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FULL MOON in Aquarius, August 3, 2020 -Expect the unexpected

full moon in aquarius 2020 Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. And out there in the vast world I live in welcome to gaslighting. Go get your goggles, folks. Does anyone laugh anymore? That goggle thought makes me laugh. You are kidding me. Wow. I find life so darn interesting when all I see is negativity. This is not what life is about. If you have been pulled into this drama then how is your life working for you? Life is changing dramatically beneath the surface and I observe that you have not noticed too much. Masks are more important than the truth. Oh, I realize that you may be one of those waking up to the reality of why you are here. Yet, others have no clue. Speaking of which, that is what life is about. Find your truth and direction and love, love, love.  I could go on a major tangent but you know everything especially in the past few months is being watched and censored. Amazing that no one has anything better to do. I am confused because riots and lootings are ok yet talking about anything that is not acceptable to those few running the show is not. Is this 1984? I have found in the past month or so I continue to meet those who are hiding in their homes and behind the masks. I said something that one individual did not agree with and wow, off the deep end it went. And that was because I said that masks DO NOT work against viruses. They work against bacteria. I guess I should have shut up. They are ruining the health of those who wear them all the time. No one can tell you what to do with your body. You can choose to accept advice; go right ahead and do so. If masks make you feel good, then I sense that you are unhappy and very fearful in your life. I am so sorry for that.

Since most do very little at this time due to the dictates, perhaps you need to go out and commune with nature. Let your mind and body be rejuvenated because there is so much going on behind the scenes to obstruct the good energy in this world. And if you are constantly reading the news or watching the media liars on TV, nature may save you from anguish. When I was working with hypnotherapy I learned about the workings of the mind and how easily it was to control it through a variety of means. Now, I see it on a large-scale as I listen to others and see the results of propaganda and evil happenings. Yes, this is a wake-up time for about 90% of the population. It amazes me that life changes around you yet many of you are so stuck in belief patterns which are keeping you from leaping into a new reality.

The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on Monday, August 3, 2020 at 11:59am EDT; 8:59am PDT; and 3:59 PM GMT in 11degrees 46’. The Sun in Leo is in the exact degree. The Full Moon is about releasing old thought and belief patterns and becoming more aware of how you are using your mind. Full Moon in Aquarius is square Uranus in Taurus. Uh oh! Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. Mr. Aquarius is unorthodox you might say and a bit quirky. So, since it is in a square with Uranus – Mr. Aquarius I suggest you make no erratic changes and to expect the unexpected. Unpredictability is to the forefront. You may be feeling that you need to be independent now. This is a time to step back and refrain from reacting. It is about bringing out your unique traits and honoring individuality. That may be a big shock to some in the world since there are those who feel the need to keep those who are waking up in suppression. Keep that in mind as the Full Moon in Aquarius shows up and for the next few weeks. And along with this aspect Mercury in Cancer is opposite the taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn who is presently going retrograde and loves negative thinking. Do not even go there. Thank you. Patience may help. Think about it. No overreacting and or reckless behavior. Be open to new opportunities that may pop up. You may miss them if you act erratically. No overreacting and or reckless behavior. Be open to new opportunities that may pop up. You may miss them if you act negatively. Keep your words in check or your need to use criticism or speaking harshly will bring you much trouble. No signing contracts if you have something like this in the works. Wait a few weeks if possible. Many may find misunderstandings show up abruptly.  

This Full Moon in Aquarius is saying that this is another look at the new paradigm which has been trying to emerge for some time. If those holding onto old beliefs and ingrained patterns would just let them go then life will become something totally different then it is right now. Many say this is me and I am refusing to let go of what rings true with me. Ok. You continue the stubborn act as a child having a tantrum. What do these old patterns do for you? Why is it you are fearful of acknowledging them and giving them up. Is it because your mother told you so…you are this way or that way and now you mimic exactly what she said many years past. Stop now. Right now and take a breath and look at what is happening in your life. Has it changed? Do you wish it would do so?

Those intensely affected are those born July 30-August 5; January 29-February 4; November 1-7; and April 29-May 5. If you have personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in 8-14 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus you will be also affected.

Aries- Keep your ego in check. Are you friends being loyal to you? Go out and socialize a bit and see what turns up. What will you do to get around  issues?

Taurus – Why are you listening to others about your direction? Go back to the beginning now. Keep emotions in balance as things pop up and others may not see it your way.

Gemini – Do you understand you at all at this time? Find your interest and delve deep so an expert you can evolve. Celebrate even though patience is needed!

Cancer – Time to share the wealth but do take care of you too!!! Look out for others who want to rock the financial boat. It is about trust, intimacy and investments.

Leo – You are a crowd pleaser at times and sometimes you have to take the time to please you. Good developments in partnership or falling in love if you are single.

Virgo- If you are the star of the show in your job then take a bow. Some things are out of balance in parts of your life. Take charge softly and do something.

Libra – Too many other people hanging about and this takes you off your game. Be calm and have time for yourself even though your social life is full swing as usual.

Scorpio – Keep the aggressiveness in a partnership to a minimum or it will go off the wall. You have an inspired creation and it is  worth sharing with others now.

Sagittarius- Ruts are not you at this time. Get out and about and see how the energy changes. Others may share their ideas with you. Be grateful for your inner circle.

Capricorn – Keep others out of your fiscal endeavors. Get out and do something now besides your determined work ethic. Pat yourself on your back for all you have done.

Aquarius – Keep the drama to a minimum. Who catches your eye and pulls you into a connection? Know that you are in the limelight!!! Let it happen. You come first.

Pisces – Are you trying to make something better? No stressing even though work keeps you out of kilter at times. Balance needed in daily living. What you think you get.

Thank you for reading an sharing if you will. Keep your heart open. Release that which no longer serves you and is affecting your individuality. Send out love to those around you always and you will be surprised how your connection to those around you changes. Have a beautiful FULL MOON and allow your creativeness also show up. Be blessed, until again, love, Jan

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 4/5, 2020 – Emotional reset

full moom fireworks Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. I know there is a mess out there in la la land and the world has gone off the deep end. Are you too going in that direction? I hope not. It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and it is always a beautiful time to regroup and enjoy.  Winter is starting in the Southern Hemisphere. The Fourth of July is here upon America and what will it bring- another round of set-up protests or something more devastating?  This was always a grand time in America and it may just be another day to many. For me being alive in a country that is free is joyous, except now if it continues on like it is since some freedoms are slowly disappearing. Do you not see this? The ongoing struggle between the old matrix ways in which we have been trapped for centuries is now on the way out. Those who have created this are hanging on in any way to continue to control and bombard you in any way they can.  Hatred is the underlying principle at this time. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if you choose to do what you came to do on this Earth. Does it bother you if you are forgetting that what you put out there is what comes back to you? This past Solar Eclipse has been asking you to look within and take that step forward in your life. The energy will be in effect for months and with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon coming up it is time to look again at what you choose to purge once and for all and allow yourself to truly take the heart energy and let it bloom into something magnificent. How can I say this with all the ‘crap’’ that is going on? Well, it is your choice to do nothing and hope it all turns out good or do something in your life to create a favorable change.

What I am about to say is just my perception. I never thought the zombie apocalypse would be in my reality but I see it has already happened.  Yes, it is right in front of me as I go out to the store or take a walk or just watch the cars drive by me on the interstate. I am astounded at the mind control that has taken over this land.  Masks are the new norm. Wow, Batman has nothing on me. Soon, it will be mandatory to wear a full face mask and maybe then there will be more sickness than before. I give up. Why doesn’t anyone question anything? Please tell me. I have read so many articles about masks and they will make you sick eventually and this is coming from medical doctors. And the only mask that works is the N95. Does it matter? Nope. I guess I will do what is right for me and take my chances. It saddens me to see this whole scenario play out to the extreme. And do not forget to take away the history of America. And it is really about destroying America any way that is possible. And the best- abolish the police. Sick stuff it is. Totally political and no one does anything to reign it in. Too bad, many do not see the truth. Scary it is I think for many of you. Enough is enough. Follow the crowd or think for yourself…your choice… Is your heart closed and you dislike yourself? The truth is within you. Look for it and your life will turn around for the better. What do you wish to create in your life? If you believe what you are hearing on a daily basis and you continue to support it then don’t cry when the limitations come. Please wake up!!!

