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FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse, November 28, 2012-Jumping over the Shadow

Are you ready for the truth or do you intend to stay in the many games of the mind? I hope that you had a bountiful Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate. And the others of you who do not I also hope you had a pleasant weekend. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is upon us. It arrives on November 28, 2012 at 9:46am EST; 6:46am PST. The FULL MOON is in 6’47 degrees of Gemini. Sun is in Sagittarius at that time. What can we expect from this FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse? Lunar Eclipses tend to bring to the surface things that are working or not and you may be totally unaware of them until the eclipse hits a point. They show up the weaknesses as well as strengths in various areas of your life. It all depends where it falls in your chart as to what area of life it will affect. Some who have planets at 6+ degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel it more intensely. I have it in my 12th house which indicates it is time for me and finding time to rejuvenate and rest because there will be heightened activity down the road and lots of people wanting to communicate with me. Oi vey! It also is inconjunct (150degrees) my Chiron (the wounded healer) which means to me that some old emotional wounds can be finally released and healed but it will take some adjusting in the process. More work to be done. Eek!

This Full Moon is about communication and thinking and expanding the positives and really making a decision to move on and let go all the things that no longer work in your life. There is a Yod involved. A Yod is formed by 2 planets in sextile (60degrees) aspect (harmonious) to each other and both of those planets are also quincunx (adjustment needed) or inconjunct (150 degrees)another planet which is not related in element or gender. This is either very strong flow of energy or a deeply felt block.

The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini make this Full Moon with the Lunar Eclipse a time for truth. Honesty reigns supreme at this juncture. There are messages that will be revealed that can shift your entire life around. Lots of sexual energy and much conversation about soulmate type relationships and also triangular ones.  This is all due to Yod which includes Lilith (asteroid) who tends to bring  a third party into the picture.

At the time of the Full Moon Venus conjuncts Saturn so you have to stop hiding and running from old issues and take a leap at communicating and fix the karma from past actions. It also says the commitments are real. Also there is a Venus aspect to Uranus, not so hot, but definitely healing. So and so said something you didn’t like…oh well, guess the Universe thought you needed to hear it and that way it is up for you to heal. Tune into it and you will know that it has been lurking in your mind for the past months, maybe even years. Now is the time to truly look at anything that may be hindering your forward motion and growth. Goodness me, take a look already and clear out the cobwebs so the healing can take place. Do it now and it will fade away and you can feel clearer. Understand? With Venus also in good aspect to Pluto, if you haven’t made it right in a relationship, now is the time to do it. Go for it. You will be happy you did. And boy it can get hotter than hot if you choose that path. It can be explosive passionately in a very positive way as long as you deal with your shadow side. You do know that many are still being controlled by that from deep within. Do you? If you are having a tough time in a relationship, now is the time that thorn is pulled out and you actually feel that love. Yes, go for it because it will be significant. Although this can be great there is still a possible dividing point that keeps you projecting your own fears and inhibitions regarding the external world and people in it. You need to realize that not everyone is the enemy,. So, it’s up to you as to whether you stick with the commitment or go after real connecting link which some may say is forbidden. The great divide still lingers. Will you allow it to continue and give Lilith the upper hand or will you stick to your true direction no matter what others think or feel? Decisions, confusion and you thought it was going to be easy. Oh my. Just do it.

Since there are so many switches with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse point, there is no telling what direction you may take. Due to the Lilith effect and Jupiter being in the mix, I do know that some of you will feel like you are in the wrong place all of a sudden and by the time December 21st comes along you will need to fly free and find somewhere else to be since where you are no longer feels good. And resistance has little value at that time. It is now or now. Oh yes, many of you will be pondering this and will figure out just what it is saying by the time the next New Moon comes along. There is much complexity to this Full Moon and the thinking that has been avoided will need to take place so that going into the new year is more rewarding. Some of you will be bringing to fruition a dream which has been on the table for a very long time. Keep the water flowing and if tears arrive release them so you can purify yourself as you leap forward into a brand new beginning.

