FULL MOON in LEO, January 23/24, 2016-How will you make a difference?


january full moonAs I sit and write this post I wonder if everyone is having a great time with the sensationalism in the news. Snow, snow wonderful snow…away you go. That’s all it is,snow. Oh, yes, in my area, most likely there will be anywhere from a 18-23”. When I was growing up snow in January was normal. It’s winter. Have you forgotten? And then there was some discussion among the British folk that Mr. Trump should be banned from their country. Not going to happen but he was called a wazzock. A college student is being detained in North Korea because he was trying to get put in prison to see exactly what was happening there. This kind of thing makes me speechless and so does Facebook. Oh, yes, those NFL playoff games are Sunday. Get out of the Matrix.

The weekend brings us the Full Moon in Leo. The full moon illuminates your feelings, your emotions. It is a time to let go; purge the past. Whatever you started on the New Moon in Capricorn may come to fruition now. But this time it may still be stuck because unless you really hopped on it quickly, Mercury retrograde kept it right where you started it so you could reassess the whole idea. How many truly took a leap in the past 2 weeks? I really wanted to do so but I kept pushing to go forward and lost interest for a moment. Next week Mercury goes direct and you will find it easier to take it to the next level. Any decisions you made based on priorities you may have had in the past may soon be outdated and you will leave them back there.

FULL MOON in LEO occurs on January 23/24, 2016 at 8:45pm EST, 5:45pm PST, and 1:45am GMT in 3 degrees 29’. (Sun is in Aquarius at same degree.) Leo Full Moon loves to shine, to be out there in the world. It is the artist, the player, the lover. It has a regal air to it. Both Leo Moon and free-spirited Aquarius Sun love to party and have a great time. This is a time to open your hearts (Leo Moon) and your minds (Aquarius Sun). This Full Moon is about thinking about how the needs of you compare to the needs of the group. Leo FULL MOON wants to express itself in some sort of creative effort. Leo is also about the child within and those children around you. It is a time for you to come to the group thought even though Leos do not like to be out of the limelight. Compromise may be needed; keep that in mind. Remember Leo FULL MOON-think outside the box.

Leo Full Moon likes to express itself in creative ways. How are you bringing it out there? If you are feeling like the victim you will not be able to share anything creative to the world. Since you are creating your own reality then make it truly magnificent creative approach. What will you offer to the world? Messages may pop up since Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn as the Full Moon arrives. What kind of interesting message will come? It will surely be filled with intensity. Along with this Mercury conjunct Pluto influence is the Mercury square (in conflict) to Uranus in Aries. You may choose to be a bit more honest with yourself and others and open to doing things in a new way. Watch out for any intense power struggles which may erupt in your relationships due to the tightening again of Pluto square Uranus which comes within 1 degree on February 1. Watch for verbal abuse. Stay away from those who show erratic behavior. Some bullying also may be present. Keep your anxiety to a minimum so you don’t get pulled into this conflicting energy. There may be some shocking or unexpected news. Change of plans may be indicated for some individuals.

Have you found your calling? If not maybe it is calling to you. Since it will be with the Full Moon you need to watch your words don’t have too much emotion behind them. With Mars in Scorpio along with these other influences (Pluto does rule Scorpio) can make you feel like you are living with too many limits and wish to break free.

And as you go through the next month (January 20-February 20) the 5 planet alignment will be showing up in the early morning sky-Mercury (closest to the Sun), Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. So this says that as you express the truth it is filled with compassion and love along with responsibility and integrity as you find a better way to shift the things in your life. The only aspect to the Full Moon is not one of the main ones but it is important. Full Moon is quincunx (150 degrees apart) to the Venus in Sagittarius. It says that everyone wants to be happy towards each other. This is about fairness and perfection. And if you get into any disagreements, it won’t be pretty. So don’t. There is also an ongoing influence of family loyalty from earlier in January which continues.

The FULL MOON in LEO energy is more intense for those with birthdays between April 21-April 28 /Taurus 0-7 degrees; July 21-July 28/Leo 0-7 degrees; October 21-October 28/Scorpio 0-7 degrees; and January 21-January 28/Aquarius 0-7 degrees. If you have any planets in those degrees then you too will feel the intensity.

Some tidbits about the Full Moon in LEO for following Sun signs/Rising signs:
ARIES – Get moving and take some risks. Creative confidence. Get acquainted with some new people. If looking at a money issue, look for common ground in the budget.
TAURUS- Tend to your investments. Thriving through your own self-sufficiency. Time to look at your outer world and forge some business alliances. When you are happy at home everything else falls into place.
GEMINI – Networking is great and so are short trip plans. Like-minded pals are present and talks are glowing with laughter. Break your routine and do something different.
CANCER- Joint ventures call for attention including financial, intimate and emotional. issues. It can be that sharing and give and take come into focus. Give up fear.
LEO- A turning point is on the way. Assess your needs in relation to others in your life.
You are in the limelight in some way. Social peak. Is it time to take a creative risk? VIRGO-How much fun are you having these days? Maybe you aren’t because you are under the weather and could use some spiritual healing or other holistic practices can help you back on track.
LIBRA-This is certainly an active social whirl for you with friends, family, you name it. Don’t get too carried away since it says you may need to discipline yourself.
SCORPIO-It is time to come into an emotional balance and also have a harmonious family life. You may not be seeing everything clearly. Is there a lesson here?
SAGITTARIUS-What’s the trip you are planning? Networking helps. Just know whatever you believe in can happen. Romance at a distance or new friends from afar.
CAPRICORN- This is your fiscal peak with lots of potential. On the road to a new start.
Time to let go of the past and detox. Get rid of what no longer matters. Transformative energies.
AQUARIUS-You are looking to be happy and helping others be that way also. Any problems are turning around. Time to light up your relationships. Hang out with kindred spirits who cheer you on.
PISCES- It is time to balance your work in the world with your work in the spirit. Take some time for yourself and rejuvenate. The key shows up for any issues to be solved.
Loud messages from the Muse.

How do you plan to shine with the FULL MOON in LEO?

