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FULL MOON in LIBRA, March 27, 2013- Seeking balance, finding chaos-Now what?

Have you gotten enveloped in the madness? For many in this month of March there is a coming together of many who cheer on their teams to victorious moments and anguish over their losses. There is a Cinderella story going on in the NCAA basketball world. In fact there may be 2 stories of Cinderella. By the end of the weekend it will be known who amongst those Cinderella teams advance. I usually do not bring up mainstream TV but this is a must for anyone to watch and be inspired fully, totally and completely. If you get an opportunity and you can find it in your listings, please watch 30/30- Survive and Advance, a film by ESPN regarding the 1983 NCAA National Championship game with the North Carolina State team winning it all and their coach Jim Valvano inspiring them beyond the beyond. The joy was incredible. If all of you could be so in the moment and intending your dreams…you can achieve anything if you truly believe it. Now here comes the Full Moon in Libra. You can be inspired, but you probably will find a reason not to be unless you take a leap of faith.

The Spring Equinox took place on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. What primaveral longings did you have? It is a time to set your yearly intentions. It is still time enough to do it. What do you choose to create and have it happen next year at this time? Think about it and send it out there into the higher realms and do act upon your intention so that it may manifest a year from now. Look for signs in your life that will help you make that leap to a new start. Life is about action which has nothing and now is the time to begin the action. Let go of the passivity unless you find yourself in a rejuvenation stage. As you regroup, for those who are, please know the intention can still be put out there.

This Full Moon in Libra is on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 6 deg 52’ Libra at 5:28 EDT. This is in alignment with the T-square of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries which is conjunct the Sun. Libra is a sign of cooperation on harmony and balance. Aries likes the freedom and independence mode along with being self-assertive. It is time for higher awareness. But you must allow it. To backtrack a moment – Were your dreams flowing through brightly since the New Moon? Have your illusions begun to disappear? I bet many of you have been lazing along, haven’t you? If you took it a step up then you may have experienced a higher kind of love and togetherness. Anyone out there do that? How many of you are still creating separation? Did you allow the boundaries to expand instead of closing the door on something real? These are things to think about before this Full Moon comes blasting through your door. And believe me for some of you it will create a storm with lightning bolts.

Changes are evident with this Full Moon in Libra. This is an atypical Libra Moon because there are so many planets in Aries which are far from harmonious at times and like to stir things to action. What is going to blow up in your life to make you pay attention to the reality around you? This will come from the T-square mentioned above. Cancer individuals with planets in 2 degrees-10 degrees will be affected most intensely. This comes right at you since any Cancer planets are opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus and the Moon. Other signs most affected are Capricorn, Aries and Libra. This Full Moon is about taking a stand without picking a fight. Who among you can do this? Are you ready to free yourself from the imbalances and limitations? It is now time to take that big leap for some of you. Others may make plans and watch for the newly created signs which will help them move forward. Most of all, you need to pay attention. I know I say this frequently but it is so important. There may be some vivid dreams around this time. What are they telling you?

The Aries Sun which is opposite the Libra Moon starts the blaze which came from the lightning bolt. Balance is so important as this whole scenario opens up. If the risk is needed, take it. And for those who are feeling alone, others are on the path too! Look around and you will see them. There is a cooperative influence although it may feel otherwise. The Yod that still hangs around, seemingly for months, makes everything a bit more complex than you normally like yet the road is open if you choose to see this. Make your way through the maze of images that may perplex your thinking.
There is nurturing to be had but you have to give as well as receive. Sometimes it returns to you in ways that are less obvious. Push no one at this time. Many say this Full Moon in Libra is lovely and sweet and flowing. It may flow right into a fiery whirlwind. This is a very volatile time and the ducks are being blasted off the pond. There is no gentleness with this Full Moon even though Libra would like that.

These next couple of weeks will be far from mundane and boring. Hold onto your hats because whatever comes to you may knock that hat right off your head. It may be really chaotic. Craziness reigns because so many things are happening. Stay in the moment. Take a look at your life and get rid of things that no longer matter or at least are no longer working. This may help balance it all out. And who of you needs to take legal action? It may be worth it in the long run. After the next 2 weeks things should settle down again.

For those who celebrate Easter and Passover may you find peace and joy within your hearts. To everyone have a blessed new beginning as the Light shines brightly upon you. Even though there is madness and chaos in the air remember what Rob Brezsny said in a Pronoia post—“Pressure makes you fresher”. Be still. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in PISCES, March 11, 2013 – Is it REAL or is it the fog?

