said something that one individual did not agree with and wow, off the deep end it went. And that was because I said that masks DO NOT work against viruses. They work against bacteria. I guess I should have shut up. They are ruining the health of those who wear them all the time. No one can tell you what to do with your body. You can choose to accept advice; go right ahead and do so. If masks make you feel good, then I sense that you are unhappy and very fearful in your life. I am so sorry for that.

Since most do very little at this time due to the dictates, perhaps you need to go out and commune with nature. Let your mind and body be rejuvenated because there is so much going on behind the scenes to obstruct the good energy in this world. And if you are constantly reading the news or watching the media liars on TV, nature may save you from anguish. When I was working with hypnotherapy I learned about the workings of the mind and how easily it was to control it through a variety of means. Now, I see it on a large-scale as I listen to others and see the results of propaganda and evil happenings. Yes, this is a wake-up time for about 90% of the population. It amazes me that life changes around you yet many of you are so stuck in belief patterns which are keeping you from leaping into a new reality.

The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on Monday, August 3, 2020 at 11:59am EDT; 8:59am PDT; and 3:59 PM GMT in 11degrees 46’. The Sun in Leo is in the exact degree. The Full Moon is about releasing old thought and belief patterns and becoming more aware of how you are using your mind. Full Moon in Aquarius is square Uranus in Taurus. Uh oh! Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. Mr. Aquarius is unorthodox you might say and a bit quirky. So, since it is in a square with Uranus – Mr. Aquarius I suggest you make no erratic changes and to expect the unexpected. Unpredictability is to the forefront. You may be feeling that you need to be independent now. This is a time to step back and refrain from reacting. It is about bringing out your unique traits and honoring individuality. That may be a big shock to some in the world since there are those who feel the need to keep those who are waking up in suppression. Keep that in mind as the Full Moon in Aquarius shows up and for the next few weeks. And along with this aspect Mercury in Cancer is opposite the taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn who is presently going retrograde and loves negative thinking. Do not even go there. Thank you. Patience may help. Think about it. No overreacting and or reckless behavior. Be open to new opportunities that may pop up. You may miss them if you act erratically. No overreacting and or reckless behavior. Be open to new opportunities that may pop up. You may miss them if you act negatively. Keep your words in check or your need to use criticism or speaking harshly will bring you much trouble. No signing contracts if you have something like this in the works. Wait a few weeks if possible. Many may find misunderstandings show up abruptly.  

This Full Moon in Aquarius is saying that this is another look at the new paradigm which has been trying to emerge for some time. If those holding onto old beliefs and ingrained patterns would just let them go then life will become something totally different then it is right now. Many say this is me and I am refusing to let go of what rings true with me. Ok. You continue the stubborn act as a child having a tantrum. What do these old patterns do for you? Why is it you are fearful of acknowledging them and giving them up. Is it because your mother told you so…you are this way or that way and now you mimic exactly what she said many years past. Stop now. Right now and take a breath and look at what is happening in your life. Has it changed? Do you wish it would do so?

Those intensely affected are those born July 30-August 5; January 29-February 4; November 1-7; and April 29-May 5. If you have personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in 8-14 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus you will be also affected.

Aries- Keep your ego in check. Are you friends being loyal to you? Go out and socialize a bit and see what turns up. What will you do to get around  issues?

Taurus – Why are you listening to others about your direction? Go back to the beginning now. Keep emotions in balance as things pop up and others may not see it your way.

Gemini – Do you understand you at all at this time? Find your interest and delve deep so an expert you can evolve. Celebrate even though patience is needed!

Cancer – Time to share the wealth but do take care of you too!!! Look out for others who want to rock the financial boat. It is about trust, intimacy and investments.

Leo – You are a crowd pleaser at times and sometimes you have to take the time to please you. Good developments in partnership or falling in love if you are single.

Virgo- If you are the star of the show in your job then take a bow. Some things are out of balance in parts of your life. Take charge softly and do something.