Do pay attention to unexpected new opportunities that arise like the phoenix from the fires. This is so important  to remember at this Full Moon. How will you handle the explosive Mars/Pluto aspect or the Venus/Saturn return to what was. Lots going on and it feels too complex when you let your mind swirl around it. It is about thinking and recognizing what is the true direction you are going and how to get back on track if you have chosen otherwise. Sweep the indecisiveness away and you will see how exciting it can become. Take that idea, get support and run in that new direction. Feel the goodness within. Amazing! How did you miss it before?

Have a rejuvenating week and be blessed. PAY ATTENTION PLEASE because what comes may be startling that what you intended may actually happen more quickly than you thought possible. Thank you again for all you do. Until again. Love, Jan

A DAY of THANKFULNESS – Does it change your thinking?

It is Thanksgiving Day in the US of A. It is a day to think about thankfulness. It is just one day that represents every day because each day is a day of being thankful and grateful. For those who do not celebrate this American tradition, it is still important to think about having gratitude and thankfulness. Do you? “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” (M. Eckhart)

Did you wake up today being grateful for your life? There are many of you who are in pain and suffering due to circumstances beyond your control. Can you still be thankful for something in your life? Many times people have wondered how I can be thankful for all the challenges that have appeared in my life whether in childhood or teenage years or through the rest of the years. It took me years to recognize how thankful I was for me and who I was and how grateful I felt for the experiences which made me into the strong and loving woman I am today. Yes, there are obstacles and yes, there are setbacks, yet life is here for living not for complaining and moaning and being bitter about what happened 10 minutes ago, 10 days ago, 10 years ago or even 100 years ago.  And why am I saying this now? This is the first step in releasing all the gunk in your thinking patterns, all the old worn out beliefs and all the buried anger and resentment. By being grateful for your experiences and thankful that you are here to change those things will bring you to a higher vibration and more peace and joy in your life. And add in “love”. There is no peace without LOVE. So those of you who have a notion that you can have peace without showing real love, it may become more difficult in the coming days. Try the thankfulness road and you may find your thought process will change and your life will be more on track and you begin take leaps.

Just a reminder that the Sun has just entered Sagittarius and Venus has entered Scorpio. The Sun in Sagittarius is about expanding your horizons, reading books and having a joyful time while staying in an optimistic frame of mind. Oh sure, you say. Seriously, if you choose to get out of your rut, take a trip or just be in the company of good friends who have great things to say and will support your optimism. Watch for recklessness in your words though since you may choose to blurt out things that can be said in a more diplomatic way. Some people do take things personally so any harsh words. Things were pretty mysterious with the Sun in Scorpio so now is your chance to get to the truth if that’s what you are looking for.

With Venus in Scorpio you can get to the root issues in your relationships and move from the balance and peacefulness of it leaving Libra and pumping up the action in Scorpio. It can get pretty hot. Venus in Scorpio wants the truth in everything including your relationship, Can you handle the heat? It may bring suppressed negatives to the surface. How will you handle that? Then again with all the intensity rising and letting the issues come up to be released, the physical and emotional intimacy will come into a better place. Stop running from it and face the issues and then the truth can be present and the heat will support your walk forward.

Mercury is still retrograde and will go direct on November 26 at 18 degrees Scorpio. I need to keep my words to myself since it is opposite my Sun. Someone may misinterpret what I say. Oh drat as if this is something new!!!! The direct motion comes 2 days before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 28. Stay tuned.

Blessings to you as thankfulness and gratitude are to the forefront. Remember it in your daily lives and you will begin to see the changes that will amaze you. Thank you for your support and all you do. Until again. Love, Jan


NEW MOON ECLIPSE in SCORPIO -November 13, 2012: How real is it, or not?

Uh oh! If you have any major secrets or are telling big whoppers (lies) you may find your life in an upheaval with the NEW MOON Eclipse which is occurring today, November 13, 2012 at 5:08 EST at 21degrees 57 minutes Scorpio. Scorpio is an intense sign and deeply emotional. Eclipses, especially Solar ones bring to the surface things in your life that you may find difficult to look at and try to suppress them. Not happening. Just face whatever shows up and open to walking through it.

