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This is big!!! The new moon is a partial solar eclipse which will get us off to the races, if you wish to take a leap forward. And wouldn’t you know it, the new moon is in Gemini at 11 degrees on June 1, 2011.  There are two more eclipses coming into play in the next month. There is one on June 15 and July 1. This new moon in Gemini rules communication of all types including email, Skype, texting, face to face conversation, videos and even those archaic things called hand-written letters and notes. I do like to write letters though. It gives me an opportunity to express myself either eloquently or otherwise.  We are so lucky to have gotten off the pony express and into satellites and beyond. What’s really going on is what you are wondering? If not, then you are living in an illusion.  The energy is shifting at this time and in the next month will speed up even more. It is no longer a time of holding on to what no longer is part of you. It is about heartfelt energy and soul connection. If you can improve something that is important to you than do so especially in communication. If you find you are stuck, then remove the glue and let go.

Old standby Saturn is in trine to the new moon so it brings your communication some structure.  It also is a time of revealing since solar eclipses (especially in a communication sign) bring things to the surface. Any ongoing lies or deceptions will come up and it may not be pretty. And gossip will hit the air bigtime. What is an illusion or real in your life? What have you been pretending to immerse yourself in? Is it a relationship that is no longer on your path or a job that makes you wish you were home doing something else? Think about it. This is a major transition time for thinking. Yes, you are going to change your mind or close to it. Your thinking is changing unless you live in a cave and want to lollygag your entire life. Not happening. This is a starting point for new beginnings. Just so happens this change in thinking has been going on leading up to the eclipse and a good friend and I have been working on things that are pertinent without even realizing it. This eclipse falls in my 12th house and I just finished clearing a healing on some unworthiness issues a few weeks ago. She changed her thinking also. All this has been leading up to the eclipse on June 1 2011 at 2:03pm PDT and 5:03EDT. This is exciting.

This is also about setting our intentions NOW at the new moon solar eclipse if you wish to manifest something quickly. It is so important to pay attention to any symbols or information that may appear out of the blue. It will be guiding you on your sacred path. Please know for any newbies, everyone has a path that he/she has come into this lifetime on which to move into your true being. This path will lead you to manifesting your  main mission in life. Even though there may be many avenues, detours, backtracks, sidesteps, whatever you wish to call it, you are still working toward your main spiritual purpose, Are you willing to change what needs changing including your thinking? My favorite saying has been “Change your Thinking, Change your Life”.

This is a time that communication is important. Any surprises or unexpected happenings occur quickly. Reminder: Be very clear about what you intend. For better or worse, now is the time to speak your mind and say what you really are thinking and intending. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I suggest a little tact, please. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”- Winston Churchill
There is no more hiding it. Bring lightheartedness to the forefront, watch your words at this time since there is so much power behind them, and leap into that creative action. Changing your thinking will bring to you the opportunity to do something and not continue to wait for it to come to you.

Many blessings dear ones. Clear the air so that you can take that leap once and for all. Until again.


Came across a few articles in the last week about young women and young men and how they relate. What an eye opener! It is ironic how we look at things and just pay little attention until something comes at the perfect time. Now, I know that social engineering in the US of A is fully in effect for these young women and men. The females dress like hookers and want no real commitment with the males in their lives because they are too involved with the superficial and themselves. There are many females who are very feminine and show the beauty that comes from within. What about the males who are looking to settle down and have a family? The superficial females say, what’s that? You know that concept of having children and growing together in a familial unit. Goodness me you cannot be serious. That would interfere with having more things and doing what I like to do and not care what you want. Let me have more, I deserve it, I am entitled. The female is still looking because the male she is with is not as good as the next one that may come along or the one after that. And instead of leaping into a full conversation and hearing what he has to say or vice versa, onward. What a mess! Both males and females are missing out in a big way.

And then if they are in a relationship, where are the manners? You know things like, please, thank you, excuse me to name a few. What have they been taught?  Or is that too old fashioned and reminds them of grandmothers and other nonessential old people? Many young men are being turned into robots without any guts to do anything outside the box. This is passivity at its finest. Or they are selected to be the new generation of follow the corporate leader who takes them down blind alleys and on merry-go-rounds. A slave  in the making is exactly what it is. Does anyone actually care about this manipulation that is occurring in our country? Yes, there are some who see what is going on and those are the ones who have taken a cosmic leap to amp up their energy and let the old ways disintegrate so that Spirit can come through. Then one can actually see the truth. Oh no, that word truth. Does it bother anyone? Hope not.  Because without truth, what is there? Lies and deception. Do you recognize any of this in your world? Are we not supposed to be peaceful creatures on this great Earth of ours?  We are constantly bombarded with loads of negativity everywhere we look. No wonder that many are so oblivious to the needs of others. How can we have loving relationships with turmoil around us and within us? We do pick up all that negative energy unless we wrap ourselves in a protective shield.  

It’s up to every one of us to give it our all to break on through the barriers that limit us. And in order to tear down walls in relationships we have to open our heart to allow the other individual’s energy to interact. No one knows what is in the minds of others in any kind of relationship. Do you? The only way to really know is for the other person to tell us what’s going on in his/her mind and heart. Why do men and women find it so difficult to open up to others? What a different world this would be if that would happen. Again the fear lingers within so many. More on the fear in relationships down the road. Happy weekend and remember those who fought for our liberty and getting that “real” freedom back again. Frank Lloyd Wright said: “A free America… means just this: individual freedom for all, rich or poor, or else this system of government we call democracy is only an expedient to enslave man to the machine and make him like it.”
Peace. Until again.


