Dr. Jan King M.Ed,  Msc.D is an asttrointuitive and spiritual counselor who specializes in relationships and finding one’s truth using astrological technique and beyond.  Jan has been a holistic health practitioner specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Spiritual Counseling. She  is a Reiki Master/Teacher who has been working with these healing modalities for 21 years and has been working with the stars for 30+ years. Dr. King has a private practice and is available for counseling via email and phone and of course, in person. She appreciates your support.

  1. Dear king …bless and be blessed…….much love….rajan.s


  2. Michelle Rescigno

    Hey Jan! It’s Michelle from Columcille – so, so, so good to meet and talk with you! Much love and many blessings ❤


  3. Hi Jan, just checked in to appreciate your wordless Energy and Resource. Thanks a lot. Are you on Skype? If so, please establish a contact. My Skype name is Chinedu Ndego. Thanks


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