It is interesting to note that the scandal which has affected CIA Director Petraeus in the last few days has occurred right before the New Moon Eclipse. This is why I say to you pay attention because the stars are on the money. What happened with David Petraeus? His world has collapsed because his extramarital affair has surfaced. Oh really. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is transiting his Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron in your birth blueprint represents where you are most vulnerable and wounded. I don’t have a chart for Petraeus but I do know that Pluto has been hovering over his Chiron. So, it looks like it transformed and brought to the surface some old wounds and hidden things that need to be healed with the help of old New Moon Eclipse energy. He is a Scorpio and the news happened right around his birthday of November 7. How uncanny, huh? Pluto is squaring Uranus generally so it continues to open up the old paradigm and expose something new. And since the Sun and Moon are in Scorpio at the New Moon time it shows up as sex, sex, lies, secrets. Soap opera anyone?

What else does this NEW MOON Eclipse bring? Depending on your chart is whether this energy will affect you in an intense way. What planets do you have at almost 22 degrees Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius? Or in which house does it fall? No matter what is going on the bottomline is first that it can be a new beginning wherever it occurs. It continues to communicate the message dear ones that you need to be your authentic self no matter what is going on in your life. The Scorpio New Moon Eclipse can take you down in a big way (like Petraeus) or lift you into a new direction. Which would you life? Then be authentic in your dealings with everyone…always. There are many mean people surfacing lately and that is what you need to avoid. Treat people kindly without that mean edge. Or if you are narrow-minded, please give it up already. Reacting with mean words or closed mind will only bring on the Scorpion sting. And Scorpio may forgive but never forgets. Keep that in mind.

 This New Moon aspects the North Node or Dragon’s Head and it may bring good fortune to some of you or the new direction as mentioned previously. New starts are good now and the old has to be let go. I have said this many times and there are some of you who just refuse to understand how important it is to step out of the past and walk on the path that brought you into this lifetime. You need to release those entrenched demons which continue to plague your existence and with Chiron going direct tomorrow, you can begin to do so. With Neptune already direct a couple of days ago it is time to weave the spirit back into your daily living and get on with your truth. The need for holding on to any people or things which have no relevance to your new direction is now over. Release and move on. You will know shortly why I say this. With the South Node in Taurus you need to reconsider your values and ownership. It is time to use the energy to think about partnering and moving forward in cooperative efforts and merging the power with others.

 Since Mercury is still retrograde until the 26th and the only major aspect on the New Moon is Neptune squaring (in conflict) with Mercury communication may get a bit murky. The fog of Neptune can bring deception to the forefront. You need to be able to discern the truth or Neptune will confuse the issues. Listen carefully. Discernment is the key. Mercury continues retrograde motion into Scorpio hours after the New Moon Eclipse. The lightness and truth of Sagittarius is now brought into the deep dark crevices of Scorpio. You begin to transform the hidden facets that no longer serve you. It begins to shine that light into the depths of your psyche.

Do we have any victims out there? Are you one? Do you like to play that part in the drama of life? Victimhood can easily emerge from the depths of your mind during the New Moon energy. Is this really how you choose to go through life? That’s too much drama for me. The worst of the victim feelings may be terribly blatant. Are you going to continue to blame everyone and everything in your life for your choices? Is this you? C’mon already dear ones, start etching out a new and better thinking pattern. The emotional letting go of your demons is available to you. Stop blocking your way. Do you really need negative attention creating chaos around you on your new path? No one can control anything in life. Oh, yes, you can try your darndest, but it will be in vain. Give it up.

With Neptune squaring Mercury retrograde the chances of lots of toxicity being present…ok, it is already surrounding you, but it will still be present with full effects. Watch for sudden allergies or autoimmune system issues. More toxins are in food, water and environment. If you consume alcohol at this time, one drink may feel like 20. Keep your eyes open (all them including the 3rd eye). Is it real or is it an illusion. Keep your eyes open so that you can discern whether what you are hearing or seeing is true. This is a wonderful time for creativity even with the toxins swirling in your life. Creative writing and poetry are especially favored. Lock yourself in the tower and create a masterpiece. Art works too!

