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ELECT to REFLECT–Are there any real changes?

Here we go again. This past week on the Eastern Seaboard of the US has suffered horrific damage and brought many of you to a place of suffering. I watched the storm on television off and on throughout the timeframe and it was a wake up moment. There is a big message here all of you, it is a time for you to really begin to pay attention wherever you live in the US of A or the world. Many here in this part of America do not know the horrors that have been perpetrated on the rest of the world and our blessings have been many. That doesn’t mean that the blessings will always be there because many behind the scenes have been working against what has been accomplished here. No soapbox, just facts. There are big changes coming. Will they be here on December 21, 2012 as many of you believe? I doubt it. I can hear some of you saying that I am off base. Well, I may be, that’s true, because I am only speaking from what I perceive. This may have been Mother Nature speaking out but I do believe she had some help. Isn’t it interesting that Fukushima happened in March of 2011, the Gulf Oil spill occurred September 2010. Now, last week, hurricane Sandy has brought major damage to the people and shoreline of Delaware, New Jersey, New York (city and Long Island) and other parts of the Eastern states. Should they all have been prepared? I have read comments from some individuals, who expected everyone to run for the hills, get out of dodge and or just cope. Most of those along the shorelines did. But those in the New York City area did not. Not everyone has the capability or means to evacuate. Did you ever try to leave NYC in rush hour? Well, I have done so and it is not the easiest thing to do. Can you imagine if everyone did that? Before I move on to what is going on, just think about this- relief efforts are finally taking place. Some towns have it and others do not. PAY ATTENTION dear ones because there is something you are failing to see as to what is happening in this country. It is difficult to know what to believe. Discernment is certainly needed and that is something that many have yet to put into place. And will the election make a difference, I don’t think so. Whoever is going to be President has already been decided. Don’t fall for the deception, dear ones. The battle is only beginning and keeping it positive is what you all need to do.

As I write this Mercury in Sagittarius is going retrograde in a couple of hours. It retrogrades today, November 6, 2012 at 3:04 PM EST. Today it slows to a very slow motion and continues to go seemingly backwards until November 26, 2012. In that time period it is best to reflect and revise, clean out the cobwebs of your mind and maybe your house or otherwise. You know already it rules communication…and it may just be time to regroup your thoughts and get ready to devise a plan to leap forward into some project or commitment around the 17th of November when it sits with the SUN in Scorpio. It began at 4 degrees Sagittarius and at that time on the 17th it has been in Scorpio for about a week plus. Once Mercury goes forward again it is the time for action and moving forward with a plan you just devised. This is the focus of your next several months. No plans made, then same old stuff. Oh, it does have changes but find that focus and take it up a notch whether it is a business, a relationship or just open communication. Once Mercury goes direct, watch the hidden stuff in your life because Mercury in Scorpio direct will bring it into the open. Oops.

Venus entered Libra on October 29 which opens communication about marriages, divorce. contracts, peaceful settlements and other relationship matters. Are you going to keep it all in balance or are you going to let the gust of wind coming in the new storm take you off your track. What do you think? How will you be?

Who will be the next President? As I finish writing this short post this evening, it is still undetermined. Whoever gets in will have the same issues to deal with as the outgoing one. And if the President remains the same, do send him good energy because he will definitely need it. Lots of uproar on the way…in more ways then one. Stay tuned. The NRE MOON is an eclipse and will arrive on November 13. Watch for the next post. A window of negative energy is still upon us so be prepared and continue to pay attention. You cannot for one moment be lax at this time. No one said you had to be negative, just know that lots of individuals are in that energy.

Blessings to all of you and thank you . Until again. Love, Jan

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