Thank you for reading and share if you will. It is a creative time with some background intensity. Stay in the moment and allow yourself to create you as you wish. Join me on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST for Going Beyond Astrology. Would love to hear from you. Many blessings. Until again. Love, Jan

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NEW MOON in CAPRICORN, January 9/10, 2016-Intense transformative opportunities

new moon capricorn

Happy New Year to you! The New Moon in Capricorn is just about here. Are you ready to shift your circumstances or do you intend to walk in the glare of the mainstream junk that continues to plague the airwaves and the Net? If you don’t know it is a charade then you missed something when you were studying history. Seriously what is it that you think is really happening in this world? It is not what it seems, dear ones…not even close. Observation is that Trump is trumping everyone or just thumping; Hilary needs to run for the hills because soon things are going to collapse around her; and the rest of the charlatans need to walk away slowly. This is a big game and if you think that anyone is going to give you a new America…think twice. This is power at its most dangerous and you and I will be paying for it if the window stays shut and you see nothing but illusion. Get real and find out the truth. Oh, by the way, watch your money because it may not be there unless you start paying attention to what the bankers are looking to do. Oh, this was a bit heavy in tone, I know, yet this is not the great nation where the good guys mattered. This is beyond anything you can ever imagine. Middle class is almost dead. Is that what you choose? Wake up.

It comes as no surprise that the New Moon in Capricorn is about your choosing to transform your life. This is beyond enlightenment. It is truly leaping to see who you truly are and is it where you choose to be on your path. New Moon in Capricorn arrives on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 8:30pm EST; 5:30pm PST; and 1:30am GMT (January 10, 2016) in 19 degrees 13’. (Sun is also at the same degree in Capricorn). The New Moon asks what responsibilities are you to fulfill in the next few weeks. Capricorn says to you that it is about stewardship and respect for the matter. So many today are totally consumed by avarice and domination, the negatives of the Capricorn New Moon. As I mentioned on my radio show, Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat which is climbing towards spiritual service no matter how many difficulties fall across the path. Two other images can represent Capricorn: crocodile and unicorn. The unicorn represents the third eye. The third eye (pineal gland/6th chakra) is located in the brain. Now what does this have to do with the Capricorn New Moon? It comes to me that it is time you allowed yourself to trust what you see. Stop putting blocks up even if something you see is not to your liking. It is time to recognize your ability to uplift your everyday thinking to the spiritual.

The Capricorn New Moon is saying your path is in front of you and you are missing it. Why? Because you are concentrating on something else totally. When you allow your mind to just be quiet for a moment then you may see that you have been going in the opposite direction than your true path in life. Seriously, how many can actually say they are doing what they love? Or is it just a job because you are totally into the money game? Guess what, do what you love and that money flows to you like a river run wild. I have found that the more in the moment one is the quicker the manifestation. And this is without working round the clock or pushing so hard you don’t know what day it is. Capricorn New Moon wants you to breathe in the goodness of life. Stop the power games and get on board for a ride up the mountain with more ease than you thought. You can certainly be the mountain goat which is a great place to begin. I say jump on the back of the unicorn and transcend the ordinary. Aren’t you tired of the drudge? Then this is a time you can start manifesting beyond your dreams. Only way is to stay in the moment and stop being a slave to the workplace. It is time to step up to the plate dear ones and stop the fear mode already. It is time to just stop looking for whatever it is and let it come to you. Believe it or not it is looking for you. Oh, yes it is!!!

Joining the New Moon in Capricorn is the Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square. The Uranus/Pluto square has been in the mix for 4 years. It is 1 degree apart and Pluto is right near the moon which is also square Uranus. It says to me that it is a work hard, play hard New Moon. Please watch for major power struggles during this time around the New Moon. Are there rules that you are failing to work with?

Coming together today on January 8th before the New Moon is Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct Venus. Dear Venus is about love and beauty and Saturn is about the physical plane. It is time to look at the values you hold deeply and your commitments/priorities. Some things It is asking you-are you expressing your feelings; are you taking time for you and maybe even having fun (oh, really?); are you staying in touch with your friends? Stop feeling you are not good enough in your relationship. Things can change for the better in a big way if you let them.

Mercury went retrograde on January 5, 2016. Most of my radio show this past Tuesday was all about Mercury retrograde and how it affects you and your life. (See link below). It went retro at 1 degree Aquarius and is not back in Capricorn as I write this post. It is a time to revise, regroup and reinvent. It affects us all in different ways depending where it falls in your natal chart. If you have questions, comment and ask me by giving me your birth info. I would be glad to tell you what area it will affect in your life.

And one more change in the planets is Jupiter going retrograde. It is in Virgo and went retrograde last night on January 7th. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it asks you to deal with getting rid of clutter, doing some editing or taking care of your health and wellness. It is time for efficiency as it stays retrograde until May 9. It stays with the North Node into February and is asking you to be more focused. Wherever you have it in your chart as it travels through this may be a place you need more faith. Before Jupiter went retrograde you were probably dealing with matters of success, happiness, and your growth. Whatever was on your plate in the past months is what you need to look at a bit deeper so you can make the correct decisions.

I went to pull an Animal Totem and it came to me I needed to pull a Lakota Sweat Lodge Card for the New Moon in Capricorn. Wazi, known as Old Man showed up. “I move always with a smile… I bring you the strength of sure knowledge.” It says you are on the path to resolving an issue in your life. And lightness comes as you let go of being pulled in two directions.

Thank you for reading. Share if you will. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section and I will gladly offer a response. It is the New Year and the New Moon in Capricorn brings a transformative effect upon your life. Be well. Did you laugh today? Until again. Love, Jan

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Winter Solstice/FULL MOON in CANCER, December 25, 2015- Letting the past go and taking a leap

full-moon-over waterWinter Solstice/Full Moon in Cancer – Is the time for you to let your light shine through the darkness no matter what goes on. This is a time for alignment with Christ Consciousness.

The Winter Solstice has just come in with our good friend the Sun entering Capricorn on December 22, 2015. It definitely is a harbinger of exciting energy as time marches to Christmas and the FULL MOON in Cancer. Lots of news out there in mainstream land with the political debates and the PTB saying they will start another party if Trump gets the nomination. What has this country become? I am amazed at how many out there are so fearful of the truth. Unbelievable! Does anyone pay attention anymore? Soon the change will come in a blink of the eye and I am going to observe from a cabin in the woods. Wish everyone could see how manipulated they are through that box in your living room or even a part of the Net!!! How many are paying attention?

