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Here we go again. This is the third eclipse within a month. How awesome is that?  Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy? I doubt that. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 4:54 am EDT, 1:54am PDT. What a grand time with the Grand Cross again. Sun/Moon in Cancer (sensitive, family oriented), Saturn (restrictions or control) in Libra, Pluto (power/transformation/death) in Capricorn and ol’ stir it up Uranus (unexpected) in Aries. Let me go hide under the bed. Who requested this design? What are YOU going to do with this energy that is taking hold of everyone at this time? Emotions are starting to run rampant this week and it’s only Tuesday. Are you as exhausted as I have been?  Some days the energy is so high, and then it just takes me down to the bottom of the heap. What feelings will be coming up for you on Friday? Please control yourself and keep things in perspective because this is BIG. What can happen…well, let’s see, world hotspots can ignite again (hope not), ongoing earth and weather changes (natural? or not), power struggles in the global community with the Mars aspect/Pluto. And you wanted to have a nice lazy Friday afternoon and weekend with family barbeques. You may still do it BUT watch out in those areas that have too much water already like Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska, or who knows exactly what is happening in Fukushima, Japan. I know they are both safe. (Ok, what swamplands shall I sell you?) And don’t forget all that water in Minot, North Dakota. And how about the wildfires that are coming closer to Los Alamos lab in New Mexico ( I know it’s just a little threat and that’s why people are evacuating). Gee whiz! Please watch travel this weekend of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. And there may be severe storms in the Midwest as far east as Ohio and southern Virginia. What’s going on in the dark of the moon as we approach that New Moon Solar Eclipse? What aren’t we seeing?

 This new moon eclipse is a time of new beginnings and death of the old paradigm. It is a beneficial time to look at your dark side, that evil twin who pops out periodically to snag you. This moon is especially sensitive yet is ready to close out the dregs still haunting from the past. The process of letting go may create pain somewhere deep within you. Do you really need the obsession or possession? Ceres is square Venus which is mothers versus lovers. Oh dear me! If you have 2 degrees (maybe even 3) on either side of the eclipse that area will be affected in your chart. If you have 7-11 degreed planets in Capricorn this too will be affected plus anything that is in Aries or Libra. New moons whether eclipsed or not are a time of writing down your manifestation goals. Therefore, in my life, the solar eclipse new moon squares my natal Neptune. Drat. And that suggests writing down my goals, my intentions, putting them away and forgetting about it. Neptune will undermine if I obsess or have little faith. So I have to intend and let it happen and allow Divine timing to take place.  Also in mine it is in my first house of self which means that I probably need to reinvent who I am. Get it out there in order for people to see the authentic me. Begin a new project. (I do phone consultations or email ones in case you are not in my area and are interested in looking beyond).

 If you are out of balance in some area of your life, the planetary set-up can bring to light what part of you that needs integration. Today with influences continuing tomorrow, there is a Mars/Chiron aspect which can bring up old patterns that have been ignored and are ready to be transmuted and released. Wouldn’t it be nice to rid yourself of those old ways that stifle your growth on your path? Is there any really big leap that you are ready to take? Stop wavering and go ahead take it.

 The 3 eclipses in the past month are bringing major shifting within you. Those old patterns and habits are falling by the wayside. Well, I think they are, or is that grasp you have on the past so tight you never notice that you are being prepared to shift your energy to a new beginning and walk that path with integrity,  There are restrictive shadows still around.  Ego seems to be out of control right now; talk to your inner self and get it in line before it wreaks havoc on a relationship or job arena or anything else. Take a good look at you and how you act and think and feel. This is a chance for healing and renewal wherever you may need that in your life. And as you are doing that healing you may be forced to look at some hard truths that come up. What are you refusing to see? Are you still in the past? Do you do the same things over and over in the same way? Do it now…look closely- yes, do some self-examination and if it is no longer who you are, please let it go BECAUSE in mid-August, Mars touches on the eclipse point and “all hell can break loose”. As you go through the next weeks leading up to that time in August, get yourself in balance. Transmute the shadow, that ego stuff and one “evil” twin. Hey, we all have them. Or do you plan to let that inner monster hold you back from your truth. Oh please. And notice what’s going on around you right now so that in August you don’t get blindsided.  

