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The Sun has officially gone into Aries and Spring has begun yesterday March 20.  Apparently, there has been a 7.4+ earthquake in Acapulco, Mexico area. Wow! This is a peak time for seismic activity. The prediction is an open window for the next week. For those in earthquake prone zones pay attention. And do think positive each one of you. Send out good vibes to the earth (or send them to the controllers in charge so they do nothing to disrupt our earth for their own sinister reasons). Thursday, March 22, 2012, the NEW MOON in ARIES occurs at 2 degrees at 10:37am EDT. What a burst of energy that will be. It may have already started since it is near enough to Uranus.  The Uranus conjunction will take place on Saturday, the 24th. Watch for unexpected happenings. Remain in the moment and be cool. This Aries New Moon has much uplifting energy and bolts of quickness. Aries is about taking care of you (positive mode) without being in the selfish place (negative mode).Aries is about new beginnings and new sense of who you are. The past has no interest to Aries. Aries likes to take a leap forward and explore and create new adventures. Find out where Aries is in your chart and that is where you may begin to create new roads to travel.  And if Mars weren’t still retrograde (until April 13) you can start the new project immediately. BUT since it is, whoa, slow mode is still in the mix and so is Mercury in retrograde motion (until April 7). In my chart the New Moon is in the 11th house  and speaks of friends, humanitarian concerns and hopes and desires. Bold new action may take place in this area.

This New Moon in Aries gives us some impatience if you choose that way or maybe even a bit of rash behavior. Don’t rebel for the sake of rebelling against anyone who offhandedly says something that is unacceptable. This is not the time for that kind of reaction to take over. Leave it be. Calmness will prevail if you bite your tongue and be peaceful if you can even allow that to happen. Good luck. <grin>  If you feel hemmed in what will you do? I say tear off the ropes that bind you and move on (soon). That says if your relationship isn’t working then why are you still in it? Release the relationship, forgive and take a leap away if it is failing to support your purpose together and individually.  Shifting is rapidly occurring and for those of you who haven’t a clue about raising your vibrations in life I suggest getting on the train now before the time goes by and there are no second chances. Dear ones, you are here for a reason. What you do in your lives is up to you. Open your mind and heart because this Spring equinox speaks of balance. The day and night today is equal.  LISTEN to the Divine within. Do you hear or are you in a hurry to pass it by? Stop right now, take a deep breath and let the thoughts go out of your head. If you truly wish to connect to who you really are, then you need to begin to pay attention and shut off the news already. FEAR is all they broadcast.  Stop thinking all the time about matters that are past. Just breathe and live.

This New Moon is about small starts not necessarily big events. Please note that any planet that you have around 2 degrees of Aries (3 degrees either side of it too) will be intensified and also those who have planets at 2 degrees in Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Have you begun to feel the vibrancy of the energy? As I mentioned earlier the Sun has already entered Aries today and this New Moon in Aries could lead to a tipping point (or a false flag event).Ironically as I finish writing this post, I see that officials in Mexico had planned a drill for this day to simulate a 7 and above earthquake. Need I say more? Was this real or was this earthquake a simulation drill? And believe it or not the Mainstream controlled news said that damage was minimal. I guess the 500 homes that were leveled in a village were expendable. What in the world is wrong with this picture? Keep eyes open and look deeper into what is going on in your world. You may be surprised. And know that there are many ships on way to near Iran. Send out energy that nothing happens or there will be economic chaos if the controllers have their way. Keep the Light shining.

Well, dear ones, with this New Moon and Solar year energy amping up, why not use your creativity to help out another to destress and help out humanity. Truly reach out and jump on the train to garner the wisdom and truth and give it to others who desire healing. It matters not what profession you are in, you can still take a step to help someone heal through kind words and supportive actions. Juno asteroid is still on the North node/South node which is asking you to look at your commitment in your relationship and see if it is balanced and equal. That is what Juno would like. I will help you and you will help me ride forward on our journey together. Are you there?