Whichever house this New Moon Eclipse falls in is where you are most likely to have to make a change for the better. Protect yourself from any mean angry people wherever you may be. This can occur for the next 6 months. In my own chart it shows up in my 6th house. Fitness program here I come. EEK. And probably some changes in my daily life occur. Try opening your heart and letting unconditional love move through you.  Even though it may be an intense time let the Light shine brightly within so others can feel your truth.

Many blessings dear ones and start planning to take the next small leap after Mercury goes direct on the 26th of November. Until again. Love, Jan

TO ponder:  Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time. -don Miguel Ruiz


ELECT to REFLECT–Are there any real changes?

Here we go again. This past week on the Eastern Seaboard of the US has suffered horrific damage and brought many of you to a place of suffering. I watched the storm on television off and on throughout the timeframe and it was a wake up moment. There is a big message here all of you, it is a time for you to really begin to pay attention wherever you live in the US of A or the world. Many here in this part of America do not know the horrors that have been perpetrated on the rest of the world and our blessings have been many. That doesn’t mean that the blessings will always be there because many behind the scenes have been working against what has been accomplished here. No soapbox, just facts. There are big changes coming. Will they be here on December 21, 2012 as many of you believe? I doubt it. I can hear some of you saying that I am off base. Well, I may be, that’s true, because I am only speaking from what I perceive. This may have been Mother Nature speaking out but I do believe she had some help. Isn’t it interesting that Fukushima happened in March of 2011, the Gulf Oil spill occurred September 2010. Now, last week, hurricane Sandy has brought major damage to the people and shoreline of Delaware, New Jersey, New York (city and Long Island) and other parts of the Eastern states. Should they all have been prepared? I have read comments from some individuals, who expected everyone to run for the hills, get out of dodge and or just cope. Most of those along the shorelines did. But those in the New York City area did not. Not everyone has the capability or means to evacuate. Did you ever try to leave NYC in rush hour? Well, I have done so and it is not the easiest thing to do. Can you imagine if everyone did that? Before I move on to what is going on, just think about this- relief efforts are finally taking place. Some towns have it and others do not. PAY ATTENTION dear ones because there is something you are failing to see as to what is happening in this country. It is difficult to know what to believe. Discernment is certainly needed and that is something that many have yet to put into place. And will the election make a difference, I don’t think so. Whoever is going to be President has already been decided. Don’t fall for the deception, dear ones. The battle is only beginning and keeping it positive is what you all need to do.

As I write this Mercury in Sagittarius is going retrograde in a couple of hours. It retrogrades today, November 6, 2012 at 3:04 PM EST. Today it slows to a very slow motion and continues to go seemingly backwards until November 26, 2012. In that time period it is best to reflect and revise, clean out the cobwebs of your mind and maybe your house or otherwise. You know already it rules communication…and it may just be time to regroup your thoughts and get ready to devise a plan to leap forward into some project or commitment around the 17th of November when it sits with the SUN in Scorpio. It began at 4 degrees Sagittarius and at that time on the 17th it has been in Scorpio for about a week plus. Once Mercury goes forward again it is the time for action and moving forward with a plan you just devised. This is the focus of your next several months. No plans made, then same old stuff. Oh, it does have changes but find that focus and take it up a notch whether it is a business, a relationship or just open communication. Once Mercury goes direct, watch the hidden stuff in your life because Mercury in Scorpio direct will bring it into the open. Oops.

Venus entered Libra on October 29 which opens communication about marriages, divorce. contracts, peaceful settlements and other relationship matters. Are you going to keep it all in balance or are you going to let the gust of wind coming in the new storm take you off your track. What do you think? How will you be?

Who will be the next President? As I finish writing this short post this evening, it is still undetermined. Whoever gets in will have the same issues to deal with as the outgoing one. And if the President remains the same, do send him good energy because he will definitely need it. Lots of uproar on the way…in more ways then one. Stay tuned. The NRE MOON is an eclipse and will arrive on November 13. Watch for the next post. A window of negative energy is still upon us so be prepared and continue to pay attention. You cannot for one moment be lax at this time. No one said you had to be negative, just know that lots of individuals are in that energy.

Blessings to all of you and thank you . Until again. Love, Jan

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