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NEW MOON in ARIES, March 30, 2014- Clearing brings Treasures for the New Start

Spring has arrived and the weather continues to be in flux. We had snow last week and now as I write this, it is raining. Some places will have possible flooding. The world is in transition as the unexpected pervades. March Madness is hanging in there as most teams that I truly like are gone from the dance. Oh well, there are still one or two teams which I can be for and when they leave, if they do, I am done with it. It is always about the big boys and political agendas. Yuk! It would be great to see a new face win the whole thing. Enough rambling for now!

Let us look at the NEW MOON in ARIES which is occurring Sunday, March 30,2014 at 2:45pm EDT, 11:45am PDT and 6:45pm GMT in 9 degrees 59’. What does this NEW OON in ARIES bring to your lives? The energy is more intense and could be somewhat erratic (Uranus in Aries conjunct it) and even transforming (Pluto in Capricorn square it). Oh and don’t forget it squares Jupiter in Cancer too! Eek! So Jupiter expands the entire effect. It is the time of the new astrological year to begin with the Sun in Aries. I feel that many thousands of years ago that is when our year truly began. The long winter comes to an end and the passion and fiery nature of the Sun in Aries takes over and the doldrums end. This New Moon in Aries is about going beyond the status quo and energizing a transformative action. This happens with the other planets involved.

This New Moon is very interesting energetically since it is telling you to set your intentions and move into a new start yet clear out that old stuff. It is a typical new moon where you set your intentions and keep them in your sight as you move through the next few weeks. But it is prodding you to give up the old junk that clutters your life. How many of you have let it all go yet? C’mon, the truth please. Have you looked within yourself and truly let the past go? Are you ignoring the signs and continue to tweet or play on your phone or Facebook? I know it may be very threatening to you to give that stuff up for a moment so that you can actually see what is happening within. But at this time my suggestion is try it for a day or two and look at yourself and see what actually needs clearing. Lots of things are holding you back like your ego, your fear of success or how about fear of failure. Old baggage is coming up now for addressing. Will you take a good look or will you just keep playing? Deal with it now before the prodding gets tough and the April Grand Cross sets in. That’s when you will know what track you are on and whether you are going to run and hide to avoid the shifting elements. The shakeup will show up in some way. For those who are failing to release, the ride may be a bit bumpy. So, I say do it now and watch how the ride develops. How will Uranus in April stir up your emotions or revolutionize your life? Keep an eye on the energy.

Wherever the NEW MOON in ARIES falls in your natal chart will give you a good indication as to what part of your life will be affected. In my chart it is in my 11th house of friends/groups/wishes. It can bring a new paradigm or vision which emerges and take me out in the world even more so. It sits on my Eris and that is an interesting sidelight since Eris is the asteroid of chaos. What will I do that shakes up the system or stirs the energy to bring about change for a new direction? Oh boy, watch out world. Other examples for those with New Moon in the 1st house may have you creating a new look or a new approach in your life. Those with 10th house New Moon may find yourselves shaking things up in your career or in public taking things on a new road. How about if you have the New Moon in your 5th house? That tells you that your love life or your creativity may take a new turn for the better.

This NEW MOON in ARIES is a warrior-like and emotional. If there is anger it is over in a flash. No Aries ever holds onto anything because you know it will stand in your way of movement. You like it your way and are ambitious. There can be ego expression which if in balance is a fantastic vibration but if out of kilter will bring you out as arrogant. Stay in balance ego. The warrior energy is in all charts. It is a protector of everyone and is ruled by Mars. Warriors may lead us to battle the dark forces but have kind hearts always. Be like the peaceful warrior as you go through the next weeks and continue it on into the remaining year. You will find it helps you stay in balance totally. In order to continue moving forward reaching within to connect to your higher self is necessary. Since the upcoming month of April is leading to a deep intense experience it may be a good thing to reach within and be authentic to all. The Grand Cross will affect everyone. It is all shifting and comes to a major turning point. It may not be complete then but it will be a noticeable start to something different. Come from you place of heart and be the real you. If you aren’t doing this already, my suggestion is get to it now before you find yourself at odds with the world.
If you are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you will be affected most intensely if you have personal planets around 5-15 degrees of the sign. Set your intention and hold it in focus as you clear out the rest of the clutter that keeps you from being you.

Thank you for reading. Do share with others if you wish. Many blessings to you and yours. Until Again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in VIRGO MARCH 16, 2014 – Emotional Release brings Healing

Where are you at the FULL MOON on March 16, 2014? It takes place at 1:08pm EDT and 10:08am PDT in 26 deg02’ Virgo.

