FULL MOON in Scorpio, April 21/22 2016-Dancing in the dark leads to a shift


Well this is certainly going to be a time of going deep within and who knows what you will find when you enter the cavern of self. The last month has been reeling with erratic energy, dramatic changes. Shifting within and without and around about has been distracting some of you, disrupting others and then those who know how to stay calm within the murky waters that keep washing upon them have got the puzzle at least under control to some extent. Looking around me I see so many immersed in the Aries syndrome of self. Hey, do you see me here? No answer because no one really wants to interact. Me and more me! That’s quite all right. Mars loves to create a bit of energetic swashbuckling among the mainstream. Have you noticed? Or have you gotten swept up by the winds of April?

 It is time for the Full Moon in Scorpio to arrive. What does it wish to share with you? This is yet another moon ruled by dear old Mars. I know Pluto rules Scorpio who went retrograde on April 18 does have an effect and so does Mr. Mars in Sagittarius and he went retrograde on April 17. It is the start of his journey backwards digging up the dirt that you tried to hide and revamping your thinking so that you can get it right this time around. It is another Super Moon.

Before I delve a bit into the wondrousness of this intensely sexy Full Moon in Scorpio let’s look at the details. It occurs in 2 degrees 30’ of Scorpio at 1:23 am EDT on April 22, 2016; 10:23pm PDT;(April 21) and 5:23am GMT (April 22). What is the change of direction going to be about? The Full Moon is always about balancing the Yin and Yang. This Scorpio Moon and the Sun in Taurus at 2degrees 30’ is asking you to balance the practical with your passionate approach. As I said previously this Full Moon is about seeing how well you are moving forward with the intentions that you set at the New Moon in Aries. If it is not working than you may have to revamp and change direction. Taurus Sun says to you that the senses—all five of them (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) are important. At times you may forget to breathe deeply and enjoy the feelings that come from the senses. To Taurus it is also about your worth, in fact, divine worth. It is material yet it is ruled by spirit.  Who did you hug today? Did you taste something delicious or hear a sound so soothing? That is a deep part of the Taurus influence. How did you think about that investment in making it better for your worth?

On the other hand Scorpio Full Moon is about the depths of passion or aversions? Since it is a water sign It likes to ponder the depths of feelings and fears. And it does get carried away at times with investigating those motivations looking for the deepest hunger and darkest fear. Scorpio does eventually come to the realization that no matter what is happening it does come to a place of love and light and does survive. This FULL MOON in Scorpio is about releasing the tensions around your sexuality and any dominance/power issues. How many of you can look and see the patterns that are surfacing in your lives? Since there are no important aspects to the Full Moon it all falls on the ruler which is Mars and unfortunately as I stated it is retrograde. What’s going to come to a head at this Super moon? There is one other fixed star which is conjunct the Full Moon and that is Antares. It is found in Scorpio and it is just some more intensity added to the whole scene. Giant red star Antares is about extremist views.

This Scorpio Full Moon is 6 months after the New Moon in Scorpio of November 2015. It is like a look at how you have been doing all these months and where it has taken you with the goal/intentions. It is also a financial makeover so if you have been on track it will definitely pay off down the road.

Scorpio Full Moon is a dark one. Oh yes. He is truly the Scorpion with the sting. Yet I feel that it is a time that the darkness that has enveloped many will now turn to light even when it comes to you differently at first. Scorpio loves to know the truth and it does reveal itself for better or worse with this Full Moon. What you see may not be the truth.

Mars is saying to reevaluate your sexual relationships. Some may be totally fearful of anything that is sexual. Others may have to deal with a competitor in business. From April 18- May 28 Mars will be in retrograde motion in Sagittarius. Mars here will bring high drama. This is a very impulsive position. You could indeed hit the bulls eye, but at what cost? Watch for when the Moon activates Antares on April 25 and May 22. Danger lurks. May 28-June 30 Mars will be in Decan 3 of Scorpio retrograding. Mars here feels connected and protective of its territory. Your Instincts are sharp, with the great gift stalking invisibly. Mars here can sense danger well in advance, but is often labeled paranoid because if it. The red planet turns retrograde about every 2 years. The planets energy is turning itself upside down in a sense, so we get the opportunity to view things from another angle. It will start off at 8º Sagittarius, a fire sign no less, and then travel back to 23º Scorpio, a sign it rules. It is much more intense in Scorpio.

Do pay attention dear ones. Scorpio wants what he wants and Taurus wants what she wants. Uh oh! Now what do you do? Power play is the name of the game. Taurus Sun rules your resources. It describes what you value ranging from physical possessions and money, to personal self-esteem and talents. Taurus rules your personal earnings, bankers, budgets, money you make, value system, monetary gains and losses, security. Scorpio rules the support you receive from other people. It rules wealth of your spouse or partner, spirituality, insurance, legacies, other people’s money, stocks, taxes, inheritances and transformation.

How does Venus, the ruler of Taurus fit in here? Venus loves to listen, nurture, and beautify. Venus stimulates your social and love life but can be quite variable in effect. It is conjunct Uranus in Aries at this time of the Full Moon but is off by itself. The Venus Uranus conjunction can bring exciting romances with enough personal freedom to enjoy a glamorous social life. Though watch for instability with your finances if you have negative aspects.

Pluto, the higher octave ruler of Scorpio, attracts crisis and volatility. Pluto lives in the subconscious, particularly in the caverns we avoid. This makes the scorpion quite unpredictable. Also Pluto is going retrograde (April 18th – September 26th), setting out a period of detoxing issues around sexuality, power and the subconscious.

The Full Moon in Scorpio affects most intensely those with personal planets in 27 degrees of Libra – 4 degrees of Scorpio; 27 degrees of Capricorn – 4 degrees of Aquarius; 27 degrees of Aries – 4 degrees of Taurus and 27 degrees of Cancer – 4 degrees of Leo.

Thank you for reading and sharing if you will. Check out my Going Beyond Astrology radio show on the Spiritual Guidance Network. Have a great full moon. Until again, Love, Jan

NEW MOON in ARIES, April 7, 2016-Unpredictable flavor to new starts

aries ram

Calling out to the New Moon in Aries. Can the weather get any weirder? My head is spinning with the anomalies of the forecast. One day it is 70 degrees and the next night it is 32 degrees. Did anyone see Spring arrive? Didn’t we just experience the Spring Equinox a few weeks ago? Not sure what is going on here. Is it manufactured or is it Mother Nature having a tantrum? March Madness was capped off the other night. Anyone see it. I was glued to the TV when I should have been doing a lot more other work. And guess what it was the best ending of any Championship game in NCAA history and my team won at the buzzer. Villanova beat North Carolina. How proud to be a Wildcat. It is better than the political agenda that doesn’t go away and will continue to hound us until November. Trump is talking about how this country will be in a recession soon; and Hilary is getting nervous about Bernie. Life in America goes on.

 Soon to arrive at our beck and call is the New Moon in Aries (Sun is also in Aries) which comes to us on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at; 7:23am EDT; 4:23am PDT and 11:23am GMT in 18 degrees 04’. This New Moon is conjunct within a degree of Uranus in Aries. Aren’t we all lucky? Well, it isn’t about luck this time it is about the unusual, the shock factor, and the rebellious nature of the energy of this New Moon. What can turn your actions around to better give you an opportunity to take a leap forward? What can show up in your life to create a thought for a new way of doing something? This is about all of you finding a way to blaze that trail once and for all. Don’t be too surprised when Uranus fires up your world with a surprise. Are you going to go with it or is it going to jolt you?