Libra – Too many other people hanging about and this takes you off your game. Be calm and have time for yourself even though your social life is full swing as usual.

Scorpio – Keep the aggressiveness in a partnership to a minimum or it will go off the wall. You have an inspired creation and it is  worth sharing with others now.

Sagittarius- Ruts are not you at this time. Get out and about and see how the energy changes. Others may share their ideas with you. Be grateful for your inner circle.

Capricorn – Keep others out of your fiscal endeavors. Get out and do something now besides your determined work ethic. Pat yourself on your back for all you have done.

Aquarius – Keep the drama to a minimum. Who catches your eye and pulls you into a connection? Know that you are in the limelight!!! Let it happen. You come first.

Pisces – Are you trying to make something better? No stressing even though work keeps you out of kilter at times. Balance needed in daily living. What you think you get.

Thank you for reading an sharing if you will. Keep your heart open. Release that which no longer serves you and is affecting your individuality. Send out love to those around you always and you will be surprised how your connection to those around you changes. Have a beautiful FULL MOON and allow your creativeness also show up. Be blessed, until again, love, Jan

FULL MOON in Scorpio, May 7, 2020 – A revealing may occur

FULL MOON flower may 2020 Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. It is apparent many are not in the mood for awakening and taking leaps at this time. Do not fret. It will occur and many will be shocked at the outcome of all the deception that is taking place. Why do you keep jumping on the Mainstream News storytelling? I am amazed at this each time I read or hear the constant fear-mongering. What is it that you fear most? Is the thought of something changing in the sense of rebirth and transformation in your life scary to you? I am asking you to go within and find your truth and stop being influenced by those who have no interest in you or your life and are just looking to control you. STOP already. I am not “all together at home” because the narrative says I am. Are you kidding me? Stop buying into the illusions. How many people actually died of this coronavirus without other underlying conditions? Well it was stated as above 60,000 and now it says the CDC has that it is between 37,000 and 38,000 as of today. This total is only for Covid-19 deaths. And one more thing…I agree if you are up there in the age bracket and not in the best of health…yes, do stay away from others. If in nursing homes then I feel sad because you are at risk not from the virus but other things that are behind the scenes.  By the way-Dr. Fauci gave 7.4 million bucks to Wuhan and he also said in a statement in 2019 that look for a pandemic to arrive in the near future. And you follow him totally, do you not? Why are there so many seniors at risk? And it has nothing to do with underlying conditions. Big business got the money and the small guy has to starve. You have inalienable rights and what do you do?  They are being torn away from you without the truth. God bless America because it needs the Divine more than ever now. Oh, I forgot, that is not allowed. Just saw online-PhD Researcher at Univ. of Pittsburgh was on the verge of significant finding re CV19. found shot to death!

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives May 7, 2020 at 6:45am EDT; 3:45am PDT; and 10:45am GMT in 17 degrees 20’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Taurus. Scorpio is all about deep feelings and secretiveness. What is being hidden in your world? What has someone not told you yet? It will eventually show up and shocked you may be. There is a positive and spiritual influence regarding it. The energy is quite good when it comes to communication due to the fact the Sun is conjunct (within 3 degrees) Mercury in Taurus. If you have this aspect in your chart, communication is important to your life. I have this also. It can be a time of monumental shifting for you if you have cleared off past life fears and other items which have stymied you in your life. What is being hidden in your world? What has someone not told you yet? Do you need to change something about you and not the situation? That would be an interesting twist Try not to act too quickly in any moment. Full Moons are also about healing. Moon is trine to Neptune so it gives you some ESP in your life and I suggest you pay attention to what comes through. Fear blocks it. So stop the fear. When was the last time you actually just sat in silence and allowed the energy within bring you to a new place of balance? Why am even saying this? When was the last time you sat and just let life be, being in the moment and noticing how you are feeling? (This is beyond being forced to be inside) Venus square Neptune says do find some way to ground yourself at this time. Be creative.