Right now the moon is making its way to becoming the FULL MOON in CANCER. Sun is in Capricorn and what exactly does it mean? It will affect you whether you believe it or not. The Full Moon arrives at 6:11am EST, 3:11am PST and 11:11am GMT on Christmas day December 25, 2015 in 3 degrees 19’.

This Full Moon is extra intense. Oh, I know I have been saying that each time the moon is either new or full and intense has been the word. This is extra-special with electric energy since Uranus (the radical and electric-charged planet) is going direct in motion on December 25 at 10”52pm EST. That says to me that there may be shocking news that shows up which may change the energy to a more positive note. Also, if you are looking to understand yourself in a deeper way (this is what I talk about on my radio show) then now is the time that it will affect your core being. Since all the other planets are also direct for another 10 days it is a good time to leap forward. You may have a new way of looking at life and some barriers may disappear. Let the ego go and your understanding shows up. Knowing yourself will give you a better idea as to where you choose to go.

FULL MOON in CANCER says purging the negative is a necessity. Once you get rid of the fear the world changes within and your perspective on life comes alive. It is time to take a step forward once you do this and lighten up. The darkest, coldest Full Moon of Christmas day says let go the past and you will see a turning point in your life. This is a time when the veil is thinnest between worlds and that says to you to stay in a joyful place or you will be pulled into the darkness again. What will you choose? This Full Moon since it is Cancer says it focuses on the family-oriented gatherings and traditions along with nourishing bonds in home and family which is supportive of your growth. It is a time of forgiveness and letting go of resentments and defensiveness. Faith also comes into play at this time.

The only planet that is affecting the Full Moon this time is Neptune. Many good feelings and expressions can occur as Neptune in Pisces is trine the Moon in Cancer and sextile the Sun in Capricorn. (both are harmonious) Neptune brings out idealistic tendencies and for once they are positive. To me it says just enjoy the moment as you walk through the next couple of weeks. And also it says to stay in balance which is always good at a Full Moon time. Since Venus and Jupiter are in good aspect during this Full Moon relationships and partnerships are emphasized. Also creative activity is to the forefront. Good social times find their way into your life.

Looking at some other points keep this in mind. Capricorn is about your work in life and Cancer is your own self. Does what you do fulfill you? If it does things will begin to or continue to flow for you. Have you looked at your gifts and talents lately? Do you share them with the world? How many are doing so? Are you nurturing what is important to you? Hey, I didn’t say what makes others happy. I am saying are you doing something to fulfill that creative bent in you; that touches the deepest core point?

You may wish to take the time in the next couple of weeks to organize, clean and get rid of all those things which are no longer useful or pertinent to whom you have become. I will have one problem because I won’t clear out my books. Well, I have gathered some to give away. Keep this in mind as the day after the Full Moon is one that says, do I really have to do this clean up today? No, you do not. Just enjoy the day after also for being with those who bring joy to you. Watch out Pluto doesn’t stir up some negatives late in the evening Saturday.

Almost forgot that our dear friend the trickster Mercury goes retrograde on January 5, 2016. Aren’t we all lucky with this? No big deal. It lets us look at those things which need to be addressed or reviewed one more time. More on this in the new moon post.

I decided to pull an ‘Animal Powers” card for this Full Moon in Cancer. What a wonderful message the DOVE brings. Dove is about releasing all emotional discord and being forgiving.
Dove is saying that once you allow healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit then this blessing of peace arrives. “Dove spirit, please come to me. Please bring love into my life. Sing compassion into my heart. You teach me kindness and peace. You show me the way to express my gifts through my innocence and through my caring for others.”

Have a joyful holy day season and for those who celebrate have a beautiful Christmas. May the Light of the Divine shine upon you! May the New Year give you the impetus to uncover your deepest truth so that you can leap forward with a new beginning! Thank you for reading and sharing. Until again, Love, Jan

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NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, December 11, 2015-Staying on the path of truth

new moon smallAnother New Moon is almost upon us and most of you are preoccupied with who says what to whom. Have you opened your eyes yet? Would you like to take a leap forward on your very own path in that new direction that keeps pulling on you? Ho hum! Nothing has changed since last time. Energy is quite weird and gets stranger by the moment. I guess all those Chemtrails and false flags are affecting the masses. It is amazing what goes on out there in the world. Trump just said something regarding London and it has been confirmed by police in that city. There has been radicalization taking place and police are fearful to go into certain neighborhoods. You do not believe this. Ok. I think next on his agenda will be to bring up the climate change topic. You watch, he will and the news media will go bonkers. I have no interest in any candidate who is trying to get the nomination because not one of them will change anything. Wake up already. This is a game and it is about MONEY. It is also about depopulation and a very big distraction. Do you understand this? Since the New Moon is closer to getting truth…watch what happens next.

Let’s move onward to more joyous events. The NEW MOON in Sagittarius (Sun in Sagittarius) arrives Friday December 11, 2012 in 19 degrees 3’ at 5:29am EST, 2:29am PST and 10:39 am UTC. As you know new moons are about setting intentions. Sagittarius is about truth and purpose and a new meaning. Sagittarius is generous with time and money. Fires burn wherever desire takes them. Sagittarius can shoot the arrow into the air and it can go out there, anywhere it chooses or can shoot and the arrow comes back and hits them with a vision. Sagittarius likes to teach and is very good at doing so. With the New Moon in Sagittarius it is time for possible travel, bringing to fruition new possibilities and for developing deeper understanding.

Since the planet Jupiter squares the New Moon there is a tendency to be extravagant. It does bring in more optimism. Since Jupiter expands you may have a tendency to overdo wherever it is in you natal blueprint. That’s not a bad thing but just watch for going overboard in some part of your life. You will know what I am referring to if you pay attention. Also Jupiter will bring much joy to you at this time if you can stay in the moment. Since Sagittarius likes to think in a different way at times it may be good at the New Moon just to stay on track. Just because you are on track has no reference to being resistant. Why do I say this? As this energy comes in those old resentments and anger from the past may show up. Of course, you don’t wish to stuff it either. When those past hurts come up, which they will, stay your course and deal with them without taking them out on anyone who happens to be present. Watch you don’t fall back into the judgement and criticism trap. Find the facts instead of the fallacies. All can be resolved since at the New Moon Neptune in Pisces is trine exotic Venus in Scorpio. And if you are looking to experience sexuality in a very dreamy way, then this is a grand time. Neptune and Venus also are saying to look for any answers in the unseen. Be an inspiration to others. Unconditional love is the mantra.