 With the Sun and Moon both in Aries which is ruled by Mars it is a time to seek out a fresh start. Some say that this NEW MOON is the real beginning of the year. But before that happens those eclipses are still in effect for many months. It is still about a bit of getting rid of clutter. Have you been doing so? It has been prodding you to give up the old junk that clutters your life. How many of you have let it all go yet? C’mon, the truth please. Are you still hanging in the past? Have you looked within yourself and truly let the past go? Are you ignoring the signs and continue to tweet or play on your phone or Facebook? I know it may be very threatening to you to give that stuff up for a moment so that you can actually see what is happening within. And then the New Moon in Aries can help you take a walk for a change in forward motion. But wait a minute there are many planets going to be going retrograde and then what will you do? (More on that later)

 You all know what Aries are like- sort of me first, my way and the commando. Aries may be a bit self-centered but they hide nothing. He tells all no matter what it is. Aries is truly impulsive. And if Aries really messes up no one that I know has the nerve to tell him. Aries Moon doesn’t listen well because he is already waiting to tell what he thinks. Aries teaches us courage and the will to overcome any obstacles. Aries is assertive, honest, feisty, enthusiastic and independent and meets life head-on.

  And Uranus hanging right with the New Moon may spring an unexpected occurrence. It tells the Moon to get some imaginative power going and go invent something new. Even if you choose to shock someone it will be uncomfortable for you to deal with it afterwards. Then along with this outrageous behavior old boy Mr. Change artist, Pluto is squaring the New Moon (in conflict) and it is totally drawn into the emotional realm. If you experience love, all I can say is it will be deeper than you imagined. Of course if someone looks to control or dominate, oh well, here comes ice. Watch how you interact if you are in a relationship! Just let it flow and it will definitely show up on the higher level.

New Moon trine Saturn in Sagittarius gives a great balance of intuition and realism. The sensitive moon and severe Saturn do not usually make easy bedfellows, but the trine warms and soften things here nicely. Personal security is the theme. Moon trine Saturn is about trustworthiness and capability. You will look after your money responsibly since this aspect tends to be thrifty. Those touched by this New moon could suddenly find they have a great sense of timing just knowing the opportune moment to do something. Things can feel a bit fated. Previous efforts may bring recognition. Understanding and respect will help you reach your goals.

Mars goes retrograde on April 17. Many things in your life will slow down to a crawl. Refrain from buying mechanical items when it is in backward motion.

Wherever the NEW MOON in ARIES falls in your natal chart will give you a good indication as to what part of your life will be affected. In my chart it is in my 11th house of friends/groups/wishes. It can bring a new paradigm or vision which emerges and take me out in the world even more so. Or it can bring about a big wish that may come about unexpectedly.

 Aries-Enormous energy must be expressed. Watch so you don’t change things too quickly. Be aware and don’t go off the deep end with your boss.

Taurus-Is there a self-defeating problem that you need to address once again? You need more time for yourself, do some dream work, being in nature or mind/body/spirit work.

Gemini-Are you going to something that is totally uncharacteristic of your normal behavior? That friend who you forgot about may show up or there may be sudden changes with the friendship.

Cancer- Don’t push against anything. Look at how you express your feelings and your needs. Unstable career area influences. You can make a new start in some way.

Leo-This is time to teach, travel and explore even with the chaotic energy showing up in your life. One of these things can change your life for the better in a flash.

Virgo- Unforeseen romantic and financial opportunities can reveal themselves. Look for innovative solutions for any surprises that show up. Keep an eye on finances. Pleasure!

Libra-Watch for power struggles at home which can cause tension. New people may enter your life. Someone helps you with your self-doubt or helps with a decision.

Scorpio-What do you need to change about your health or work habits? Get those changes in the works. If you are looking for a new job put out intentions to manifest it.

Sagittarius-You will feel the frenzy within as the fiery energy shows up. You feel you want to break free. Some obsessing takes place. This vibe is present with children’s interests and love.

Capricorn-You tend to review your current connections and stir up a transformative effect. Persevere with integrity. What changes do you wish to create in your home?

Aquarius-Is there a change of mood or change of mind to come in some plan? Will what

you want to do provoke objection from others? Meetings and social activities start the ball rolling.

Pisces- What just happened? A sudden windfall can turn your world upside down. Watch impulsive financial urges to throw money around. Relook at your values.

This New Moon is about finding a new personal identity to take you forward in unusual ways. The changes you have been working on are finally coming into the forefront. Be your unique self and create leaps in new ways.

Thanks for reading and share if you will. Full Moon is on April 22. Changes coming in surprising ways! Be ready. Tune into my radio show, Going Beyond Astrology, www.spiritualbistro.com/going-beyond-astrology.html on Tuesday nights at 9pm EDT. Shows are archived also. Until again. Have a happy New Moon in Aries. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in Libra/Lunar Eclipse, March 23, 2016-Bring Clarity to Communication for Balance


Welcome back to Cosmic Leaping. Hope you have been enjoying the intense chaotic energy which has come into being since the Solar Eclipse a couple of weeks ago. You may wish to welcome your shadow self to your world right now since coming up are many negative aspects of your personality due to the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon. So, what has been going on in your life from the Solar Eclipse? Have you shifted anything? Has there been any questions going through your mind as to why you are feeling ready to just jump ship? Now, wait a minute you really don’t want to do that. Take a breath and old ego will settle down. If there is any confusion or conflict going on in your life it is time to open the channels of communication. This is definitely highlighted at the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.

 The Full Moon/partial Lunar Eclipse comes around on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 in3 deg.17’ in Libra at 8:01AM EDT; 5:01AM PDT and 12:01PM GMT. The Sun is in the opposite sign of Aries and is aligned with the super Galactic Center making it quite powerful. It is time to live your truth and be your truth. Are you ready to get back in balance in your relationships? Oh boy, I can hear it now. I am sure some of you are doing it all as your partner is just lazing and saying that he has to take some time for doing something he likes. Or it can be the opposite-maybe the man is in the same situation doing it all. Take time for you at this time also. It is time for a big change, dear ones and it is coming quickly. Since the Solar Eclipse on March 8th many significant changes have occurred for some of you. Others will see shifting showing up through the next months. This Full Moon is definitely a time to give up whatever you no longer need. It is about purifying yourself and letting go of those who continue to bring negativity to you. How much more negativity can you really deal with? What is getting in your way of harmony? Libra does like that peaceful place, you know.

 What has come back to the surface which you thought was released and forgiven? Yes, it is arising from the depths and you can once and for all let it go. I know you are tired of me saying this, but it is time. The intensity is coming from the Sun pulling out the shadows of the Moon. Mercury has joined the Sun in Aries and it indicates more optimistic and somewhat action-oriented. Look for a rebirth in some way which can involve the senses and more excitement.

 This is a time for a full inventory of where you are and from whence you have come over the last year not just since the Solar Eclipse earlier in the month. And even though you are going to choose to clear out much stagnation it is also a time for you to take a good look at where you are heading this year and a new beginning. Much illumination will come to you with the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in the first decan of Libra. Also, strong intuitive powers may arise even more. You may see something that you did not notice before depending where it is in your chart.