Venus goes retrograde May 13 until June 25 2020. It joins other planets in retrograde: Pluto in Capricorn April 25; Saturn in Aquarius May 11; and Jupiter in Capricorn goes retrograde on May 14, 2020. If you are looking for answers they will come slowly to you. This is a time to go within and finding the solutions rather then continuing on automatic pilot. If you are looking for healing then this is a good time to begin and delve into the process. With Venus retrograde in Gemini it is not only about pleasure, love and desire. Venus rules your values and money. If you are in a relationship it is time to fix anything that may have been on hold so that newness can come about when it goes direct in August. It may be the end of a relationship for some. Down the road someone more suited to you may show up. If a new connection begins know that it may push your buttons at first. Keep that in mind. Keep those purchases that bring beauty in to a minimum and watch for that change in your own appearance which may not be to your best advantage. Saturn retrograde asks you to face the music in whatever area of your life it affects. Saturn may be telling you that you are working too hard and you need to make time for some rest and relaxation. Some of you may feel blocked especially those of you in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Pluto in Capricorn in retrograde motion is not going to go along with your need to buy the BS.  Pluto wants to change the dynamic—transformation is the main thrust of the Pluto energy. And you say but there is a virus. Oh, yes, there is a virus…in fact there are many within your body. Did you know this? And did they do any harm? Not unless you forget about eating well, taking care of you on all levels which are mind, body, spirit and emotions. Does anyone pay attention anymore to anything? Do you know that if you cross Pluto the planet of transformation you will be hit on the head with a 2×4? Ok, it will only feel like it actually happened.

The Lunar Nodes will also change signs on the day of the Full Moon into Gemini and Sagittarius. At the North Node, you take in the new energy. For roughly a year and a half, you are learning about Gemini energy: ideas, information and communication. This is a time to exchange ideas, perceptions and awareness with others. It is also a time to find to speak up and share your knowledge with others. Learn to listen better. Find the laughter within and share it with others. With the South Node it is saying let go of that which you no longer need. Go out and connect with those around you. The world is out there but someone in the same area may be what you need right now.

Those with the following Sun/Rising sign will be most intensely affected. Those signs and degrees are: Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius at 13- 19 degrees. Birthdays: May 4 -10; August 7-13; November 7-13; and February 3 -9.

Aries –The Full moon is in your fiscal zone so watch what you do with your money. Be careful of your communication with others and news comes regarding money.

Taurus- What will you do that will surprise others? Relationship will come into focus in the next couple of weeks. Do talk about any issue that may arise.

Gemini – Need to find balance in your work and home life. You may find yourself irritated and stir up something for the heck of it. Chill and find time for you,

Cancer- Emotions rise and you may find yourself wondering about a connection to a child or lover or friend. Communicate your feelings to lessen any tension.

Leo – There is a turning point in career or home life. Be calm and stay in the moment.  Will you find yourself in the middle of a conflict that is not really necessary?

Virgo – When was the last time you really looked within?  And if you need a discussion, do so in a knowledgeable way. Travel would be a great dream.

Libra – Think before you undermine security or creates a loss with some purchase that is not really needed. And keep any power struggles out of the picture.

Scorpio- You seem to have a knack to problem solve with others. Important developments with your close relationships may come to light. Shifts are coming

Sagittarius – Good time for healing in major ways. Stop letting worries get you down. Some exciting thing may occur that is unexpected. Take time to rest.

Capricorn – Great time to see that your motivation and goals are now paying off. Watch your approach when communicating especially with those close to you.

Aquarius – Looks like many good things in home life are coming to fruition. Stay in your power when out there in the work world.  Good things are showing up again.

Pisces – Changes are coming and most likely positive. There are lots of things you may choose to do with neighbors or siblings.  Some vacation plans in the making?

