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NEW MOON in CAPRICORN, December 21/22, 2014- Reset, recreate or take a step in a new direction

As I finish writing this post on the New Moon in Capricorn I am so pleased to note that once the shortest day appears tomorrow, December 21, 2104 summer is just around the corner for the Northern Hemisphere. Days start getting longer. I am ready. This has been the coldest autumn that I can remember in the East. Maybe warm days will arrive much earlier than usual. Just wishing! Believe it or not I love snow and brisk air in WINTER not in autumn. Much is happening on the national and local scenes. Shane Montgomery is still missing and it is going on close to 4 weeks on Christmas day when he disappeared from Manayunk. Found out through Facebook that another man is missing in Pittsburgh. He didn’t show up for his job at a hospital out there. No sign of him either. This is getting weirder by the moment. What’s going on with Putin? And the Cuba ban is lifting.

So where do you go and what do you do now as the Solstice comes in as stated above on December 21 at 6:03pm EST, 3:03pm PST? The past is ending as we leave go the baggage of the past and move forward into 2015. A couple of hours later the New Moon in Capricorn (Sun in Capricorn) arrives at 8:35pm EST, 5:35pm PST, 1:35am GMT (December 22, 2014). This is a time of big shifting in the earth’s magnetic field and new energy can trigger changes in DNA. If you are looking for downloads this is a time for it to happen. They will occur within and without. Some will have breakthroughs and others may have breakdowns . Mercury shows up in the picture on the December 23 conjoining Pluto and the Moon and Sun squaring Uranus. With the Pluto conjoining Venus today, December 22 there may be a tyrant/victim mentality taking place which can last a couple of days. This asks you if you are dominating others or giving away your power.

New Moon in Capricorn is about goals. Since it is in 0 degrees 6’ this tells you that it is about starting fresh in something new. It could very much be about business or other type of partnership. Maybe even marriage for some. Of course, if it is a project then you will need to plan and organize and be patient. This is a long term goal. It will develop slowly yet as it does you know it will be stable and secure. What you choose to do will necessitate a way of shifting your thoughts and please let the old junk go. Some of you just like to resist the changes and hang on for dear life. It won’t work if you do that. And any of you starting a new partnership or renewing one will find that this is saying to do so with a new perspective. You will come together as equals finding a common basis and then enriching the lives of each of you.

Where you find Capricorn in your chart is where you have power. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and that indicates you are building a secure foundation within to enhance your individuality in order for you to take it out there to work with humanity. So many I see have the talents and abilities to enhance the lives of others yet are fearful to do so. Obstacles may pop up. Can you handle them? Are you committed to move past them? Have you truly looked at where you stand? Do you have inspiration about the future which you can use in the now? If immediate matters are bothering you, take care of them in the now so they can be cleared out before they interfere in your move forward.

As you are awaiting the arrival of the New Moon, Mr. Freedom himself, dear Uranus in Aries goes direct the same day as the New Moon. Watch so this direct motion doesn’t throw you off balance. Watch your emotional reactions, dear ones, because they could bring a blow-up in some area of your life. As stated December 22 is a great day for starting new projects which grow over a long period of time. Watch out for financial affairs at this time.
Let’s take a look at what the ruler of the New Moon is doing. Well, dear ones, Saturn is moving into another sign on December 23. It is currently in the last degree of Scorpio. As it went through Scorpio you learned about abandonment, betrayal and all those secrets that started to show up and maybe a bit of power or struggles related to the power. Or maybe the secrets are still hiding and will be kind and come out this week.

Saturn goes into Sagittarius and that is all about integrity…how many of you walk your talk? It is also saying let’s talk about trust. How about what can you teach others? Since Capricorn is the goat and Saturn is about slow and stable then suggestion is to climb the mountain slowly in anything new you begin. If patience is your weak point, frustration comes. So, I suggest you stop resisting the process and let go that which no longer serves you so you can bring your gifts out and share with the rest of us. Saturn returns to Scorpio in June and will bring you face to face with anything you may have not cleared out regarding betrayal and power and issues I mentioned earlier in the paragraph. It will stay until September. Hang tough at that time because you want to let go what has to go.

One other planet is now important-Charon. It is in Pisces at present and it helps with healing. So wherever you have Pisces 13-14 degrees, it will help you bring sacredness back into your life in whatever area of your chart it touches.

Since the New Moon is a new start then please know that the house it is found in will be the focus of a new beginning for whatever project you have in mind. It falls in my Seventh House of partnerships conjoining Juno. Is this business or personal? Only time will tell. Enough said. So the New Moon in your chart will be more intense for those who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and angles) at anywhere from 26 degrees to 5 degrees of Sagittarius/Capricorn, Pisces/Aries, Gemini/Cancer and Virgo/Libra since the New Moon is at 0 degrees 6’. It is usually about 4-5 degrees either way from that degree that is affected the most.

It is time to make the best kind of guess when you look at your new direction. Remember you can use past and the now and anything else you need to make your decision as to where you are heading. I wish you luck. Do choose wisely. Leave the darkness behind and go with the Light.