 This whole energy is about I versus We. That is what you need to look at as you go through the next days. This is a time to make peace with the past once and for all. Stop dragging it with you as you walk through your life. With the Full Moon in Libra opposing Mercury in Aries it may bring up the intellectual mind rather than the gut instinct. Check your reactions or they can stir up some conflict. Remember this Full Moon is asking you to balance what you do for others and what you do for yourself. Are you actually doing what you came to do? Are you blissful on your path? It’s ok to do something for you as long as the balance with others is present also. You may wish to just stay in awareness and not act yet. The New Moon in April would be a good time for the next step.

 A couple days after the Full Moon on March 25th Venus in Pisces is in opposition to Jupiter in Virgo and squares Saturn in Sagittarius, which is turning retrograde on this same day. Saturn retrograde is about clearing up any negative karma we’ve been creating and taking responsibility. Jupiter in Virgo will be bringing us face to face with the results of hypercritical and unloving attitudes or comments made in the past. There is no room for perfectionism or criticism in Unconditional Love. If you’ve been sending out a lot of negativity, this could be not a good thing for you. On the contrary, you will now reap pleasant rewards if you’ve been sending out positivity. Either one of these can happen. And since Saturn will be retrograde for a few months be cognizant of the fact that any limitations or challenges may be karmic-related.

 And Venus in Pisces will be sextile (good aspect) to Pluto.  Pluto is stating that you need to release any old wounds of love and any congested emotions which are keeping you stuck. And later on Venus is conjunct Chiron. Emotional healing can take place. By the way if you live on Facebook or other social media just remember you are tapping into the collective unconscious and this can drag you into that chaotic energy. Are you listening? If you are feeling out of sorts at times lately, take a break already from these social media sites and watch the difference in your energy. And if you are suppressing your emotions then look out because things will begin to surface and you will have to deal with them. If you were told to not get emotional as a child then this will shake you up a bit. Logic doesn’t always rule, dear ones.

 If you have Sun in Aries or planets in the first house of your natal blueprint you may feel like you are waking up. Others who have personal planets in the following degrees will be more intensely affected- Pisces 27 degrees.-Aries 6 deg; Gemini 27 deg-Cancer 6 deg; Virgo 27 deg-Libra 6 deg; and Sagittarius 27 deg-Capricorn 6 degrees. Birthdays –March 19-March 26; June 20-27; September 22-29; and December 22-29.

ARIES- Communication affects relationships. Clear the air and create a win-win situation.

TAURUS- Use your intuition to get the answer you need. If you are tired, take a break.

GEMINI- If there is confusion, time to cut through it. Integrate various parts to get the flow back.

CANCER- Healing of mind, body and spirit is a priority. Is anger/frustration causing your pain?

LEO- Are you in alignment with what you believe? Then faith comes and moves mountains.

VIRGO- It is a transformative energy for you. Be open to doing things differently re: money.

LIBRA– Confront/resolve any relationship issues. “Let there be spaces in your togetherness…”

SCORPIO–Time to clear out what is no longer needed. This includes old patterns and habits.

SAGITTARIUS-If you don’t feel you belong then find like-minded individuals who share vision.

CAPRICORN-Is emotional baggage holding you back? Stop clinging to the past for it is gone.

AQUARIUS-Do you live in a jar? Why are you holding yourself captive? Leave the cage already.

PISCES-If you desire to move forward and live your purpose then create the changes needed.

I pulled an Animal Powers card SNAKE. It is about personal power and letting go fears. “Snake spirit, please come to me. Empower me to be a strong individual. Giving birth to new creations. Letting go of my fear of failure and success. Coil me, turn me, take me higher. I will stay attuned, listening deeply. Aware of life and aware of death.” Act with awareness and truth in reality.

Thank you for reading and sharing. The ride is being transformed and I feel that if you stay aware and be your authentic self no matter what, that is what is important even though others say or do differently. Be honest in every part of your life and it gets wondrous even though it may be unclear at this time. Check out my radio show Going Beyond Astrology on SGN. It is on Tuesdays at 9pm EDT. Have a great Full Moon and until again many blessings to you. Love, Jan
































NEW MOON in PISCES/SOLAR ECLIPSE, March 8/9 2016-Chaos brings major turning point

solar eclipse new moon

Hey everyone it’s time for another New Moon/Solar Eclipse. This is a new eclipse cycle that begins in March. As you approach this energy there are many happenings around us out there in mainstream land. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has passed on. Veiled assassination threats are being hurled at Mr. Trump. Over 20 big companies paid no taxes. Mrs. Clinton is pretending the emails do not exist. And a few weeks ago the Russian Patriarch met with Pope Francis regarding a secret. So the Patriarch went off to Antarctica to see what??? Enough of the craziness of the last couple of weeks!

The NEW MOON/Solar Eclipse arrives Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 8:54 PM EST, 5:54 PM PST and 1:54 AM GMT (Wednesday March 9, 2016) in 18deg. 55’ Pisces. This is a truly a major turning point for all of you. In some ways it is the final clearing out of the sludge in your life and allowing it to be taken away by a roaring river right into the ocean. On the other hand it is giving you the opportunity for a new beginning as most new moons do. With it having an extra push to it with the Solar Eclipse it will provide you with openings for moving forward, taking leaps and getting back on track. That’s in case you have wavered from the main road of your life.

This is the first of four eclipses this year. There are a Solar and Lunar in March which are 2 weeks apart and also a Solar and Lunar in September. All are on the Pisces/Virgo axis. Remember that Pisces represents the collective unconscious. It contains the tales, myths and stories of all life. Pisces is about compassion, a natural empath. Pisces feels what others feel.

The configuration at this New Moon in Pisces is a T-square which includes Saturn in Sagittarius squaring it and Jupiter in Virgo in opposition. This T-square opens you to other’s opinions, perspective, agendas and noise. What will you do with this? Will you let them drag you down as you see a new direction looming through the open door? Will you allow them the upper hand so they convince you sit back and forget about manifesting your dreams? Will you stand in your power and say that you know what you are doing so no one sways you? It is time to become your own guru. Along with these aspects are the long-standing Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn both trine (good aspect) Saturn and Jupiter which is quite favorable.

With the Sun and Moon conjunct in Pisces there is Chiron (the wounded healer) also right with them. With this New Moon /Solar Eclipse there are some endings. Things and people who no longer need to be in your life will leave. No regrets please. This is a time for you to leap without anyone holding you back. If someone leaves it is due to the fact they no longer have a purpose in your life at this time. Let go. Strange dreams may occur and old memories rise from the depths of your psyche. Neptune is hanging in the background in a wide conjunction to the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Is there confusion that has entered into an area of your life or is it just a dreamy time? You tell me.

You will know what you have to do when push comes to shove. Seriously, there is no turning back anymore no matter how many try to pull you back. Are you going to stop and let the boat capsize or are you going to let the waves take you on your journey to a land of new beginnings?

Since Pisces is a water sign there may be emotional issues and fantasies that play a big part at this time. It is filled with creative power that you will be amazed at what can surface from deep within. Tell me now before I go forward will you leap or choose to be a martyr? Think about it. That is also something that may come about if you just don’t pay attention and give in.

