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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn, December 25/26, 2019 – Let the joy flow


new moon solar eclipseHappy Holidays Dear Ones!  Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. Where oh where has the joyousness gone; out the door on the lam; running from the cold and darkest night; oh my, wait, here comes the Light. Will you allow the Light to shine brightly on your life? Last minute shopping is probably taking its toll on all of you and you wish you can hide from the world. Of course there are others out there who need to be in the spotlight for their own big egos. Many of you are still sleeping to the truth out there. When was the last time you spoke to someone face to face and actually listened to what the other individual was saying? I do not think so. I know I bring this up much in the past months yet I do not understand the need for extracting yourself from personal contact. I realize that it is big tech that runs your life, yet I feel quite annoyed that a good number of you would rather text than talk. What is the point? Why do you choose to run away from real communication? That is what the last full moon was asking you.

Now in the coming days you can choose to see the truth or not. Some may find it difficult to open to what is really going on out there. Are you still being pulled into the horror stories that leap at you from the news out there? Why? You are here to walk your path not someone else’s. So why are you letting the power play happen? Have you taken a look at what is being fed to you in the news? You need to do so. The impeachment scam is taking over your life if you let it.  Two telecom experts are taking the FCC to court in January 2020 regarding the reconstruction of telecom and dissolution of 5G agenda. Florida high school students will likely be required to take a civics course in order to graduate. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was behind the push to mandate that Florida students have a basic civics education, and a bill mandating civics. Some of you have no idea what Civics is. As many as 15,000 holes have been found during an underwater survey by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). The scientists say it remains a mystery. Sure.

What is a New Moon? It is a burst of new energy which lasts until the next new moon. The Solar Eclipse New Moon is good for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle. Are you ready to have intense new starts or will you just shove it away and be the same ol’ same ol’?  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn shows its face on December 26, 2019 at 12:13am EST; 5:13am GMT; and December 25, 2019 at 9:13pm PST in 4 degrees 6’.  It comes as no surprise that the New Moon in Capricorn is about your choosing to transform your life. This is beyond enlightenment. It is truly leaping to see who you truly are and where you choose to be on your path. The New Moon asks what responsibilities are you to fulfill in the next few weeks. Are you ready for any authority that is coming to you or asking you to do something beyond what you already do? And how about before the New Year arrives get rid of those things that no longer have any part of your life. What have you been hanging onto for the last few years? Let them go. Throw away that which no longer matters. Stop the clutter and how about a detox of those who are cluttering up your life? Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat which is climbing towards spiritual service no matter how many difficulties fall across the path. Can you handle that thought?  Capricorn Solar Eclipse New Moon/Sun is conjunct Jupiter within a degree. That’s a good thing since it is about enjoying what comes in. It is if you choose it to be. Remember it is your choice whether you want the joy or you want that other misery.  Unexpected insights and events which are positive may bring some cheer. No matter what goes on I suggest staying in your truth and good things happen. This can be a lucky time for many. Remember that!!

What are you concentrating on so strongly that you are missing what is in front of you? This is something that Capricorn Moon wishes to ask. Capricorn New Moon wants you to breathe in the goodness of life. Stop the power games and get on board for a ride up the mountain with more ease than you thought. And as you look around, if I may interject, power games are the name of the energy now in force due to the New Moon is conjunct a fixed star Facies which is in the eye of the archer and conjunct the South Node in Capricorn also. Does it remind you of anything else, maybe Fascist? Oh yes. And it is about narcissistic behavior. And I am sure many of you have witnessed this or have seen it within. And the way the world goes today it shows much of this can bring about violence. Pay attention. Are you going against your truth following a much darker agenda in your life? Do you let those in control take over your life so you are left fearful in the trenches? There are many changes coming and some will be unreal when it comes to what actually tries to emerge from the depths of darkness. Watch you are not being manipulated in any way, shape or form taking you away from your true calling and interests of your family circle.