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 2 degrees is “The Comedian Reveals Human Nature” or “the capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others.” Humor takes you out of the selfish into the selflessness. Keep that Divine Light shining within and may you have abundant blessings in your life. READY, SET, wait for just a moment longer. Until Again. Love, Jan



Oh dear, I have gotten caught up in March Madness mayhem just like many of you out there. Sometimes I find that it is a pleasurable escape from the madness of the world and reading about all the bankers who are no longer in their jobs. Money made their world go round. Guess it is about time for all of us to find a way to generate that energy in a positive way. For several days I thought about what I wanted to write about and the topic of “money” kept popping in my head. Money is energy. Plain and simple! To some of you who are aware of that, then I know you must have much money flow in your lives. For others, there may knowledge of it, yet an old belief or an old pattern blocks the way to abundant cash flow.

Let’s look at how you speak and think about money. Were you taught it was the root of all evil? Yipes. I am sure many have heard that term in your own families depending on the situation. I know I did. How about the term “filthy lucre”? That’s another negative term that disconnects you from the flow of money. How many of you expect abundant cash flow to be in your life? Really believe it when you think about it or talk about? In my own experience no matter how little cash flow I had, no matter what occurred, there was only trust in my mind and heart that my money supply was present to me. As long as I thought positive about money, that supply would be replenished. Believe me years ago I was close to having just a couple dollars in my wallet and out of nowhere, as long as I was positive in my thoughts and speech, the money showed up. If for any reason I became critical or angry and impatient, bingo, it was delayed. Sound familiar? And then maybe most of you are on track and have a consistent cash flow.  

First of all before you think the lottery is yours for the taking. Forget it. You may get lucky one day but without a goal for that money and I don’t mean just paying off your debts. Do you really think you will manifest that cash? You may, but it’ll be gone before you think about it. Do you know that the real road to riches begins with love? Oh, no. How can that be? Jan, where would you get that idea?  If you have a deep-seated belief of unworthiness and you dislike yourself than how would you possibly bring any money in your life other than drone work? (corporate, big business, colleges etc.) You will continue to act out of old beliefs and patterns and no matter how much you work, that’s all you will get. Love yourself, change your beliefs about yourself and money will flow to you. If you truly know you are wealthy, you will be in more ways than just moneywise. I heard something in a course that if you are praying you get a cool million for your own selfish purposes, guess what, not happening. It will be dissipated by the time you think about what you want to do with it. That’s why athletes and movie stars can end up bankrupt. No goal for helping others. They are just thinking about themselves. Understand that no one said you couldn’t do something else with the money if it appears in your life. It is about taking it and using it to help someone do something and you to use it for your highest good. That goal is important in bringing that money into your life. You know what…if you say that you are using that money to help others and are benevolent and your deep-seated beliefs are other than that…not happening. That money will jump right out of your life. If you use your imagination to circulate money even before it enters your life, that will then create an opening for you. How about you really would like to build a business and you begin to plan and imagine what you would like it to be, down to the details, including the people involved and so forth. That is an excellent way to bring it about. Acting mentally the way you would objectively will bring the good to you. If you say one thing and deep down believe something else about money, it will disappear or just fail to show up.

I intend to write more about this favorite topic of money and abundant flow. Start thinking about it and down the road I will go into more detail. Mercury is retrograde right now so stay away from signing papers and buying electronics. Watch your words on March 18th since Mercury is conjunct Uranus. If you needed to say something and haven’t and it has been pent up…whoa! Think first. Of course, it may bring a surprise or two also. The energy is shifting in a big way. If you haven’t noticed too much it may be that you have been raising your vibration with the good works you have been doing and it may be more subtle. Those who are doing nothing in the sense of working on themselves and creating harmony will start to notice it more dramatically.

Here is a money affirmation which you can say morning and night to help you manifest.“I claim consciously and knowingly that money is circulating in my life freely and  joyously and there is always a Divine Surplus.”

Have a great weekend and may the blessings be many for all of you. Maybe the leprechauns will bring you that pot of gold and you take a leap. Thank you for all you do and are. Much love. Until again. Jan


Happy Birthday Cosmic Leaping!! The first post was written on March 11, 2011. Cosmic Leaping is celebrating its 1st birthday in a couple of days. I started to write on that day because it was the day of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I was overcome with sadness and compassion at the time for those people. I still feel that the truth is being withheld and so many more will perish down the road. Before I head to the Full Moon expression let me say that I had no idea what I was going to say as I wrote that first post. It was a bit limited in scope and I thought about how I can bring important points home to those of you who read this. In the next year I look to taking bigger leaps with whatever inspiration and truth that comes to me and share them with you. This has been a healing exercise for me. Onward we go.