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on July 5 2020 at 12:44am EDT; 4:44am GMT; and July 4, 2020 at 9:44pm PDT in 13 degrees 38’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Cancer opposite the Full Moon. It is a time of relationships and romance and purging. Where it falls in your chart will tell you what needs resolution. Capricorn has always been more patriarchal and masculine whereas Cancer is more home and family nurturing. This is all about balancing the commitment between home/family life and professional/public life. How you do this will be up to you but once you do there will be a sigh of relief. So take that time to pause and give it a thought as to how to achieve this balance. What needs shedding from the last 6 months in your life so the balance show up? Is it a take time out for you without any interruptions for a bit so your head can be set on straight and your life now flows? What do you wish to change in your professional and personal life? Think about it and move on it when the time is right. This is the last Cancer eclipse for a very long time. It is time to consider what is causing any harm in your lives, your families, and the world. If you stay grounded the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will help you have the ability to express with patience and wise words. There is a wide conjunction (10degrees) with Jupiter/Pluto aspect in Capricorn at 23 degrees. It may be a bit wide but it can have a positive effect. The Full Moon is also trine Uranus in Taurus. Mercury is with the Sun in Cancer opposite Full Moon. Communication and feelings are important. Watch for disagreements. Mercury is also square Mars in Aries which makes for possible arguments. This is the final eclipse since the lunar nodes moved from Cancer and Capricorn into Gemini and Sagittarius, so it ends a major cycle. New friends may appear and that can bring joyous times.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn tell you to look within and it will help find your true inner purpose. It was together at 25 degrees if Capricorn on June 30. It is about transforming your beliefs. It is asking you to reach for truth and balance the inner and outer mental and emotional states. Do you measure up to the highest integrity? Are you ready to help transform the world around you in ways that are true? Mercury retrograde in Cancer goes direct on July 12. And since it is still there you may consider looking at what changes may come which may give you second chances. If there is a problem at this time you may wish to wash it with lots of emotional energy that is supportive. This may help to dissolve anything that needs to be released.

The Sun signs/Rising signs affected most are: Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries between degrees of 10-16 degrees. Any personal planets (Venus, Mars, Mercury, Moon) at these degrees may also be affected. Some tidbits for the Sun signs and rising signs:

Aries- Frustrations between work and home about outer world ambitions and inner securities. New foundation comes so both areas prosper.

Taurus-Something comes into play that may instigate change and inspires you onward. Is there travel on the schedule or doing something in an education area?

Gemini- Great time the next few weeks to firm up  financial matters. Good stuff. Are there improvements needed to be put into action? Take and give with balance.

Cancer-Your independence can put you at odds in a relationship. You are in driver’s seat. Watch out for any disputes in the coming weeks. Affection is important now.

Leo- Some projects need attention. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. Take a break. Let any old patterns go for this will move you forward in a big way.

Virgo-Watch for any emotional extremes that pop up! No ultimatums please. Are there creative pursuits that interest you now? If so, then immerse yourself.

Libra-What emotional urgency pops up at home or work? Use your cool reason to walk through. Are you in balance with your home life and those out there in public?

Scorpio- Is there more responsibility coming to you? Avoid any rash decisions. Communication is in the forefront. Let it flow to others and see how it resonates.

Sagittarius- Who has the power over your purse strings? Resource management needed. If you are not confident enough, the energy will help you.

Capricorn- Some differences come to light and are charged up. Rebuild on solid ground. Get what you want by being your truth. No power plays needed.

Aquarius-You need to regroup both mind and body. Some urgencies in your daily work possible. Hidden resources help you out. Your dreams are definitely in reach.

Pisces -Look for that friend or community ally to help you get that project going.  Deep feelings show up and help you transform. Tap into that inner creativity.

Happy Full Moon to you! It is a time to express any feelings that have been held back. Remember the energy lasts for a few weeks and it is time to really let go as you make plans to regenerate and find balance. The upcoming New Moon is on July 20. Check out Wizards Within for a show on the New Moon. It is the second one in Cancer. See you then back here. Thank you for all you do and are. Be blessed and stay in the moment. Until again, love, Jan

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, June 5, 2020 -Truth or lie?

sagittatius full moon  Hey Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. I know you are distracted by all the commotion especially across the America and the world but take a breath and remember what you intended at the Gemini New Moon. Did you put out some wishes at that time? If so, from now until the next New Moon will tell if they are in process.  It has been a heck of a show out there and I know many of you are buying the story line which is fine if that is what you choose to do. Others of you have begun to realize that what you see is far from real. Now, for those who are going to stomp on this statement…wait. No one told you to believe what I say or not. I am saying what I see. As I look around my life and think about what others are saying and doing I am aghast. Why? Because many of you are reacting to what is in front of you. The news is in your face; entertainment is in your face; political figures are pulling on you and you have not even noticed. Is this really what life is about? The mind games that those behind the scenes and those in the forefront play are keeping you under control. That is not life. That is not you. This is not me. It is a total distraction to keep you from doing anything in life especially if you are so easily following the crowd. And it is all about the money. Period!  Has the world reverted to 1917? I guess I need to reread Gulag Archipelago.

And then there is the coronavirus. Ok, where is it? It has disappeared to some degree or not. Anyone who still believes that masks are needed then I suggest you pick up your Science 101 book and read. Well, I am sure it is around but the Media finds other things more important since the virus was a flop even though it killed enough to their satisfaction. It is quite interesting that there is a new virus which happens to be riots and looting along with peaceful protesting. And the bricks were placed strategically around the cities where the looting took place. Oh sure, they just appeared. Did a magician wave a magic want to place bricks in the cities? To me this is organized to the max and you can say what you choose, to me this is not about George Floyd’s death but about taking down the country. Did you know that the coroner that was on the case of Jeffrey Epstein was there for the autopsy of Mr. Floyd? And President Trump held a bible in his hands. How disturbing to you. Do you know anything about American history? Do you see what is going on here? Are you happy with the gaslighting? Wake up!!!!

Do you want to be shocked? Because down the road there will be such a shift and the truth coming out that until you wake up, and if you do then you will you be shaken to the core-no doubt about it. In the meantime, take that breath. Things are going to get testier. So I suggest you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings instead of getting pulled into the deception. And it is a grand deception with what will go on with the upcoming Full Moon. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on June 5, 2020 at 3:13pm EDT; 12:13pm PDT; and 7:13pm GMT in 15 degrees 34’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Gemini. There is a tight square between the Sun/Moon and Mars/Neptune in Pisces. Full Moons tend to make us purge and release things from our lives, so we need to make sure that you are in control of this and no one is forcing your hand! Sun is also conjunct Venus in Gemini. As my Dad often said it is time to observe and wait before taking any action. Also the Lunar Eclipse may say that there is a falling out in a relationship and it may end, On the other hand it may just happen to bring two of you together in a relationship because out of nowhere you may need to be with them. It can also involve other parts of your life where awareness shows up and it comes up out of nowhere to do something. With this Full Moon being in the mental frame Gemini is all about thinking and Sagittarius is about intuiting. So which will you turn to? The Lunar Eclipse is about making some changes in your life. Staying in touch with your emotional side will help you decide what you choose to keep in your life and what needs to go. Due to the Square mentioned earlier in this writing this may find you being more impulsive than usual and looking to leap before looking. There may be improvements that you may wish to bring about in various areas of your life.