Chiron in Pisces is also squaring the New Moon. It creates a T-square since it opposes Jupiter also. This is a time to look deep within regarding your fundamental beliefs and how they are affecting you and your life. Remember everyone is connected to the Divine and it is time to go within to find your own truth. As I have said in the past  you need to reach that inner wisdom which is inherent in all of you and stop listening to those who are attempting to deceive you.

On the other hand with Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries it is about coming to terms with your desire for fulfillment in a relationship and your need to be free. This is happening as I write this and continues with the New Moon energy. So with that in mind, it is time to realize that both can be integrated within through compassion and love.
Speaking of Uranus in Aries it is being squared by Pluto in Capricorn within 2 degrees. So the square is still around and has been since June 2012. Lots of uprising and transforming energies.

And last but not least is old Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. This is not really in the New Moon mix but it does continue to bring something new to the equation in your life. The aspect is about making choices (and they are coming at you constantly)
and finding stability when you make them. You may experience shattered illusions but now have a chance to dream again. If you have been blind to certain things in your life now is the time to take it in another direction.Are you willing to do so?

Those affected most intensely by the New Moon energy are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. (16-24 degrees of signs) or birthdays June 6-14; September 7-15; December 5-13 and March 6-14).

New Moon in Sagittarius says to walk the path of truth with optimism and sharing your vision. Here are some tidbits for each Sun/Rising sign;

Aries-Make your plans and be ready to communicate. Want to travel…perfect time.
Taurus-Trust comes in relationships to further a deeper love connection and joy
Gemini- Break new ground and get out of your rut. Excitement in relationships.
Cancer- Put that new fitness plan into action. Make adjustments in everyday living. Love!
Leo- You get closer to someone. A journey of the heart in many ways shows up.
Virgo- Travel plans in the making or just a loving sweetness or commitment?
Libra- Don’t go overboard but you can be out there feeling liberated and celebrating.
Scorpio- New financial goals in the making. Some feeling of ideal love comes to you                                                                                                 Sagittarius-You are adventurous. New way of life can come into being/socially exciting.
Capricorn- Small group get-togethers are joyful. A good friend brings love. Look inward.
Aquarius-Stop brooding. Lots of excitement. New people come in. More mobility
Pisces- Dreamily affectionate. Make new business contacts. Professional activities.

To rephrase a quote- truth only comes when one gives up preconceived ideas.

Have a fortunate and joyful New Moon. Full Moon in Cancer shows up on December 25. Thank you for reading and if you will, please share. Let the fire burn out all the past negativity allowing a new direction to come in. Be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

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FULL MOON in Gemini, November 25, 2015-Let the truth take you where you need to be

full moon november 2015

Well, here we are again. The energy is getting more intense as the Full Moon is ready to arrive. Many of you may feel like you don’t know what to do or how to do it. It is kind of murky right now before the energy shifts. Some of you may let overwhelming emotions rule and throw away something that may be important to your self-growth. Purging is what is needed; yes, just pay attention. Life is getting stranger by the minute. In the world- Agenda 2030 has just passed which is an update for Agenda 21. What does it mean? First point of focus is to eliminate poverty. To me it says it is the redistribution of wealth in the world. Maybe just give your money to the government now. Did you hear that Turkey shot down a Russian plane which crossed the Syrian border? And the Syrian refugees continue to come here every day. Before going on just remember that what you hear and see on TV is not real. NADA! Do you really believe that this is the way life really is? The confusion continues and as my Dad used to say “the ducks are coming off the pond.” Then again you may have missed the whole event.

Our recent New Moon in Scorpio told you to get to the truth about your fears and passions and in intimate connections get more honesty and truth flowing. Did you understand your motivations about yourself and your connections? What is the direction you choose to go? Still have time to do look closer before the Full Moon gets here. This is a good time to communicate.

What can you expect from the FULL MOON in Gemini (Sun in Sagittarius)? Please Geminis you do not have to run for the hills. Look, I know the world is currently in a heap of trouble. I do know that there is something positive always within. Tap into it! Many have accused me of being too lighthearted at times. It is a game, dear ones. LIFE IS A GAME. I dislike games immensely yet I watch them being played around me. So, what does this have to do with the FULL MOON in Gemini? This is a time when you may not know it is a game. The shadows are immense and the tricks are out there. The Full Moon arrives on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 5:44pm EST, 2:44pm PST and 10:44pm GMT in 3 degrees 20’. Oh joy, it is conjunct my North Node.

With Mercury conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius opposing the Moon in Gemini it is joined by Saturn also in Sagittarius. What are you going to do with this energy? Mercury is acting like the trickster this time round due to the square to Neptune opposing the Full Moon. And it truly is showing its confusion everywhere you look. Did you miss something that someone said; misinterpret it or just didn’t understand it at all? What’s going on in your life at this time that is making you wonder and who is keeping secrets? Maybe the facts are just not showing up when you need them most. Neptune is about fantasy and illusion. Of course it can be total lies. Listen closely to your heart because you may opt out of something and then bingo, oh gee, you did not understand and now you are back in the dance. Staying in the air flow is better than jumping in the fire at this time. This a time that the Tower can come down and you have to reinvent yourself and make some major adjustments. Many circumstances are changing hourly. Keep an eye out.

However you are feeling this energy from the Full Moon it is best to stay in balance and not get pulled off the track because your emotions are on tilt and you do something drastic. Mars in Libra is trine the Full Moon in Gemini and may help you keep the flow going without being pulled into the uncertainly of what is next. How many of you are thinking what are you going to do now? You are looking at one thing and then thinking comes in and says why are you even considering that. Stop right now and know that it is shifting and you will be amazed at where it takes you. It is always about heart. When you are confused the heart always gives good direction even if you are fighting with yourself. You know what I am saying. Don’t you? It is a good time to get done what needs to be done even though you may be less than motivated to do so. Once you begin to work on any project or clear out the junk know that it will be done in a very efficient manner. Walk through any fear of the Full Moon by staying positive and you will be quite surprised at the change in your mood.

