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FULL MOON in VIRGO, February 22, 2016-Stay in the dream or scream

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The Full Moon in Virgo approaches our daily living as I write this post. Prayers going out to Fiji since that Category 5 typhoon just hit there Saturday. By the way, were you aware that there are five states where the middle class has been affected the most-Nevada, Vermont, North Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin? And the battle continues for the presidential candidates for each party. Do you really think any one of those individuals is going to do what is the best for this country? On another note, I just read for the zillionth time that they are saying that homeopathy doesn’t really do anything. Yep, that’s why the elitists use it and most individuals would rather take prescription medication.

As the previous new moon energy is building to the Full Moon in Virgo it has been a time of being able to manifest more easily and if you haven’t yet done so, intend it now as you are reading and see where it takes you. Whatever you put out there on February 8 will come to fruition if you stayed in the positive or negative thought process. The Full Moon in Virgo (Sun in Pisces) occurs on Monday, February 22, 2016 at 1:20pm EST, 10:20am PST and 6:20pm GMT in 3degrees 33’. It opposes the Neptune/Ceres conjunction in Pisces. This tells you there is a significant rise in food allergies right now and also food impurities. So please watch your diet and the foods you purchase. Otherwise the Full Moon in Virgo speaks of taking your worries and detailed thinking and balancing it with the more fantasy venue of Pisces. Full Moons are also about relationships and you can open your eyes to see what is out of balance in those interactions

Virgo Full Moon says that you are picking apart every last detail until no one wants you around. Analyzing tends to show up in a major way. You may find yourself managing whatever you do very well yet will tend to nitpick until there is nothing left. If you find yourself not understanding others at this time that is old Virgo moon. One good thing is that you will help and serve others who need you at this time. This is not the time to put anything off (ha…I was not in the mood for writing this post and I said do it and so here I am) since down the road on March 8 is the Solar Eclipse and that will truly create a crisis if you didn’t do your homework or anything else that may have to be done.

It is a time of releasing the old now. This energy has been building since September 2015 and you need to somehow get rid of the anxiety that many of you are experiencing. Dreaming is a good idea at times, but keep it in balance with the details that you need to complete for any project on the docket -whether personal or business related. It is time to pay attention to your health, your diet and exercise, and your wellness.

What crisis has erupted in your life regarding love or money in the last couple of weeks? Maybe you just need more money for some reason or something about your friendship or love relationship has come to a boiling point. This is all about balancing the dynamics of any type of relationship so that you can resolve the crisis if it shows up. Rapid change is going to occur since the Virgo Full Moon is at the midpoint between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. I have been talking about the square between Uranus and Pluto for a very long time and it is now critical and leads to an extreme shift in circumstances. Watch for inflexibility in your attitude and your actions since this will block changes that need to be made now. Be careful of disharmonious influences which may cause nervous tension to become unmanageable unless you release any anger that is hidden.

Be careful where you aim your arrows this time around and please do not use your loved ones as targets. If there is no peaceful solution that is within your realm then the suggestion is to stand in your power. Any of those who are abused will find the tools to stand in dignity and have their rights.

Old habits die hard and this Full Moon says to look at that part of your life so you can let go of that which is no longer useful to you. Forget the auto-pilot and go within before you go out there. It is mixing of the spiritual and the everyday practicality. But with Neptune involved, you may decide to float along and dream and do nothing else. That is why it is important to keep the balance. Neptune can also create fogginess in how you see things or even some illusions. Jupiter crosses the point where the September eclipse sits and also opposes Chiron in Pisces. This is calling for you to look at the wound that may have shown up and take time to heal.

Those of you who have any personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) near 3 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel this more intensely. And if you don’t know your chart then the birthdays that are affected are: May 19 – May 27; August 20-August 28; November 19-November 27; and February 18-25.

By the way, 222 in Angel talk means that you are close to manifesting your intention. Keep positive. Almost there!

