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FULL MOON in TAURUS, NOVEMBER 17, 2013 – Forging Ahead in Balance and Integrity

Are you ready for some wining and dining, playing? Have you had enough of the constant negativity that continues to weave its way through your life causing you to doubt and fear; maybe you even want to hide away? Sounds like one of those commercials that I turn off. Just trying to get your attention because life at this time is not what it seems. Energy is on the upsurge and you can access your own depth of consciousness. Why do you choose to run scared? On my radio show last Friday night I spoke about the Pluto/Uranus square and its connection to the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd of November and how it is bringing about power struggles on all levels of relating. Do you really choose to go in that darkness? The continuous blasting of control and power among the elite is beginning to be a thorn in your side. Or do you like being told that you have to do everything that someone else dictates? Think about it. I am sure someone out there is reading my blog who is monitoring my words. You know I will say nothing because most of the truth is out there already. It is a matter of YOU discerning it and walking your own truth. The FULL MOON in TAURUS is upon us and it can be a truly pleasurable time if you choose or not.

The FULL MOON in TAURUS takes place on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 10:15am EST, California 7:15 am PST, Hawaii 5:15am and London 3:15pm. It occurs at 25 degrees 26’. Is it time now that you take the energy and transform your life direction/purpose? There is always a balance indicated when the Full Moon occurs. With the Sun being in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus you will find that you are trying to balance your personal values/transformation (Scorpio) with your security (Taurus). Through the past posts I have said much about facing your fears so that you can become your true self. Until you do that, you wander through the shadows of past doings, patterns and anything else that keeps you from flowing on top of the earth. Now with this Full Moon in Taurus you may choose to dig a bit deeper and with the Sun in Scorpio influence, you may actually find the clues as to how to release the trauma, the guilt, the hidden negative cellular memories which come up in your daily life that keep you in the shadows You are now given an opportunity to get on track with aligning your goals with your truth within.

Full Moon in Taurus would like you to take a look at what really makes you joyful. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus there can also be lots of good food and company. Taurus is definitely about the senses and most Taureans love to take part in pleasurable activities. Do you know a Taurean who doesn’t like to be surrounded by good art, enjoy a night out with that special someone or even have some really close friends to entertain? And don’t forget the music. My goodness, this is the icing on the cake for Taureans. It is time to enhance your talents and stop sabotaging yourself. How many of you continue the game of self-sabotage? Does it help? Full Moon in Taurus loves to create. You are fighting against your inherent gifts because it takes time away from any game that you play. Or could it be you just have little self-esteem? Those who have planets within the realm of 19 – 30 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be affected most intensely. Other signs will be influenced depending on the planets involved.

Since the FULL MOON is about balance and healing energies, what are your intentions to clearing and releasing that which no longer serves your truth? Have you thought about this at all? Some of you will be reaching a pinnacle of success since you have already come into alignment. But those of you who are still walking in the power game will find yourselves stuck in the dark. As I said Venus rules Taurus and even though that is the case, it still is out of the main arena when it comes to this Full Moon. Yet, Venus is being assaulted by Pluto and Uranus. It makes a big square (conflict) to Uranus in Aries and conjunct (right on) Pluto in Capricorn. Help!! This is prodding (you don’t prod Taurus individuals) Venus to refine any relationships so the power struggle is minimized. It also says that integrity and cooperation are a big part of this entire scenario. So there it is again that Pluto/Uranus square yanking poor Venus around. Venus wants to dance and she has no opening unless there is some support from the relationship. Open to clearing out the junk from any relationship with which you continue to have the power struggle. Give it up. Are you always right? And who of you is pushing the envelope in your relationship? What purpose does it serve? Stop tolerating unmet desires and true needs. I truly mean it. Tolerance is fine to a point but it will bring you to a screaming state soon if something doesn’t change. And those of you who continue the control antics, there are more important things in life and the relationship needs to have balance. One-sidedness has no value. And the FULL MOON in TAURUS is about values. What do you value in your relationship? What about your core values? You need to figure this out NOW. Then balance is achieved and openings can occur. Do you get it?

Venus stays in Capricorn until March 5, 2014 due to the retrograde (backward motion) she takes on December 21. That is a long time for Venus in one sign. Compassion and empathy are needed as Venus goes through this long trek. Intensity creeps in with Venus on Pluto. Obsession anyone? Passionate involvements? This too is part of the Full Moon- the passion that is.

The Full Moon itself is very calm and slightly laid back. It is the other planets that are making noise in the background. As you notice life is really coming apart in various places and especially in the US of A. You will see many changes in the next months which will topple many structures that have been in force for a very long time. It isn’t happening immediately but it is a foreshadowing of what is to come.

On the 21st of November Mercury meets the Eclipse point of November 3, 2013. Watch what you say because words are the key to your breaking through to manifest those things that matter to you. If you stay in the negative you will get the negative. Your thoughts matter too. If you continue to say one thing and do something else, do you really think it will bring you what you desire. Please!

My next radio show will be on BlogTalkradio/ on November 22, 2013 at 11pm EST. Many thanks to all of you who support this blog. Blessings and joy to all. May you find balance and joy in your relationships. Until again. Love, Jan

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NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, NOVEMBER 3, 2013-Dancing in the dark as the Light emerges?