As you are purging many things at the Full Moon in Gemini, just know there is something even stronger going on. Saturn in Sagittarius is square (conflict) with Neptune in Pisces. Lessons show up when Saturn (the rule maker, the structure of our lives) and Neptune go at it. Neptune loves fantasy but Saturn is saying…forget it. Done! This is happening for the first time the day after the Full Moon. Is the connection real or is it your imagination? How do you imagine your life, your relationship or your path to be? If something feels like your world is falling around you it is just the old paradigm being released so that you can see how beautiful your world can be. Love is in the air for many of you. Let it in and you will find a depth of the connection beyond your imagination.

Those with personal planets or angles within 0-7 degrees of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini or birthdays that are August 23-August 30; November 22-November 29; February19-26; and May 21-May 28 are more intensely affected.

Some tidbits for the Sun and Rising signs for the Full Moon in Gemini:

Aries- Believe in a new vision and commit to it. Stop negative thinking.
Taurus- Stand in your power. Allow others to be who they are.
Gemini-Make decisions now to get needs met. Sort through personal side to see clearer.
Cancer- Watch for decisions which have long-range impact. May want to drop some obligations.
Leo-Face fears about how to shine in your life. Plans come to fruition if heart is in right place.
Virgo-In how many directions are you being pulled? It is not what you do but how you do it.
Libra-Whatever you are looking to do, what are you waiting for? Don’t give up too soon.
Scorpio-Let go of the past. Period. What is weighing you down? Embrace a new start in life.
Sagittarius-Communicate honestly and authentically. Shed those tears and let the old go.
Capricorn –It’s time to tine into what your fear or anxiety is about. Are thoughts undermining results?
Aquarius-Express your real self to others. Don’t let money issues stand in the way of your hopes and dreams. Go for it.
Pisces- With courage and a bit of faith you can move mountains. Live your dream on your terms.

Sending lots of good wishes to see you through the Full Moon. Stay in the moment dear ones. Old paradigms are leaving your life. Let them go already. Watch decision-making at this time. Just put it off for a short time. Let the truth lead you to where you need to be. Please share with others. Until again. Love, Jan

Check out http://www.spiritualguidance.proboards.com/jan-king (you can check out other spiritual experts if you just go on without my name.) You can also take a look at http://www.spiritualbistro.com.

NEW MOON in SCORPIO, NOVEMBER 11, 2015 – If you choose to think, do it in a new way

sky for new moon

Express what is in your heart no matter what else is happening. That is part of the New Moon in Scorpio message. Where are you and where am I ready to ascend through new moon portal 11:11 in the sky? It has been an interesting couple of weeks since the Full Moon in Taurus took place. The other day I saw pictures of the tidal pools in British Columbia that has very little vegetation anymore. Oh I know it is from global warming (whatever that is). How many are aware there is a new Prime Minister in Canada- Pierre Trudeau? Were you aware that a missile launch took place near Los Angeles? The main ingredient is that some world points are unstable now. Supercharged energy shows up since Mars hits a 0 point in Libra on November 12 right after the New Moon. And I send many blessings to all the Veterans who are alive and deceased. Thank you for your service.

The intense NEW MOON in SCORPIO (Sun in Scorpio) at 19 degrees arrives on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 12:47pm EST, 9:47am PST and 5:47pm GMT. What does it indicate in your life? Well, Scorpio is always about power, sex and money. Hot items, yes! Scorpio is suspicious at times and can be quite secretive about true motives. Usually this is due to the fact Scorpio feels vulnerable. Scorpio has emotional intensity and when it is channeled properly it can give great endurance. Scorpio Moon/Sun has great ambition yet has no interest in being in the spotlight. The New Moon is about new beginnings in intimate relationships, increasing passion in your sex life, self-mastery, empowerment, and crisis-management skills
This New Moon gives a big opportunity to take a leap from shackles of the past into a truly new beginning. Where do you wish this leap to take you? How can you flow along to get to the new point of action? This is a time when you let your heart guide you so that you have a wondrous new approach to that which may appear on your path and new feelings of delight. Have your emotions been helping you? If not, then you need to let them go. Any self-destructive feelings pull you down. If what you feel is truly in the heart than love is present. And it frees you. What do you most love? This New Moon in Scorpio gives to you an insight regarding love. Through this feeling you find the power of heart and soul. What is your heart’s deepest desire? This is a time that you can shift the patterns to which in many cases you pay very little attention.

Mercury conjoins the New Moon in Scorpio and says to you to transform your thinking process. It is time to watch what goes across your mind and across your lips. What are you thinking? Even though you choose not to think at times; you still do. It is now a matter of being observant as to what kinds of gunk is in your mind and let it be gone already. What are you willing to hear? As Mercury is right there it trines (favorable) Chiron in Pisces. This is a biggie. Let your heart do the thinking and allow the inner knowing to be present. Use your mind to process the information and then let your heart do the rest. What a difference you will see in your life and what happens. If you have to think, do so in a new way. Mercury goes into Sagittarius on November 20.
Jupiter is also in the mix with the New Moon in Scorpio. It makes a sextile (also favorable but not intense) aspect. This is another supportive factor telling you to listen to your inner knowing. Jupiter also blesses you with foresight.

As the New Moon energy is leading up to the Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces which is later in the month. At present on November 18 Neptune goes stationary direct. It has been retrograde since June. Intuitive insights/thoughts from the deep subconscious are still accessible until Neptune goes direct. Powerful realizations can still surface until then. Once Neptune goes direct it will have a somewhat foggy effect upon your intuition and you may have to work harder to access. Up until then anything has been truly flowing and surfacing for Saturn will be squaring Neptune closer to the Full Moon later month and there will be more information at that time. For those who are in the process of selling land and hard assets try to do so before Saturn is exactly square Neptune on November 26.

As I mentioned previously Mars goes into Libra and stays there until January 3, 2016. This speaks to you about fairness and balance in relationships. It is time to weigh the factors and find the right decision in relationships. It is a matter of defending and not attacking. Venus is also in Libra as of November 8. Relating is the key wherever Venus and Mars show up in your natal blueprint.