Hello again. Life is surely speeding by. It is almost the Spring Equinox (March 20) and as our week begins the New Moon in Pisces is upon us. It is at 21 degrees 24’ on Monday, March 11, 2013 at 3:51pm ET. It speaks of fogginess. The boundaries are expanded and where will it take you? This is a very spiritual New Moon. It is has been a chore to get this written with Mercury Retrograde amongst the other planets in Pisces including the Sun, Moon, Venus, Chiron and Mars. Mars is trying to run for the action in Aries and will leave shortly after the New Moon. This New Moon is far from doing things for you but it is more for doing it for the Universal good. What can you do for others now?

This New Moon gives you the opportunity to take a look at what you are truly dreaming of and allowing it to become a reality. Oh, I know that same old song. Well, it is true now. It is time to really put your nose to the grindstone and think of what it is that matters to you. Be inspired and if you need call someone who does inspire you to help you over that last fence. You do want to jump that block and get yourself on the path to that dream, don’t you? Take the dream a step up out of the depths of the core of the Pisces New Moon and let it take that leap into a new direction. Yes, you heard me right.
Will you let that inspiration guide you to the highest pinnacle and will your dream manifest better than you can imagine. It just might. It is time to manifest your deepest creation from your soul. Are you ready? The action begins next month but you can be ready to give it a jump-start shortly once Mercury goes stationary direct on Sunday, March 17. Now, that doesn’t mean put it into action on that day because it still is moving really slowly. Those leprechauns who are around now may bring some magic into your life without you even asking. Just allow it to happen and do pay attention. Oh, dear, you get so tired of me saying that. Just remember to recognize if the dream is real or is it just the fog that is permeating everything at this time.

Pisces is always about fusing the lowest self with the Highest self and it is one of the most magnetic signs. It acts like a sponge. All you Pisces out there know exactly to what I am referring. If you have a Moon in Pisces your emotional makeup is like a sponge also. This Pisces New Moon is about leaving yourself and going out to serve some part of humanity.
Neptune rules Pisces and sometime Jupiter has been known to rule it. Neptune is the big influence at this time of the New Moon. It rules creativity, spirituality, film, your psychicness, religion, compassion and imagination. So, which of those areas will be prominent in your life at this time? The religious part is about the Pope, I guess, since he has left and now the new one will be elected in the next 11 days. I am sure they know about Mercury retrograde, seriously they do, and watch what happens if they choose someone before it goes direct. A change perhaps? The negative side is about deception and lies, delusions and illusions, and confusion among other things. And then there is that addiction that comes about in Pisces, or maybe even that being in love with love. Are you? AHA! Some may say it is also about forgiveness. Pay attention to everything that comes to you now and ask is it real or an illusion.

This is a higher dimensional New Moon in Pisces which can take you beyond the 3D world you choose to live in and give you an opportunity to connect with the Highest Consciousness. This is a perfect time to enter the land of Spirit and also in the land of Truth. If you are an artist, a musician, a poet, or a someone who channels, it is a beneficial moment to bring your creativity to the masses.

Pisces is also about faith wherever the New Moon falls in your chart. It also is about being blind to truth and you need to allow your intuition to guide you. In my chart it is in the 10th house of profession and recognition. It may bring someone of importance into my life to help me do something that has importance to me and for which I may be recognized. Obviously I need to pay attention.

Just a couple of other aspects that may make a difference- Mars is still at 29 degrees Pisces and it has been quite comfy here although it yearns for the action of Aries. Maybe that little bit of tender loving care is going to fade really fast. One of the asteroids, Lilith is squaring the New Moon. Who are you going to have to choose between? That is a possibility whether in family or spouse or children. This may not be to your liking. Sun square Lilith brings into the focus someone who wants to speak for another about dark issues.
Integrity, purity and balance are important qualities at this New Moon. Do enjoy the moments with that special someone. It may be a healing for those who are looking for love. Take the time to just be for it is gone quickly, the moment , that is.
Remember to put out your intentions but watch the fog of it all. According to Alan Oken, the goal for each of us is the Path, and the Path brings about the unfolding Love/Wisdom consciousness of the Soul. Pisces is about wisdom and is in the 2nd ray which is Love.

Find that love within and without and your New Moon will manifest a dream out of the depths. Be kind to yourself as you take the leap. May the energy revitalize you and may you be blessed walking forward. For those who wish to be comfy in the past, it is done. Your visions for the future will manifest from the present. Know that the Spring equinox is the time to intend those ideas that will manifest by the beginning of next Spring. Be well and until again. Thank you as always. Love, Jan

PS- Just realized that Cosmic Leaping is 2 years old today. Happy Birthday!!!!!

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