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FULL MOON/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, May 24/25, 2013-Creative Expansion or Foggy Thinking?

Oh how the web is being woven! The illusions come with the silence and yet the silence is overwhelmed by the false promises and underlying deception. Nothing is what it seems anymore. Gee that was what it was so very long ago yet the rumblings and intensity were absent the last time this occurred in 1993-1994. Where does it take us, this FULL MOON in Sagittarius? What gifts does it bring? What corners does it light up that were so deeply hidden? The FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS and the Lunar Eclipse takes place on May 25, 2013 at 4 degrees 8 minutes at 12:25 am EDT. “Round Midnight” as Monk used to play. Those in other zones of the USA and farther on west will experience it on May 24. The fog may be thick in our minds. Yet, the Full Moon in Sagittarius brings out optimism. This can be overdone with the Neptune aspect. This is not a silent Full Moon since the Sun is in Gemini with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. There is smooth talk and lots of thinking. Watch those promises. If you cannot keep them, stop talking about them.

Much has been taking place since the first eclipse in this cycle occurred in April. What have you encountered since then? Has anything happened to bring on a new perspective or do you continue to whine and whimper about how your life isn’t the way you would like it or how those around you are stuck in the muck of another time. It gets worse, dear ones because you may be the only one who is awake in your circle. The awakening is coming and it will take many by surprise. There still may be some shaky times for those of you paying attention and flowing. Neptune squares this Full Moon in Sagittarius and boy it sure does like to keep those hidden things buried or it will come blasting out at you and throw you off. I think it will be the first scenario because the Powers that Be will not want anything hidden in front of you to actually be noticed by you. Did you notice the same person appeared in the TV blurb about Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon? Have you seen the evidence that Fukushima contaminants are on the east side of Hawaii and moving towards the mainland? The new DSM5 is coming out. If you forget something and tell someone you may have some kind of disorder or if a child or adult throws a temper tantrum…watch out- medication is on the way. How desperate the PTB are! Apparently many of you may be having mental health screenings under Obamacare. Wow, it gets weirder by the day. Oh, I forgot about the leaders who are meeting in South America regarding controlling the internet in some way. Gotta love that!!! Not!

This FULL MOON/Eclipse can bring lightness to your world if you have gotten through the fixed feeling of the New Moon/Solar eclipse a couple of weeks ago. Most of the planets in Taurus except for Mars have moved into Gemini so that does make it feel a bit less stuck, maybe. Oh, dear ones, how many of you have taken the leap and truly opened the door to a bigger world out there. Who among you has taken the risk and followed your heart? Old stuff is continuing to fall away and I know many of you have gotten caught in the clearing out and are confused as to what is going on. Right? And how many of you stay tethered to a past life, event, or even a time in this life where the living was easy. You cannot go back. The door is shutting.It only keeps you mired in your own fantasy and that is what this Neptune square will continue to bring to your life if you allow it, more confusion or unfulfilled dreams. BUT, you can change it with a walk in the park or a meditative state to clear your confusion. Neptune is also spiritual and rules Pisces. It can bring out the best creativity you have had in years. Do it. Jump into the creative moment and instead of that fantasy ruling you and keeping you stuck, let it bring out the best in you and it may help you leap.

With the Full Moon/Eclipse in Sagittarius many of you may be travelling in the next few months. That is part of the Sagittarius influence. And then others may be philosophizing. It can be a mystical revelation with the grand magician’s influence or it can bring disillusionment. Have you thought about delving into your soul and allowing the music of that sphere to evolve? I keep repeating that the deception can be grand and you may be swayed very easily into a cloud that is not for your highest good. Keep that in mind when someone is trying to convince you and your heart says I don’t think so. There are endings that may show up, new beginnings which take place, or a major breakthrough may occur. I know it covers all bases yet it really doesn’t. Some of you will experience only the subtlety of the Full Moon/Eclipse while others of you may be blasted right out of your inertia. Continue paying attention or the change may be so drastic like Medusa’s head flying off. She happens to be in the picture also.
Stop chattering and listen. And please no serious talks with your partner until well after the eclipse’s influence has moved on. The intensity continues and how does that affect you? The Full Moon has Cupid asteroid near it which says to me you have to take a look at where you are giving into your Cupid desires over everything else. Also, there may be a need to take out those demons that you keep hiding from others. Depending where the Full Moon falls in your chart will tell you where the disposal has to take place. Those of you who are mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will be most affected. Others may be if you have planets near 4 deg 8 minutes of Sagittarius. I have a south node close by. It is time to correct any old habits regarding people in my daily living and workplace. What was lacking in the past still may feel the same right now. It also showed up with the Solar Eclipse and was in my 12th house. Old unconscious thought forms from this and past lifetimes will surface to be cleared. I am jumping for joy!