 Dan Millman writes, “Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when your mind resists what is. The only problem in your life is your mind’s resistance to life as it unfolds.”

 Here you are ready to take a leap and your fear comes up. What can you do? Walk through it. And forget about following someone else’s path because the more you stray from your own, the more difficult it gets for everyone. You are here at this time to raise that vibration. Those of you who are awake know to what I am referring and love is truly in your hearts for giving and receiving; those who are just starting to see the truth, love is just coming up in new ways and then there are those who live in fear who just haven’t gotten it yet, and those who have are here to help you raise up that vibration of yours to a loving place. How wonderful that will be! By the way, know that even a small leap is better than not even acknowledging the new energy. Human consciousness is rising up on a worldwide scale and the Powers that Be are running scared. This is not what they had in mind and those who hold the Light for others to awaken are performing a grandiose task. Kudos to all.

 I think of this time as a flowing river with a few hidden obstacles that periodically pop up. As long as you pay attention to your ride down the river and you keep your hands on the steering, you can navigate your path with only minor obstacles. Let nothing distract you. And there are those who will try to distract you when your energy begins to reach a certain level. Keep this in mind as you continue on your path. This is a time of knowing what’s coming and keeping your energy vibration high no matter what goes on. Take the high road and pay attention. Taking that cosmic leap will bring you joyful feelings and new beginnings. Are you ready? What does your heart call you to do? Go in that direction and the shifting will be less stressful. Wishing you many blessings, love and bright days ahead. Keep that vibration up and let the love flow.  Be safe this weekend.  Until again. Jan


Have you leaped and found your treasure yet?

Today is the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2011 at 1:17pm EDT which is taking place in the Northern Hemisphere. Here we have a marker in the midst of the three eclipses (2 of which have occurred and the one on July 1sr). In my last writing about the eclipse on the 15th, I thought about what I said about finding that treasure in your life whether it was a creative venture, a new approach to loving, speaking your truth, or just walking through the stuck place and finding a new you. Here are some things to ponder: Are you where you choose to be? Are you doing what you dream about? Are you reaching others with your love? Do others know the authentic you? Are you at peace with your world? What can you do to change something if nothing is working or you feel down, bored or just too conditioned and focused on things that are truly meaningless? No one else is going to do it for you unless you are a member of the highest elite of the world. Then you get no choice. Your life is carved out for you and you just go along with it. Most of us are in the other 99% group. So, that means we have to cut through the habits and patterns that are so inherent in us. No one else will take you to where you choose to go. Oh, of course, you have supportive individuals if you look for them.  How can you do that when many of you are still sleepy heads and are holding on for dear life to the old stuff? Even if something good comes along that actually affects you in the deepest ways, you turn off to it and stick with the old junk. Yuk! As I tell many of those who know me, in case you choose to do nothing, a spiritual 2×4 may appear out of nowhere. It did happen to me years ago. Yet it was a big hit. So, please consider opening to your authentic self.  

Authentic self comes out when you keep ego in balance and that’s something that takes some effort. Did you ever notice how big some egos are? My goodness, this has nothing to do with the Harry Potter movies BUT, think of that woman in the first film who blows up like a balloon. Well, it was funny, wasn’t it? Yet, that’s how some egos get out of whack. They just fill themselves up with hot air. Can I really say that? Yep, sure can. And then they burst to nothing when someone calls them on a truth. Oi vey! So, ego may be standing in your way too!!! Oh my, what are you going to do? All that conditioning from ancient times and ancestral influences may be keeping you stagnant. Your beliefs that were created by others and those outworn habits need to go by the wayside. Why hold onto something that is someone else’s stuff that you were force fed?