Most intensely affected by this New Moon in Scorpio are Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius between degrees of 15 and 23. And those of you who have planets around those degrees may be affected to some degree also. Birthdays which are in the mix are May 5-May 14; August 8-15; November 8-15 and February 4-February 13. It sits opposite my Sun. I am sure big changes are coming and I also cannot decide whether I want personal growth or fame. Gee, let me think about that.

Some tidbits for Sun signs and Rising signs
Aries-Gains can show up. Shared resources are in the mix. Please watch who you share confidential information with. Control issues about money/sex. 

Taurus- New phase in relationships arrives. No time for being a hermit. Someone new around you has amazing potential. All systems go. Listen to any feedback from friend or lover.                                                                 

Gemini- It is time to transform your well-being with a long-term plan. Is there a way that you can help others also with their problems? Be gentle with your actions. Organize at home and work.                                                  

Cancer- Good fortune in love and it expands even more. Express yourself creatively. Travel may be in the picture. Self-confidence helps you get your executive ability going.                                                                      

Leo- What big changes are coming in your life this month? Make no changes that unsettle your security. Positive new developments show up. New job maybe?                                                                                            

Virgo – Are you feeling lucky? There may be a reason. Get your ideas out there if you are feeling creative. How about some humor in your conversations? Social activities are favored.

Libra – Are there some fears hanging about? What are they saying to you? It is time to transform your fiscal affairs. Look for ways to let it grow for the future.

Scorpio- Magical thinking appears. Be optimistic. Do you really think you can solve everyone’s problems and transform them? There is a new sense of leadership and drive.

Sagittarius- What do you need to change and so that transformation can occur? If you feel vulnerable you need to let others be aware. Opportunities come to you. Was that one?

Capricorn- Give thoughts to future plans. Connect with those important people. A happy friendship can expand. Are your ideas too set in stone? Victory in some area comes soon.

Aquarius- So you are controlling your emotions, are you? And the magnetism that comes through may come in handy. Transformative new start in business is available.

Pisces – Whatever you are visualizing can be real. Future plans are on the docket. Stay on your path and no matter what, create how you intend it to be in the coming months.

Thank you for reading and for all you do in the world. If you decide to think,do it in a new way. Share this if you will. Until again.Many blessings. Love, Jan           (find me also on spiritualguidance.proboards.com/jan-king)

FULL MOON in TAURUS, OCTOBER 27, 2015 – Let go and Stay in the Now with Trust, Integrity and Truth

full moon sagittariusHave you noticed how different life is becoming or are you still stuck in the rut of the past? Don’t you think it is time to let go and just enjoy the moment even if it brings you some momentary madness? Everyone is talking about the political candidates, the Syrian situation, the World Series which will be interesting since it starts on the Full Moon energy and many other topics. I can go on for days to tell you that lots of shifting is taking place yet mainstream is oblivious to it or just ignoring it. Soon, those of you who are fed up will take a stand. It is a bit early to do this at the present moment. So what is going on anyway with this energy of the Full Moon?

The energy from the prior Libra New Moon is now emerging into the Full Moon in Taurus which arrives at 8:06am EDT, 5:06am PDT, and 12:06pm GMT on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 in 3 degrees 45’. Oh my, it squares my Saturn in Leo. Ok, I will watch out for misunderstandings. I think I will hide. And I need to be authentic. Well, that will be an easy one. So, this FULL MOON in TAURUS (Sun in Scorpio) is still about relationships and revving them up a bit with more intimacy and deeper connecting on a variety of levels. Taurus Full Moon is feeding Scorpio with its values. Taurus rules the second house in astrology and it is more than values. It is about self-worth and our basic gifts and talents. Many of you have yet to know what your main gift is in this life. With the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus something may come up from your subconscious to enlighten you since Scorpio is about transformation and the deepest part of your psyche. It also tells me that the stability of the Full Moon is fueled by passions. Fulfillment is the basis of that which you are looking for.

Scorpio Sun can bring up thoughts about past betrayals (ugh!) yet lead you to find your trusting energy again. Scorpio is about drama and darkness. It sits there just dwelling in the cellar. It rules your eighth house in your chart and itis ruled by Pluto. Moon in Taurus will illuminate all the gifts you have within and can share with the world. And I hear many out there saying – I have no talents and gifts. Oh yes, you do. I feel now is the time for many to find that missing piece which will bless you. There is definitely a magical feeling in the air. Tune into what is going on and you will feel it strongly. What are you here to share with others? That is something that you may wish to allow to surface and ponder these next weeks. In the meantime Full Moon in Taurus may touch upon the darkness also by going overboard either too much focus on security or not enough and too much sensuality or none at all. My suggestion is to stay out of the dark place.

The Full Moon in Taurus energy eventually trines (favorable) the trio of planets in Virgo which are Venus, Mars and Jupiter. This is special but it doesn’t happen until the next day on October 28 so it really isn’t in the mix at time of the Full Moon. And since Venus rules Taurus and the moon joins this triple conjunction the changes in how you look at a relationship will be interesting. Masculine and feminine energies are coming into balance but there may be glitch since Saturn is in Sagittarius and not too nice to the Full Moon. It is inconjunct (adjustments needed) Saturn in Sagittarius and you may find some resistance to this letting go process and then it just sticks around again. And the merry-go-round appears. Is this what you choose? Truth is what this is about and being in the now. Can you do this?

Where do you intend the relationship to go? Has there been a breakthrough to a new beginning? If something new is on the horizon what energy do you intend to share? Men who haven’t allowed the intuitive side to show up in their lives may find they are doing it as the energy shifts. About time for this to occur! Oh, I know there are plenty of men out there who use their intuitive power to create magical happenings in their lives. Those that do keep it going!!

Since the Full Moon is in Venus-ruled Taurus what does Scorpio Sun have to do with this? It is about trusting because Scorpio energy has been betrayed or abandoned and needs to find a way to let go the past heartbreaks and find that deeper intimacy that may be lacking and run with it. Taurus Moon brings to Scorpio Sun integrity, trust, honor, truth, and kindness. And of course it also brings love. And it also looks for truth. And the Taurus Full Moon can share that along with loyalty. This Full Moon will help you to heal long-standing relationship patterns which have stayed with you. Amazing influences are waiting for everyone who chooses to allow it. Those most intensely affected are birthdays April 20-28; July 22-July 30; October 23-31 and January 20-January 28. And if you have planets in aspect to the Full Moon then those too are affected.

