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“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”(Gail Sheehy)

Hello again dear ones. What have you changed this week? Anything? Nothing? Surely the world around you is changing without any input from you. Does that affect your being?  Have you relooked, reevaluated, reassessed in the past 6 months since Saturn went retrograde? Yesterday on the 25th of June, Saturn took off again in forward motion.  Are you ready to gather what you reviewed in the past months and take a small leap? Have you kept the same old notions and refused to budge? Or have you seriously pored over your heart yearnings and brought the mind in to balance and now you are going to put those goals out there? Have you chosen to stay stuck in the same thoughts, relationships, old beliefs and whatever junk that continues to permeate your life? Many will think of career-related activities and how to stay in or leave the position. Saturn rules Capricorn and generally speaking your career and potential for growth in that area. So, if you really looked at your relationships and career and made decisions in the last 6 months then, you are on your way to progress. If you haven’t then entropy still sits in your significant relationships, in your job and in your outlook on life and as the above quote says, you aren’t really living. Cheers to those of you who made decisions and opened your life to the changes.

For those of you who haven’t had the courage to truly see the truth, then I have a notion that fear is at the root of it. So many of you are still stuck in old beliefs whether they are family-oriented, religious-oriented, greed motivated or you have been resisting your own heartsong. Why would any of you choose to resist your forward progress and recreating your living experience? Are you in denial about your truth? Or do you have little self-acceptance? If you cannot accept who you are then there is no motivation to change what needs changing. There are many of you who rather punish yourself than accept yourself. And that lack of self-acceptance keeps you from allowing the authentic you to be present in all parts of your life. And without self-acceptance can there be any love to share?

Venus goes direct on June 27 and that will help you take a look at the heart of the matter in any relationship which you are involved. Brighter times can be yours in the love arena. Take note dear ones that things can change with your help.

Before I close this post I want to rant about how seriously disturbing life has become. Let’s be real. If better days are ahead then it is up to every one of you (including me) to do something, shift something. If you are waiting for those in power to help you, I suggest that your winning the mega millions lottery is more likely. My interest has always been in the joy of life yet I have to recognize more than ever that evil dominates a growing percentage of the peoples of the world.  How many of you can honestly say that everyone you know is truthful, honest, walks with integrity and is filled with joy. When was the last time you felt truly joyous? BE HONEST!!!! Many people are rude and discourteous. And you take it.

I have noticed in the last months that although there is a smattering of those who feel real happiness, I feel it is coming from a sense of being unawake. If you are awakened to some degree you WILL notice that the energy has changed and continues to worsen. Did I say that? Those who claim it is getting better are deluding themselves fully. (It eventually will begin again but only once the darkness is addressed.)  Life is truly not what it seems. Maybe that is a good thing since those people who you thought were your support group, have shown their true colors. Many families have pulled apart because of greed and dishonesty on someone’s part. And I do believe that is the bottomline. Those who have hidden in the darkness are feeling they could do whatever they darn well please and actually taunt you with it. Sound about right? This is a time to take back your power, dear ones. It may take some time until the evil ones are pushed out. That time will come. This is not the end of days…this is the abolishing of the evil error. Those who hang in there (I know it is difficult) will find a new way to help the cause of ridding the world of the vermin that control us. Begin to acknowledge that your power is real. Pay attention to the truth because without it there is nothing. And anyone who believes what is said in newspapers, on the boob tube or in any other form of the MSM is a fool in my book. The cover is coming off those who have kept us trapped in this reality. The more you awaken the better it will be because you will allow yourself to acknowledge the truth. And the truth will be far from what you were originally taught. Believe it or not, as Mr. Ripley said.

Owl card picked for meditation. “Owl spirit, please come to me. Your eyes see the truth in the darkness. You are old and wise and can teach me, to discover hidden signs and omens. Messages all around me, near and far. You are powerful in your silence. Show me how to see beyond my beliefs.” (From Animal Powers)

I send many blessings to those who read this. If you are still in the fear mode, go within and find the LOVE that will radiate if you acknowledge it. Remember the Full Moon is coming up on July 3, 2012. Thank you for your support. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in GEMINI,JUNE 19 2012 and the SUMMER SOLSTICE-Are there miracles?

