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FULL MOON in TAURUS, October 29, 2012-Forgiving the Past

It is almost time for the Full Moon in Taurus. There has been much disruptive energy going on in the atmosphere. Have you noticed? Time is speeding up even faster than a week ago and it is amazing that people are still doing the same things as before. They are fearful of change. The comfort zone is too inviting and most get pulled back into the past which hovers over them like a dark cloud. Speaking of clouds there is a storm named Sandy brewing in the Atlantic Ocean that may bring major winds and buckets of rain to the stretch of land from Washington, D.C. to Down East Maine. So, what do you think it is manufactured one or a real one? When they started speaking of it I wondered why NOW? Will this affect the minds of those who vote? I suggest being prepared just in case-extra water, food, and candles. I am quite serious about this for those in the path of the storm. I just heard it may be a Category 4 as it hits the coast. Sending protection to all of you.

Then I thought oh, yes, election is almost upon us. Could that be the reason? Will there actually be an election? I am not going to go into extensive political analysis right now but there are some things going on. President Obama has his South Node in Aquarius which explains his need to support the underdogs and underserved and attract weird people and not so great friends. It is not as freedom-loving as it sounds and since his North Node or Dragon’s head is in Leo, he can be a true leader if he chooses but there are things going on that keep him from doing so because his concentration on the underdogs just won’t let him move into his truth. His life is in a very precarious position in the next year if he gets elected. On the other hand Mr. Romney has a Gemini Dragon’s head (North node) and Sagittarius Dragon’s tail (South node). His Mormon religion has pulled him back and it keeps him in the past to some extent. He feels he is above all others. On the other hand can he lead? Well, he has the support of many because he has much wealth. He has nothing major in his Aquarian 10th house. Well, he can be something of a leader maybe (a figurehead). It worked when he was governor of Massachusetts because his MC (top of the chart-public recognition) did it for him since it is in Aquarius and so is Massachusetts. He has gotten where he is though having no idea why. There are many around him who have supported his efforts and money does talk sometimes. What now America, land of the free?

The FULL MOON arrives on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 3:49pm EDT in Taurus 6degrees 47 minutes.  Where it falls in your natal blueprint/chart will tell you what part of your life will feel the energy. It is about the  transforming the  senses, your loyalty,  tolerance and forgiveness. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius feel it more intensely. Those having moon, sun or ascendant in Taurus are most affected.  This is October Hunter’s Moon as known to the Native Americans who used this energy to cull down the herd. This Full Moon will have some influence over the elective process but the “stars impel, they do not compel” as the saying goes. Anything can happen as in your regular everyday living. The Sun is in Scorpio at 6 degrees 47 minutes and brings an underlying intensity, secretiveness.  Scorpio is about power and flying high above the stars. The combination is also about sex, love and MONEY. How does that feel when you know it is about all the things you smell, taste, touch, hear and see? Think of the senses and this is the energy that will seep into your world. But do not go looking for forbidden fruits because it will come back to haunt you in many ways. Ouch. Seriously…this is verboten.

This FULL MOON in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn asks you to release old stuck patterns and create new paths in your life with lots of vigor. Pluto wants to support the transformation after the letting go. Do you have the courage to be your own authentic self?  It is saying it is the only way you will move forward in the coming days. Now is a beneficial time to do so once the release takes place. Full Moon in Taurus is about your values and Scorpio Sun is about other’s values and financial affairs. Are you solid in your finances? If not, take the time to look at your financial biz and take the time to do affirmations and meditations to create wealth. Security is important to you now. Keep fear out of the picture and money will flow to you. Fear stifles everything to do with the senses.  Since this Full Moon in Taurus is about forgiveness. any grudges, old wounds and all the other past craziness in your lives with others has to be released and let go. The energy has been shifting and now it is the perfect time to do it. LET IT GO and move into the new energy which will inspire you and invigorate you. No matter what you do, your relationship matters are to the fore at this time. If you are in one, honor the other person even though things have been out of kilter in the past. 