Wow. That’s all I can say. Here we go on a deep wild ride filled with darkness, passion and resistance to change. Shall I hide under the bed? No, maybe you should take the time and truly open your heart to allow that darkness to rise to the surface where you can actually say goodbye to it or transform it. Use EFT (Tapping Process) to get you through the next few months. Lots of stuff on EFT on the Net.

FULL MOON in Scorpio at 7:09EDT on May 17 2011 at 26 degrees Scorpio. This is almost like “The Rising” one of Mr. Springsteen’s songs or that other tune, “Let’s Face the Music and Dance”. Do you have beliefs that need to be transformed or released? Relationships are always first in my mind so let’s look at what can happen. You may find resistance to your relationship from family, friends and others who matter and you just shut the door on it once and for all because you know it is too much and there is too much fear. Some of you may take the bull by the horns and just plod through by releasing passions and desires bringing them to realization but only after some delays. Saturn sitting at 11degrees Libra is an obstacle and likes to make sure you take your time. The breakthrough does come. A new beginning manifests.  There seems to be urgency around the relationship. No forcing. Allow it to flow. The cathartic effect of this full moon will bring healing if you open to it. AND one more thing for those who are able to be close to someone today, it is so good for a pleasurable day due to Taurus’s sensuality and Scorpio’s love of transforming through sexual experiences. What fun! At least a leap can be had in this area of your life.

This FULL MOON is no different than other ones in the fact that it is about balance. This full moon is a highly charged emotional one due to the Taurus/Scorpio opposition. They are both fixed signs with material overtones from Taurus and mysteries/transformation from Scorpio. There is a dreamlike state that is also involved due to the Venus-Neptune –Chiron sextile. 3 more planets in Taurus add to the mix and Mars and Venus together can bring luxurious passion. There is so much intensity and this just adds to the pleasure that wants to be expressed. Are you living in a dream with that dream lover? It’s ok. Just know that reality does exist and don’t be hijacked by the full moon intensity or disappointment may appear. No more control tactics are needed.

On another note…there is a fixed star Algol which is sitting on this full moon. It has a really bad reputation for being negative. Watch your partying on this full moon.

In the external world around us there is so much tension and deception. Many things are rising to the surface so that the truth can be known.  Remember the more people that know the truth will help turn the tables on those who want to suppress the people. And there are a few of those hanging around. When I hear the lies being told through the media it is mind-boggling. I cannot figure out why they are not helping Japan with the radiation exposure. Also what manufactured event do they plan in the next couple of weeks or even on the full moon? Let’s keep our thoughts positive and keep the negative to a minimum. Things ARE coming to a head. Pay attention, be prepared and stay in your truth.  One health thing that has been going on in case you haven’t paid attention-The EU will ban the sale of certain herbs that have been around for a very long time according to Natural News. Or you may need a prescription for the herbal remedies down the road in the EU. This is something that could easily come to America if we do nothing.

Remember there is Divine timing in all things. If you have failed to manifest something in your life then maybe it is time to move on the path that is meant to be. Many blessings dear ones. Be kind to yourselves and know that truth does bring transformation. Until again. Peace.



Birthday week, quake in Spain, Italians were taking the day off yesterday expecting a big quake, 4 planets in Aries and the dollar up a teeny bit according to what I saw on George Ure. Energy seems a bit off-balance this week, I think a major energy shift going on.  I noticed the drivers seem to be erratic. Unbelievable how many have cut me off in just a short period. Every day someone tries to cut me off. People are certainly acting in unexpected fashion on the highways.  Just took a look at the HAARP readings to see what’s going on there. No information available. To me when HAARP is down means not good. We did make it past the 5/11 date which everyone said something was to happen on a major scale. Nothing. The full moon next week may bring a quake or two and maybe some more flooding. Taurus (Earth)/Scorpio (Water). Flash flooding??   Government has blasted the levees on the Mississippi and the river has risen to great heights and is flooding the towns on its banks especially in Tennessee. Hope the rain doesn’t come over that area. That would be a big mess. And on a more personal note -maybe we need to blast our way out of “stuck” places.

Was thinking on my birthday about how I was feeling stuck. And pondered on it for awhile and decided that I needed to take a tiny leap. Not ready for the big one yet because all the items are yet to come together. So, what now? How about you? Are you stuck in any swamp or trap or any other thing you wish to call it? Hemmed in on something that feels like it’s closing you in and you have no motion. Maybe it is the glue on your shoes?  Tell me about it. What makes you feel this way? There is definitely too much on my plate with no time for me. Too much work and no play…dull, dull, dull. Did get to join some of the horsey set on the weekend and that was a lot of fun yet, that stuck place is still there. So what do I do about it…what do you do about it? The best thing to do is get excited about something. Those planets in Aries have heated things up and boy, I will tell you I intended it to the Universe/God/Divine and said this is it. Send it to me. Get passionate; get riled up in a good way. Find that inner core trigger that will bring you a new direction (really “the” direction that is you). That depth of excitement that arises when you know you are on your path is what propels you forward, even if it is only in mini steps. Do you feel like bolting out of the gate like the horses at the Derby? I know I do yet I know it is still about timing. Keep that patience to the forefront.  Start a journal and the first thing you write is state what your passion is. Decide in your heart what you truly wish to do. Write it down. Live it, dream it, intend it. That’s it, you ask? Well, no. Now sit in that place and truly feel it. And please, yes please, that fear has to go. That keeps us stuck. Dump it.

When do you choose it to happen? Set the date by which you choose it to happen. Then if it is a project type item, decide how much money you need to make it happen. I am doing this, will you? It is nothing new. This is an old concept. You have heard it before.  This all came back to me when I was rereading an old book of mine, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It’s a good time to revisit that stuck place and move through it. EFT will help. No negative thinking allowed. And stay away from corybantic actions. Just allow and give thanks. Blessings to all and may you find peace today dear ones. More to come. Until again.

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