Truth is important but it may elude you since the Full Moon and the Sun square Neptune/Mars in Pisces which could lead to lies and deception wherever it falls in your chart. Look out for sexual frustration and impatience in everyday life. It is not the best time for relationships with Moon in Sagittarius opposite Venus retrograde in Gemini. And again the Mars square does not help with keeping that anger in check. Watch you do no harm and please avoid conflict if you can. Unconditional love and patience is very important at this time. Then as the Mars energy enters into your life…chaos could break loose. The anger and volatile emotions that are lurking in the background will break loose again if you go in that direction. Stay cool or the rashness will overtake you and your interactions and that is far from a good thing. Since Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces there may be a turnaround and you find yourself having more courage to move ahead or into the next step then exploding with anger. Confusion may reign here also. You can fight in a way that is better than jumping into the cesspool.

There is the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21, and the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5. Interesting things are coming. Look to the house the eclipse falls in your natal chart. The affairs of that house will be activated. Does the eclipse fall on a planet in your natal chart? That planet will also be activated. The sign of the eclipse plays a role in the likely events that the eclipse will trigger. Those Sun signs/Rising signs affected more intensely are: 12- 18 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Birthdays: June 2-8; September 5-11; December 4-10;  and March 3-9 .  Tidbits:

Aries – Your view of the world may change now. Go out and learn and travel too.Interactions with neighbors, family!  Restlessness takes charge. How will you use it?

Taurus- What is going on with the money and budgets that you are handling? Will you speak up for yourself with others? Transformation works. 

Gemini- Relationships are to the forefront. Changes are in the mix and how will you handle them? Be prepared for any of these shifts that show up. Stay calm.

Cancer- Oh, how you wish to retreat and refresh right now. Will you choose to do so? Hectic work/other daily stuff are getting to be too much. Keep yourself in good health.

Leo- What are you doing to optimize your opportunities? Have you thought about what creative ideas will do for you? It will be good for you to explore this possibility.

Virgo – Are you having a work and home dilemma? What do you need to complete now.? And if you have done so, now is a good time for you to sit back and relax already.

Libra- Activities and more activities around the local area take place. On another note you may be traveling at a moment’s notice. Will you take time to just be centered within?

Scorpio- Money matters may be to the forefront.  Are you spending recklessly these days? Truth is important now so do not hesitate in saying something that is right.

Sagittarius-Take some time out to nurture yourself and enjoy some down time and just being. Make good plans with others for the future and stay optimistic.

Capricorn- Time out is needed. So much stuff going on and find a way to just chill out and regroup a bit. More action coming so just do this now! Innovative solution comes.

Aquarius- If you stay grounded then you can say anything is possible with others in your life. Stop being pulled into social drama. Let honesty get you through the show.

Pisces- It seems that it is a conflict between who needs you most – work or home. Well a solution shows up soon. You may wish to bring some fresh energy into your home life.

You may want to use the essential oils orange or frankincense at this time. These two are just some of those that are good for this Full Moon.

Thank you for reading/commenting if you like. Keep your heartlight shining so love comes through whenever the chaos surrounds you and just leap higher. No matter how crazed those around you get know that you can stay in your moment. Be blessed. Until again, love, Jan

FULL MOON in Libra, April 7/8, 2020 – Let go the delusion and let balance come in

pink moon in libra  Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. I hope you are staying safe and well in the turmoil of clearing out the trash. Immediately most will think that I am speaking of certain individuals who are in the limelight. I am speaking of those who are trying to take down our beautiful world. Wake up and you will see what I am seeing. In my last post I titled it -Be still and open your eyes. Have you allowed your eyes to open or have you continued to hide behind your fear of the truth? That is a great question to ponder in this time of chaos and transformation. Have you believed the manipulation and the gaslighting that has come into your life? You have not paid attention to the extreme yet subtle control tactics that have taken over your daily living. And you say you are paying attention to what is being said. Yes, and that tells me why you are so fearful of something which is based on that which is hidden within you. I did say in the last post that Chiron and the New Moon are conjunct in Aries (within 1+degree) and it was all about facing the deepest wound as it surfaced so you can then heal. Have you considered this? Are you fearful of dying or losing something? And the Media fearmongering is not helping. Until that fear is addressed you will continue to react to anything in a very negative way and it slows down your opening to leaping to higher parts of yourself. If you believe everything that is being fed to you out there in the mainstream then I will sell you swampland in NJ.

They are saying that the death rate is now going to be hundreds of thousands. And how does one know this? Is the plan ready to explode into another realm? To me it is about facts and from another generation of TV shows there was one that said—“just the facts, ma’am!” And they are where? You can believe what you want yet the very fact that many hospitals across the country are far from overfilled says to me that it is coming since the President changed his tune regarding this whole scenario. By the way in 2017 Dr. Fauci told those in attendance that President Trump would be faced with a surprise outbreak of disease. And how did he know? Good question! NY hospitals are not crammed yet it is the place of most intensity. I heard a doctor from a NY Hospital say he has never seen a disease of this nature and it is not pneumonia. Wow. It may be something that is prevalent in our lives and getting amped up and is truly dangerous. It is a big plan and NY may be the test case in this country-RF poisoning anyone? What is being rolled out in certain places across the land? On another note-think of how much the vaccine will bring in. Follow the money dear ones. And stop the fear which is promoted by the Media. I know many of you are so fearful you will do anything that those in power tell you. Are you not your own person?  Oh well, go back to your phones and listening to the bogus news. One day you will be surprised. I am supportive of you no matter what you think. Find your way back to you. And remember to pray for those affected and for you and your family. It will keep you connected. “Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity” – Marshall McLuhan. Check your retirement account -I bet you will be told something other than the truth down the road.

The Pink Full Moon in Libra comes in Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 10:35pm EDT; 7:35pm PDT; and Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 2:35am GMT in 18 degrees 43’.. The Sun is in the exact degree in fiery Aries. Partnerships are in the limelight at this time.  It is a time to find the balance no matter how chaotic it is out there in fantasyland. I am very serious about this. You become ill in many cases due to lack of balance within and in your life.  Life is what you make it. When I look at a chart and see certain things pop up I ask will this individual allow this in or will they set it free and move through it in a flowing way? The main influence is the Full Moon inconjunct Mercury/Neptune in Pisces and says to you about letting go of any delusions that have entered into your life and have created upheaval or illness. This is a time to change your thinking and take action in a way that is positive for your wellbeing not what is good for someone else. Are you going to get pulled into neurotic behavior and confusion? There may be interactions between you and partners/business or otherwise which bring out things that are no longer acceptable. The Libra Full Moon is also heading towards a square to the Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction. This can bring power over the people and may be in a more negative way. Since Libra likes politeness it will come about in ways that interactions with others on personal or worldly level that may bring lockdowns or can be a transformative energy if one is open to it. How you relate to others may not be to your best advantage if you allow the negative to come with it. Venus in early Gemini is sesquiquadrate to the Full Moon. Some things may come out in relationships that you felt were really good and now they are not. Yep! Mars in Aquarius is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius within 4 degrees. How fast you wish to move forward is being dragged along since Saturn likes to takes its time and Mars is always in a hurry. It is all about new things to come and also it is trine Venus in Gemini which says some kind of farseeing secure relationship can come into being or move forward.

Moses said let my people go. They want to be free. And darkness came upon the earth. A shift is taking place whether you like it or not and although for some it may not be very bright for which I send out much good energy to those who are struggling and fearful. Since there have been many planets in Capricorn since January 2020 there is much to say about the ongoing energy Capricorn is about structure. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and is about rebirth, transformation and growing spiritually. If you choose fear and be into destruction then Pluto will bring that to you. Otherwise if you choose authenticity and being compassionate and creating a better world then it will give you that. It is your choice. And with Jupiter and Pluto exactly conjunct from April 1-6 2020 you may be stuck in the past and refuse to give up old ways and resist any changes. I suggest you let go already since it also can bring healing on a personal and global level.