The energy around you can be chaotic and just like the ocean waves can bring a tsunami that knocks you about. Nothing is static it is always moving. Move about and let the craziness move by you or dive beneath the surface at high tide and find your way out of it. Once you find your way through this high tidal wave you can hone into your creative imagination which is a Pisces trait. Let the music rise within you or that painting find its way out there.

There is a wounded feeling coming through due to the Chiron energy involved. Chiron can show up with healing for you. The wound may be old and you may not recognize its presence and now it stares at you. It is time to face it. Then you can heal it and life changes for the better. It is not just your wound but also one of humanity. It also falls on the South Node of the Moon which may uncover old grief, sadness and ancient memories due to it being conjunct Chiron. As I have mentioned you need to finally release these burdens. And while you are at it please release any guilt, unworthiness, and old embedded thoughts about money and power.

At this time of the Solar Eclipse would be a good time to break from any addictive or poisonous relationships, Neptune could be gas-lighting you or Jupiter may be using flattery. Watch with whom you become enmeshed in relationships, business or otherwise. The veil between worlds is quite thin at this time.

Those most intensely affected are those who have birthdays around March 5- March 12; June 5-June 12; September 7-14 and December 5-12. Following are some tidbits for the SUN/rising signs and how the New Moon and Eclipse (6 month) affects you:

ARIES- Time to let go of any anger, sadness. You need to balance what is out of line with your inner and outer worlds. This will help to keep things going in work, service and health areas.
TAURUS- Gate to future opens. Why does it sound difficult? Get rid of hidden, fears and doubts. In the next 6 months friendships will deepen. You will look to bring service to humanity.
GEMINI–Turn over a new leaf for new beginnings to arrive. Embrace them and walk forward. You are being called to do your own thing. Shifts come across your career house. Be realistic.
CANCER-You need to integrate all items. It can be a clearing out cupboards or organizing at work. Health or daily routines are getting in way of possibilities. Be satisfied and efficient.
LEO-Changes come and you need to be ready also for transformation. Are you too responsible? Try to relax a little or a block shows up. Stop the doing and just be for now. Watch for confusion.
VIRGO–Possible new beginnings in relationships. Forgive and forget. Heal old wounds and be more assertive. You need to integrate you with home and loved ones. Is there someone new?
LIBRA—Are you ready to start a new health regime? Is there a new job or environment in the picture? If you think it then you get it. Transform your daily living. You need to rest and recoup.
SCORPIO—Let your intention be to create a more joyful life. What can you do to live more authentically? How about bringing more romance in your life? The time it is not about money.
SAGITTARIUS—What door are you closing on your home, family or past? You need to take charge and deal with what comes up. Positive opportunity comes if stay out an escape mode.
CAPRICORN—Time to create unity in your head and heal whatever needs healing. Meditation will help if you choose this. You seem to know what need to change and effectively let go.
AQUARIUS—What is going on with work and money? Time to turn over a new leaf and bring on the new beginning. Patience may be needed. What is going on beneath the surface?                                                                                                                                                            PISCES—Chapter ends and new start comes in. Align your intentions with the powerful energies. Write the down. Heal an old wound. Let go of suffering, Feel the joy and happiness.
This is a time to dream your vision into being. Plant that seed now. Thank you for reading and sharing. Be kind to yourselves as the new moon comes in. Have a wonderful week. Until again, Love, Jan
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FULL MOON in VIRGO, February 22, 2016-Stay in the dream or scream

full moon purple

The Full Moon in Virgo approaches our daily living as I write this post. Prayers going out to Fiji since that Category 5 typhoon just hit there Saturday. By the way, were you aware that there are five states where the middle class has been affected the most-Nevada, Vermont, North Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin? And the battle continues for the presidential candidates for each party. Do you really think any one of those individuals is going to do what is the best for this country? On another note, I just read for the zillionth time that they are saying that homeopathy doesn’t really do anything. Yep, that’s why the elitists use it and most individuals would rather take prescription medication.

As the previous new moon energy is building to the Full Moon in Virgo it has been a time of being able to manifest more easily and if you haven’t yet done so, intend it now as you are reading and see where it takes you. Whatever you put out there on February 8 will come to fruition if you stayed in the positive or negative thought process. The Full Moon in Virgo (Sun in Pisces) occurs on Monday, February 22, 2016 at 1:20pm EST, 10:20am PST and 6:20pm GMT in 3degrees 33’. It opposes the Neptune/Ceres conjunction in Pisces. This tells you there is a significant rise in food allergies right now and also food impurities. So please watch your diet and the foods you purchase. Otherwise the Full Moon in Virgo speaks of taking your worries and detailed thinking and balancing it with the more fantasy venue of Pisces. Full Moons are also about relationships and you can open your eyes to see what is out of balance in those interactions

Virgo Full Moon says that you are picking apart every last detail until no one wants you around. Analyzing tends to show up in a major way. You may find yourself managing whatever you do very well yet will tend to nitpick until there is nothing left. If you find yourself not understanding others at this time that is old Virgo moon. One good thing is that you will help and serve others who need you at this time. This is not the time to put anything off (ha…I was not in the mood for writing this post and I said do it and so here I am) since down the road on March 8 is the Solar Eclipse and that will truly create a crisis if you didn’t do your homework or anything else that may have to be done.

It is a time of releasing the old now. This energy has been building since September 2015 and you need to somehow get rid of the anxiety that many of you are experiencing. Dreaming is a good idea at times, but keep it in balance with the details that you need to complete for any project on the docket -whether personal or business related. It is time to pay attention to your health, your diet and exercise, and your wellness.

What crisis has erupted in your life regarding love or money in the last couple of weeks? Maybe you just need more money for some reason or something about your friendship or love relationship has come to a boiling point. This is all about balancing the dynamics of any type of relationship so that you can resolve the crisis if it shows up. Rapid change is going to occur since the Virgo Full Moon is at the midpoint between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. I have been talking about the square between Uranus and Pluto for a very long time and it is now critical and leads to an extreme shift in circumstances. Watch for inflexibility in your attitude and your actions since this will block changes that need to be made now. Be careful of disharmonious influences which may cause nervous tension to become unmanageable unless you release any anger that is hidden.

Be careful where you aim your arrows this time around and please do not use your loved ones as targets. If there is no peaceful solution that is within your realm then the suggestion is to stand in your power. Any of those who are abused will find the tools to stand in dignity and have their rights.

Old habits die hard and this Full Moon says to look at that part of your life so you can let go of that which is no longer useful to you. Forget the auto-pilot and go within before you go out there. It is mixing of the spiritual and the everyday practicality. But with Neptune involved, you may decide to float along and dream and do nothing else. That is why it is important to keep the balance. Neptune can also create fogginess in how you see things or even some illusions. Jupiter crosses the point where the September eclipse sits and also opposes Chiron in Pisces. This is calling for you to look at the wound that may have shown up and take time to heal.

Those of you who have any personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) near 3 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel this more intensely. And if you don’t know your chart then the birthdays that are affected are: May 19 – May 27; August 20-August 28; November 19-November 27; and February 18-25.

By the way, 222 in Angel talk means that you are close to manifesting your intention. Keep positive. Almost there!