Are you feeling more drained and wish to just pull back? That is what you need to do. Many things are surfacing which took place in July with the previous Cancer/Capricorn eclipse. Or even many of you may experience emotions that arise from your childhood and now finally deal with them. Uh oh! Take all the time needed to delve into this and finally come to your ability to release this old emotional energy. With this New Moon Solar Eclipse it is time to chill out in plain terms if you are anyway stressed from the ongoing intense energy that has been around for months. Take your time doing what you need to do so the energy flows.

Mercury goes Out of Bounds until January 12, 2020 which indicates that it may seem that things are out of synch. Some confusing thoughts come which are beyond your norm. It may feel like Mercury retrograde. No running for the hills, please. It can go either way -paranoia and fear or more uplifting thoughts may preside.

If you have the Sun/Rising sign in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn at 0-7 degrees you will be more intensely affected. Any personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) at those degrees it may also have some affect. Tidbits for the signs:

Aries- Career and business prospects open up. Where do you wish to take the direction?

Taurus – Travel and networking possibilities. What kind of decisions will have impact?

Gemini – There is a situation that you need to release. Finances, budget need work.

Cancer – Possible surprises regarding relationship. Transformation may bring tension.

Leo – Real estate /shared assets may be in the works. Some relationships are rumbling.

Virgo – A happy time with your loved ones. Decisive action re: children and creativity?

Libra – Is there a change in how you live? Watch for unexpected expenses. Take action.

Scorpio –Is it time for a new start? Energy around the neighborhood may have an effect.

Sagittarius – It is all about your money. Make good focused decisions in that area.

Capricorn – Focus on wellness /your good reputation. Destiny is in your hands!!!

Aquarius – It is all about surrounding yourself with peace. Let the healing begin.

Pisces – Favor and good fortune in social area /friendships! Find your dream/live it.

Have a joyful holy day season and for those who celebrate have a beautiful Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. May the Light of the Divine shine upon you! May the New Year give you the impetus to uncover your deepest truth so that you can leap forward with a new beginning! Thank you for reading and sharing. Be blessed, until again, Love, Jan

FULL MOON in Gemini, December 11/12, 2019 – Words make or break it!


Here we are again Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. What a crazy world this is! I was away for a friend’s passing for about five days and found myself not looking at social media, the news, or anything else after about the second day. What a peaceful place it was without the clamor. Have you done that recently?  Do you ever take time off from the chatter of your screen time? If not maybe it is time to try it. Your inner peace becomes real if you do that.

And the Full Moon is around the bend and is about communication and maybe once and for all releasing old wounds regarding it. As the energy builds to the Full Moon truth is seeking you out since the past new moon. Have you allowed it in or are you going to resist seeing what it has in store for you? Did you get to see who everyone really is in the last weeks? Lots of openings are occurring yet many of you refuse to accept them. Is there something that you would rather be doing than enjoying a momentary lull in the madness? It is certainly up to you yet, I feel there is some kind of hesitance with many who continue to sit in the past and therefore nothing changes. Wake up from the brainwashing already. Oh, I know that what you hear is said to be true and good and you continue on your path to the hole in the ground. I have never heard so much dark talk about death and dying. Is that what you came to life for? Dear Ones, life is too short for all the crap that is being spewed in your faces. You do not think so? Then good luck with what may be coming if you get caught up in this illusion and get in line for the culling of the masses. I know you think I am out there. You know what? It matters not because you are in life to live it not just sit around and talk trash and let your life be influenced so greatly. Life will bring great joy if you truly change your belief. WILL YOU choose to do that? On the other hand are you willing to fight for what is rightfully the truth?

Nothing is as it seems. Stay with the thought that you and your world may have to go up against those who are wishing to destroy your freedoms. Keep that in mind as you move through the energy that is getting more intense as the days go by and will shift considerably in the next couple of weeks leading up to the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 25/26. The energy is building and many of you will be caught in the chaotic holiday mix. Therefore you may wish to take a breather and see if you are living in reality or a big illusion. Where is your mind today? How about your communication? Are you ready to shift your thinking or perhaps even to trust what you do not see. And just a couple short news notes: Many colleges are now doing away with SATs and one has now dropped general education math. Are you kidding me? Dumbing down moves forward! And Comey is not mentioned in the OIG report. Corney is. Who is Corney? It is another day in the neighborhood.