If you are working on a shady level, watch out, it will be exposed this month thanks to this energy. I cannot wait to see where this goes. There is much manipulation going on out there in the world from the last New Moon energy and it has been created to keep you hooked to other than the truth. It keeps you from awakening and being a spiritual individual who walks forward with joy, love, peace and harmony. So do you allow the Full Moon to help you stay in your heart or do you choose this negativity? There is good luck available if you open to it when it aspects Jupiter.  Fear will still be there and so will the coronavirus and it can shift considerably otherwise. Those signs most intensely affected: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn—(15-21 degrees).  A few tidbits about the Sun signs/rising signs:

Aries – Open you heart to others at this time, Keep your cool with partner.

Taurus – Volatility possible. Others may be act unstable at this time. Balance work.

Gemini – Share thoughts/inspirations. Who cares if anyone likes them? Be creative.

Cancer – Domestic matters in forefront. They may be interconnected with work life.

Leo – What kind of decisions are you pondering? Maybe a new opportunity coming?

Virgo – Finances are affected by your mindset. Do not undermine your security.

Libra – What needs to change? Maybe you need some freedom and space right now.

Scorpio – Looks like you need to recharge your batteries. Use imagination.No worry.

Sagittarius –  A world of possibilities that open. Socialize if it is on your goal list.

Capricorn – Sudden changes brings a breakthrough. Set a good work pace.

Aquarius – Your routine may be shaken up. Watch your words. Work it out.

Pisces – Search for peace is ondocket. Stop fighting the flow. Look for a treasure.

Ben Franklin stated: “Those who would give up a little bit of freedom in exchange for more security deserve neither.” (By the way I am not jumping off the bridge with you.)

Thank you all for reading. Stay well and be safe. No fear allowed. Share if you will. I truly appreciate it. Have an outstanding Full Moon in Libra. Shifting is helping you to find your dream. And love may come to those who open to it. Be blessed. Until again, love, Jan



FULL MOON in Virgo, March 9, 2020 – Express it now

full moon virgo 2020

Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. There is much to say or maybe there is nothing to say. You pick it. The madness has been taking over life for the past few months and now momentary madness in March NCAA basketball descends upon us. For those who cannot take the world at the moment then do jump into the court-side energy. It will be interesting. The Villanova University basketball coach is a Capricorn who has been through much positivity in the last few years. And so is the coach of Kansas U a Capricorn. Both have become awesome but I favor Jay Wright, VU Coach.  His energy is so upbeat. The next weeks will be interesting when the NCAA tournament is taking place.

With life in the world today I feel much of the energy is at a very low point since the dimming of the skies and that definitely takes away the good energy. Life is about joy and love and peace in the deepest sense and somehow many have lost that in their lives. Constant bombardment of negativity in the news has taken hold of many. The atmosphere appears tense for those of you who cannot get rid of the baggage. Does joy ever enter your life at this time? I know there are many issues that come up, yet I have no comprehension as to why you allow the junk to stir you up so much. I know in my heart that life is good and if those who choose otherwise then stop complaining and sit in your own junk or let it go once and for all. Things are shifting considerably in this grand world so allow the shifting to take place in your own life. Just a memory- 9 years ago on March 11 2011 Fukushima happened and it still has a continuing effect on Japan and the Western States in America due to the residue hanging in the ocean. I started my blog that day since I knew there was something else going on.

Some newsy tidbits-What does it matter that Wuhan was the place where 5G towers hang mightily over the city since late 2019? What does it matter that Iran has 5G in testing phase? Do you know the symptoms of 5G sickness? And the news of this day and every day upcoming until further notice will be about CoVid19 and how many are dead from it. Do I know the truth regarding CoVid19? Nope. The numbers are numbers and many cases are lumped together. Watch for cybercriminals using fraudulent websites to offer home test kits to you. Let’s move on because you won’t believe me anyway. It is all about the money. The MONEY!!! Wait; is there other news out there? Oh, yes, Mr. Biden is now running in the Democratic Party for President. And Mr. Sanders is going to heal the world. Oi vey! Open your eyes already. Just remember that everything free is also everything controlled. Just another day in the neighborhood my dear ones! And keep on shopping because that’s all that life is about. Spend money so the big boys can live a great life. By the way our Gemini President is truly a representative of the collective anger according to his chart. He is in the position to basically shake everything up. Is that what you fear the most? Remember that a house divided falls.

The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on Monday, March 9, 2020 at 1:47pm EDT: 10:47am PDT; and 5:47pm GMT in 19 degrees 37’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Pisces. What will this Full Moon bring to your life? The Virgo Moon is about details, neatness and order as unlike the intuitive, dreaminess and sensitivity of Sun in Pisces. So where does it take you? The Full Moon in Virgo is an Earth sign which has a focus to it. And the Sun in Pisces is all about the spiritual nature. Heaven and earth are opposed to each other. The Moon in Virgo is going about your service and daily business with much concentration. Heaven and earth are opposed to each other. With the Sun in Pisces conjunct (within 2 degrees) Neptune there is a chance to not seeing what is really in front of you. Neptune sometimes brings a bit of confusion since it is opposing the Moon. Yet, there is something that triggers the mystery within and brings about an intuitive grounding to your presence. Also, there is some kind of deception that may be hanging on in intimate relationships. It is between reason and emotion along with thought vs. feeling. It is time to look at what is going on within you and be ready to move ahead. Yes, that leap is staring you in the face and many will ignore it. This Full Moon also is about problem-solving in your life. It is not about overthinking but flow. Wherever it falls in your chart will tell you what the issue may be and just notice it and allow the answer to come to you Whatever the dissatisfaction may be it will dissolve if you just open to the truth of it.

Deep changes take place. Relationships will be affected since the Virgo Full Moon is trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Trine makes things easier as the energy evolves but it could just go unnoticed. If you are looking for transforming emotional effects then you have it. A trine is a bit easy but it will still bring about a significant shift. New intense relationships may come in or a current one changed and transformed. Pluto is also sextile the Sun in Pisces which brings a psychic sensitivity into the picture. It is about looking after you and maintaining your health. There is also practical action needed since the Full Moon is trine other planets also – Jupiter (brings joy and happiness), Mars, and asteroid Pallas Athene. By the way for those who have experienced a Mercury (the trickster) retrograde event then take a breath and know it goes stationary direct in Aquarius ( I almost said it was in Pisces–tricky) on March 9, 2020. Hope you did not sign anything the last few weeks.

The Sun Signs/Rising Signs most intensely affected at the Virgo Full Moon are: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius in 16-22 degrees. Birthdays are: March 6-12, June 6-12, September 8-14 and December 8-14. If you have personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus) within a few degrees then they will be influenced.

Aries – Will you get some recognition? Stay in the moment and pay attention to your well-being at this time. You need to let go of something.

Taurus – What will you do to become more organized on a daily basis? Where will you allow your creativity take you? No fretting since it is falling into place.

Gemini – Get out and about doing things with your family. Too much career stuff may enter into the picture. Are you lacking structure? Bring balance in.

Cancer- Is it time for you to get out and relax? Dreams about the future come into play. Remember the dream needs action now so it opens doors.

Leo – Seems like finances are in the limelight. Keep your head in the game so that there is no setback. Transformation can occur with money.

Virgo – Let intuition guide you so decisions flow? Stop fretting and let the details create a new way to shine. Partnership is in mix.

Libra – What is it you really wish to do? Take care of you and stop stressing and let go what needs letting go. Intuition helps.

Scorpio – Is this really you opening your heart to love? Do keep it going! Imagination and creativity sing out. Any questions poking at you? Just ask!!!

Sagittarius – Are your dreams arising to a new level of possibility? Whatever happens jobwise is positive. New solutions come in. You may leap forward.

Capricorn – Think big and set realistic goals. It is time to establish stronger commitments. Your dreams can become a reality.

Aquarius – Do you really have to spend that much money? Figure out what values are important and if you need to make transactions, sign anything, do it.

Pisces – Enjoy the time together with your partner and it gets even better. New friends enter your life. Possibility of new job prospects! Stay grounded.