Time is surely speeding up the past month. Have you noticed this at all or are you continuing to be stuck in the fear conditioning? Fear keeps you from really searching your soul for who you are and what path to take. And that path is going to become much clearer to you in the next 6 months if you truly PAY ATTENTION. Those in charge are facing a Greece that having a bailout, the Fukushima fiasco (still much radioactivity circling the world) and in my neighborhood the mold spores are off the charts and my allergies were never this bad. And how is your day going? One thing that I find interesting which makes total sense to me as an energy worker is the fact that the usage of cell phones and the placement of towers affect your ability to raise your vibration. 

The New Moon in Gemini at 28 degrees occurs on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 11:02am EDT. New Moons as you know are about intentions being set, new beginnings and looking to leap. If you haven’t released all that junk yet, do so before the New Moon comes into being. Gemini is the communicator so there is much talk and emotional expression. There is chaos energy in the air as I write this a couple days before the New Moon. Since it is in such a late degree it is in aspect to the Galactic Center which makes it more powerful. This is the second New Moon in Gemini in the last 30 days. Double your pleasure so it seems. From now on the Full Moon in the next sign will follow the New Moon in the previous sign. Many of you will feel blessed with the good energy that comes with it but those of you who are into arguing or creating tension will find yourself feeling crazed and erratic unable to deal with the positive energy. Interesting huh? So stay in that joyful heart that comes with being in the present moment.

The Moon is void of course meaning it makes no further aspects after the New Moon comes in. Where will that take you? Some of you will see that life can change for the better and you will go with the flow. Others of you may continue to dig your heals deeper into the muck. Why do you? Stay away from the negative people in your lives. This is truly a necessity now since Mars is still square the New Moon and some of you will tend to be antagonistic and quite angry and want to fight anyone about anything. Walk away if you are feeling good especially if someone’s bad mojo is bringing you down. I will say this- Expect the Unexpected. Period!  There are surprises coming once the Moon charges into Cancer. My feeling in the past 30 days has been that I have banged against the wall everyday for whatever reason. It has been a bit over the top. All I know it was like walking through a windstorm and trying to stay in balance. Anybody feel anything else? I would really like to hear what you have been feeling.

This New Moon brings you a time to articulate your feelings through higher expression. And it helps out with your curious/inquisitive side. Do you have the curiosity needed to rise up to a new creative place? Since energy is shifting constantly where do you intend to focus it? Oh, yes, you do need to focus and it will have to do with communicating. Sometimes though, Gemini can be a trickster. So do watch out for some distractions which may interfere with your ability to communicate effectively. You need to be particularly flexible in your thinking also.

Our old man Saturn is in good aspect to the New Moon. Yippee. Helps to keep you focused on working through any relationship issues which may pop up. This is a good thing and Saturn is very supportive of your need for coming into balance within your relationships. There is no better time for getting the past heaviness off your back. How many find yourself being pulled to past ideas, ventures or individuals who have no resonance with you? This is a major time of transforming the old and letting go with new beginnings coming through. This second New Moon in Gemini gives you a chance to breakthrough. What an exciting idea! And Jupiter also in Gemini helps to keep you inspired through higher learning and travels.

And guess what? Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 7:05pm EDT is the Summer Solstice. The Sun enters Cancer and you find more play time. The night is short. In my neck of the woods it is supposed to be 95 degrees or thereabouts. Thrilled, I am not! This is a peaceful time of transition. This is a time of asking for miracles. Yes, I said miracles. Think about creating something magnificent in your life and open to gratitude. This is a time to align yourself with the Divine, I AM that I AM. Ask and ye shall receive. Positive thoughts only! Negative be banished. Whoosh! Gone! Use the Solstice energy for major in-depth creative ventures. No matter what you do, be creative.

Remember that Venus continues in Gemini until June 27. It reminds us to reevaluat4e the relationships that are important to your love life. Change whatever needs changing and then be grateful. You may find that now is the time that actions speak louder than words in your domestic scene. If happiness is foreign in your home life, then now is the time to do something about it. Life is too short for just existing. Live, laugh, love! Now is the when the crossroads appears. Negativity has no place in anyone’s life especially if it s constant. Stay with negative people and you will find yourself becoming extremely erratic and negative.  Is this what you desire?

