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FULL MOON in SCORPIO, APRIL 25, 2013-Sudden Changes Emerging

How is your fear doing this week? Has it subsided? Are you hiding behind your door or locked away trembling? Last week the Boston Marathon was overtaken by calmness in the chaos that ensued. I saw no anger, no rage, and no real emotion from the people. I saw jackbooted thugs forcing themselves into homes looking for 1 individual. Lockdown for 1. Americans, wake up!! What am I missing here? Look at the pictures dear ones. Nothing is as it seems. The story changed every 2 minutes. Gee whiz!! And what about that runner who fell down and no one else did? You tell me what happened. I will say little about this but those who know what I am referring to are light years ahead. That is all I am going to say. One day soon the truth will emerge and many will be horrified (that is a very strong word) about the truth. Oh, by the way, I know most could care less but Fukushima is leaking in a big way. Does it matter? What path are you heading down, dear ones? Tell me another story.

This week brings in the beginning of an eclipse cycle which is quite intense and continues to build starting with the Mercury square Pluto aspect on this past Sunday the 21st. How did your discussion go? If you didn’t get to the root of the issue, then continue to dig. The energy is still present and you can have a breakthrough at the Full Moon if you really choose to do so. Of course, I suggest you bring a bit of humor into the discussion because it may get too darn serious at times. If things got a bit cool in your relationship over the last day or so, give credit to Venus opposing Saturn. Do you feel unloved? Let it be for it too will pass because Venus and Pluto have a great time on the April 24. Passion and more passion and what more can you ask for? Your relationship can be intense and deep. Drumroll please-the FULL MOON in SCORPIO is about to arrive and it does so with lots of drama since it is also a Lunar Eclipse. Yes, the Saros cycle is upon us. It begins with the Full Moon/ lunar eclipse and on May 9/10 there is Solar Eclipse and then on May 25th there is another lunar eclipse.

The FULL MOON in SCORPIO /Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees 45’ appears in the sky on April 25, 2013 at 3:58 EDT. Is some kind of shake-up arriving, deep sexual passion, an annoying drama, or big surprises? Who is being betrayed? Sun in Taurus likes the simple pleasures in life and possessions; the Moon in Scorpio likes complexities and mysteries. Whatever it is that has been building up inside of you needs to be spoken, let out in some way. There needs to be a balance since that is what a full moon is about. How many of you have been stuck in a rut and do the same things day after day…too much work…too much play or maybe just all work and little play? BALANCE is needed most definitely. And since this is a Lunar Eclipse also, the focus is more apparent. If you have intimate inclinations and emotional expression which is lurking in the shadows, it HAS to come out. Expressing this is important in the next 2 weeks Are you going to say what you truly feel? Do you feel something lacking in your life? Are you positive that you have everything the way you intend? If not, then how will you address the lack? What are you choosing to ignore and pretend it doesn’t exist? Time for the hidden to emerge so there are no more secrets.

Where does this Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse fall in your chart? If it is in the 5th house like it is in mine, then it may have to do with love or creativity. That is the area of your life where surprises occur or emotional needs are lacking and the awareness comes to you or you now have to address the issues. Old wounds can be reopened ready to be healed since it sits within a degree of my Chiron in Scorpio. Or if it is in the 11th house, it may have to do with groups to which you belong; The Sun”s house is where you will find a place to release any bondage that has bogged you down. And it may come through a group creative venture for those with it in the 11th. The Moon itself brings up the old habits and fears for healing. A deeper understanding may show up unexpectedly through the shock wave that occurs. The planets which this Full Moon in Scorpio aspects will possibly bring about a healing breakthrough. Most intensity will be with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius between 2 and 10 degrees.

Sidenote-Is your relationship an ego thing or is it authentic? You tell me. Who is controlling you? Saturn is in the mix and that indicates some serious thinking and feeling like you just hit the wall. I hope not but it may feel like that anyway. It also says radical changes may be in the offing so pay attention. This is a necessary change whether you support it or not. Just go with it because it is trying to purge out the demons, the energy vampires, the controllers in your life. It could be in love, finances, everyday living, career, and/or partnerships. There are many other things that can be affected. Do it now. DETOX your life so at the New Moon in May you will have a readiness to leap wherever it takes you. A new path is emerging for many. Reminder -With Mars opposing Saturn the energy could be stuck for a bit. Just allow things to flow when they are ready.

Get out of the old paradigm already. Stop tuning into the trauma and drama of death. Scorpio does have the transformative power but it is not about disease. If I hear one more drug commercial I will throw up right now. Turn it off. Are you on track or are you hitched to big pharma? Leap off it already Write your own song instead of someone else’s. BE REAL!!!!! Be Authentic!!! The world as you knew it is fading and the Divine Feminine is coming in to balance the old patriarchal ways. Ancient structures are collapsing. Balance is needed between the masculine and feminine. It is a slow process yet comes in a fleeting moment. Stop RESISTING and LET GO already. Illusions are evaporating. Celebrate the new!!!!