Thank you for reading and sharing. I am most grateful for you and what you do. Stay in the moment since this is a more intense Supermoon and will have greater influence on parts of your life. My statement right now is for you to clear out the junk and get your dream out there even if it is minuscule to begin. And stop the fear!!! Many blessings and love, until again, Jan


FULL MOON in LEO, February 8/9, 2020 – Act from your heart

full snow moon in leo 2020 Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. It has been so dark out where I am residing that I may as well be in a cave. But then one day the sun broke through for a moment. It must be the Leo effect. Gloom may be present with all the lunatic fringe energy that has taken over the planet. So much is going on and then again maybe it is just a hologram to make you crazier than you choose to be. Tell me what is real because it is getting more difficult to assess the truth. On the other hand, the truth is within so that will keep it on track. Do you know what bothers me most? Assumptions!!! How do you know what is true unless you dig deeply within and then go out and find the factors that make it authentic. And most have lost the ability to do this since the screen is more important than the conversation with another. Is it really you or are you so programmed that you cannot see the truth? I am observing the constant rant against that which has occurred in America. What happened to your free will? My only question remains-what is the hatred about? What you hate in others is what is within you that you dislike very much. Yes, it is true and I continue to harp on it.  And no the Full Moon will not be impeached. Oh, I know, not funny.  And shortly it is love and Valentine’s Day!!!

The WHO declared the Coronavirus a pandemic with a variable amount dead. I am saying nothing because I suppose if we are done on this Earth then it will happen and only the few will survive according to those who are in charge. And guess what? The 5G network began in Wuhan only weeks before this whole scenario took place; oh well, what can I say? No one will listen. Most are only interested in the Super Bowl halftime show and the depravity of it. Well, I did like J Lo but now she is off the list of those to whom I will even give a thought. Agree or disagree. No biggie!! This whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. Sex and drugs is the way to go these days. Oh sure!! And let me not forget Kobe. I always felt he had something good about him. Is there another part of his life that I am failing to see and I do not mean the early days? Also, did you see the cartoon that had Kobe’s helicopter crashing? A bit strange, if I may say. Many blessings and healing to the families who lost those in the helicopter!

The dancing queen Full Moon in Leo (Snow Moon) shows up in the sky on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 11:33  PM PST; Sunday, February 9, 2020 at 2:33 AM  EST; and  7:33 AM  GMT in 20 degrees. The Sun in Aquarius is sitting at the exact same degree. What is the Full Moon in Leo trying to say?  Keep the drama to a minimum since Leo loves the dramatic picture. If emotional issues arise then it is time to address them and let them go already. Yes, let them go. Being creative to some indicates a sort of rebellion. If you are in a creative place then that means you are on a path of your own following. Any drama will tear down the creative platform and intuition. What is better than staying in the moment and getting inspired? Leo likes to have favor from others and this may not happen with the Full Moon exactly as you would choose. The Moon in Leo usually grants much courage. So this may be a good thing for those who are affected the most. On the other hand, The Full Moon is trine (favorable) to Mars in Sagittarius and this leads to an easier way to open up some barriers or ice blocks with someone else. If you have been having difficulty with someone then down the road may be cleared and relations can be back on track. This is a good time to take action on something that is important to you. Stop being lazy and take charge. If it’s a new job, diet change, taking steps forward in a creative mode, whatever you choose is good. Begin it and take it forward as you let go of the junk. Heart wins.

Sun in Aquarius likes to be different. Wherever Aquarius falls in your chart will tell you the part of your life which is different. I have my Midheaven in Aquarius so I am truly an independent in the career area since it trines my Ascendant (rising sign at birth) and may look at life in manner unlike you do. . It may be time to stay with the Aquarian Sun and look for answers outside the box. Get moving into that visionary part of you as you create. Then again, you know everyone will be looking for attention with the Full Moon and if you do not give them attention…what happens? Can you say revenge or some kind of scandal on high levels? Moon is quincunx Neptune in Pisces could have you feeling more sensitive and could lead to confusion. You may have sensitivity to environmental toxins that are present. You need to trust yourself and not get pulled into something that may be unreal. Stay away from being a victim if you will. A reminder- Mercury goes Retrograde on February 16 in the evening Eastern time.

The Full Moon in Leo has an intense effect upon Taurus, Leo and Scorpio and Aquarius and for those having personal planets (Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury) or their Ascendant (Rising Sign) in those signs at 17-23 degrees. Here are some tidbits for the Sun/Rising signs: Aries- Creativity needs to be released where you are stagnant. New things will appear. You may choose to make plans to do something with the children.

Taurus-Release that which has something to do with your home and work balance! There may be a breakthrough that shows up quickly.

Gemini-Release what you are not in tune with your siblings and if there is something you want to share with them it is time. Also take some time with the neighbors.

Cancer- How you think about money and what you do with it is present. If there is a bold money move that you can make then it may be time to do so.

Leo=How do you perceive how others feel about you? Time to let go! Relationships may be shifting for the better. Be cooperative and in a diplomatic place.

Virgo- Your project is finished. Are you going to sit there or move on from it? Let that lion roar and move on with an opportunity that reveals itself.

Libra- Social groups may tend to bring a test to you or maybe it is your love life. Emotional issues may be intensified at this time.

Scorpio-Career moves are possible yet what is holding you back? Let go of old stuff regarding home and work. Something shows up. Pay attention if you want that success.

Sagittarius- What trip is showing up? Traveling far or near or is it you are looking for more education? The hold-up may be the money factor.

Capricorn- Is there a money matter that has come to completion? Will you be shifting your financial plan or is there money showing up? Transform it.

Aquarius- Matters with relationships or business partnerships show up. Will there be a new level of commitment that comes into being?

Pisces New diet will shift how you feel. Let the old go out the door. Look to the bright side of life and take care of what needs at work and health.

I pulled three Pages of Shustah cards for the Full Moon. First-The Diamond/ Does the light shine brighter or is it dim? It is asking you to open to understanding. Second-The Angel of Spring/Shape new growth and let the seeds be ready to grow down the road. Third- THe Magical Horse/If you want to win you have to prepare. Watch timing.

Thank you for reading. Stay in balance, in the moment and be authentic as you create. I am most grateful to you who take the time to read my posts. If you disagree that is perfectly fine because I write this blog to energize your thinking and hope that you do go beyond what everyone out there tells you. Do the research and find the truth for yourself. Be blessed. Until again, love, Jan





FULL MOON in Gemini, December 11/12, 2019 – Words make or break it!


Here we are again Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. What a crazy world this is! I was away for a friend’s passing for about five days and found myself not looking at social media, the news, or anything else after about the second day. What a peaceful place it was without the clamor. Have you done that recently?  Do you ever take time off from the chatter of your screen time? If not maybe it is time to try it. Your inner peace becomes real if you do that.

And the Full Moon is around the bend and is about communication and maybe once and for all releasing old wounds regarding it. As the energy builds to the Full Moon truth is seeking you out since the past new moon. Have you allowed it in or are you going to resist seeing what it has in store for you? Did you get to see who everyone really is in the last weeks? Lots of openings are occurring yet many of you refuse to accept them. Is there something that you would rather be doing than enjoying a momentary lull in the madness? It is certainly up to you yet, I feel there is some kind of hesitance with many who continue to sit in the past and therefore nothing changes. Wake up from the brainwashing already. Oh, I know that what you hear is said to be true and good and you continue on your path to the hole in the ground. I have never heard so much dark talk about death and dying. Is that what you came to life for? Dear Ones, life is too short for all the crap that is being spewed in your faces. You do not think so? Then good luck with what may be coming if you get caught up in this illusion and get in line for the culling of the masses. I know you think I am out there. You know what? It matters not because you are in life to live it not just sit around and talk trash and let your life be influenced so greatly. Life will bring great joy if you truly change your belief. WILL YOU choose to do that? On the other hand are you willing to fight for what is rightfully the truth?