Some tidbits for each Sun sign/Rising sign at the Full Moon in Virgo:
Aries-Can inspire visions to see what you need to do or create some fog or confusion in your health or work. Take small steps to reach your goal.
Taurus- Watch for being over-committed in a project. You may need to just pull back a bit. You tend to have some emotional urgency with child or lover. Pay attention to details in love.
Gemini-Don’t let your vision of how you would like things to go blind you to what is. Turn down the noise in your environment and from others so you can come to a decision.
Cancer-Chaos and confusion may replace efficient thinking. Let your feelings flow as you float in the clouds. Practical details are a necessary part of your life.
Leo- Make no economic decisions under this cloudy energy. The simple truth keeps slipping away the closer you get to finding it. Only time will bring you the answer.
Virgo-Is there a drama about your needs versus others brewing? Choose happiness over caution and you may actually like it. Moving out of the head may free you up.
Libra-It is time to get off the couch and eat nutritionally again. Will you be inspired or disillusioned? Focus on new goals and give it your all.
Scorpio- Infatuated in a dreamy way, are you? Differences between you social needs and your loved ones show up. If you have been sidetracked, you see a new way.
Sagittarius- You may wish to aim for the stars but keep those feet on the ground. Some confusion occurs in home/family. Make tiny adjustments without any major moves yet.
Capricorn-News or decision which requires immediate attention or it is misdirected. This is a time to get rid of those fears and reach for your dreams. Focus on the big picture.
Aquarius- Are there bills that need to be covered? Watch for any tricky situations regarding shared finances. Watch for blurred thoughts in the next days.
Pisces-Don’t let anyone take advantage of your kind nature. Your needs and nurturing are out of balance in partnership area. With others establish clear boundaries.

So, will you be steaming in a dream or screaming? Time will tell.

Thank you for reading and if you will, please share. Stay tuned for the shifting energy and keep your joy to the fore. Have a great Full Moon. Until again. Many blessings and love, Jan

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NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, February 8, 2016- Bring your innovative ideas to the world

new moon in aquarius einstein

Hello dear ones. The New Moon in Aquarius is just about upon us. Things are shifting more than ever. As I write this post. Much is going on that is leading up to a major Solar Eclipse in early March.. On February 6, Venus and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn and squaring Uranus in Aries. This is part of the New Moon chart. That may explain many quirky kinds of behavior. There may be unexpected events or other energy that has an effect upon your love life or finances. And in the news- There was a 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan. North Korea apparently has launched a long range missile. Wall Street is still on its roller coaster ride.

Let’s look at the New Moon in Aquarius which arrives on Monday, February 8, 2016 at 9:40am EST; 6:40am PST; and 2:40pm GMT in 19 degrees 15’. The Sun is also in Aquarius. Both the Moon and Sun are in sextile aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. It is time to take a breath as you move forward from the last Full Moon in Leo where you had lots of fun and some new creative workings. It is time to say good-bye to your old ways. Stop sitting in that fear that shows up more often than not as you give into it instead of releasing it. With fear there is no love. Just remember that the next time it comes around. You know that nothing from the past is working anymore so why hang on? Step into your own truth and look at where your life is taking you. Stop and look and ponder the next months.

This New Moon in Aquarius is about being the visionary as a typical Aquarian would be. If you didn’t jump into the play mode when the Full Moon was here a couple weeks back then you may choose to do that now with this New Moon. At least take time to really sit back and reconnect to your new efforts for the next month. The New Moon is saying to you to look at your own unique abilities and talents. Since Uranus rules Aquarius it is a good time to look within and see the genius, mad scientist, the individualist, the independent thinker. Aquarius the water-bearer is pouring more and more universal consciousness into each and every one of you. Open to it.

This is the time for you to look at your own originality and how you can use it to better yourself and the world out there. No one will do it for you and it is about your individuality and sharing those unique ideas so others can benefit. This is time to move out of those old beliefs and patterns that you have had since childhood and open to the authentic you. This is not the time for being a martyr in relationships since it may be a time of rationalizing any problem. By the way, Mars in Scorpio is square this New Moon in Aquarius, You can take the combustible energy and direct it into some project or it will explode in ways that may be destructive emotionally. This can seep into a sexual arena and if either partner is unwilling to express sexually then a deep anger can emerge Of course, this depends where it is in you natal chart. And watch out for ego conflicts. Who is trying to rule you? Lilith is trining the New Moon so you may want to take your any unexpressed pent-up energy and create something out of the box. You many feel a bit more sensitive than usual and not especially like anyone’s critical remarks. While Mars brings the sexual aspect to this New Moon, dear Venus in Capricorn is saying to use her trine to Jupiter/ North Node in Virgo to purify yourself through creative projects that truly represent you.

Remember that any New Moon is about manifestation. So be careful what you think and put out there for the Universe to act on. It can happen quite quickly as long as you do not overthink. This is a time for listening to your gut feeling but you need to discern whether this is coming from old beliefs or truly your uniqueness and knowing. Mercury (thinking) does rule this 2nd decan where the New Moon in Aquarius sits.

The New Moon in Aquarius is saying to you to recognize that new directions are staring at you in love and money. There may be some interesting interactions and surprises with the Sun in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries. Also coming from this aspect is something that may bring an exciting new path. Don’t forget that Venus sextiles Mars at this time. Good indication of love flowing. Socializing is great and so is chasing your desires. Balance is there if you allow it. If any dissonance occurs from the square to Uranus then just stay out of the fear place and you can resolve anything.

Signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio are most intensely affected especially birthdays February 4-12; May 5-May 13; August 7-15; and November 7-15. Any planets that are aspected are also affected.
Here are some tidbits about the Sun/ rising signs at this New Moon time:
Aries- Lots of networking and promotion light your fire. Watch that those around you aren’t expecting you to foot the bill as you lead the group. Dreams can become reality.
Taurus- New Moon is the emotional trigger to build a new direction in professional or social (possible combo of each) matters. Need to bring work and love into balance. Passions (can be a roller coaster leading up to New Moon) are big on the table.
Gemini- New visions are presented in love and learning, spirituality and travel. Transform work and health routines. Opportunities for change in thinking combining old views with new.
Cancer- Shared benefits and resources come into play. Watch your secret dealings including sexual and financial ones. Narrow your options and square up the budgets.
Leo- Intense interaction with home and family members with good auspices coming out. There is romance highlighted and love in capital letters. Pushy people may show up. Compromise major differences.
Virgo- Make some good nutritional changes in your diet. Change your work habits for better results. Reach out to others if they need help. Transformative energy shows up.
Libra- Triggers possible romantic feelings for someone who is a friend. Those in relationships can reignite the flame of passion. Your creative projects come to the forefront.
Scorpio- Domestic action is stirred up a bit. Is there a new living space coming your way? Home remodeling or renovations in the works? There is a security you are feeling now.
Sagittarius- Good opportunities may show up which are transformative and innovative. Good news regarding travel or creative pursuits. If you feel like lashing out and do, then something may be amiss subconsciously.
Capricorn- This is a good time for finding innovative ways to increase your financial holdings to help make things more secure. Romance shows up. Maybe also some adventure.
Aquarius- You are in the limelight and you enjoy the balance of both past and future. A call from the heart is better than a call when you are working. Your outer world may be taking you away from a commitment.
Pisces- It is time for rest, retreat, hanging out whatever you wish to call it. Take time for yourself and enjoy you. Is there a dream waiting to happen? Fortunate alliances show up.