This is an important and powerful FULL MOON which will help redo your  foundation. Please stop talking about old stuff and all other gunk that has shown up because someone didn’t like this or that. Gee whiz. Get over it.  If you resist transmuting the old patterns of your relationship they will continue to pop up down the road. If you aren’t in a relationship, then focus on what you can bring to one…your values (have you thought about them lately?), your financial security, and your own self-worth. Get it aligned and be ready for the transformation. Watch out those of you who have a planet at 6+degrees Scorpio. Someone would love to just get you in a much compromised position and then off they go. (is that plain enough for you?)  Now is the time to surrender your heartache over to a Higher Power. Be careful of stubborn resistance to change because it will truly undermine your efforts. It is a time to persist and recognize what is real and what is not with help from Saturn opposite the Full Moon in Taurus.

Taurus FULL MOON speaks of tolerance, forgiveness and being grounded. Stop letting others rule your life. This is a time of simple pleasures for the body; deep intimacy; relaxation to rejuvenate; loyalty; being in Mother Nature; creativity using the earth or clay / anything grounding; values; animal sensuality; erotic scents; creating wealth and long dinners with good food. These are just some things that this FULL MOON in Taurus may enhance.

Be present to the moment now and letting go of past wounds and patterns will be easier and so will leaping forward. May you all be blessed this Hunter’s Moon. Have a beautiful week. Thank you for you and all you do in this very exciting, transformative time. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in LIBRA, October 15, 2012-Restoring Balance and Harmony

The NEW MOON is almost upon us. Thought I could post this a couple of days ago, but work got in the way.  The energy sure is shifting lately and many of you are riding the waves and some of you are having a difficult time finding your balance. Well, this is a prime time for that balance in relationships and otherwise because the NEW MOON appears at 8:03am EDT Monday morning, October 15, 2012, in 22 degrees of Libra. The Libra Sun/Moon conjunction is about balance and relationships and saying what needs to be said.  As you already know that New Moon is about setting intentions that will get you through the next 4 weeks. So, take the opportunity to do so and set those intentions that are coming from your heart. This is an especially beneficial time for focusing on relationships. When was the last time you pondered the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship? Is there something you wish to manifest now after honing in on the ups and downs of said relationship?

 Since the New Moon takes place at 8:03am EDT I am going to ask you this.  If you are in a relationship is it still an important asset to you and your life or has it become a liability? And you think what do assets and liabilities have to do with this? Well, some of you still think in the material plane and since that is where the assets and liabilities exist, I thought you might relate better to what I am saying as those terms filter into your relating. What can you do to turn it into an asset? Perhaps you may want to talk to your partner and actually speak from your heart. That would certainly be a positive action. Of course, I hear some of you saying that that other half doesn’t hear what you say. Do you come from a place of love or do you raise your voice and come in anger? I know that love works even though there are those of you who hesitate to come from the love place because fear sets in due to past experiences. This is the time to change that dial. Reach out from the heart in a divinely loving place and see the difference in the response you receive. This NEW MOON gives you the impetus to create something better.

 As you approach the New Moon you may wish to think about what direction you choose to take your life; what path is the right one for YOU; and how do you feel about it. What can YOU do to bring the real you to others to see you clearly as you really are. AUTHENTICITY keeps popping up. If you are walking someone else’s path and not your own, this is a perfect opening to shift that. You have to walk your path no matter who tries to pull you onto another. What do you choose to create from this time of the New Moon rising? Do you know that this is a perfect time to do something that is truly you and not about someone else. Do you realize that you need to say what is in your heart and throw out all those superficial thoughts? Find a new way to relate instead of using the same old stuff. There is no balance in relationships if those involved are untrue to themselves. Look at you and look at the relationship. Are you really doing what you came to do, acting in the way that is really your true self and honoring the other’s true self? Balance comes then. If you realize that your actions or your words are not really you and you think…this is not me…then change it now. And even if you read this down the road a bit, you can still change it. Yes you can.

 This is the time to restore the balance. Harmony is the key word. You all have issues with past, present and maybe future but the rock bottom line is this…a new beginning can always take place and at a New Moon it is especially auspicious. Another thing that this Libra New Moon brings to you is passion. Do you know what your passion is?  Since Mars and Uranus are in good aspect during this New Moon it is saying to you if you haven’t found your passion, then now is the time to dig deeper for it. Find the direction that can open new songs in your heart and new ways to relate. Fear be gone. What are you waiting for?