Nothing is as it seems. Stay with the thought that you and your world may have to go up against those who are wishing to destroy your freedoms. Keep that in mind as you move through the energy that is getting more intense as the days go by and will shift considerably in the next couple of weeks leading up to the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 25/26. The energy is building and many of you will be caught in the chaotic holiday mix. Therefore you may wish to take a breather and see if you are living in reality or a big illusion. Where is your mind today? How about your communication? Are you ready to shift your thinking or perhaps even to trust what you do not see. And just a couple short news notes: Many colleges are now doing away with SATs and one has now dropped general education math. Are you kidding me? Dumbing down moves forward! And Comey is not mentioned in the OIG report. Corney is. Who is Corney? It is another day in the neighborhood.

The Full Moon in Gemini comes in on Thursday, December 12, 2019, at 12:12am EST; 5:12am GMT; and December 11, 2019 at 9:12pm PST in 19 degrees 51’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Sagittarius.  A pertinent part of this Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius is the T-square with Neptune in Pisces. Cloudy thinking may be hovering around. Tune into your feelings more than your mind at this time due to the slippery illusions that appear. With these illusions not everything will be what it appears to be. This is the kind of Full Moon to delve into astrology or the dream world. You can certainly learn much from them. Your dreams may come to you in a more vivid fashion so do pay attention to them. With a square it usually indicates inner conflict so watch how you communicate to others to avoid blowups and difficulty. Meditation may be very helpful at this time. Pallas Athene is conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius which says there is truth and protection of freedom. Yet since it is square to Neptune there is deception and violence that could erupt. Pallas is the go-between between thought and action. Mercury is also in Sagittarius which says it feels uncomfortable here. Watch your words. Mercury is trine (favorable aspect) to Chiron in Aries. It is a good time for personal healing. At times you may find yourself thinking how wrong another thinking is wrong whereas it may be that someone thinks differently than you do. The Full Moon is quincunx(150degrees) to Venus/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. Romance is iffy.

Jupiter is not favored in Capricorn. It just entered the sign on December 2, 2019. And Jupiter dislikes it since it is in its fall. Ouch. Whatever happens may be softened by the Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. Is there a surprise in the works that comes in at the right time? Is there an opportunity that you see and think what do you do? The suggestion is to take it. Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The energy is building to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020. This will be a time of rigidity yet will give an opportunity for you to look at your real truth.  Are you ready? And there will be very interesting turn of events and more balance. More to come!!!

Gemini wants to communicate the information that can help us see more clearly what our truth is. Sagittarius wants us to see the Truth of the matter. A Full Moon makes us aware of what we’ve been unconscious of. So step back and take a look at your core beliefs then look at what you’re thinking. The Full Moon is all about letting go. Watch what you throw out with the bath water as the saying goes. Think before you throw anything out of your life. And stop being pulled into the game. Stay on your track and go within for answers instead of listening to the lies out there. I am serious about this or it will come back to haunt you. To rephrase a quote- truth only comes when one gives up preconceived ideas.

Those affected most intensely will be Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces (Sun signs/rising signs in 16-22 degrees. Also birthdays affected: June 8-14; September 9-15; December 9-15; and  March 7-13. If you have personal planets (Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury) at these degrees you may also feel affected. Some tidbits about the general influences:  Aries-Make your plans and be ready to communicate. Some travel shows up too.

Taurus – Tense about finances? Resolution comes about. Take a break; relax.

Gemini – Relationship joy comes. Cooperation  in personal interests. Watch words.

Cancer – Make adjustments in everyday living. Lots of vitality and optimism now.

Leo- Some excitement appears. Watch sensitivity. Some balance in home/business.

Virgo – Travel plans in the making or just a loving sweetness or commitment?

Libra- Do not go overboard. You can be out  feeling liberated and celebrating. Love!

Scorpio – New financial goals in the making. Watch out for emotional extremes.

Sagittarius -You are adventurous. New way of life possible. Take a chance.

Capricorn – Small group get-togethers with family. Love from a friend. Look inward.

Aquarius – A partner brings comfort. New people come in. No more indulgence.

Pisces – Dreamily affectionate. Make new business contacts. Have fun with family.

Have a beautiful time and know that since 12/12 is an important portal it may be a fantastic time for many who wish to leap. Next opening portal is 12/21.Thank you, Dear Ones, for reading and sharing this post.  Celebrate this season of Light with joy and peace. Stay in the moment and see how beautiful life can be. Look for post on New Moon Solar Eclipse December 25/26, 2019 which takes place at Christmas. That is a time to set the plan for new beginnings in 2020. Happy Holidays to All. Be blessed. Until again, love, Jan


Full Moon in Taurus, November 12, 2019 -The Fire Within

full moon fire within

Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. Happy Veteran’s Day, November 11, to those who are serving now, served in the past and came back and those who gave their lives. As you journey through the next few days do remember and honor the Veterans who served this grand country throughout our history. Many of those Vets who have been in my life came back and did well helping others. On the other hand I had a college friend who sacrificed his life and at times it still pulls on me.

The crazies are out in force they say, taking down Veteran silhouettes and throwing them away. The hatred that inspires more hatred is a malignancy that will destroy those involved. Unfortunately most individuals who are mired in the depths of this lunacy are unable to extract themselves from the muck. This swamp envelops them because they are so brainwashed and possessed that they are unaware of what they are doing on a basic level. Why do I even bring this up in this world today? Does anyone really care about truth and love? I find that there are many who find truth threatening and one day soon will see that one cannot run from it. I feel love is all that one needs at this time.

Are you out of the moment?  Rage, accusations, projection are the words of the day. Your hatred of the President has brought you to a no turning back point. What is it that you hate so much about yourself? You are projecting something. In all my life I have never witnessed so much darkness regarding the people of my America and the World. It is at a turning point since the idea out there is to get rid of those who disagree. In fact YouTube has a new demonetizing policy. What riles you up so much? Do you not see how you are being played? If what I say is difficult to believe then it is due to my Kassandra asteroid (no one will believe the truth at times). And guess what I love you anyway because I see what you are failing to recognize within and around you. Once you do, your world will change and your love and beauty will arise from the depths. Darkness will try to put out the Light always. Are you swept away by this ominous energy that is wrecking havoc?

The Full Moon in Taurus arrives on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 in 19 degrees 51’ at 8:34 am EST; 5:34 am PST; and 1:34 pm GMT. The Sun is in the same degree in Scorpio. This full moon is about finding balance between soul urges and your inner wisdom. There is much sensitivity around and it is about staying in your own power and noticing the energy that others emit. Full Moon energy is time to purge the things from our lives that are no longer needed. It is up to you to do this without letting others force you to do so. This Full Moon is ruled by Venus which is a thing of living in beauty and bringing it out in creativeness in many ways. The Scorpio Sun which is ruled by Pluto is about bringing about transformation and letting the soul come out.  It is about authenticity. Full Moon is trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Capricorn. Let the purge take place and allow the new to come from the old. If you follow the Full Moon it is exalted in Taurus. It loves the pleasures of the home and will do what has to be done to have that. As you are enjoying the home life you may wish to organize your finances. You may wish to stop living in the past and getting bogged down in the future. Be in the power of the moment. Neptune in Pisces is sextile the Full Moon and this says that any spirituality ventures will create material gains. It may not be quick to come yet will bring gratification. Someone new who transforms something may enter your life if you are looking for a relationship due to the Moon trine Pluto.

The Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct Vesta asteroid which is really about fire and purity. It is also about sacred sexuality. Vesta is about devoting self to something that is important to you…what pursuit do you wish to follow? It is the sacred flame within. So this Full Moon in Taurus may bring this out and depending where it is in your chart tells you what lights up the Spirit. This Full Moon falls in my twelfth house with Vesta being there also natally. Will I finally wake up to my dream and find the fire within to bring about the transformation? The sacred fire is part of everyone. How will it affect you? Vesta asks -what do you have to give up in order to get something else? It may be time to pull back and find some peace and quiet and rejuvenate your Spirit within. In the meantime the Sun in Scorpio is conjunct Mercury (within 2 degrees) many hidden things will surface down the road and you may be shocked if you are living in outer space. This may show up due to the fact that Pluto in Capricorn is sextile the Sun and trine the Moon. Pluto is about digging deep and hitting one with a two by four if you go off track and hide the truth. And with what is going on in Washington D.C. with the upcoming drama, get out the popcorn. Mercury is still retrograde until November 21 and if you have not taken advantage of clearing out the past junk it is time to revisit and regroup and let it go. Keep anxiety in check.

Anyone with Sun, Moon and Rising sign conjunct 19 degrees 51’ Taurus will feel this even more powerfully along with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius from16-22 degrees. If you have any personal planets also near the degree then you will also be affected in the house it falls. Tidbits- Aries -Are you paying attention to your real gifts? What are you invested in? How is it working? Pay attention to what you are doing financially; Right action grows love and money/business.

Taurus -You are oozing sensuality. Be your true self and results may be amazing. Stay poised since you are in the limelight. Make changes now. Relationships- shifting a bit.

Gemini -Avoid the crazy energy that is out there. You may wish solitude and that is good. Some peak healing may come in a dramatic or subtle fashion/letting go of the old.

Cancer- Be alert to flashes of ideas that come from the future! What you like may now be changing. New friends or old will play a bigger part. Watch triggers. Be creative.

Leo -You might sense it’s time for a bold move, or that work and home life are out of balance. It is time to bring the family together and enjoy the time. What brings you joy?

Virgo -What you are doing needs to have soul purpose/ deep meaning. Interactions with those in law, travel, relatives or education requires commitment and decision-making.

Libra -It is time to break away from toxic situations and go for deep inner changes. Are you selling your soul to feel safe? Someone motivates you to go with a new idea.

Scorpio -Intimacy comes when you bare your soul for once. Partnerships become better if you let go and share. A new idea pops up and may come about down the road.

Sagittarius -What are you doing to strengthen your daily workings? Share the new ideas / treasures that you have kept hidden. Watch your resources! Use to start a new project.

Capricorn -Want to attract-look great. You are in the creative mode. Enjoy connections. Your intuitive powers are very strong. Stop pushing and take time to enjoy.

Aquarius -Think how you are in the home and also out there in the world. Fixing up your abode is a good thing. Passion comes back to you in your creativity. You are recognized.

Pisces -How can you get the social energy working to your advantage? Amp up the interactions and maybe there is some travel. Discard the old patterns and life will shift.

I pulled three Pages of Shustah cards – the message is: As you are moving forward; set the desire before the open door and let go any barriers; and then replenish that fast-burning fire within so your dream can manifest. Thank you for reading and sharing Take those steps forward. Keep getting rid of the old beliefs and see how much clarity you have. Let the fire that is burning within help you leap to places not experienced before. Blessings to all, until again, love, Jan


FULL MOON in Aries, October 13, 2019 – Transforming power

full moon in aries 2019 Hello Dear Ones. Welcome aboard to Cosmic Leaping. The days are getting shorter and the world is getting more insane. What else is new? .Did you know that peace is a good thing? Oh, I know it makes no money. Oops!  I saw a spider working its way down from an awning to a hedge the other afternoon. It says the reality in my life is created by me so if I do not like it dig deeper and change it.  And things are not as they seem. A ha! “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax— Of cabbages—and kings— And why the sea is boiling hot— And whether pigs have wings.”. (Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass) Full Moon in Aries is just about ready to show its face and it may bring a feeling of being stuck. What can you do? Stop being entranced by the Matrix and start to take a major look within. What do you think? Are you ready to do that for a new beginning?

Something came to me this morning as I opened my eyes ready to start my day. Something said stay still. I did and a whole scenario came to me and it was about astrology and how it is a basis for looking at oneself and one’s life. Many have no interest because they say it is against the Divine. In my life my mother who was a very spiritual church-goer presented me with a hardback book about astrology when I was ready to graduate from college. She said I needed to read this book so I would understand life and others who were in my life. I took the book and just went on. About 10 years later it showed up buried in a box, I opened it and my life changed. I was already seeing this but my brain was doing something else. I worked on charts with a pencil (remember them) and a notepad and proceeded with logarithms and calculations by hand. No computers back in the 80s. And my point is this. What do you know about the individual who you say you like or do not like? Did you know that by looking at a chart you can see anything about anyone? Just to give you an example—Donald Trump has his rising sign (Leo) in an anaretic degree (last degree of sign). That is fated. His Sun sign is in Gemini which means his mind is constantly working whether in a positive or negative depending on aspects to it. All those who hate him see him differently. His career is secure in Taurus. He needs no one since he is quite independent. And he will go after anything that matters to him in a concerned way. And beneath it all he has a deep knowing which he at most times he does not let out. Astrology does not lie. That is why the elite use it.

A few items — Did you know that the entire human genome can be sequenced out of an MMR shot. Can that be part of what is causing AUTISM? Seattle public schools have stated there is no correct answer in math…and you are a racist if you claim that there is. Pope Francis wants to combine religion and it will be called Chrislam. Are you kidding me? How much crazier than someone asking “Why do we need 8 inch or 10 inch kitchen knives with points?” Where am I? So they shut down the power in parts of California and it isn’t because there are wildfires pending. If that is the case they could cut the tree branches away from the lines. And they are saying that Ham Radios will be outlawed.

The Full Moon in Aries is upon us. And it is about bringing the harmony back into your life. Of course there are many aspects which will affect that process. The Full Moon in Aries comes in on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 5:07pm EDT; 2:07pm PDT; 9:07pm GMT in 20 degrees 13’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Libra. The Full Moon and Sun are square to Pluto in Capricorn within minutes. The Full Moon Aries is trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Here we go with a conflict that can actually turn from fearing something to the betterment of your life and a new beginning.

Watch for emotional confrontations as you wander through life at this time. Pluto is the transformer and at this time it will take you from the depths of your fears. Are you feeling threatened? It will bring you to a type of rebirth that will help you stand in your power. The bottomline is that you need to let things go. It is a time of rebalancing relationships and letting that passion flow. It is all about emotions which are deep so will you go with the expression of them or will you blow up and blame? Weathering more storms may be on the horizon. And any ideas that were rejected before may come to pass since Mercury in Scorpio is sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. Think before you speak. Also, Neptune in Pisces is sextile Saturn in Capricorn which talks of blurring of boundaries which in the case of the world today can indicate some kind of cover-up or it could be about changing perspectives. It is not a hard aspect so it may not be as unusual and hard as it can be. With Pluto going direct on October 3 and Saturn also in Capricorn in forward motion this may be a time that you reap what you sow for better or worse. That includes beyond the scope of the personal too including on a bigger scale. Keep that in mind dear ones. If you are looking for a civil war you may get what you are wishing. This is a great time to make positive changes since Jupiter in Sagittarius is semisextile Pluto in Capricorn and is also good for spiritual growth and creating more wealth and advancing in your career. Kozminsky Symbol for degree of Full Moon – A man is struggling with a fierce serpent whilst others armed with large knives are hurrying to aid him. Victory is temporary in a dualistic world.

Those who are affected most intensely are: 16-23 degrees of Sun signs/Rising signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If you have any personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) at these degrees they will be influenced. Birthdays included are: April 7-14; July; 9-16; October 10-17; and January 7-14.

Aries- Good fortune may come about. Relationships and partnerships in forefront. Yet it truly is all about you this time around. Take that energy and be you for once.

Taurus – No matter what others tell you as to what is going on it is about your intuitive feelings that make the difference. Pay attention to this in your life and it is beneficial.

Gemini – Someone new may enter your life. Look for people who share your ideals. New ways of thinking may come to you. Watch for problems in a friendship.

Cancer – You may get charged up as usual and it may just take you to a new direction/career. Right now you need to hide nothing. You came a long way. Be you.