Let your independent thinking take you to new vistas. The world awaits your innovativeness. Stay tuned for the Full Moon coming up February 22nd. Thank you for reading and sharing if you will. If you have any questions please comment. Many blessings to you as you allow the energy to transform your life. Until again. Love, Jan

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FULL MOON in LEO, January 23/24, 2016-How will you make a difference?


january full moonAs I sit and write this post I wonder if everyone is having a great time with the sensationalism in the news. Snow, snow wonderful snow…away you go. That’s all it is,snow. Oh, yes, in my area, most likely there will be anywhere from a 18-23”. When I was growing up snow in January was normal. It’s winter. Have you forgotten? And then there was some discussion among the British folk that Mr. Trump should be banned from their country. Not going to happen but he was called a wazzock. A college student is being detained in North Korea because he was trying to get put in prison to see exactly what was happening there. This kind of thing makes me speechless and so does Facebook. Oh, yes, those NFL playoff games are Sunday. Get out of the Matrix.

The weekend brings us the Full Moon in Leo. The full moon illuminates your feelings, your emotions. It is a time to let go; purge the past. Whatever you started on the New Moon in Capricorn may come to fruition now. But this time it may still be stuck because unless you really hopped on it quickly, Mercury retrograde kept it right where you started it so you could reassess the whole idea. How many truly took a leap in the past 2 weeks? I really wanted to do so but I kept pushing to go forward and lost interest for a moment. Next week Mercury goes direct and you will find it easier to take it to the next level. Any decisions you made based on priorities you may have had in the past may soon be outdated and you will leave them back there.

FULL MOON in LEO occurs on January 23/24, 2016 at 8:45pm EST, 5:45pm PST, and 1:45am GMT in 3 degrees 29’. (Sun is in Aquarius at same degree.) Leo Full Moon loves to shine, to be out there in the world. It is the artist, the player, the lover. It has a regal air to it. Both Leo Moon and free-spirited Aquarius Sun love to party and have a great time. This is a time to open your hearts (Leo Moon) and your minds (Aquarius Sun). This Full Moon is about thinking about how the needs of you compare to the needs of the group. Leo FULL MOON wants to express itself in some sort of creative effort. Leo is also about the child within and those children around you. It is a time for you to come to the group thought even though Leos do not like to be out of the limelight. Compromise may be needed; keep that in mind. Remember Leo FULL MOON-think outside the box.

Leo Full Moon likes to express itself in creative ways. How are you bringing it out there? If you are feeling like the victim you will not be able to share anything creative to the world. Since you are creating your own reality then make it truly magnificent creative approach. What will you offer to the world? Messages may pop up since Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn as the Full Moon arrives. What kind of interesting message will come? It will surely be filled with intensity. Along with this Mercury conjunct Pluto influence is the Mercury square (in conflict) to Uranus in Aries. You may choose to be a bit more honest with yourself and others and open to doing things in a new way. Watch out for any intense power struggles which may erupt in your relationships due to the tightening again of Pluto square Uranus which comes within 1 degree on February 1. Watch for verbal abuse. Stay away from those who show erratic behavior. Some bullying also may be present. Keep your anxiety to a minimum so you don’t get pulled into this conflicting energy. There may be some shocking or unexpected news. Change of plans may be indicated for some individuals.

Have you found your calling? If not maybe it is calling to you. Since it will be with the Full Moon you need to watch your words don’t have too much emotion behind them. With Mars in Scorpio along with these other influences (Pluto does rule Scorpio) can make you feel like you are living with too many limits and wish to break free.

And as you go through the next month (January 20-February 20) the 5 planet alignment will be showing up in the early morning sky-Mercury (closest to the Sun), Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. So this says that as you express the truth it is filled with compassion and love along with responsibility and integrity as you find a better way to shift the things in your life. The only aspect to the Full Moon is not one of the main ones but it is important. Full Moon is quincunx (150 degrees apart) to the Venus in Sagittarius. It says that everyone wants to be happy towards each other. This is about fairness and perfection. And if you get into any disagreements, it won’t be pretty. So don’t. There is also an ongoing influence of family loyalty from earlier in January which continues.

The FULL MOON in LEO energy is more intense for those with birthdays between April 21-April 28 /Taurus 0-7 degrees; July 21-July 28/Leo 0-7 degrees; October 21-October 28/Scorpio 0-7 degrees; and January 21-January 28/Aquarius 0-7 degrees. If you have any planets in those degrees then you too will feel the intensity.

Some tidbits about the Full Moon in LEO for following Sun signs/Rising signs:
ARIES – Get moving and take some risks. Creative confidence. Get acquainted with some new people. If looking at a money issue, look for common ground in the budget.
TAURUS- Tend to your investments. Thriving through your own self-sufficiency. Time to look at your outer world and forge some business alliances. When you are happy at home everything else falls into place.
GEMINI – Networking is great and so are short trip plans. Like-minded pals are present and talks are glowing with laughter. Break your routine and do something different.
CANCER- Joint ventures call for attention including financial, intimate and emotional. issues. It can be that sharing and give and take come into focus. Give up fear.
LEO- A turning point is on the way. Assess your needs in relation to others in your life.
You are in the limelight in some way. Social peak. Is it time to take a creative risk? VIRGO-How much fun are you having these days? Maybe you aren’t because you are under the weather and could use some spiritual healing or other holistic practices can help you back on track.
LIBRA-This is certainly an active social whirl for you with friends, family, you name it. Don’t get too carried away since it says you may need to discipline yourself.
SCORPIO-It is time to come into an emotional balance and also have a harmonious family life. You may not be seeing everything clearly. Is there a lesson here?
SAGITTARIUS-What’s the trip you are planning? Networking helps. Just know whatever you believe in can happen. Romance at a distance or new friends from afar.
CAPRICORN- This is your fiscal peak with lots of potential. On the road to a new start.
Time to let go of the past and detox. Get rid of what no longer matters. Transformative energies.
AQUARIUS-You are looking to be happy and helping others be that way also. Any problems are turning around. Time to light up your relationships. Hang out with kindred spirits who cheer you on.
PISCES- It is time to balance your work in the world with your work in the spirit. Take some time for yourself and rejuvenate. The key shows up for any issues to be solved.
Loud messages from the Muse.

How do you plan to shine with the FULL MOON in LEO?

Thank you for reading and share if you will. It is a creative time with some background intensity. Stay in the moment and allow yourself to create you as you wish. Join me on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST for Going Beyond Astrology. Would love to hear from you. Many blessings. Until again. Love, Jan

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NEW MOON in CAPRICORN, January 9/10, 2016-Intense transformative opportunities

new moon capricorn

Happy New Year to you! The New Moon in Capricorn is just about here. Are you ready to shift your circumstances or do you intend to walk in the glare of the mainstream junk that continues to plague the airwaves and the Net? If you don’t know it is a charade then you missed something when you were studying history. Seriously what is it that you think is really happening in this world? It is not what it seems, dear ones…not even close. Observation is that Trump is trumping everyone or just thumping; Hilary needs to run for the hills because soon things are going to collapse around her; and the rest of the charlatans need to walk away slowly. This is a big game and if you think that anyone is going to give you a new America…think twice. This is power at its most dangerous and you and I will be paying for it if the window stays shut and you see nothing but illusion. Get real and find out the truth. Oh, by the way, watch your money because it may not be there unless you start paying attention to what the bankers are looking to do. Oh, this was a bit heavy in tone, I know, yet this is not the great nation where the good guys mattered. This is beyond anything you can ever imagine. Middle class is almost dead. Is that what you choose? Wake up.