The Full Moon in Gemini comes in on Thursday, December 12, 2019, at 12:12am EST; 5:12am GMT; and December 11, 2019 at 9:12pm PST in 19 degrees 51’. The Sun is in the exact degree in Sagittarius.  A pertinent part of this Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius is the T-square with Neptune in Pisces. Cloudy thinking may be hovering around. Tune into your feelings more than your mind at this time due to the slippery illusions that appear. With these illusions not everything will be what it appears to be. This is the kind of Full Moon to delve into astrology or the dream world. You can certainly learn much from them. Your dreams may come to you in a more vivid fashion so do pay attention to them. With a square it usually indicates inner conflict so watch how you communicate to others to avoid blowups and difficulty. Meditation may be very helpful at this time. Pallas Athene is conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius which says there is truth and protection of freedom. Yet since it is square to Neptune there is deception and violence that could erupt. Pallas is the go-between between thought and action. Mercury is also in Sagittarius which says it feels uncomfortable here. Watch your words. Mercury is trine (favorable aspect) to Chiron in Aries. It is a good time for personal healing. At times you may find yourself thinking how wrong another thinking is wrong whereas it may be that someone thinks differently than you do. The Full Moon is quincunx(150degrees) to Venus/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. Romance is iffy.

Jupiter is not favored in Capricorn. It just entered the sign on December 2, 2019. And Jupiter dislikes it since it is in its fall. Ouch. Whatever happens may be softened by the Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. Is there a surprise in the works that comes in at the right time? Is there an opportunity that you see and think what do you do? The suggestion is to take it. Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The energy is building to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020. This will be a time of rigidity yet will give an opportunity for you to look at your real truth.  Are you ready? And there will be very interesting turn of events and more balance. More to come!!!

Gemini wants to communicate the information that can help us see more clearly what our truth is. Sagittarius wants us to see the Truth of the matter. A Full Moon makes us aware of what we’ve been unconscious of. So step back and take a look at your core beliefs then look at what you’re thinking. The Full Moon is all about letting go. Watch what you throw out with the bath water as the saying goes. Think before you throw anything out of your life. And stop being pulled into the game. Stay on your track and go within for answers instead of listening to the lies out there. I am serious about this or it will come back to haunt you. To rephrase a quote- truth only comes when one gives up preconceived ideas.

Those affected most intensely will be Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces (Sun signs/rising signs in 16-22 degrees. Also birthdays affected: June 8-14; September 9-15; December 9-15; and  March 7-13. If you have personal planets (Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury) at these degrees you may also feel affected. Some tidbits about the general influences:  Aries-Make your plans and be ready to communicate. Some travel shows up too.

Taurus – Tense about finances? Resolution comes about. Take a break; relax.

Gemini – Relationship joy comes. Cooperation  in personal interests. Watch words.

Cancer – Make adjustments in everyday living. Lots of vitality and optimism now.

Leo- Some excitement appears. Watch sensitivity. Some balance in home/business.

Virgo – Travel plans in the making or just a loving sweetness or commitment?

Libra- Do not go overboard. You can be out  feeling liberated and celebrating. Love!

Scorpio – New financial goals in the making. Watch out for emotional extremes.

Sagittarius -You are adventurous. New way of life possible. Take a chance.

Capricorn – Small group get-togethers with family. Love from a friend. Look inward.

Aquarius – A partner brings comfort. New people come in. No more indulgence.

Pisces – Dreamily affectionate. Make new business contacts. Have fun with family.

Have a beautiful time and know that since 12/12 is an important portal it may be a fantastic time for many who wish to leap. Next opening portal is 12/21.Thank you, Dear Ones, for reading and sharing this post.  Celebrate this season of Light with joy and peace. Stay in the moment and see how beautiful life can be. Look for post on New Moon Solar Eclipse December 25/26, 2019 which takes place at Christmas. That is a time to set the plan for new beginnings in 2020. Happy Holidays to All. Be blessed. Until again, love, Jan


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