After finishing this post there is a more positive note to my feelings. Interestingly enough I find myself revived from the heavy energy that encapsulated me for the last few weeks. I think I released the leftover sludge. How about you?

Sending out blessings for a wondrous week filled with all those miracles that can happen unexpectedly. Thank you for reading and all your support. Until again. Joy and love, Jan


So much is going on dear ones. Who slept fitfully last night? I know that Moon was opposing Mars in Virgo and boy what a restless high energy night. Now I feel so tired. EEK! The eclipses did their jobs of starting the ball rolling and now it is up to you to continue the energetic to finding the truth in all. What a wild ride that affects us all. There is so much change in the air that even though you may feel it, there are others of you are oblivious to it.  Layers upon layers of the old paradigm fall away. Those who have the riches of the world will soon be in turmoil since they have stolen what belongs to all of you, not just the select few. It has been setup like that for eons of time and the last hurrah for those who have power is coming to seek them out. You also have power and have you ever thought about actually being in the power? That inner power will help you weather whatever shows up in your life. Some of you will be thinking, what is going to happen? Fear thinking may show up. Did you ever find that fear wins the moment? Does fear offer you truth or love? Heck no. It appears because you forgot you are LOVE. Look at it as a perfect way to gauge whether that love is buried deep within. When the door opens and fear appears, ask it to leave. It has no power over you anymore.

You may wonder why I continue speaking of this fear that seems to show up sporadically. Well, it is obvious to me that many of you still hang onto this for some unknown reason. Is it fear about money or not having something that you think you need? Is it fear about not being loved? Is it fear of something happening at your workplace? Fear is everywhere as long as you allow it to take over your life. Let’s go beyond fear and face the demons and bring out the truth and what a difference life can be. This feeling that comes over you, the anxiety, fear and otherwise, is unreal. It appears to teach you. Love is.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a place of love within, the place where the Divine resides, that your life flows smoothly with very few bumps. And now that Jupiter goes into Gemini at 1:22pm EDT on June 11, 2012 and it is going to be there for a year until June 26, 2013. Things will start to feel somewhat lighter. People will want to talk and communicate but our nation’s fiscal woes may get worse since everyone seems to be scattered doing too many things to concentrate.  It joins the Sun and Venus in Gemini. If you have any planets near the first 5 degrees of Gemini, they will be overly energized by the positive Jupiter vibrations in the next few weeks. Some of you may find new opportunities especially if you have a North Node close by. This will happen through others and if you don’t pay attention, they disappear. So please open to anything that may help you on your true path. Jupiter going into Gemini can also mean a time of hyperactivity. Your brain doesn’t stop thinking, worrying and finding more ways to make you crazy and anxiety-prone. You want to talk about chatty things, gossip and be superficial. Oh joy. Know this and keep yourself from getting pulled into this kind of scenario. Then there are those who may question your thinking or actually prod you into a controversial debate. Do you need that? This is a time to get to the larger truth along the path and get rid of all those empty concepts. On June 13/14 Jupiter will touch on the Solar Eclipse point from May 20.

The energy that is slowly rising in this timeframe can truly make you feel like you are drawn and quartered if you are off track. Seriously! Whatever is coming up for you it is time to stop pretending and walk through all the junk that is being thrown at you. Yes, I mean you and you and you. You are being poked and prodded to listen to your heart. Forget what MS Media says. Are you still holding on to beliefs from your parents? Look at the bottomline. Are you worthy? Are you living your life for you or other people? Why does it the old junk have such a hold on you? Where is this self-talk taking you? Does it enhance your life or have you convinced yourself that life is a struggle and as long as you can ignore it, it will go away? Not happening this time. It is off base in this new paradigm. If you are living your truth, life flows. If not, Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall. The only way to put him back together again is to have a reevaluate and move through it.  When you are off base, then things go haywire and it is distracting and distressing. So, what will you do about this? Changes are arriving in everyone’s life. The changes come to say, pay attention. If you choose to ignore the shifting energy, then you may feel very beat up and a bit worse for wear. No joke. So, let’s move forward on your path and take a small leap. The tipping point is coming to your neighborhood. Will you be able to face the music? It is time to look at your life and see what is working and what is not. And then decide if you wish to keep on living in a way that is untrue. Your choice.