Some tidbits for each Sun sign/Rising sign at the Full Moon in Virgo:
Aries-Can inspire visions to see what you need to do or create some fog or confusion in your health or work. Take small steps to reach your goal.
Taurus- Watch for being over-committed in a project. You may need to just pull back a bit. You tend to have some emotional urgency with child or lover. Pay attention to details in love.
Gemini-Don’t let your vision of how you would like things to go blind you to what is. Turn down the noise in your environment and from others so you can come to a decision.
Cancer-Chaos and confusion may replace efficient thinking. Let your feelings flow as you float in the clouds. Practical details are a necessary part of your life.
Leo- Make no economic decisions under this cloudy energy. The simple truth keeps slipping away the closer you get to finding it. Only time will bring you the answer.
Virgo-Is there a drama about your needs versus others brewing? Choose happiness over caution and you may actually like it. Moving out of the head may free you up.
Libra-It is time to get off the couch and eat nutritionally again. Will you be inspired or disillusioned? Focus on new goals and give it your all.
Scorpio- Infatuated in a dreamy way, are you? Differences between you social needs and your loved ones show up. If you have been sidetracked, you see a new way.
Sagittarius- You may wish to aim for the stars but keep those feet on the ground. Some confusion occurs in home/family. Make tiny adjustments without any major moves yet.
Capricorn-News or decision which requires immediate attention or it is misdirected. This is a time to get rid of those fears and reach for your dreams. Focus on the big picture.
Aquarius- Are there bills that need to be covered? Watch for any tricky situations regarding shared finances. Watch for blurred thoughts in the next days.
Pisces-Don’t let anyone take advantage of your kind nature. Your needs and nurturing are out of balance in partnership area. With others establish clear boundaries.

So, will you be steaming in a dream or screaming? Time will tell.

Thank you for reading and if you will, please share. Stay tuned for the shifting energy and keep your joy to the fore. Have a great Full Moon. Until again. Many blessings and love, Jan

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NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, February 8, 2016- Bring your innovative ideas to the world

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Hello dear ones. The New Moon in Aquarius is just about upon us. Things are shifting more than ever. As I write this post. Much is going on that is leading up to a major Solar Eclipse in early March.. On February 6, Venus and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn and squaring Uranus in Aries. This is part of the New Moon chart. That may explain many quirky kinds of behavior. There may be unexpected events or other energy that has an effect upon your love life or finances. And in the news- There was a 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan. North Korea apparently has launched a long range missile. Wall Street is still on its roller coaster ride.

Let’s look at the New Moon in Aquarius which arrives on Monday, February 8, 2016 at 9:40am EST; 6:40am PST; and 2:40pm GMT in 19 degrees 15’. The Sun is also in Aquarius. Both the Moon and Sun are in sextile aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. It is time to take a breath as you move forward from the last Full Moon in Leo where you had lots of fun and some new creative workings. It is time to say good-bye to your old ways. Stop sitting in that fear that shows up more often than not as you give into it instead of releasing it. With fear there is no love. Just remember that the next time it comes around. You know that nothing from the past is working anymore so why hang on? Step into your own truth and look at where your life is taking you. Stop and look and ponder the next months.

This New Moon in Aquarius is about being the visionary as a typical Aquarian would be. If you didn’t jump into the play mode when the Full Moon was here a couple weeks back then you may choose to do that now with this New Moon. At least take time to really sit back and reconnect to your new efforts for the next month. The New Moon is saying to you to look at your own unique abilities and talents. Since Uranus rules Aquarius it is a good time to look within and see the genius, mad scientist, the individualist, the independent thinker. Aquarius the water-bearer is pouring more and more universal consciousness into each and every one of you. Open to it.

