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NEW MOON IN PISCES, February 28/March 1 2014-Let Spirit help release so new openings occur

Welcome to the NEW MOON in PISCES on March 1 2014 at 3:00 AM EST 10 degrees 39’. Other time zone are: 12:00 PST and 8:00am GMT. This is a very spiritual and imaginative New Moon. This NEW MOON in Pisces speaks of a pure and loving heart. Do you realize that a spiritual union may be already in your life? Many will be looking for emotional security at this NEW MOON.

Sun in Pisces/Moon in Pisces is conjunct Chiron and Neptune. Its conjunction with Chiron may open up some wounds that can be now healed. It is trine Jupiter which lets the energy flow. Are you going to resist again? Those affected most intensely are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. If you have planets from 7-15 degrees they will also be affected. Neptune’s energy will help you with your creating. And if you are so inclined artistically, musically or in any other venue, please know that your expressive side is most favored. Give your left brain (mind) a rest and tune into the harmony of the Pisces moon. Do you know anyone who has a Pisces moon? Sometimes those who do have a way of being with you, sitting right by your side, yet they are in another place in their minds.

Pisces brings us to the end of the current astrological year. It will take us from its watery depth to the fire of Aries at the beginning of the new year in later March when the Spring Equinox is upon the world. Pisces is about Spirit within you. Ego leaves when Pisces envelops you.

Are you ready to heal any relationship issues that may appear again? Now is the time you will find it a bit easier to approach them and take part in the healing process. NEW MOON in Pisces is trine Jupiter which helps out considerably. So even though it may look a bit negative, it will turn itself around at this time. And if you are facing any other difficulties from your past this is a good time to heal those also. It may tend to be slightly uncomfortable for some of you, yet the outcome brings more joy and happiness to you. So take the time to allow it to occur. Is there a dilemma that surfaces in regards to a relationship or other part of your life? What unexpected occurrence shows up…a lover surprising you with a visit from afar?

The north node is in 29 degrees of Libra. It is an anaretic degree which means you have an opportunity to decide to leave behind what no longer is part of your leap forward. But first before you do move in a new direction you need to release it. You know the conditioning that holds you back. How many times have you behaved the same way or agreed to the same thing over and over? How many times have you allowed others to tell you what to do? And what is so ironic you don’t even think about it at all. Dear ones, it is time to look within, clear it out and release the habits and the societal programming already. This conditioning is definitely on its way out. But it will continue to rear its ugly head through the next couple of years. It is about greed and separation (how does love exist when society chooses to separate?) and all the wars/ violence. Do you choose to live in the illusion?

Pluto in Capricorn (transforming structure) sextiles (good aspect) Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces. It means you don’t have to carry that anger or illness or depression any longer. Pluto is the change and the transformer. Go with the energy to move through and heal once and for all. Whichever house Pluto is in for you at this time, it is helping you see the old stuff and how you relate to the issues of that house. For instance it was in my partnership house (biz and personal) for a long time. It showed me by clearing out the hidden stuff, the old beliefs and conditioning that it was time to refresh, renew and see the truth of it all whether in a relationship or business partner. Now it just went into my 8th house for part of the time and goes back to my 7th mid-year for a final run. As it stirs up my 8th there will be shadow stuff coming up for healing by Chiron right now. Or it can manifest by having me see the shadow in others and just how much I missed seeing in the 7th. Oh joy. And another example is this: if it occurs in your second house it shows you that you are clinging to old habits about your own self-worth and how you earn your money and it is time to climb over those beliefs and transform them so you can heal. It is also what you value in life that is also changing. Your past traumas no longer serve you so that is why Pluto and Chiron in good aspect give you the opportunity to release and heal them wherever it falls in your natal blueprint. Find out where it is in your own chart.

On a different note- Pluto is starting to oppose the US chart’s Sun and this will bring dramatic changes. Major shifting within the collective consciousness of the country will occur. There is a change of direction indicated and all I will say, it is about time. Some heads will roll if you know what I mean. This is an ongoing aspect so it isn’t going to happen overnight. The people of this country have to stand strong and wake up already to the horrors that have been going on, many behind the scenes without your knowledge. Times are changing. Hang on dear ones; it may get rough before it shifts.

This is a breakthrough for those ready to accept it. Look at things in a new way and you may even act without any illusions to block your view. Both Pluto sextile NEW MOON and Chiron conjunct NEW MOON are beneficial for transforming and healing in the next few weeks. Take advantage of this good energy.
As Mercury is finally going forward (still in the shadow until mid- March) in Aquarius on Friday, February 28, Mars will be going into the retrograde motion in Libra on March 2; Jupiter goes direct in Cancer on the March 6; and Saturn goes retrograde in Scorpio on March 3. Heavy stuff coming up from the inner sanctum of you as the energy purges much old junk that is coming to the surface and bringing you to decisions to ponder and make. Please know it is better to make those decisions then to be forced into making them in April 2014. The Lunar Eclipse on April 15 begins the change and clearing out and Grand Square takes place on April 21. Major change is in store for many of you and probably it will affect everyone to some degree. It is a big turning point to push the world into a new paradigm. Will you stick to holding on so tightly that the resistance will keep you from your intentions, dreams and grand manifestation? That is something you will need to think about in the next 6 weeks.