So, the main theme of this Summer Solstice is finding your gift, your truth and allowing it into your life and taking the cosmic leap into a new direction and taking it forward. There is a Cardinal Cross in the chart of the Solstice that has Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries and Sun in Cancer.  With the Sun in Cancer how about just a tidbit about those Sun/Moon/Ascendant Cancer types? You can be quite loving, peaceful individuals. You give and give to anyone and don’t know when to stop. You are the mother/father types who look after your families/friends/coworkers /children. You are very sensitive and well-meaning but can withdraw when you feel uncomfortable. You love to nurture.  Where is this Solstice point and Cardinal Cross in your chart? Ask me or you can look on It can help to get you through the upcoming months by knowing this. Whatever shifted at the lunar eclipse on the 15th of June may now be apparent to you. That recognition can help you take a leap into that new creativity which you keep ignoring. And it may inspire those further who have already begun to activate their gifts and talents.  To top it all there are many of you who have been feeling tired the past weeks. I know I have. Now there is a new energy wave coming in with this Solstice point. It can be energizing but also may affect others with fatigue. Go figure. Are you going to take advantage of this or will you ignore it and keep doing the humdrum over and over again?  “Come on up for the rising…”

To sum it up…new energy brings inspiration. Take advantage and acknowledge those gifts and talents and pay attention to what is coming intuitively and through synchronicity or that Cardinal Cross occurring may unexpectedly shift things that may rock your system fully and then what will you do?

Just saw this in Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s newsletter. The Zen Master poured his visitor’s teacup full, and then kept pouring. The visitor watched until he could no longer restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!””Like this cup,” the Zen Master said, “you are full of your own opinions and assumptions. How can you learn truth until you first empty your cup?”

So get rid of that old baggage, that old way of thinking and let the good times roll in.  Let those old emotions, that guardedness of the past be released and transmuted to a new higher energy. New patterns of higher energy are now coming into the earthly realm and you will truly begin to notice a shift in circumstances. Stay open to it. Pay attention (yes!) and let go of fear.   

May your blessings increase as you go through this time period. May you find the gift that opens your heart to the truth. Sending joy and love to you. Happy leaping!!! Until again. Jan


What a bunch of nutcases!  I quote my father on this one. That’s what I see in this world right now.  Everyone seems to have gone off the deep end. I will get to the Lunar Eclipse in a minute but first I would like to say that since the crazies are running the asylum, please start thinking about some preparations. I don’t know what the PTB have in mind for the next few months. IF there is something that is being planned or even a natural occurrence (??) do stock up on water and foods that are not perishable.  And do remember batteries in case there is a power outage. My guess is nothing will happen BUT with all the distractions that are going on, I suggest the preps because who knows what lurks underneath this confusion. No fear, please, Just prep a bit. Have you noticed that much of what’s going on personally and worldwide can be found first on Lifetime movies? J And just to ponder…what really happened in Japan? A reputable site “NaturalNews” has stated that they think that much of what happened was unnatural. I tend to concur with that. A 9.0 earthquake would have done a heck of a lot more damage. Anyway…onto the eclipse.

FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE JUNE 15 2011     4:14pm EDT; 1:14PDT

Can you say changes? Oh, yes. Any hidden stuff you have is coming to the surface breaking through the layers of stagnation. Break on through to the other side, to quote the Doors. By June 20 you need to stop pushing. You need to stay in the moment and allow the energy to flow in. There is a new personal cycle coming to pass that brings in new beginnings and those “close the door” endings.  Which will it be in your life? Can it be both? Do watch out for impulsive or rash behavior which will darned well have a bad effect on your relationships and do some major undermining.  And those emotions which you choose to keep in check…no way you are going to do that. You can no longer hide those emotions, no matter what they are.  Are those old wounds bothering you? Isn’t it time to clear them out already?  This is about realigning old emotions and beliefs that may hinder your progress on your road in life. Those beliefs of olden times have to be let go.  Did you let them go in the last 2 weeks? That’s what the June 1 eclipse was asking you to do.

And if you love someone, c’mon already, sing it out. And if you are pretending, then say good-bye. Life is changing and so are you. This is no time for games. Only the PTB can play the games because they still haven’t figured it out. (Well, they may have but they hope you don’t realize that they are running scared. )The new paradigm which is being recognized by those who choose to see it has been in effect for many years now. Those who haven’t noticed, ol’ sleepy heads, wake up. Intuition comes forth to save the day and that old logical thinking, which we do need at times, is now on the back burner. Deeper feelings are important to bring in the new energy which is being sent to us to Light up our lives with joyousness and helping us see what our gifts and talents are.