This is the time for you to look at your own originality and how you can use it to better yourself and the world out there. No one will do it for you and it is about your individuality and sharing those unique ideas so others can benefit. This is time to move out of those old beliefs and patterns that you have had since childhood and open to the authentic you. This is not the time for being a martyr in relationships since it may be a time of rationalizing any problem. By the way, Mars in Scorpio is square this New Moon in Aquarius, You can take the combustible energy and direct it into some project or it will explode in ways that may be destructive emotionally. This can seep into a sexual arena and if either partner is unwilling to express sexually then a deep anger can emerge Of course, this depends where it is in you natal chart. And watch out for ego conflicts. Who is trying to rule you? Lilith is trining the New Moon so you may want to take your any unexpressed pent-up energy and create something out of the box. You many feel a bit more sensitive than usual and not especially like anyone’s critical remarks. While Mars brings the sexual aspect to this New Moon, dear Venus in Capricorn is saying to use her trine to Jupiter/ North Node in Virgo to purify yourself through creative projects that truly represent you.

Remember that any New Moon is about manifestation. So be careful what you think and put out there for the Universe to act on. It can happen quite quickly as long as you do not overthink. This is a time for listening to your gut feeling but you need to discern whether this is coming from old beliefs or truly your uniqueness and knowing. Mercury (thinking) does rule this 2nd decan where the New Moon in Aquarius sits.

The New Moon in Aquarius is saying to you to recognize that new directions are staring at you in love and money. There may be some interesting interactions and surprises with the Sun in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries. Also coming from this aspect is something that may bring an exciting new path. Don’t forget that Venus sextiles Mars at this time. Good indication of love flowing. Socializing is great and so is chasing your desires. Balance is there if you allow it. If any dissonance occurs from the square to Uranus then just stay out of the fear place and you can resolve anything.

Signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio are most intensely affected especially birthdays February 4-12; May 5-May 13; August 7-15; and November 7-15. Any planets that are aspected are also affected.
Here are some tidbits about the Sun/ rising signs at this New Moon time:
Aries- Lots of networking and promotion light your fire. Watch that those around you aren’t expecting you to foot the bill as you lead the group. Dreams can become reality.
Taurus- New Moon is the emotional trigger to build a new direction in professional or social (possible combo of each) matters. Need to bring work and love into balance. Passions (can be a roller coaster leading up to New Moon) are big on the table.
Gemini- New visions are presented in love and learning, spirituality and travel. Transform work and health routines. Opportunities for change in thinking combining old views with new.
Cancer- Shared benefits and resources come into play. Watch your secret dealings including sexual and financial ones. Narrow your options and square up the budgets.
Leo- Intense interaction with home and family members with good auspices coming out. There is romance highlighted and love in capital letters. Pushy people may show up. Compromise major differences.
Virgo- Make some good nutritional changes in your diet. Change your work habits for better results. Reach out to others if they need help. Transformative energy shows up.
Libra- Triggers possible romantic feelings for someone who is a friend. Those in relationships can reignite the flame of passion. Your creative projects come to the forefront.
Scorpio- Domestic action is stirred up a bit. Is there a new living space coming your way? Home remodeling or renovations in the works? There is a security you are feeling now.
Sagittarius- Good opportunities may show up which are transformative and innovative. Good news regarding travel or creative pursuits. If you feel like lashing out and do, then something may be amiss subconsciously.
Capricorn- This is a good time for finding innovative ways to increase your financial holdings to help make things more secure. Romance shows up. Maybe also some adventure.
Aquarius- You are in the limelight and you enjoy the balance of both past and future. A call from the heart is better than a call when you are working. Your outer world may be taking you away from a commitment.
Pisces- It is time for rest, retreat, hanging out whatever you wish to call it. Take time for yourself and enjoy you. Is there a dream waiting to happen? Fortunate alliances show up.

Let your independent thinking take you to new vistas. The world awaits your innovativeness. Stay tuned for the Full Moon coming up February 22nd. Thank you for reading and sharing if you will. If you have any questions please comment. Many blessings to you as you allow the energy to transform your life. Until again. Love, Jan

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