Thank you for reading and sharing. It is a pleasure to know that what I may write may trigger an “aha” moment for some of you. Tune into Wizards Within with my co-host Sprinkles as we talk about a variety of interesting things upcoming on May 18 at 4pm EDT. Be blessed; be well, until again, love, Jan



NEW MOON in Taurus, April 22/23, 2020 – How will the unexpected come to you?

meteor shower tonight

Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. As the world changes and you are beginning to see some shifting I ask you to open your heart to the highest energies of truth and light. What will you do from this point forward? How many will continue to believe the lies which have surrounded you through the years and in the present? Will the fear keep you from being who you really are? Many that rule behind the scenes want you to follow orders and be true to them not to you. This is a land of free and home of the brave. Will you allow this control to continue because you believe the lies? If so, good luck. IF you are on the side of truth then nothing is more important then what you feel within your heart. No matter how much pounding comes to you in the unreality of life today it is important to stay in your power and know that truth reigns. And you will say how does one know the truth? This happens by listening to your own self within the heart and not to the fear-mongers around you. When this occurs your deepest light will come through and you will know. And many say…no way…whatever is going on is true. And how do you know this? Do you have the evidence to show you this? Are the facts real? Dear ones, those around me and you are entranced by the lies and continual brainwashing that is taking place. If you choose the light and truth then you too can sit in your home and pray for those who have been affected and stay in that place of light so that you can be ready to move forward when the time comes. The brightness is being overshadowed by the dregs of the world which is going to bring about a turning point in everyone’s life. If every one of you would take just one moment of your day and go within the heart and know that good will come…then the change will be dramatic and bring a joy to your heart. Listen to your own truth and life will begin to bring you a bright light that will shine upon you as the days go on. Believe it or not there is an asteroid called Wuhan discovered in 1980 and if it connects to the Coronavirus then look out because it is going retrograde until October 2020. Let’s hope it shifts accordingly in another way and the unreliable data that is being promoted gets turned around to actual facts.

Previously in March the new Moon was conjunct Chiron which brought a wound or old fears to the surface. Did you heal it? It is interesting to note that the Coronavirus lockdown began in this time frame and you had to face that wound or old patterning. It could also be about something that you chose to ignore or run from and now have to deal with it. Was that a coincidence? I do not think so. If you choose to let go the wound or whatever is bugging you for a long time, then you will find the path to finding out about who you really are and how to be alive again looking to leap since the time prior to the New Moon is a time to turn inward and recharge the inner batteries so that you are ready to move ahead again.

Uranus in Taurus conjoins the Sun and Moon as the New Moon shows up on April 22, 2020 at 10:35PM EDT; 7:35PM PDT; 3:35AM GMT (April 23, 2020) in 3 degrees 24’. The New Moon is exalted in this decan of Taurus, which sounds good and mostly really does promise material abundance. Changes we’ve experienced in our lives since Uranus entered Taurus about a year ago are about to become a bit more fixed in place. I know that this sounds familiar since Taurus likes to be present in the moment. It is my ongoing speech. No one hears it most of the time yet now is a time you may come to being that way. Taurus also loves pleasure and comfort. It brings up your values and what they are to you. It is also about material prosperity. And there may be even a good pick-me-up type of situation. With Saturn squaring the Sun/New Moon in Taurus it may take a bit longer to get what you choose to have or go where you choose to go…that is Saturn. Caution is the word for it. Yet, even taking it one step at a time is better to get the truth out and find your way forward. More practical support is offered rather than more emotional. Venus which rules Taurus finds itself in Gemini and is trine Mars in Aquarius at the time of the New Moon which gives you some pleasantries in the area of love. Light flirting and some witty conversation can make everything enjoyable. On another note: some civil unrest may begin to rear its head due to the upcoming Pluto retrograde.