Radio show tonight February 28 on World at 11pm EST.
Thank you for all your support. May the days ahead bring you openings that are magnificent and changes that are heartfelt. Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in LEO, February 14, 2014- Creative Love Flows with Passionate Glow

Snow and more snow has come my way to make it more special for Valentine’s Day. I must tell you that this snow is over the top. At least the sun is shining in my windows and I am home today. Emotions are running on high. I began writing this post when the first snow was forecasted and I decided to wipe it out and begin fresh. Over 600,000 had lost power in the 4 counties and Philly metro area in last week’s snowstorm. I was lucky and did not. And now I just heard that this morning there was a major pileup on the eastbound PA turnpike and of course, it was not too long after they took off the speed limit restrictions. Did that have something to do with it? Icy patches were still hanging about. Do people ever think anymore? I am glad to hear that those taken to hospitals are going to be ok. Has anyone realized that snow is not the culprit? Enough said.

As the Full Moon in LEO at 26 degrees 13’ comes up this evening February 14, 2014 at 6:53 PM EST, 11:53 PM GMT, 3:53 PM PST the energy is passionate, creative and very much out there. With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo, there is a free-spirited type of energy combined with the need for expression physically/sexually. If you are in a relationship you should be having this wonderful interaction as Valentine’s Day surrounds you. If you are currently single my suggestion is take up some kick-boxing to help alleviate all the passionate energy that is being felt or else some anger may arise. Start kicking!!! To digress for a moment I was mesmerized again by the Beatles tribute on last weekend. Do you remember where you were (those who were old enough to know any part of that time) as they appeared on the scene? Just wondering?

This FULL MOON in LEO is about love and passion and creating something artistically. Will you love yourself more or have you forgotten you need to do that in order to bring your love to others authentically? C’mon, let’s step up your focus on loving you first? Now, remember because I said you first that has nothing to do with self-centeredness. LEO moon can become the other side of the coin if you are not paying attention and that is far from what you intend to do. So, take a look at how you do treat yourself and ensure that love is coming to others from your heart. Why would I say that? Well, some of you feel that love comes from other ways. LOVE IS LOVE. Period! From the heart it comes or it is other than love. Got it? Good. By the way, you need to keep your ego in balance in order to love truly. This Leo Moon is about loving unconditionally. Try going deep within and making that loving commitment to be free with your loving action. Be the love you choose to feel from others. No one can create this for you. You have to do this. Do you feel loved and appreciated? Leo Moon likes this.

LEO FULL MOON is sextile Mars in Libra it says you may be working on something artistic and really would like to get it out there to the world. It is a good time to do it. Mars is currently in my 5th house which indicates I am looking to be more creative (artistically or romantic) but do not have much self-discipline. That is so true. I am flitting about and have to command myself to settle in with whatever project I am working on. I would rather be playing. HA! Mars sextile (positive) Full Moon in Leo and trine the Sun makes for really flowing energy. So go get the mojo working and create something spectacular in whatever area of your life it touches. This Moon sextile Mars aspect adds to the passionate exchanges that may pop up in your life and it is quite physical.

On the other hand there is old man Saturn in Scorpio squaring (limiting) the Full Moon in Leo. A couple of days ago it opposed the Sun in Aquarius. What seems to be restricting you? Is it back to your own lack of self-love and you need to continue to work on this or is it a test you need to just plow right through? Just keep this in mind. What you are going for is within your reach. You need to have clarity now and focus. DO this and things will come to realization a bit quicker than you thought. The shadow of Venus retrograde continues to slow down the love interactions for some. Early March there is a shift. YAY!

As love is on your minds and passion surrounds many of you then what’s the drawback. Well, the trickster is at play here since Mercury is retrograde. Of course it may come as a truly surreal adventure in some part of your life. Can this be your Magical Mystery Tour? On top of everything else there is a Jupiter in Cancer square to Uranus in Aries. How exciting it can be or you will definitely lose your patience! How many of you may have good fortune show up unexpectedly. And then again you may throw caution to the winds and go do whatever it is without thinking and worry about it another time. It is your call. Mercury is still retrograde until the month’s end and then is in the shadow for a few weeks after that.

How many of you are still resisting what is truly your path, your purpose? The Full Moon in Leo does make a trine (positive) to the beginning of the new phase of Lunar Eclipses from last October. You still cannot see the road ahead totally. Your insights may be blocked at this time but you can continue to look for clues beneath the surface for some kind of understanding. Some of you may continue to have obsessions which trigger old addictions. Why not give up the resistance and surrender to the Universal energy and allow things to be revealed at the right time?

Those of you most affected most intensely by the Full Moon in Leo are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Libra 22-28 degrees. If you have any planets around those degrees you will be affected also. This is a perfect time to create balance in your relationships and bring harmony back to your interaction. It is all about acknowledgement, respect and honor within the love that is. Any needs that are awakening are sure to come into the picture. Let the creativity flow.

Join me tonight on BlogTalkRadio/Unseen World at 11pm EST for my show titled Passion Glows where Love Flows. Love is in the air, today, on Valentine’s Day. Stay in the moment dear ones, and have a blessed day. Thank you for reading and all you do. Love, Jan

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