The FULL MOON in Virgo at 18 degrees shows up at 4:40am EST according to Astrodienst.  What can you expect this time around? I think it is a pretty calm Full Moon. Although there are other things going on, the basics say, it’s ok. It is Void of Course (no aspects to it) immediately following the opposition to the Sun in Pisces. Guess it is truly time to really really let go. Do you hear me? Should I say it again? LET GO!!!!!  Oh ho! Haven’t you been thinking about this for awhile? It is time for you to release the old, the worn out, the past, the junk, the muck, and on and on you go. Dig deep and let it go. In fact do nothing and just LET GO! Ok, I know you heard me. It took me awhile to get it and I finally let go. Whatever is supposed to be in your life, will be there in appropriate timing. Not your time, God’s time. Get it. The Virgo Full moon is about healing and service. Moon in Virgo rules your digestion. It covers the home environment, organization, and details of daily living. So since the Sun is in Pisces rules over creative imagery, dream work, photography to just name some. This may be a good time to use your creative imagination to heal yourself. For some of you the idea of making over your home environment with a touch of color or new artwork or just rearrange the furniture will better suit you. How about organizing your home office or serving others in the community in some special way?

Along with the Full Moon we have other planets in the mix. Pluto in Capricorn (the big biz, corporate bandwagon) is in trine aspect to Mars in Virgo (retrograde) and Jupiter in Taurus. That’s a super Grand Trine to help deepen our experiences this month. It can bring lots more sensuality to your life. Magical stuff. On the other hand, there is a opposition Chiron/Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo and squares North Node/South Node in Sagittarius /Gemini. Who is complaining around you? Who is criticizing you?  Can it be an opportunity for you to heal? Virgo moon can be critical or a critic. Your choice! If it comes across as critical then there is anger underneath. If it is the critic, then it is looking at the finer points and helping to make it better for you. Now I know there can be really negative complaining and criticism also. Let’s hope not. Stop nagging if it is you that is doing this. Let it go.

Now is the time for you to break down the walls that hold you prisoner. Did you read that correctly? Yes, you need to break the barriers in all parts of your life at this time. Do it now before the wonderful planet of communication goes retrograde. Again? An old friend of mine says that planets do not retrograde and I said well, tell it to the ancients because that’s where it began. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th of March. Woo hoo! Are you ready for that grand time to regroup again? Watch your words and your electronic gadgets. Who knows how they can get twisted. When Mercury is retrograde it is a time for patience. Oh really, not you? Well, be patient see what occurs.  I know from experience that if you take a new job during Mercury retrograde that things change within the structure of the job sometime in the near future. Contracts/agreements signed bring changes also within the workings of it. Also, electronic purchases may break down or being to show quirks in their functions. It happens. Look before leaping in this area.

If you have any planet in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces at 18 degrees, this Full Moon in Virgo will intensify your life in this area. Funny thing the Full Moon is squaring my Ascendant in Gemini which means that I may not be able to get my points across in a group. On the other hand, I am helped in this matter by Mars retrograde trining my Mercury for many months and this gives me the ability to analyze and look deeper and communicate my ideas with ease. I think the second aspect takes precedence over the first. Pallas Athena is opposing the Full Moon and conjunct the Pisces Sun. Lots of healing for me. Looking forward to it.

Dear ones, as Cosmic Leaping celebrates its first birthday I send you good wishes for bright tomorrows. And before you start leaping ahead into the future, it is better to stay in the NOW and enjoy each day as it happens. You have much to do to so that you keep your thoughts on Higher Consciousness so that more of you can raise your vibration and stop being part of the sheeple.  Take time to celebrate you today and do remember that the past no longer serves you; it is time for living in the NOW ready to take that Cosmic Leap into a new energetic paradigm. Things are beginning to rapidly change and many hidden facets of our lives are ready to reveal themselves. Thank you as always for your support. May the Divine bless you always. Until again. Love, Jan