Pluto, the cosmic detective, is turning retrograde on April 25, and it could bring something out of the shadows and into the light. What is exposed might be a total shock to your system — but this truth will ultimately set you free! Has someone been dishonest with you? Have you been dishonest with yourself? With the right perspective, this startling discovery could go from a breakdown moment to a breakthrough moment. Are you ready house cleaning for you? Pluto retrograde is intense and wants you to let go and regenerate all. It will push you and prod you to do so. Are you ready? This is when you are to look at what you need or don’t need. Are you giving away your power? Pluto will show you. Perhaps a detox would work well or taking a look at your inner self. Watch for power struggles with past or present lovers/friendships. Figure out why this going on again. And move past it. The Sabian Symbol for New Moon is pot of gold at end of a rainbow. It is about using creative power to help you. At times there may be unexpected good fortune and it could bring in illusions versus reality.

Those most intensely affected are birthdays; April 20- 26; July 21-July 27; October 21-October 27; and January 20-26. Sun Signs/Rising affected more: Taurus 0-6 degrees; Leo 0-6 degrees; Scorpio 0-6 degrees; and Aquarius 0-6 degrees. Any personal planets around 3 degrees 24’ will also be affected. Tidbits of the signs:

Aries- Take a time out and look at your financial plans so that you can recreate if you need to do so. Look for the direction that you wish to take it.

Taurus – Accept yourself for who you are and double down on your confidence. You have the way to keep things going. Make things happen. You are the focus.

Gemini – It is time to just pull back a bit and go within to find the grounding needed. Take time to align yourself with your truth so you are ready to leap soon..

Cancer – Look for those who are similar in their thoughts about values. Expand your social media friends as you reconnect with others whom are in your social circle.

Leo –Show the world who you really are. Expand your expertise in your field even if you are working from home. A new chapter may open up.

Virgo- Open your eyes to your potential and look for a new perspective. Some travel issues may show up or is it connecting to the spiritual?

Libra – Good time to create new future plans. Look at your financial affairs. Looks like a fresh start may be coming to you. Good things can show up.

Scorpio – The New Moon is sitting right over you partnership house. How will that give you some gladness or madness? You choose.

Sagittarius- Everyday living becomes the focus. Are you planning on new job or health routine? Or are you paying too much to your partner’s stuff?

Capricorn— What do you enjoy the most? Go for it and take down the walls. That creative bent may show up. Inner child wisdom comes.

Aquarius – You get some clarity in your daily life. Some things may need to be looked at. What can you do for your home or can you better connect with family?

Pisces – You seem to have lots of communication going on these days. Have you thought about writing something interesting? It may be a good time to dabble in this area. Paperwork?

Meteor showers now. An awakening is coming for the world and at first there will be changes and transforming forces which may not look to be favorable, yet they are. (And I am not talking about vaccines…Stop believing ureliable data.) Know that this too shall pass and life will rise up and newness will appear that will take you forward with heart. No fear allowed at all. Let the past go and know that you are in charge of you. Be blessed Dear Ones and know that when you change your thinking you change your life. Stop being manipulated. Until again, Love, Jan   ( If you decide to repost please include as the link back to this site.)


NEW MOON in ARIES, March 24 2020 – Be still and open your eyes

new moon in aries 2020

Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. The sun is shining and I am thrilled because glorious spring just arrived on March 19, 2020 11:49pm EDT and it is a new beginning. And as spring approached I was all ready to watch the NCAA College Basketball March Madness but another kind of madness has come upon the world which I live in. In a thousand years I would never have guessed that the population of the world and precisely America would go off the deep so easily. You can yell at me and ask me as to how can I be so laid back about this. Well, I am not laid back. I am in observing stage and following the money and the behind the scenes movement regarding this whole scenario. Does any one of you know the truth about the government actions? The reality of what is going on? If you do, good going!! I dislike being locked down and having this entire escapade affecting my First Amendment rights and all the other ones since the Constitution is in quarantine. I know that there are deaths that have come about since the beginning of this novel COVID-19. It reminds of many novels. Oh, that’s right nothing but fear allowed. It has been a fear-mongering media from the start and everyone out there has bought it. Well, maybe not. Do you not see the truth about what is going on? Open your eyes Dear Ones. In my perspective it may be a fight between the Darkness and the Light. MONEY talks!! Yes, I know. Stop saying what the programming brings in. I am sorry that some have died due to this charade. I hope they are at peace. So why did the US CDC advertise for Infectious disease quarantine officers in November 2019? Yes, they did. Oh my, what is really going on here? And if you do not take it seriously you are shamed. Maybe you should investigate and see the truth. Check out If you research then you will find where it started. The fear which is being promoted is beyond insane. So what is the bottomline here? Perhaps it is part of an illusion for a transformation to take place. In the meantime the New Moon is almost here and brings a stillness to it and that may be what everyone needs at this time. It may help with the social distancing which is upon you or not.