Enough said. May the blessings of the Divine flow through your life and bring joy and love to you and much prosperity. Thank you for all your support. Until again. With love, Jan

LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL MOON June 4, 2012- Healing and Truth in Relationships

Here we go again. Have you felt the energy shifting? The Solar Eclipse led it off in the past 2 weeks and now the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse upon us. It occurs on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 7:12am EDT. This week has been particularly like a roller coaster ride for me. Allergies went haywire and made me rest and that brought lots of clarity to me. How about you? What happened in the leading up to the Full Moon? This Full Moon is in Sagittarius at 14 degrees. The Sun is in Gemini. Any of your planets or angles in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces within 4 degrees will be intensely affected. Are you ready to leap yet? It is almost time for some of you.

 This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is about healing of relationships. It is a time to raise them up to Divine Awareness and unconditional love. Can it really mean that peace, harmony and loving interactions are on the horizon? This is also a time about some chaos since the old is hanging on for dear life while the new is starting to make its appearance. Have you been working on yourself? Have you been walking your talk and searching for the truth? Well, dear ones, this is going to get you big time if you have not. It will be the opening for you to be called on your behavior. You just may not like what is going to go down in your life. Life is what it is and those of you who are on track will definitely see some flow coming back into your lives. Those who have gone off the path, hang on, it won’t be pretty. Forget trying to control anything or anyone. This is about you and who you truly are and if you are pretending to be someone you are not, stop. Or it will stop you in your tracks until you wake up.

 The Sagittarius Full Moon is about searching for the truth, philosophy and adventure. The Gemini Sun is about flowing communication and lightness. Oh dear me, does that indicate you may find some good times on your adventure or the truth through your communication? Tell me. And good old friend Venus is right on the Sun. What fun it brings. Yet, this time the light mood may be affected by dear old Mars in analytical Virgo. He may tend to dampen your mood.. Boo hiss. The Sagittarius Full Moon takes you down into your belief structure and asks you dig deep and go beyond those outworn beliefs. Oh, I am sure too many of you are still hanging onto them. C’mon. Let go already. I can feel your clenching and tightening your grasp. Give up the narrow-mindedness. Do you realize that those beliefs are keeping you from growing and exploring life fully? Who of you have moved past them? Well, any of you? Now is the time to discover if your religious, political or life beliefs actually support your life and bring you to a place of forward motion on your true path. Do they work for you? Then go within and meditate and see what you can release. Do you realize how many of you have so many different beliefs yet there is a common thread running through them?

 How interesting that it is also a time of battling sexual cravings. The asteroid Chaos is opposite the Lunar Eclipse and house that Chaos falls in your chart will tell you who gets you every time or what addiction or indulgence you cannot get enough. If you don’t know where the Full Moon or Chaos falls in your chart, drop me a comment and I will tell you how to find it. Since it is a T-Square, the houses that these planets fall in will tell you in which area the small battle may take place.    Mercury is trine Saturn which emphasizes long term communication and the common underlying factor.

 As the new is trying to come in and the old is hanging on for dear life there is much energetic shifting at this time. It can be a difficult time of misperceptions and misunderstandings. Do any of you find this happening in your life presently? How many of you are going through personal battles at the time of Full Moon? This is also a time of deception in relationships. If you are in a triangle, well, watch out, it will blow up. Yes, I did say that. Whichever house the Full Moon Lunar eclipse falls in your chart is where the balance needs to take place. Do beware because this could be a volatile time for some of you. Others of you may find your jobs, some jealousy from a friend, or that obsession about a hobby may all come to a head.

 Let me close with a card that I was led to choose for helping you through this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon. It is Wagle Shun (from the Lakota Seat Lodge Cards ( or also the Swan). This is about peace. Let love take the place of fear and bring your inner peace to the forefront. What can you do bring peace to your life? Swan says, “I am the peace of the heart, and I present myself to you that my image may cast into your mind’s eye the dream and the realization of peace.”

 Hang in there everyone. This is a big turning point in all your lives. Let go of that fear of the new coming in and please finally release those old beliefs to which you have been attached. If they no longer serve, let them go. If the relationship you are in whether friendship or love, do know that truth wins out always. Pay attention, leap if you are ready and peace and blessings to you. Until again, Love, Jan

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