One more thing-watch what you write and say near an eclipse. If something happens during the eclipse effect it probably will be irreversible and you need to just move on. Any eclipse including this Full Moon in Sagittarius eclipse is about moving forward and taking that leap, whether you like it or not. Celebrate yourself no matter what is going on. Life is what it is and you need to remember that. May you be blessed! Thank you all for reading and any comments. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in TAURUS/SOLAR ECLIPSE, May 9/10, 2013-A great big smile for those who let go, walking forward to and fro!

What a week this has been! How are you dear ones in the shadow of the eclipse? It descends upon us today with the New Moon in Taurus at 19 degrees. It takes place at 8:28pm EDT this evening May, 9/10, 2013. It begins late afternoon in Australia and moving over the Pacific. Hawaii will see it between 2:30 and 5 this afternoon. This is only partial and appears as a ring of fire. The Sun’s light is blocked out except for the ring around the edge of the moon. The major shift is ongoing and this is a gigantic trigger point for moving forward. Are you ready? My solar year began this morning. That is the time that the Sun is exactly the same place it was when I was born. What a great thing! New starts, fresh perspective and looking for the rain to go away! The intensity will be most for those born around the 16-22 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius or 6th -12th of May, August, November and February. All others will find it affecting certain parts of your life.
Many of you are out of balance at the present moment. Some people try to pull you into their unsteadiness and this creates a chaotic environment or vice versa. The New Moon in Taurus speaks to you about values and self-worth. It is also about art and beauty. Taurus is the earth itself in many ways digging into the ground and keeping the balance. Of course there can be a stubbornness that is a negative facet of the Taurus New Moon. Many of you are still resistant to any changes because you feel unworthy and fearful of not having enough money. Do you even value yourself? Do you deserve the good things that are out there waiting to manifest in your life? Watch for the dark ones to keep interfering. It is paramount that you pay attention so you aren’t blindsided.
Taurus is about seeing through the eye of the Bull and once it is open the Light (spiritual reality) can shine through it. (Bailey)
There are very few difficult aspects with the New Moon in Taurus. It is close to the South Node which means good from the past may show up or others may find themselves with a lot of negative happenings. That depends on your own chart. You will know soon if not immediately how this plays out. There are no easy trines to help us along. Mercury with Sun/Moon makes way for more clear communication.There is a stellium of planets (Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Moon in Taurus) and much frustration has been felt since the lunar eclipse full moon. What comes to mind is the Mars opposing Saturn and it continues to do so in the Eclipse/New Moon chart. What that says is that your energies may be stuck or you are just resisting as I stated previously. Are you letting your values interfere with your relationship? Meaning –do you put your own desire for money ahead of the good of the relationship? If you have grand talents and abilities it is time to use them but forget being a braggart about them. That will bring you down with this New Moon in Taurus. It is a time of using your gifts quietly. If you receive a chunk of money, watch what you do with it because it may disappear before you even think about using it for something. Frivolity! Some of you who pretend to be who you are not may find a downturn due to your lack of integrity. If you continue to walk in the material world and become a slave to it, then the mirrors will bring you distortions. The illusions will continue and the shake- up will be enormous. Why do that to yourself? You have what you need within you according to the Taurus meaning. You just have to dig for it, maybe in the grit and grime (shadows of the past), but it is there. Material forms only take you away from who you really are. Your heart has to be open. And once it is, many of your gifts and talents will emerge and your self-worth will grow. Now, some of you will think, I would like this and that. Go for it. But remember that there has to be a balance in order for it to be in your life.
Saturn in Scorpio may be affecting you in a way that you need to do some emotional healing on past wounds (this keeps coming up, doesn’t it?), old patterns and release the self-worth issues along with any self-confidence issues. How many of you have felt rejected in the past or continue to feel this way? This is something that can be healed now. Perhaps you really would have liked something and you just never asked because you were fearful of rejection. Wow! Next time, ask and it may be given to you. This was more intense with the lunar eclipse/Full Moon but is still hanging around. So get unstuck by using dancing, running, even drumming to help release this pent up energy. Or just go sit by a lake or stream or the ocean for that matter. Any physical activity will be helpful. Get rid of it now so you can begin to use the NEW MOON in TAURUS/Eclipse energy to set the path for the next 19 years. Yes, I said 19. What was going on in your life 19 years ago? That is something to keep in mind as this energy comes into effect. It may give you an idea as to where to take this energy once it arrives. Not that I say go back; just remember how you felt and what you put into action. That is what you will choose to do with this NEW MOON/Eclipse- plan for something new. Decide what you would like to manifest in your life, what direction you wish to go and put it into action now. Write it up, dream it, and keep all negativity at bay.
Since the New Moon in Taurus/Eclipse is about setting intentions long-term and short-term, here are some suggestions. In order for manifestation to take place. You need to use your conscious, subconscious and superconscious (soul mind) together. You are one with the Divine. From “Soul Psychology” comes a couple of thoughts. First of all you need to be detached from your prayer (intention) or manifestation yet. If you are attached, you will repel it. It is truly about letting go and letting God. As I have said many times, you need to stop trying to interfere with the intention. Once you let it go, that’s it. Out of your hands and it will come to you if you allow it to do so. A majority of you will continue to bring in negative thinking and that totally banishes it. If you intend something and then you begin to think about it again and throw in the ego, the harsh words or any other negative connotation to your intention, it vanishes. DONE. GONE. C’mon dear ones, this is so easy if you stay in balance. You know the ego loves to play its games and not allow anything new in your realm. Keep it in line. And there are times when your intention just doesn’t show up because it is not in the Divine Plan. Move on to something else and be grateful you have another kind of opportunity. Pray from the soul not the ego personality. Think about how magnificent your life is.
Thank you all for your support. Keep your balance no matter what wake up calls, shake ups that appear. Be authentic in your walk of life. This NEW MOON in Taurus/Eclipse can go either way. Sending you much love and many blessings. Have faith dear ones. Until again. Love, Jan