Here are some tidbits for each Sun sign and rising sign (if you know it). If you know both of them, then read each.
Aries-What is missing that you start to notice? Express yourself and others come around.
Taurus -Why are you emotionally uncertain? What can you learn about close relationships?
Gemini-Oh, so you are in protective mode and hiding your feelings? You do find way through confusion.
Cancer-You need to stay in touch with your heart even when you are nervous. Stop talking yourself out of your real feelings.
Leo-How many of your emotions do you bring into your workplace? You can let those around you get to know you better there.
Virgo-It is one step at a time. Looking for your dreams? They may just show up now.
Libra-Let go of the past. Major transformation is in process. What’s next step? Not yet.
Scorpio- Your feelings are being reflected back to you. Share heart in present moment with one you love.
Sagittarius – Watch for unrealistic ambitions. Heed what others say so you can make a move down the road.
Capricorn-You are looking for pleasure. It shows up. Spend some time on your dreams, Where do you want to take it? Creative is the keyword.
Aquarius- Stop pretending everything is fine if it is not. Address family issues. Be honest.
Pisces- Honesty is best. Express your point of view to those who need to hear it.

Thank you for reading and please share if you will. Whatever you need to release now it is time to do so especially regarding any relationship issues (past or present). Until again. Love, Jan
Check out the spiritualguidance. proboards.com/jan-king (you can look at the general board without typing my name. Also you can take a look at www. spiritualbistro.com.

NEW MOON in LIBRA, OCTOBER 12/13, 2015- Do you know when to push forward in relating?

There are many individuals who may be averse to anything that may give them insights about who they are. This post says much about relationships. If you get a chance take a gander at it. Here comes the New Moon in Libra and it is very much affected by the square aspect between Pluto in Capricorn at 13 degrees and Uranus in Aries at 18 degrees. The world is changing as you know it. Yes, big shifts in consciousness are taking place even for those who are so resistant to any kind of change. You know who you are out there in fantasy land. The United States has been strongly affected by these aspects and even though the square is not exact it is still in effect. What do you think will come to a head since Pluto is opposing the US Sun in Cancer at 13 degrees? Ouch.

Well, it may indicate more than just that news is being leaked about how the people of the US have not been told the truth. There is much violence being covered up and it coming to the surface. How long will it take for this to finally come to a big, ugly head? Don’t think that CNN, Fox News or any other news agency is telling you much of anything. If you think that then boy, I am definitely going to go into sales and sell you the Moon. Just keep an eye all you disbelievers because I think Mr. Putin is a change artist with his Sun in Libra being affected also by the square but in square aspect to the US Sun in Cancer. I don’t know for sure other than what I see in his chart. So, it will take some more time but things will surface about any deception that is being covered in this country. There is a spiritual awakening which the US (corporation) is still resisting.

night sky

The New Moon in Libra arrives Monday, October 12, 2015 at 8:06pm EDT, 5:06pm PDT, and October 13, 2015 at 12:06am GMT. It is in 19 degrees 20’. What does it mean in your life? As it squares Pluto and opposes Uranus it is being asked to shift the stagnation and be in balance. It takes it a step further than it has before and it desires cooperation. Of course, it may be a bit disruptive. You may find your partnership truly off-track if there is no cooperative and harmonious effort by both. This is a big relationship turning point. How do you wish it to be? Try to come from an understanding instead of head on into a fighting stance. There is no looking back. There is an unveiling of the truth taking place.

Keep in mind that this New Moon in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries is showing you that those things that you dislike or have little tolerance for in others may be showing you the shadow side of your own self. Does that indicate that you need to ignore the message? I suggest not. Come to your senses and know that whatever is going on in your life is trying to get you on track in partnerships. Breaking old patterns is the key to this New Moon so that your life can become more fulfilling. There is no turning back now. As I have said in previous posts the past is leaving and you need to release it. The portal is opening for an opportunity to leap in a way that you have not had before. Clear up the mess and restore the harmony in your life and just let the negative go and start fresh again. No fear is needed here. Stop having the Libra wishy-washy effect take you to a place you don’t want to be. Do something already.

Mercury went stationary direct at 10:57am EDT on Friday, October 9, 2015. What have you redefined in the past 3 weeks? Since Mercury is now conjoining the North Node in Libra at 1 degree it is time to look and see whether you are speaking and listening with your heart. If not, then that will bring conflict. Ask yourself these questions- Are you continually being critical of your partner or are you showing your appreciation? Are you genuinely you and close to each other or are you resisting the relationship? Without these kind of efforts than that is why so many of you are in a tizzy regarding a partnership. This is the time to decide as to whether you can truly be with someone and show them respect and acceptance as to who they are or not. You decide. Also if old patterns come up now is the time to continue to release them so the past can be cleared and you can take another step towards that big leap.

The other main aspects going on are Saturn has moved into Sagittarius and is in conflict with Mars /Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. It looks as if deceptive measures bring a bit of pressure if you have planets in the mix. And to top it all Venus has left Leo and moved into Virgo also. With Venus in Virgo it is in conflict to Saturn in Sagittarius. All you Venus-ruled Taurus and Libra individuals watch for a snake who will disrupt your life if you aren’t willing to change what you need to change and that includes you. On the other hand the energies do soften a bit as you move forward. It is really a time for every one of you (all signs) to keep love flowing. Some of you are stuck; others play games and the rest are bouncing from here to there not knowing how to respond. It is time to look at boundaries and values. What do you wish to do in any connection which has been there forever or is just waiting to begin? You have to make a choice.

The NEW MOON in LIBRA is about relating. There are so many who wish to just live in a world where it is so superficial. This is not that time. Now is when you need to take it to more give and take. How about it? And those who may be involved with soul mates—they are reflecting to you exactly what is holding you back giving you an opportunity to change your life.