 As the New Moon rises, Jupiter is trining it from Gemini. This helps the creative mode of the New Moon. This also adds to the communication end of a relationship. So you can come up with creative ways to express yourself and approach your partner or anyone to whom you are relating. Just imagine, a new perspective on loving communication can take place. Express that love because it comes quite easily now. Those of you who have planets around 22 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will find it more intense around this moon. On October 28 Venus and Mars are more conducive to flowing. When these lovers are in sync, life is grand.  Now they will be more balanced, more harmonious. The fiery Mars and its energy is fanned by the airy Venus. This too is about creative balance in relationships. If you begin something at this time with another you will see it expand as the Full Moon takes place at the end of October.

 Libra New Moon is about balance, harmony and relationships as I have stated throughout this post. It is a time to speak from your heart and staying in that power without letting anyone take it from you. It is better to be your authentic self than someone else’s image. It is a time to move on from the old and into the new, finding that fear never did anything for you anyway. Now did it?

 May your blessings be many and may the Light shine brightly upon you. Have a beautiful week filled with wonder and joy. Remember joy is what it is about every single day with every person you meet or to whom you relate. JOY is the elixir. Remember that. Until again. Love, Jan


SATURN ENTERS SCORPIO, OCTOBER 2012 – Master on the Path

Oh no, here comes the enforcer, the master planet, dear old Saturn. Saturn entered Scorpio on Friday, October 5, 2012 at 4:34pm EDT. It was in the sign of balance, Libra since July 21, 2010.  Just over 10 hours previous Mercury entered Scorpio at 6:35am EDT. This is an example of when the pupil is ready the teacher appears. This is a two-pronged occurrence. This is a time to allow experience to happen. Those of you who stay in your bubble and resist or reject any experience due to fear or otherwise will bring about a truly different existence. New experiences brought about through Saturn are gradual so then you can advance to another level. How are you feeling now? Has something shifted for any of you in the last couple of weeks? I noticed a shift this past Friday by the late evening. Something different is now hanging around. Lots of heavy wavy energy is hanging around trying to prod you to shift with it. Is it too soon? I think it is time.

On November 14 Mercury enters back into Scorpio retrograde and this is a time that you may choose to ponder your life to discover what it is you have done in the last 2 years. What worked for you in those 2+ years and what truly did not? What was out of balance that kept you miserable or edgy or just plain disinterested? What did you do for balance in your relationships? Or did you do nothing? What is DONE in your life? Did you figure out what has no place or meaning anymore? What have you already experiences so you can MOVE ON? Too many questions, you think…not enough, I say.  Then when it proceeds forward again, things begin to speed up a bit. The pondering is passing and then it is time for action. Make those decisions and follow through. You may be quite pleased with the results.

Scorpio Saturn says you need to look at your deepest fears in order to transform them into a strength. This is a time you take full responsibility for your actions, choices and any other behavior if you expect a transformation to take place. Then again, without taking a look at what you need to change within, your life stagnates and you begin to find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. Many of you have been doing this for a very long time. Fear takes away your balance. And your need to resist will continue to bring dissatisfaction and upheaval to your life through those around you in areas of those deeply transformative areas of sexuality, debt, other people’s finances and inheritances. Scorpio is about your deepest feelings on all levels – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Saturn is about structure, respect, rules, self-imposed limitations, and restrictions. It can be the master on the path or the coach.

If you choose to fight anything during this phase, it will get difficult and challenging. If you haven’t given up yet and continue to act like a teenager (those of you who are past 25) and maturity is lacking, if you are stubborn about changing anything for better –ouch- will be the word of the day. Saturn will reward you if you stay on your true path. This is an important time to be fully responsible for your choices and behavior regarding with whom you merge whether it be a business deal, bank interactions, romantic relationships and sexual partners. This is about you being responsible for you not for others. That creates too much drama when you interfere in someone else’s path. You can be there to support but to take responsibility for others is a sure way to do nothing on your path. This is a time of seeking the real you within and walking through the fear that prevents you from being true to you. This is also a time to remove those emotional blockages. You need to dig deep and if you do it with passion you can change that assemblage point and have a new perspective. Wow, imagine that. Saturn plays for keeps and know just because it moves slowly doesn’t mean changes are not taking place. Be persistent, determined and ready to ride the wave no matter how big it comes in. Passion will win the day in close partnerships. Sexuality is a prime part of Scorpio and Saturn brings a structure to it. This also will help your transformation.

There are many more things I could say but the day has been long and I send you blessings and strength to deal with the new energy. Watch for the New Moon post for October 15. Be well and stay in the moment. Thank you for all you do. Until again. Love, Jan

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