This past Full Moon in Virgo was about finding new ways to do things and not sticking to the same old programs. How many of you have been stuck in the programming? Have you even noticed this? Or has the panic overshadowed the truth. Oh, my, that says it all. And deception is still ongoing maybe even scandals that hang on. Think about it and you may find your answers as the New Moon arrives. Here comes the warrior and explorer of the world – Aries. The NEW MOON in ARIES shows up on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 5:28AM EDT; 2:28AM PDT; and 9:28AM GMT in 04 degrees 12’. The Sun is in Aries at the exact degree. Is there a fire burning within that can take you to a new place instead being stuck amidst the muck of the insane world? It looks like there will be a waning of the intensity of that which is now in motion as long as you can quell your fear and panic state. There is no fear is you are awakened and attuned to your heart. Remember what you think is what comes to you. This is a big truth and no matter what anyone says I have said this for years that if you change your thinking your life will change. Period! Try it and see what happens. Most will not due to severe programming from out there in fantasy land. There is a Chiron conjunction at 5 degrees 17’ Aries with the New Moon in Aries. Since Chiron is about healing it may be enough to take you to that place in your life. Remember to heal there must be release of old junk as far as I am concerned. Healing comes only when you are able to let go that which keeps you stuck in the fear of your own making. If a new issue pops up then take care of it promptly. This period is great for anyone who woks alone. Where the Moon falls it does not emotionally lean on anyone and most likely will work solo. Those touched strongly by this Aries New Moon are also not taken in by what is popular or listen to other individual’s expectations. It is a time of projects which are unique.

Saturn in Aquarius is in sextile to the New Moon/Sun in Aries but will start to get further away as the New Moon moves on. A bit softer atmosphere may begin to appear. Perhaps this could mean that the current energy surrounding the pandemic will start to wane and eventually go away. That certainly depends on taking responsibility for your own life. Do the right thing already. There may be some lesson that you have to learn and through this history which is repeating itself may bring it about. It is time for self-discipline and courage along with integrity. Mars and Pluto are conjunct (together) in Capricorn and are intensely present when you are going after your goals. If there is any kind of manipulative behavior then it will stand in your way and attract enemies into your realm. While this is going on there is an addition to the mix of Jupiter which can bring to you insights that open up to what is truly going on and is a blessing. Positivity reigns if you allow it and good outcomes come to the surface. Mars in Capricorn is trine to Venus in Taurus which makes for good interactions in love and relationships. Be open to receive and a new level of pleasure and love are more powerful than before. Open up to love.

Those Sun signs/Rising signs most intensely affected are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn at 1 – 7 degrees. If you have personal planets (Mercury, Moon, Venus and Mars) at those degrees it will have some effect also. Birthdays affected more than others: March 21-28; June 21-28; September 23-September 30; and December 21-December 28.

Aries- This is about you at this time. Go out and shine your light brightly and soar high or just know that good things show up in time. Be true to self.

Taurus – You feel a bit laid back and private. At times just  do it yourself. Is this your feeling now? Delve deep with the fiery spirit and insights show up.

Gemini – Who are your true friends? Time will show them to you. Maybe keep in touch with them by texting and video chatting. Spread your ideas this way.