It comes as no surprise that the New Moon in Capricorn is about your choosing to transform your life. This is beyond enlightenment. It is truly leaping to see who you truly are and is it where you choose to be on your path. New Moon in Capricorn arrives on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 8:30pm EST; 5:30pm PST; and 1:30am GMT (January 10, 2016) in 19 degrees 13’. (Sun is also at the same degree in Capricorn). The New Moon asks what responsibilities are you to fulfill in the next few weeks. Capricorn says to you that it is about stewardship and respect for the matter. So many today are totally consumed by avarice and domination, the negatives of the Capricorn New Moon. As I mentioned on my radio show, Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat which is climbing towards spiritual service no matter how many difficulties fall across the path. Two other images can represent Capricorn: crocodile and unicorn. The unicorn represents the third eye. The third eye (pineal gland/6th chakra) is located in the brain. Now what does this have to do with the Capricorn New Moon? It comes to me that it is time you allowed yourself to trust what you see. Stop putting blocks up even if something you see is not to your liking. It is time to recognize your ability to uplift your everyday thinking to the spiritual.

The Capricorn New Moon is saying your path is in front of you and you are missing it. Why? Because you are concentrating on something else totally. When you allow your mind to just be quiet for a moment then you may see that you have been going in the opposite direction than your true path in life. Seriously, how many can actually say they are doing what they love? Or is it just a job because you are totally into the money game? Guess what, do what you love and that money flows to you like a river run wild. I have found that the more in the moment one is the quicker the manifestation. And this is without working round the clock or pushing so hard you don’t know what day it is. Capricorn New Moon wants you to breathe in the goodness of life. Stop the power games and get on board for a ride up the mountain with more ease than you thought. You can certainly be the mountain goat which is a great place to begin. I say jump on the back of the unicorn and transcend the ordinary. Aren’t you tired of the drudge? Then this is a time you can start manifesting beyond your dreams. Only way is to stay in the moment and stop being a slave to the workplace. It is time to step up to the plate dear ones and stop the fear mode already. It is time to just stop looking for whatever it is and let it come to you. Believe it or not it is looking for you. Oh, yes it is!!!

Joining the New Moon in Capricorn is the Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square. The Uranus/Pluto square has been in the mix for 4 years. It is 1 degree apart and Pluto is right near the moon which is also square Uranus. It says to me that it is a work hard, play hard New Moon. Please watch for major power struggles during this time around the New Moon. Are there rules that you are failing to work with?

Coming together today on January 8th before the New Moon is Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct Venus. Dear Venus is about love and beauty and Saturn is about the physical plane. It is time to look at the values you hold deeply and your commitments/priorities. Some things It is asking you-are you expressing your feelings; are you taking time for you and maybe even having fun (oh, really?); are you staying in touch with your friends? Stop feeling you are not good enough in your relationship. Things can change for the better in a big way if you let them.

Mercury went retrograde on January 5, 2016. Most of my radio show this past Tuesday was all about Mercury retrograde and how it affects you and your life. (See link below). It went retro at 1 degree Aquarius and is not back in Capricorn as I write this post. It is a time to revise, regroup and reinvent. It affects us all in different ways depending where it falls in your natal chart. If you have questions, comment and ask me by giving me your birth info. I would be glad to tell you what area it will affect in your life.

And one more change in the planets is Jupiter going retrograde. It is in Virgo and went retrograde last night on January 7th. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it asks you to deal with getting rid of clutter, doing some editing or taking care of your health and wellness. It is time for efficiency as it stays retrograde until May 9. It stays with the North Node into February and is asking you to be more focused. Wherever you have it in your chart as it travels through this may be a place you need more faith. Before Jupiter went retrograde you were probably dealing with matters of success, happiness, and your growth. Whatever was on your plate in the past months is what you need to look at a bit deeper so you can make the correct decisions.

I went to pull an Animal Totem and it came to me I needed to pull a Lakota Sweat Lodge Card for the New Moon in Capricorn. Wazi, known as Old Man showed up. “I move always with a smile… I bring you the strength of sure knowledge.” It says you are on the path to resolving an issue in your life. And lightness comes as you let go of being pulled in two directions.

Thank you for reading. Share if you will. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section and I will gladly offer a response. It is the New Year and the New Moon in Capricorn brings a transformative effect upon your life. Be well. Did you laugh today? Until again. Love, Jan

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Winter Solstice/FULL MOON in CANCER, December 25, 2015- Letting the past go and taking a leap

full-moon-over waterWinter Solstice/Full Moon in Cancer – Is the time for you to let your light shine through the darkness no matter what goes on. This is a time for alignment with Christ Consciousness.

The Winter Solstice has just come in with our good friend the Sun entering Capricorn on December 22, 2015. It definitely is a harbinger of exciting energy as time marches to Christmas and the FULL MOON in Cancer. Lots of news out there in mainstream land with the political debates and the PTB saying they will start another party if Trump gets the nomination. What has this country become? I am amazed at how many out there are so fearful of the truth. Unbelievable! Does anyone pay attention anymore? Soon the change will come in a blink of the eye and I am going to observe from a cabin in the woods. Wish everyone could see how manipulated they are through that box in your living room or even a part of the Net!!! How many are paying attention?

Right now the moon is making its way to becoming the FULL MOON in CANCER. Sun is in Capricorn and what exactly does it mean? It will affect you whether you believe it or not. The Full Moon arrives at 6:11am EST, 3:11am PST and 11:11am GMT on Christmas day December 25, 2015 in 3 degrees 19’.

This Full Moon is extra intense. Oh, I know I have been saying that each time the moon is either new or full and intense has been the word. This is extra-special with electric energy since Uranus (the radical and electric-charged planet) is going direct in motion on December 25 at 10”52pm EST. That says to me that there may be shocking news that shows up which may change the energy to a more positive note. Also, if you are looking to understand yourself in a deeper way (this is what I talk about on my radio show) then now is the time that it will affect your core being. Since all the other planets are also direct for another 10 days it is a good time to leap forward. You may have a new way of looking at life and some barriers may disappear. Let the ego go and your understanding shows up. Knowing yourself will give you a better idea as to where you choose to go.

FULL MOON in CANCER says purging the negative is a necessity. Once you get rid of the fear the world changes within and your perspective on life comes alive. It is time to take a step forward once you do this and lighten up. The darkest, coldest Full Moon of Christmas day says let go the past and you will see a turning point in your life. This is a time when the veil is thinnest between worlds and that says to you to stay in a joyful place or you will be pulled into the darkness again. What will you choose? This Full Moon since it is Cancer says it focuses on the family-oriented gatherings and traditions along with nourishing bonds in home and family which is supportive of your growth. It is a time of forgiveness and letting go of resentments and defensiveness. Faith also comes into play at this time.