Welcome aboard the big ol’ plane. You are getting ready to fly in the chemtrail-laden sky with no one who even cares. You are thinking what is going on here. Hey, did I enter the correct address? Yep, you did. You are taking a flight today to experience life in the “what could have been.” Hey, did you pass through the scanner before you climbed aboard the plane.  Was TSA all over you? You didn’t mind? Good for you. Just another day in the flight zone! Hope you have that laptop or your cell phone? Gee whiz. What will happen if the internet goes down or something happens that texting, emails and whatever new gadget of the day has no service? Am I being cynical? C’mon. This is life in the world today and I better hop on board, right? If I don’t get with the picture, I am going to be left behind. Really? Do you not see the control that is seeping into your lives? Have you noticed that you are being tracked online, tracked on your phone and probably 5 other places that you haven’t noticed yet? Do you even think about it? Elderly are being killed off (yes, they are), babies are being killed off and maybe soon….YOU. Now I sound like a fear-monger. Pay attention to what is happening in this could be great country. The mainstream media is taunting you and controlling you upfront and who knows who controls from behind the scenes. There is an indication that there are some in the media who are waking up. How can that be possible? Censorship is rampant and you don’t care. Why am I saying this today? Dear ones, this was a reminder of all the negative junk that permeates our beings. And if you don’t put yourself in a protective mode, you are dumbed down, energetically depleted and many other things.

 There is no magic solution to our life on earth in these days of shifting sands. The shift is taking place and the events are speeding up and many are still oblivious to the energy that is permeating our lives. The control from the top is just trying to keep you mesmerized and fearful. Get it? I keep saying pay attention because life is going to change sooner than later. I am speaking about good things not end of the world muck that those who are in charge of you and me like to imply.  There are many of you who believe in God. Many have great faith, some do not. What does this have to do with anything? Clean up your act, for goodness sakes and realize that you have to begin to open to the love within you in order for all of us to take a big leap to Higher Consciousness. This is about humanity not just you individually. A good place to start is stop taking everything personally. Gee whiz, who said life is just about you and what you desire?  Now, before you ask, why do you have to give up something, stop. I hear all the time how someone was very negative to you. Can it be your own inner workings that are bringing this about? (This is not about abusive relationships.) Or can it be that you really are too much in your ego and how dare someone say that to you. Dear ones, until you stop taking things personally, nothing will change. And if that is your choice, then so be it. I took many things personally years ago. It is too difficult to go there now. I may disagree with you. Does it matter? NO! Believe me, once you begin to notice that it has no affect upon you as to what others think or say, it evaporates. Do you need that approval? Give it up already. Send out love to all who just “bother” you or just walk away from it. Ask, in fact, tell the DIVINE to heal you, show you, guide you to see what needs the clearing, the letting go and do it. See what happens. And if you find someone in your life who truly has no resonance with you, are you going to hang on for dear life just because someone thinks you should? Hey, I did not say dislike them. I just said that if your connection is for your highest good, stay with it. If not, then let go. And for those who just irritate you because you just are oversensitive that day, take a deep breath.  Life is too short to carry grudges.

 The energy is going to get more intense as you go through the year. In fact, it is March 1st and the drum rolls begin. The trigger point is ready to commence. Are you prepared? How about all of you stop what you are doing and send out the highest love from your heart to the world so that others who are still asleep in their lives, begin to feel the desire to step up to the plate and wake the heck up. If enough in the world do this, watch what happens.

 Pluto in Capricorn is truly digging deep and restructuring all that it touches especially in big business, government, and building..It can be about perseverance. If it touches any planet in your chart as it goes retrograde in April in Capricorn at 9 degrees, the intensity will deepen. It has been at 9 degrees since February 24 2012. Right now it is a time of tearing down and rebuilding. Pluto says clean it up yourself or he will do it without your input.  In my chart I don’t have any major planets being aspected, although Neptune was just squared during the last few months. It brought digging deeper into what worked for me spiritually and what did not and facing that shadow side. Death also showed up. Felt very isolated .Walked through fear and then it came up again. At 9 degrees Capricorn trine my asteroid Nemesis (good thing maybe) can bring a restructuring of fortune in some way (big change in fortune). Not good, not bad. And since it falls in my 7th and 4th houses…relationships/home life may be involved. Is Pluto aspecting any planet in your chart? If so, how will you be affected? What is being transformed?

 Look for post on the March 8th Full Moon in Pisces (early morning hours on the East Coast of the USA.). Hang onto those hats, the March winds are blowing and who knows how the energy will affect you. Sending you blessings and much love for an upbeat week. Thank you for your support. Until again, Jan

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