Hello dear ones. Are you still accepting the old paradigm? There are forces out there which will try to keep you in the dark about the reality of your existence. They are continually creating manmade laws to keep you attached to their perspectives, priorities and illusions. What about the Universal laws? Did they get thrown away totally? The control factor is getting more extreme and it will continue to do so until you face the truth of all the lies and misperceptions that have been drummed into you for the past century. The control is permeating all sections of your life and it is creating a deep struggle for those who continue to be In the Matrix thinking. This control is like a being under a microscope in the lab. Every part of your life is being monitored like a rat in a cage. Ouch! Is this the way life should be? Is this the way life is going to be? Is anyone going to make their voice heard? Have you had enough yet? The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is upon us and will begin the digging into the secrets, the scripts of old patterns in order for your real self to shine through.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio occurs on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 7:48am EST at 11 degrees 18 minutes. Scorpio SUN/Moon has great creative urges. It has executive abilities yet also can be a great missionary at sharing the good in the world. Oh, yes, they are powerful when in those upper positions and very secretive no matter what path they walk. Those who are Scorpio-ruled have strong sexual natures and may even like some flattery. It depends on how they use their extreme magnetism as to where the Scorpio type ends up in life.

What an intense, long-lasting energy which appears with this NEW MOON. It is quite transformational for everyone in different ways depending where it is in your chart. The energy effects are powerful and deep. Some may have disruptive energies and challenges with which to contend since the Pluto /Uranus square is right there with the NEW MOON. Most of you have more clearing of the deep patterns and old behaviors which are stuck within. There are very few of you who have achieved the clarity of purpose that this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio may eventually bring to you. Don’t kid yourself; things in the next couple of years may be totally different in your life than what you are experiencing at this juncture. Get your act together and start thinking about what it is you need to do to become your true self and walking the path of wholeness.

Many things which no longer serve your needs may disappear completely from your life. And if it does so, it is part of the process to bring you back to your truth. Whether it be people, places, jobs, homes you will have to accept the energy of the action. Without this clearing out you will continue to walk in the old ways and the darkness will continue to influence your thoughts, emotions and physical being. Some of you will question this and say that your life is acceptable, who cares whether it is this way or that. Well, dear ones, you have a choice and if you choose to continue in the past ways of thinking, the illusions will continue to undermine your prosperity, your truth, your health and all good things which can be yours.

The controllers have been poisoning us through a GMOs and Chemtrails, prescription medication and other items of control and deception. There are those who create controversy, spew out hateful words and guess what, those who are so trying to establish a dark world soon will see their ducks come off the pond. The truth will out the lies. The Pluto and Uranus square which again was exact yesterday, November 1, 2013 continues to bring the upheaval around us and to many of you directly. This aspect will continue to be around for another year until late 2014 (I mistakenly indicated that it left us in mid-2014 in the last post). Walls continue to tumble down and the shift is bringing to you a new view, a feeling of freedom. Yet there are those of you who may be caught in its turmoil. Resistance is something you wish to avoid. Be true to your heartsong not to someone else’s needs and desires. Fearmongering is so blatant in this world today. Stay removed from it. Fear brings to you a state of submission. Do you wish to be a robot or a free spirit like you were intended to be? It is your choice, dear ones. Many in America are on the bandwagon out of fear. Many in the world live in fear and under control. Think Germany in the 1930s. You are going to have to decide soon where you wish to be.

This NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is saying to you dig deep and clean up your act or it will be transformed for you with no input from you. The energy from this NEW MOON is also indicating spiritual warfare. Mars and Neptune were in close aspect with the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th of October so the lies and deception still carry on. Is there a revolt in the works by you the people in the next year? Since this eclipse takes place over a 3 hour plus period, then its energy can last a long time as I said earlier in the post. Will you come together with others so that your voices can be heard?

There is a powerful Yod aspect between Mars in Virgo sextile the New Moon in Scorpio and both inconjunct (150degrees) Uranus in Aries. Much energy has come out of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on October 18. This Yod takes some of the scorpion sting away; well, just a little and can elevate the energy if you go with it. Mercury is still retrograde until November 10 but the shadow continues on another week or so after that. And when Mercury conjuncts the North Node will show you exactly where you are resistant to change. Ready?

Those of you most affected by this NEW MOON Solar Eclipse are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. If you have any planets or points within 5 degrees either side of the eclipse degree then you will feel it more intensely. This falls in my 6th house which is about work and service in my daily life and it is right on my vertex. I realized that something important will take place in the next months that will change how I approach my work. I also see it on my Saturn in my Solar Return which indicates that I will have to take an an overabundance of work items.

Now you can take that deep breath and let the old stuff out and remember that your truth and heartsong are what really matters. It is being transformed so that you can be the true blue you. Transformation is coming up from the depths. Allow it. Claim it. Some things will end and others will be recreated. Also, a new beginning can take place.

Thank you all for reading and supporting this blog. I am so grateful. Walk in peace as the energy intensifies. Set your intentions. I send blessings to everyone. Until again, Love, Jan
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