Leo- Good things may show up on the travel front along with education and creative gifts. Stop for a moment before a big step forward. Find a way to keep your energy going.

Virgo- Use your common sense to make any choices now!  Do not take any big risks at this time. Even though the money may be tight, you do know how to do it.

Libra – It is a time for tact when broaching a topic so no one takes it personally. Good fortune may show up through those you know or just meet. Light the fire within.

Scorpio – Before you open to someone and trust them take a good look at the connection first. If you believe in something even if there is a risk, you know what to do.

Sagittarius- If you are looking for an opportunity, then now may be a good time to open to it. Also it is a time for sharing yourself and your gifts with others. Be generous.

Capricorn – Forget the emotional issues that are now bombarding your life. Look at those achievements that you have. Let others know you care and put them at ease.

Aquarius- Looking for a new friend then get yourself out and about in the next few days. You may even want to start planning a trip so you can do something different.

Pisces – No need for emotional urgency even though this is a fiscal type energy for you. Enjoy getting out there with others. Moderation is the key. That ship coming in is close.

Thank you for reading and sharing. I would love to hear your experiences as the Full Moon takes place.  Stay in balance even when any shifting takes place. And stop letting the energy of those who are not in your favor stop you from leaping forward. Keep your heart open to love. May you be blessed. Until again, love Jan


FULL MOON in Pisces, September 13/14, 2019- Does the inner knowing bring rebirth or conflict?

full moon in libra Hello Dear Ones. Cosmic Leaping welcomes you. Everyone is upset as I read and watch and just be. I hear those say they worry about this about that about every little thing that is life. I am confused. And you say why am I confused? My inner self says to me that those of you who worry and get upset about everything are disconnected within. Yes, you heard me, disconnected to your truth. You are following whoever shouts out those powerful distracting words. I know many of you who read this will say not so. This is who you are. Then I missed something along the way. And since this is more an astrology post than anything else I will say something that has been staring at me for years. The Kassandra asteroid is within reach of my Mercury and Sun and it is about sharing ideas and thoughts and feelings except its influence brings out a piece of I do not believe it which comes from others. Now perhaps it is just in the mainstream stuff that is untrue or a part of your own self which has not caught sight of it. Most of you who follow astrological influences do realize that the energy is in motion. Maybe the reason I do this is to get you to look within and see your own true self or at least ponder the information and let it come to you in a flowing fashion instead of hitting you like a tire iron and then you react and yell and scream about what you do not like. And maybe it is just you that you do not like. This Full Moon in Pisces is about paying attention to your inner wisdom. Of course, you may go the other way and be totally confused and do nothing.

It is getting a bit over the top out there in fantasyland. Join the Facebook dating app so they can monitor you in bigger ways and dig deeper into your privacy. Are you kidding me? If the big tech is so interested in me and what I think and do then hey, give me a shout out and ask. I will gladly tell you what makes my heart sing. And the continued crap (pardon me) about bringing the 5G to make your day better!!!!!  Wake up already. This is doom and early bye to all of you and me. Fakenews networks are definitely suffering if you haven’t noticed.  From the past – Read an article from a few years after 9/11 which had a photo of a woman standing on the 94th floor of the North Tower holding onto a window frame and another one on the floor next to her. Says something else!!! It was a most horrible thing to happen that changed the face of America. Yes, more untruths are being slashed. The co-founder of LinkedIn is hooked to Epstein. And the indoctrination of the children continues. Those who have not recognized this will soon be in for a rude awakening. And your favorite Walmart seems to know just what you need in your life. I feel deeply for those who were affected in a catastrophic way in the path of the storm, Dorian. So, here comes the Full Moon in Pisces to add to the dance of those who have the hidden agendas.

The Full Moon in Pisces comes in Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 12:32am EDT; 4:32am GMT; and (September 13, 2019) 9:32pm PDT in 21 degrees 5’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Virgo. With the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune now says to trust your inner knowing. Yet, at the same time there is that opposition to Sun/Mars in Virgo which can bring about some uncertainty in your decision process. The subtle energies of the inner voice may not be noticed if you are scrambling around in the outside world at high speed. How do you know if the information/direction is right for you if you are not hearing the quiet voice? At this time your body may give you the right answer if you have not paid attention. Since Mars is involved trying to stir the pot it may give you a stab of pain saying maybe stop right there and think about something. Or there may be a better feeling that comes over you and you know you are on track. If there are any relationship challenges which are affecting you then this is a good time to resolve the issues. There will be some angry outbursts which may be confusing due to the Moon conjunct Neptune opposite the Sun/Mars in Virgo and square to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Then Pluto in Capricorn arises up and says hey wait a minute you can transform a myriad of things so a rebirth can happen since it is in good aspect to both the Sun/Moon. Which do you choose?

Best laid plans of mice and men may dissolve in the ongoing waves of Pisces dreaminess. Stay present no matter what is going on since who knows where it may take you. This may be a time that you feel that you do not know where you are heading yet on the other hand you may feel inspired to get going on your next step to some new goals which may be hiding in the depths of you heart. This way if you look deep to discover beyond the daily minutiae that surrounds you constantly you may find a new opening and make a decision as to what is next on your goal list. Stop fighting with yourself and take a breath. You may wish to stop thinking…yes, you heard me, stop thinking and let the truth wend its way out. Or you can just sit there and get caught up in the everyday junk.

Both Mercury and Venus enter the sign of Libra on the day of the Full Moon.  This is a time of balance and harmony in your interactions. Do watch in this search for balance that a kind of manipulation or evasion undermines the connection. And in this desire for a solution to any conflicts make no assumptions regarding how the other individual feels or thinks. This is a good time to balance your interests with those of others. What else can you do …pay attention to your dreamland. You may get signs or symbols of importance. Could be the answer you are looking for! Be more compassionate. Write some poetry to a lover or someone you would love to know. Pisces Full Moon may remind you to just relax, refresh and get more sleep as long as you do not get agitated over something another says- it may be better than you thought.

Aries-Since Mars is in the mix take advantage of the electric energy that you may feel. Recent goings on regarding work and health and maybe a pet come into focus.

Taurus- Are you looking to be rewarded for the work you have been doing? It does come to you. Lots of energy on the creativeness that is yours plus a bit of romance!!

Gemini- Think about what you want from life, and make your plans accordingly. Career//home interests are pulling at each other. Restore the peace with family.

Cancer- Don’t dismiss dreams of a different future. Decisions you make right now could really open up and give you a sense of meaning and purpose. You may choose to travel.

Leo- The secret is to let go of whatever needs to be let go of, and allow yourself to be changed. Do not let fiscal issues get out of control since something may confuse you.

Virgo-.Find a balance between what you need and what others would like. There may be partnership tests at this time or you may meet someone who is truly special.

Libra- Focus on the reality of moment.  Find what needs to be healed within and around. Stay calm and protect your health since you may be vulnerable

Scorpio- You might discover something that really gives you joy. You may be quite creative at this time. A love connection may take you to a new feeling.

Sagittarius- Finding time for home and family matters may take some doing and may bring some agitation to the forefront. Be careful as upsets may occur.

Capricorn- Some accolades that you were not expecting may show up. If you are working on a project then it is important that your ideals are in tune with practicality.

Aquarius- Put your own well-being first and break some bad habits that hang on. Watch that your security is not overturned by unusual behavior.

Pisces-See the uniqueness within and look for self-discovery. Your connection to others is intensified. Where do you allow it to go? Watch for misunderstandings.

Thank you for reading and sharing. It is a pleasure to know that what I may write may trigger an “aha” moment for some of you. I love to laugh and no matter what anyone else says, I laugh when something stirs my inner joker. Try it more as the days of summer start to wind down. Tune into Wizards Within with my co-host Sprinkles as we talk about a variety of interesting things upcoming on September 19, 2019 at 9pm EDT. Be blessed, until again, love, Jan

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