Those affected most intensely by the NEW MOON in LIBRA are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (mostly from 15 degrees – 24 degrees of each sign or birthdays from January 5-14; April 6-15; July 7-16; and October 8-17. If you have a birthday near the NEW MOON that means it will be a significant year for you. And if  you have planets at those degrees you will also feel the intensity.

Wagle Shun (The Swan) flew into my life at the moment and it is all about PEACE. “I seek and find the state of being where the grace and beauty of all life is known In this way is my heart filled and at peace.” (from Lakota Sweat Lodge).

Thank you so much for reading. I send you many blessings for a beautiful New Moon energy which brings you the vibe to be able to make a choice and see magnificent changes come about. Full Moon shows up October 27. Please share with others. Until again. Love, Jan

I am also on http://spiritualguidance.proboards.com/page/jan-king

FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE in ARIES, September 27/28, 2015 – Get out of the darkness and ride the energetic wave

blood moonAs Yogi Berra once said, “It’s not over ‘til it’s over”. Let me say it in another way- It doesn’t change until it changes. The Equinox came in early yesterday morning. What does this season mean to you? What will you accomplish and move forward on in the next 3 months? Along with the Equinox the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in ARIES approaches. As I write this post the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis Bergoglio arrived in Washington D.C. He will then go on to New York City and Philadelphia. He arrives in Philadelphia for September 26 and 27. This will be a most interesting weekend for those in the area. Celebration of the one Mass by the Pope will draw over 1 million people on the Parkway. Don’t plan on moving too quickly and if you are in the city, you stay in the city. No way out!

Yom Kippur also took place on the Equinox. Sukkot is on September 28. It is interesting to note that this is a very significant week of major turning points for many. Before that is addressed let me say this. The Pope meets with Congress and President Obama, says Mass and then goes to New York for Mass including an address to the UN. Apparently he was supposed to meet with Putin since Russia holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council in September but Vatican said it isn’t happening. I think it is more than just addressing climate change. It is being said that it about coming together in a new economic world government and technocracy. Is that really going to happen? Since this is the fourth tetra Blood Moon of 2014-2015 it is certainly not what it seems. There is also talk of a monetary reset (doubt that will happen in September but can show up in at a meeting in December); which could indicate a redistribution of wealth. If you don’t think that this visit by the Pope was planned due to the Lunar Eclipse, think again. And no the world is not ending. But the traffic may be at a standstill from Friday on in Philadelphia Metro area.

The FULL MOON/ Lunar Eclipse in Aries (Sun in opposition in Libra) arrives on Sunday/early Monday September 27/28, 2015 at 10:50pm EDT; 7:50pm PDT; and 2:50am GMT. It is in 4 degrees 40’. Those affected by this most intensely will be those whose birthdays are from September 22-October 2; December 22-January 2; March 21- March 31; and June 23-July 3. If you have personal planets that are in or around 1-8 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn along with Sun and Moon then you may be affected emotionally also. The influences will last for more than a couple of weeks. Since it is a total eclipse of the moon you may wish to ask yourself–how are you being held in the dark? The last time there was an eclipse within a minute or less of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was on September 26, 1996. What were you doing back then and what are you looking to do at this time? How can you integrate what you learned back then into your life at this time? Life was grand for me back then and the months that followed were especially joyful filled with many interactions with new individuals in my life in work and play. Very insightful and growth-oriented it was.

This Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aries/Sun in Libra is about relating. Yes, you still need to look at the relationships in your life and decide if and how they are working. Sitting with the Full Moon are the asteroids of Vesta and Juno. Juno is in Libra with the Sun and represents marriage/ full partnership. Juno was married to Jupiter and she struggled for equality in her relationship. This conjunction and presence with the Eclipse is a turning point and portal opening that moves you forward. Harmony and balance of the masculine and feminine is the main point here. Also Vesta in Aries is conjunct the Full Moon and it says that a new paradigm in relationships is the key of this influence. Without it, there continues to be the co-dependency that exists in relationships. You need to take a leap out of the old and recreate a new thought pattern and allow the balance to energize your relationships. You need self-control on October 1; manipulation may occur on October 6 (Pluto square Sun); and also on the same day watch for tense relationships.

Mercury is retrograde until October 10 and will be in the shadow until November. No fretting about it but just keep an eye on how things are running since the Trickster likes to appear when you least expect it. Mercury retro is about revisiting what isn’t working particularly in relationships this time around and how much your ego is ruling your life. Take advantage of reorganizing your thinking and clear out the clutter once and for all in the next month.

Saturn is now in Sagittarius since last week. I posted a blurb about it last week. Also Jupiter in Virgo is surging forward but will be content in Virgo for the next year It is also a lucky influence so if you don’t know where it is occurring in your life comment and I will let you know. This is a time to reap rewards of anything you may have intended at the New Moon. Of course, that Solar Eclipse on September 13 will continue to influence you for at least the next 4-6 months. Jupiter in Virgo will be opposing Neptune in Pisces which says major paranoia to me. Who is out to get you in your mind? Saturn in Sagittarius will be squaring Neptune in Pisces. What beliefs do you have to let go of already? Let them dissolve in the wave that takes them out of your life.

With the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse falling near the Equinox there will be many new codes being downloaded into the collective consciousness. A big wave of energy is descending on the Earth.There has been so much talk about Ascension (shifting of the energetic frequency) and how so many are going to be in the 5D realm in the next year. I do think there has been a significant shifting taking place and it will become more intense. Ascension is a personal process. If you have revenge, resentment, ego-centered actions, lack of forgiveness or any other negative emotional behavior you will need to clear it out. It is holding you back. To say It will happen within a particular timeframe tells me that something else is going on here. Deception is rampant. Do you really think that everyone is in alignment with their GOD self? That is the only way anyone can reach a higher frequency/vibration. It is not something that can be forced. Of course many will just sit in the dream without moving anywhere except within a certain circle. It is a choice whether you wish to take a cosmic leap. Ascension will take place when your own darkness leaves and you become in balance, not before. And speaking of dark energies those in the world who are the controllers are not going away easily. This is just my perspective on it. Life is challenging at times and this is why I feel that many do not wish to experience their life totally. Walk through what you create, connect with the God self and your vibration will be high and major shifting within will occur.

Thank you dear ones for reading and please share with others. Have a beautiful couple of weeks and stay tuned for the New Moon on October 12. Be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan


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