Thank you for reading and thank you for you. Have a magnificent FULL MOON and upcoming weeks. Comments are always welcome. Many blessings. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in ARIES, April 10, 2013 – Intensely Energized New Beginnings

Has anything changed in your life as of the beginning of spring? It may well do so in the next few weeks. The New Moon in Aries is at 20 degrees 41’ occurring in the morning on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 5:35 am EDT. This is the first New Moon after the Spring Equinox. This really brings the spring freshness to us with a burst of energy and maybe a few sparks flying. Let’s hope that the sparks are pleasurable. Aries is always about new happenings, beginnings and taking big leaps. The Sun in Aries says it is the explorer who goes boldly forward in an independent fashion. And the Moon in Aries gets it before many others and wants to move on yet hangs back just for a bit before the impulsive nature comes out and the need to leap is present. Moon in Aries brings out intense emotion at times. The New Moon in Aries is enthusiastic about most things so since it is in the 3rd decan of Aries, you may find some added joyfulness to your life at this time wherever the New Moon is in your chart. This comes from the planet Jupiter which rules that part of the Aries sign.

In the past month have you dug deep to find what desires are motivating you to take the leap? Or have you felt, like I did, a sigh of relief for once that the spring has finally come? It was a challenging 6 months for me and I am so glad to see the flowers begin to bloom. (Well, not quite yet-but soon) The weather manipulators want to get those trees blooming early with the temperatures higher than the norm. Then next week the weather will be cold. It is so outrageous what is happening in the air. Hope you are taking lots of D3 and other vitamins and get off those pharmaceuticals which are killing you softly. I have been so dragged down with all the gunk in the air this winter that seeing the sun stay out for a few days is a blessing. Did you notice how different it feels? It is very intense for this time of year and can go either way.

Mars and Venus are both near the New Moon and what could show up is a passionate affair /partnership or the drums of war. I think an intense involvement with a special someone sounds much better than any conflict. The words to you –act wisely. Avoid conflicts since they can blossom into too much dramatic turns. Who of you out there may have to choose between 2 partners? That’s another possibility. And those who are sexually drawn to someone may have a deeply intense moment. Others may just feel so romantic that the creativeness will envelop you and you will write new songs or dabble in lost talents. This all can show up with a bolt out of the blue. Those most affected are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. On the other hand, who of you will be so shocked over a revelation that it boosts you right out of a fantasy and into a new reality? If there are delays, don’t let it dash your hopes. Many background things have to come together in order for anything to manifest at this time. Keep the faith. It is working for you.

This New Moon in Aries will have you energized if you allow it. This Moon is about playfulness and the optimism which I mentioned earlier. Remember back in the 90s when the big thing was looking at the child within. Well that child really is stirred up at this time and wants to play and dance and do everything fun. Will you bring that child out and enjoy this opening? It is also a time for sharing and collaborating on a project or a dream or whatever you choose. You dug deep into the dream in the past month and now it is time to take the dream up a level and purify it. New Moon in Aries brings about a purification of your energetic self. It gets rid of the cobwebs in your head (Aries) and maybe you might just see things more clearly.

On the 12th Pluto stations (in Capricorn) before turning retrograde for five months, ideal for getting the groundwork in place. Pluto retrograde is intense. It is widely square the New Moon so this does continue the reworking idea. This is a time of cleaning your internal house. Any old thought forms, communication patterns, and emotional rigidness need to be let go. Get rid of all those things that are outworn already. Give them up. That is what needs to be done again for those of you who continue to hang onto old junk that no longer serves the new energetic in you. I know that some of you may still be hanging on without realizing how much lighter you can become in your thinking, communicating and emotions. What are you waiting for? Once you realize what you has been dragging you down, wow, you can let it go with ease. What do you say? Pluto goes direct on September 20, 2013. This time give it a chance and release those patterns.

I was speaking to someone the other day and the individual asked me why I need to continue to look at astrology in order to live my life. And I said I don’t live by astrology. I go beyond it. Whatever is in your natal chart is there to show you what you brought into this life. Does it tell futures? NO. Does it tell you to do anything? NO. It is there as a blueprint so you can see the reality of who you are and then take it a step beyond. Many of those who work with the planets see it differently. That is ok. I look to see how you actually can walk through the obstacles and take advantage of the good aspects. In my chart for this New Moon in Arties it is conjunct Mars and Venus and squares my Moon. It is in my 11th house. It indicates that I may find some groups beneficial to me or I would hang out with quirky individuals. There could also be an unexpected opening on a new unusual path (don’t I do enough unusual things?) or originality will come to the fore. Enough said.

Thank you for all your support. Have a creative and enthusiastic New Moon time and write those intentions clearly. Many Blessings to you. Until again. Love, Jan

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