Cancer – Where are you going professionally? Who can help you? Keep in touch and know that it is a good time for working on your career ideas.

Leo –May be time for an adventure, new courses to take or even a new start wherever you choose to take it. Make sure those around you support your ideas.

Virgo- Put your needs first. Work on some investment planning and let the inner part of you come forth in order that transformation takes place. Sexual loving?

Libra –Relationships especially regarding partners and business associates are in the forefront. If you have an inner circle now is the time to pull it together.

Scorpio – This energy can put you out there as a mover and shaker showing others how to do it in the workplace or healthwise. You can make it right.

Sagittarius- Now is the time to put your efforts into your creativity. If you have a creative project in mind, then go for it.  Is love in the cards?

Capricorn – What is you choose to fix with your home? Or is this something you can choose to do with your family. New insights emerge and you leap in this area.

Aquarius – What do you wish to communicate at this time? If you need to catch up on emails this is a great time for that. Avoid gossiping. Do family bonding.

Pisces – Now is the time to leap forward in the money game. Fix any past errors and you do well. Also work on the budget. Something new is coming down the road.

I am always open to questions or even if you choose to know more about your own life through the aspects let me know in comments. I do readings and counseling and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading. Share if you will. Do take a breath. Look for miracles along the way. Put out intentions in the first 24 hours of  New Moon. Be blessed.  Until again, love, Jan


Look within, clear out and leap slowly

full moon in cancer 2020 Hello Dear Ones – Happy New Year!! Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. The year of 2020 has arrived and I ask you this- Are you ready to do what you came to do? Here we are starting a new decade, a life unknown to you or me before this. Believe me this time, unless you begin to tune within, there will be no way out. Oh my, a bit drastic in saying that. And getting rid of some of the clutter in your mind and surroundings will help considerably. Do you have any idea as to what is going on? Have you read anything in the past year? Tell me, what was it that you learned on your own, not from the TV, Social Media (every site of such topic), and those spewing false information. Are you aware of the ramifications of the ongoing chaos? Do you know how it will affect your life?

I have been a positive individual all my life and those who truly know me realize this. For those out there in Fantasyland I can say that many of you are oblivious to what is happening and I feel sad about it. Too many are brainwashed from the constant onslaught of false information. Have you truly ever looked within and allowed the answers to appear? Many say astrology is bunk. Is it? Well, let me say this – I do not read a daily horoscope since it is very general. The art of looking at the science of astrology is what pushes me forward and it is right on. At times I think – what is it that is going on in my life and where is it taking me? I look at the trends and the timing aspect more often than other things. It does work. Sun Signs give you a peek at you and that is just a basis of the truth. Sun Signs give you insights about who you are and is a good place to start. Just remember when working with astrology it gives you information and direction not taking away your free will. So, why am I saying all this? 2020 is a year of major transforming energy due to the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on the 26th of December and the current Lunar Eclipse Full Moon just happening on January 10, 2020.  If you allow the transformation to take place where these influences fall in your life and actually move through whatever shows up…your world will shift for the better. On the other hand as an old friend of mine used to say – watch out for the 2×4 that may come at you if you are unwilling to shift your energy. Keep this in mind as you venture forth into this New Year. And with the Lunar Eclipse there is a Pluto/Saturn conjunction coming up.