Do you resonate with those around you? If not, then why are you in the relationship, the job, the friendship, the whatever? I know that jobs are hard to come by. Now is the time to be creative and work your job and maybe, just maybe also allow your gifts to come out of the attic and bring you the treasure you deserve. That’s what this lunar eclipse Full moon in Sagittarius is about. Yes, you can have fun and explore the depths of your being and try to find that truth and creative gift, but this fun isn’t fun for the sake of having fun. It is time to step up once and for all and take that cosmic leap.

And one more thing about that relationship-give your all if you are in for the long run. Seriously, work together; it is the moment to do that. Think of how far you can get in tandem rather than separately creating, loving and knowing the truth. Speaking of truth, this is a time around these eclipses when honesty comes into play. Your intuition is at a high point. Use it. The time is upbeat and optimistic yet the earth is crying for help around you. Maybe this is how the earth will get your attention because the earth is feeling what you are feeling. So stay joyous and things will shift. The earth knows the truth…do you? Or have you been brainwashed by the media which spews out nothing but gunk to create an illusion of all is ok? Please wake up or it will get much tougher down the road. Try to make clear decisions soon so the same old stuff doesn’t continue to hang around and play havoc with your life. No decision can delay your progress on your path for months to come.   

Keep honesty in your friendships, your marriages, your love affairs and anywhere else that you happen to be. This is a most important point and if you remember nothing else, mark that down. Do pay attention, which is something I say all the time.

There may be an individual who appears in your life and may teach you something that is new to you. This comes from the Full moon on the North Node (the direction in this life where your truth can be found…new horizons). North node stuff isn’t always comfortable. I can give you an example in my own life. I live in a place where the Sun of the locale is very close to my North node. Never could figure out these people around me or why I was here. It was a strange new location which I learned to adapt and just be present to it. Still am here and see the evolving of my gifts and talents although no one seemed to be that interested for a long time. I guess I just had to immerse myself in my truth and then the door opened. North node is interesting energy. South node is where you have been and what you already know from the past. Both complement each other. You need to allow that forward motion to take place leaving the past in the past.

Again I repeat now is the time to make a choice. Yes, that choice needs to be made and then you can attune to a new beginning and be free of those restrictions.  Do I need to get out my scissors? Any resistance you have now between the eclipses will create deep energetic discomfort if you haven’t let go of old beliefs and patterns that have hindered your growth. And stop the control tactics. They will come back to haunt you. You have the opportunity to expand your awareness and start being more open and adaptable.  You need a foundation to build now for the future which Saturn will help you do, since it has gone direct.  

Soon the Summer solstice is upon us and we can perhaps dance with joy and laughter. Here is a great quote to sum it up.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.
– Joseph Campbell

Looking forward to hearing from you if there is anything that is happening that is related to the letting go or anything else that was emphasized. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a wonderful FULL MOON ECLIPSE day and beyond and may you be blessed with joyful interactions and peaceful moments. Are you as grateful as I am? Until again. Jan


We are 3 days before the next eclipse as I am posting this and things are pumping up even more. Some are oblivious, some are aware and others don’t care. Emotions run rampant. So, before I post something about the next eclipse in a couple of days I thought I would share some upbeat poetry from 12 years ago in the 20th century. That is so hard to believe. Time sure has sped up. Wrote this before a relationship reconnected the week of June 13 1999  after 33 years.  And since I was and still am into always looking to take a leap, I thought if I put something out to the Universe, it might just happen.And it did. Funny thing how a relationship occurs when we are least expecting it, but we sometimes “know” on a deeper level that it is coming.  “Parallel Me”

How do I find you

how do I know

whether you are out there

ready to row

Down the stream of life

you find a way to flow

always turning and twisting

looking only to grow

What us the seed of yesterday’s dream

when do I get to see
will you come find me as I know you will

or shall I just stay here and be

 What will I say when you appear

waiting to come in the door

nothing else matters to me at this time

just getting ready to soar

Right to the top we find the true soul

always to the next step and more

give me your hand and I’ll pull you along

or do you want to let out that roar

(copyright 1999)jmk

 Be back soon. Blessings for a peaceful

couple days while I search out the lunar

eclipse on the 15th of June. Until again.

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