Right now many of you in the Ukraine and Crimea are experiencing a battle of sorts. Look beyond the actual occurrences and see the truth that is right in front of you. Those on the path know to what I am referring. I have no desire to spell it out. Dark and the Light are fighting again. Let’s see who comes out ahead of the game or maybe just doesn’t play anymore. You won’t see anything happen right now since the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Virgo. There may be some talk but nothing more. I would be very surprised if something ugly occurs. Too much pushing right now and you know what, this is going to affect our dollar if anything drastic takes place. Keep that in mind those in the US. The end of March when the New Moon is in Aries may shake up the works. It is all about control as you know. Life is drowning in the control factor. Start holding the Light for a peaceful path for all of us. Dark hates peace. Things are shifting and those up the line know that what is happening now is to the detriment of all including themselves. They don’t care. It is a total distraction. Believe it or not! And one of those other news tidbits-where did the Malaysian plane go? Phones continue to ring. Is it on land somewhere or not? Too foggy with Neptune involved. Stop listening to the quaking heads. Distractions abound these days. Chart for the flight looks a bit challenging.

The FULL MOON in VIRGO brings you past the wild ride this past year and it is leading up to big shifts for many of you. Now, some of you may have already been doing the work and clearing out the past. The past no longer matters anymore. OF course there are those of you who thrive on past issues, patterns and the like. Well, if it is coming up for review and you are now choosing to move forward, take the leap and trusting what is coming, go for it. If it is there for you to hold on to and resist the changes, I say to you, good luck. Tough times are ahead. That is just to remind you that this is the 21st century and no matter what, do you really choose to go backwards?

This Full Moon in Virgo definitely warrants a cleansing of past emotions. Let’s dig deep and clear the debris of past wounds whether through word or actions. Let them go and let the muck leave without resisting the process. If you haven’t been through an emotional war within then I sometimes feel you have no idea how to walk beyond it if it shows up. Of course, you may be stuck like I was a few years ago. Now I realize that I chose to be stuck. Oh well. I am finally getting over it. Leap ahead just like the clocks did in many places in the US last Sunday.

The Sun in Pisces sometimes brings us illusions since it is ruled by Neptune. The Full Moon in Virgo is asking you to stop and look at yourself. Find some time to be of service in a simple, flowing manner. IF you are having issues, problems with a relationship this is the time to stop being pulled into the chaos and for a moment take a look and see what is actually going on. Is your partnership a big messy jumble? Are there secrets involved? That’s part of the energy that Mars is throwing at us from being retrograde in Libra. The Full Moon in Virgo helps to discriminate what to do and find new answers to old problems. Keep your senses and look at the details. Discuss what you feel and come to a new agreement if you so choose. See what happens if you allow yourself to be pulled into the illusions of Pisces. Stay clear and real! And those of you who are unsure as to what direction your partnership is taking, discussion is essential. Keep the nasty words out of any talks and please no yelling.
Mars is still retrograde in fair Libra until May 20. Libra is about partnerships and Mars is a bit tamed in its retrograde mode. It’s about revisiting old issues in your partnerships and being patient as each of you talk about what is making you crazy. Some joy may show up somewhere since the asteroid Ceres (grain goddess) is right on the North Node in Libra. This is truly a time of healing old wounds that were recognized again at the New Moon on March 1. Be tactful when addressing issues but you can stand your ground, dear ones. Heal the heart this time for the next 2 weeks. It is time. Your soft side can come out and may help release the pressure that has been building.

Mars is eventually going to join up with Pluto in Capricorn (square), Uranus in Aries (opposition) and Jupiter in Cancer (square). This is a grand cross aspect which is kind of a release point for all the pressure that is building up in the past few months. It could become a bit foggy when Mars comes into play in April with this grand cross. Some of this energy did occur back in January 2014 and things got bumpy financially for some of you. This is a big financial aspect. Keep that in mind. It can also bring out a warlike energy. On the personal front you may be able to take big leaps.. Be ready to roll with the tide.

Join me on BlogTalk Radio/Unseen World tonight, March 14 at 11pm EDT. The topic is “Are you where you choose to be?” There are lots of interesting tidbits to share and of course, some Full Moon insights.

From Animal Power cards, guess who appeared, DOVE? When Dove appears it is asking you to reach within and release any old emotional discord. Call to Dove and ask for love to come to you and let compassion sing in your heart. Ask to help express your caring for others and teach you kindness and peace so that your gifts come through.

Thank you all for reading. May you be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

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