News items – Do you know way back when I was in education I noticed something shifting. Life in early grades is – forget playtime and being creative; they are forced to sit and be quiet in kindergarten and do things they do in upper grades. Watch for Curriculum Cops – no playing in kindergarten. Now there is a gun grab in Virginia. How legal is it? And now the Iran debacle arrives on the scene. Sounds like war-mongering at its best from the news. And it may be a smoke and mirrors at its finest.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon comes in on Friday, January 10, 2020 at 2:21pm EST; 11:21am PST; and 7:21pm GMT in 20 degrees of Cancer. The Sun is in the exact degree in Capricorn. The eclipse of the Moon in Cancer by the Sun is essentially the reverse of the eclipse of July 2019. If something seemed out of balance then, you may see an opposite type of imbalance during this Eclipse. Full Moon in Cancer says purging the negative is a necessity. Once you get rid of the fear the world changes within and your perspective on life comes alive. Faith also comes into play at this time along with family-oriented traditions. It is time for looking at your needs and lacks between private life and public life. Sharing feelings may be a high spot this week. Capricorn is about your work in life and Cancer is your own self. Does what you do fulfill you? Have you looked at your gifts and talents lately? Moon Opposite Saturn can cause bad moods because of sadness or loneliness; boredom too. Difficulty in sharing your emotions can lead to relationship problems. Moon Opposition Pluto can cause inner turmoil and relationship drama Need to control your own reactions and behavior because your feelings can be quite intensified. Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto are all conjunct the Sun in Capricorn. It basically gives attention to two types of individuals-those who are silent and those who are out their being vocal. It sure will be a bit over-the-top in some ways. Any matters begun now may not work out the way you wish. So lay back at the moment or most likely you will have to make major alterations to your objectives. In the mundane world there may be government shutdowns.

Lunar eclipses bring what is hidden out in the open. So, this is going to come in with a charge. Since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in Cancer the energy will activate your deepest emotions. If you feel out of control or your circumstances are on shaky grounds then you need to call upon your inner strength. If you are looking to communicate with anyone on an important matter it is best to wait several days after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so that it will flow a bit better. You may find yourself changing some habit that you may stare you in the face and you think, yes, it is time to do so. And if your new path (letting go the habit) is bringing turmoil on some level, just know it is best just to continue forward. Since Neptune is sextile the planets in Capricorn then the suggestion is to allow the nice flowing feeling to come out even if bumps occur. Since the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is coming up it may be good just to go to the daydreaming about something that has been shelved and taking a look at it. Neptune will help you do this if this energy gets to you. Pluto in Capricorn is exactly conjunct (same degree) Saturn in Capricorn on January 12, 2020. The next two years will be quite challenging when it comes to the mundane (worldwide events and happenings). It has already begun on some level since Pluto is working its way to the Pluto Return of United States chart and eventually will bring about much turbulence and lots of scandals which have already beginning to come about in these past few years. It all leads up to something that will shake the system (as my dad used to say). As this exact conjunction takes place events and people will force you to concentrate your efforts on one particular area of life that is no longer working well for you. It could be a relationship, career or a particular belief or behavior. Something in your life has outlived its usefulness and is holding you back, even if you don’t realize it at first. Uranus goes direct the same day as the Full Moon so changes will come to the fore and you may change your outlook as to what you do.

Those Sun signs/rising signs most intensely affected are Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra at 16-23 degrees. If you have personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in those degrees then you may also be affected. Aries- Time to prioritize what is important in work and life. Find the balance needed.

Taurus – Time to use your communication skills. Bring it together/move on path.

Gemini – Look at your finances. Some support appears. Clear the slate/begin anew.

Cancer- Take a big step into your power. You are in the limelight. Go for it!

Leo – Your intuition is strong now. Keep a journal and your dreams may happen.

Virgo – Let go of those around you who do not resonate. Take a leap of faith socially.

Libra – Where are you professionally? Think big. Work /home balance in conflict.

Scorpio – Is traveling abroad a possibility? Expand your thoughts. Be patient.

Sagittarius – Some advice needed regarding financial affairs. Be authentic. Plan.

Capricorn – Turning point in relationships with joy coming. Create good foundation.

Aquarius- Hang back a bit. Find balance between rest and work. Time for healing!

Pisces – Any new ideas are worth looking at. Let creativity flow show up. Relate.

Sending out many blessings for a beautiful New Year of 2020 filled with magnificence. May you find joy and peace, love and good health and an overflow of cash. Thank you for reading and sharing. Let the old you go and bring in the new you. Until again, love, Jan




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