Dancing with the Eclipses Around the Maypole

The Eclipse cycle is upon us. Hope you are all taking a deep breath and moving forward in some way. May is upon us and the dance is just in motion. This eclipse cycle changes everything and maybe nothing. You have the opportunity to pay attention and then to act on it or act out against it. May is an extraordinary month. Those of you who are probing deeply and most likely on track will continue to move forward and if you deviate from the Path it will come back at you immediately. Those of you who choose to live in prior conditioning will feel really stuck once you take notice. No one said you have to change. It is about becoming aware of what the reality of this lifetime is all about. Resisting the flow has little transformation connected to it, but an entropy and stagnation that seeps through you and pushes others away. Most of you reading this are most likely following the Path and looking for your truth to surface. Those who choose the old paradigm, it no longer serves you unless you really have no dream to take a creative leap in life.

The Eclipses are here to shake you up or support your efforts or in some cases both things are occurring at the same time. How do you choose to live with the influences? Are you still in the fear mode, stuck in the muck of yesteryear? Do you find yourself wishing to run for the hills because the need to relate has become a moot point? Relating today is about social media and no real human interaction. It is like the TV of years ago. Nothing against technology but if it all goes down, then what? Who needs any kind of actual personal communication? Many have little knowledge of what is reality, even how to speak appropriately or a dozen other things that take you off track. Is this what you choose in life? Social media is fine in moderation but it is a trap. Give that a thought. Brainwashing is in effect in an extreme way and very subtly it envelopes you.

I suggest you pay attention to the open door which may show up at any time in the next months. The effect of a lunar eclipse lasts about 6 months and a solar eclipse up to a year depending on what is going on in your chart. More about that with the New Moon blog post. If the clue comes and it is strong then do something. Stop lollygagging in the fantasies of yesteryear. Pay attention to your intuition and tell the incessant talk of the ego to back off already. And for goodness sakes remember to open your heart to love.

If you cannot hear the whispers within than you must be hooked to what the talking heads say? The news is a fabrication and has been for years. Are you positive that what is being told to you is real or is your conditioning so intact that an illusion slips by and you are muddled in your thinking? Dear ones wake up; 3D world is ending. Many of you have stepped out of it yet at times you get pulled back because you are fearful of what is ahead. The times are shifting and it is a good thing. The next months will bring dramatic changes for the better to many of you. Some will change jobs out of the blue; others of you will find the perfect love; and many will take big leaps to new beginnings. Do you have so little trust in the Divine One? Do you have so little trust in your highest self? Does it matter what others want you to be, to do, to say? Take advantage of all insights, intuitive flashes or whatever comes to you at this time. It will open the door to a new paradigm in your current life. Be positive. If there is doubt, nothing works. If there is fear, it all collapses and dies. If there is joy, it lights you up and others wish to be lit up also. Change comes every day of your life. Be ready and at the appropriate time if you allow it, you will leap through that open door and change your life in a masterful way. Happy Eclipsing!!

Solar Eclipse New Moon is on May 9/10. A truly new energy is coming to you and for many your life will transform if you allow it to do so. Thank you for reading and be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

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