The only planet that is affecting the Full Moon this time is Neptune. Many good feelings and expressions can occur as Neptune in Pisces is trine the Moon in Cancer and sextile the Sun in Capricorn. (both are harmonious) Neptune brings out idealistic tendencies and for once they are positive. To me it says just enjoy the moment as you walk through the next couple of weeks. And also it says to stay in balance which is always good at a Full Moon time. Since Venus and Jupiter are in good aspect during this Full Moon relationships and partnerships are emphasized. Also creative activity is to the forefront. Good social times find their way into your life.

Looking at some other points keep this in mind. Capricorn is about your work in life and Cancer is your own self. Does what you do fulfill you? If it does things will begin to or continue to flow for you. Have you looked at your gifts and talents lately? Do you share them with the world? How many are doing so? Are you nurturing what is important to you? Hey, I didn’t say what makes others happy. I am saying are you doing something to fulfill that creative bent in you; that touches the deepest core point?

You may wish to take the time in the next couple of weeks to organize, clean and get rid of all those things which are no longer useful or pertinent to whom you have become. I will have one problem because I won’t clear out my books. Well, I have gathered some to give away. Keep this in mind as the day after the Full Moon is one that says, do I really have to do this clean up today? No, you do not. Just enjoy the day after also for being with those who bring joy to you. Watch out Pluto doesn’t stir up some negatives late in the evening Saturday.

Almost forgot that our dear friend the trickster Mercury goes retrograde on January 5, 2016. Aren’t we all lucky with this? No big deal. It lets us look at those things which need to be addressed or reviewed one more time. More on this in the new moon post.

I decided to pull an ‘Animal Powers” card for this Full Moon in Cancer. What a wonderful message the DOVE brings. Dove is about releasing all emotional discord and being forgiving.
Dove is saying that once you allow healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit then this blessing of peace arrives. “Dove spirit, please come to me. Please bring love into my life. Sing compassion into my heart. You teach me kindness and peace. You show me the way to express my gifts through my innocence and through my caring for others.”

Have a joyful holy day season and for those who celebrate have a beautiful Christmas. May the Light of the Divine shine upon you! May the New Year give you the impetus to uncover your deepest truth so that you can leap forward with a new beginning! Thank you for reading and sharing. Until again, Love, Jan

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NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, December 11, 2015-Staying on the path of truth

new moon smallAnother New Moon is almost upon us and most of you are preoccupied with who says what to whom. Have you opened your eyes yet? Would you like to take a leap forward on your very own path in that new direction that keeps pulling on you? Ho hum! Nothing has changed since last time. Energy is quite weird and gets stranger by the moment. I guess all those Chemtrails and false flags are affecting the masses. It is amazing what goes on out there in the world. Trump just said something regarding London and it has been confirmed by police in that city. There has been radicalization taking place and police are fearful to go into certain neighborhoods. You do not believe this. Ok. I think next on his agenda will be to bring up the climate change topic. You watch, he will and the news media will go bonkers. I have no interest in any candidate who is trying to get the nomination because not one of them will change anything. Wake up already. This is a game and it is about MONEY. It is also about depopulation and a very big distraction. Do you understand this? Since the New Moon is closer to getting truth…watch what happens next.

Let’s move onward to more joyous events. The NEW MOON in Sagittarius (Sun in Sagittarius) arrives Friday December 11, 2012 in 19 degrees 3’ at 5:29am EST, 2:29am PST and 10:39 am UTC. As you know new moons are about setting intentions. Sagittarius is about truth and purpose and a new meaning. Sagittarius is generous with time and money. Fires burn wherever desire takes them. Sagittarius can shoot the arrow into the air and it can go out there, anywhere it chooses or can shoot and the arrow comes back and hits them with a vision. Sagittarius likes to teach and is very good at doing so. With the New Moon in Sagittarius it is time for possible travel, bringing to fruition new possibilities and for developing deeper understanding.

Since the planet Jupiter squares the New Moon there is a tendency to be extravagant. It does bring in more optimism. Since Jupiter expands you may have a tendency to overdo wherever it is in you natal blueprint. That’s not a bad thing but just watch for going overboard in some part of your life. You will know what I am referring to if you pay attention. Also Jupiter will bring much joy to you at this time if you can stay in the moment. Since Sagittarius likes to think in a different way at times it may be good at the New Moon just to stay on track. Just because you are on track has no reference to being resistant. Why do I say this? As this energy comes in those old resentments and anger from the past may show up. Of course, you don’t wish to stuff it either. When those past hurts come up, which they will, stay your course and deal with them without taking them out on anyone who happens to be present. Watch you don’t fall back into the judgement and criticism trap. Find the facts instead of the fallacies. All can be resolved since at the New Moon Neptune in Pisces is trine exotic Venus in Scorpio. And if you are looking to experience sexuality in a very dreamy way, then this is a grand time. Neptune and Venus also are saying to look for any answers in the unseen. Be an inspiration to others. Unconditional love is the mantra.

Chiron in Pisces is also squaring the New Moon. It creates a T-square since it opposes Jupiter also. This is a time to look deep within regarding your fundamental beliefs and how they are affecting you and your life. Remember everyone is connected to the Divine and it is time to go within to find your own truth. As I have said in the past  you need to reach that inner wisdom which is inherent in all of you and stop listening to those who are attempting to deceive you.

On the other hand with Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries it is about coming to terms with your desire for fulfillment in a relationship and your need to be free. This is happening as I write this and continues with the New Moon energy. So with that in mind, it is time to realize that both can be integrated within through compassion and love.
Speaking of Uranus in Aries it is being squared by Pluto in Capricorn within 2 degrees. So the square is still around and has been since June 2012. Lots of uprising and transforming energies.

And last but not least is old Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. This is not really in the New Moon mix but it does continue to bring something new to the equation in your life. The aspect is about making choices (and they are coming at you constantly)
and finding stability when you make them. You may experience shattered illusions but now have a chance to dream again. If you have been blind to certain things in your life now is the time to take it in another direction.Are you willing to do so?

Those affected most intensely by the New Moon energy are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. (16-24 degrees of signs) or birthdays June 6-14; September 7-15; December 5-13 and March 6-14).

New Moon in Sagittarius says to walk the path of truth with optimism and sharing your vision. Here are some tidbits for each Sun/Rising sign;

Aries-Make your plans and be ready to communicate. Want to travel…perfect time.
Taurus-Trust comes in relationships to further a deeper love connection and joy
Gemini- Break new ground and get out of your rut. Excitement in relationships.
Cancer- Put that new fitness plan into action. Make adjustments in everyday living. Love!
Leo- You get closer to someone. A journey of the heart in many ways shows up.
Virgo- Travel plans in the making or just a loving sweetness or commitment?
Libra- Don’t go overboard but you can be out there feeling liberated and celebrating.
Scorpio- New financial goals in the making. Some feeling of ideal love comes to you                                                                                                 Sagittarius-You are adventurous. New way of life can come into being/socially exciting.
Capricorn- Small group get-togethers are joyful. A good friend brings love. Look inward.
Aquarius-Stop brooding. Lots of excitement. New people come in. More mobility
Pisces- Dreamily affectionate. Make new business contacts. Professional activities.

To rephrase a quote- truth only comes when one gives up preconceived ideas.

Have a fortunate and joyful New Moon. Full Moon in Cancer shows up on December 25. Thank you for reading and if you will, please share. Let the fire burn out all the past negativity allowing a new direction to come in. Be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

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