I wish you blessings for a happy holiday season. For those who celebrate Christmas, do have a happy one. And may the New Year manifest a new you with a new beginning in a direction that is your truth. Until again. Love, Jan

12/13/14 – A rare day to ponder the leap!

How will you take the next step? 2015 is almost upon us Today’s date is a rare occurrence which does not happen again in this lifetime. Here we are in a season of joy for many of us and a season of horror for others. Nothing is at it seems. There are many underlying disruptive forces which continue to interfere with the goodness of all of us. What can you do about it? How about starting with you and express kindness to others? How about taking a day away from social media and texting? Since today is so special what can you do for others to make it special for them? Think about this and reach out to friends or family who are like the “rarey bird”. That’s my favorite children’s book from the time I was a librarian.

Life is precious yet very few see beyond the nose on their faces. The earth is polluted with Chemtrails and our food with GMOS. Hundreds of other poisons come to you as you inhale, ingest or apply them to your skin on a daily basis. Most of you are lucky to still be living and enjoying life. How many of you take anti-depressants? Too many if you ask me. What does it matter anyway? Is that why there are so many zombie movies? Is that what you choose to be?

Life is changing dramatically and as the New Year 2015 approaches, life will get more difficult for many. It is a major wakeup call for everyone including the PTB. I think many out there in the Matrix are beginning to notice that being under a microscope is not what was intended for this lifetime. So, what now?

In the past year I have seen so much rudeness and inconsideration that it makes me nauseous. I see young children who have more foresight and goodness radiating from them then many adults. I don’t care what every one of you does, but I do care if you act ignorant and self-centered. What do I suggest? Do you realize that life is not about you? It is how you can help humanity, your fellow man. If you don’t know this then I suggest you find out how you missed it in your life education. Dear ones, the Divine has given you an opportunity to grow and learn. Have you forgotten that? Stop running from life. Why do you let fear surround you? Love is all there is. Give up the resistance and be who you truly are.

First of all, look at yourself and acknowledge your truth within. Some of you have already recognized it and are moving forward nicely. Others of you ignore it and resist it because others may disapprove or disagree with what you are choosing to do. Come on, you know that is true. And then there are you who have a fear –a big fear that keeps you from moving through that door that has opened and yet you hide behind it due to old beliefs and patterns. The old paradigm is over. Oh yes it is. How much better everyone will be once that becomes clear. There is much debris still standing in the way of your path yet nothing will stop your leap if you are ready. Some are ready once the year turns new; others may take another 6 months to have any forward motion. And some of you will have adjustments to make. That’s ok. Just know it is coming. Let go of all unnecessary items and anyone who keeps you stuck in their reality. Live your truth always and your dream manifests. Will you take the action to make that leap? Cheers to you if you choose to know that Spirit resides within.

Choose laughter and joy, peace and goodwill. Many blessings to you and yours! Thank you for everything you do. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in GEMINI, December 6, 2014-Talking truth that arises from within

Look around and see what is being manipulated for your attention. Have you noticed the extreme circumstances that are being presented for your viewing pleasure? Do you intend to go into the streets to protest? Is that what your life has become? Too many questions, you say. Oh well. Life is. If I mention these things to those who are stuck in the Matrix, goodness me, I get a tongue-lashing. Those who are rebelling against legal decisions are correct in their minds. All of us have a right to have an opinion. There is a missing student in the Philadelphia area and it has now become a nationwide news item. It has been a week since this young man was seen in a pub in Manayunk. Reward is up to $40,000. No one has come forth with information regarding his disappearance. According to a horary chart for the time of his leaving there is much confusion and possible lies and deception regarding what happened. Neptune was squaring the Sun which is conjunct the asteroid lie at that time. Time will tell. Uranus is opposing the ascendant and squaring Pluto. Something or someone unexpected showed up. Enough said. Full Moon on Saturday may bring something new to the surface or down the road once Saturn is leaving Scorpio.

Let’s move onward to the Full Moon in Gemini at 14 degrees 17’ on Saturday December 6, 2014 at 7:26 am EST, 4:26am PST, and 12:26pm GMT. Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius opposing the Moon. It is a time of things coming to a head from the New Moon in Sagittarius 2 weeks ago. Also it is a time of release for those parts of your life that have had a hold on you and no longer have any meaning. This refers to old patterns, beliefs and wounds. How many of you have actually begun the release process? It is so important to let go of all these negative past patterns that have you conditioned. By doing so,, the future which is in the now will show up in a truly beautiful way. You don’t believe me. That’s ok because one of you will get the information that is being given to you by the Sun in Sagittarius and you will find your truth within it. Speaking of truth Sun in Sagittarius is about digging for the truth and sharing it. I am sure there are some philosophers among you or even teachers of many subjects. With the Full Moon in GEMINI you will choose to speak your truth and share those communications with others.

It is an important crossroads this Full Moon in Gemini. Yes, there have been many turning points in the past couple of years. This one is moving closer to the Galactic Center (not quite there yet) which is the portal/ bridge to higher consciousness. The Sun is conjunct the Great Attractor at 14 degrees and it is opposed by the Moon in Gemini. This aspect gives you the opportunity to understand any hidden things beyond your consciousness. Millions of galaxies are being pulled toward that point. Beyond my comprehension it is. All I know is that it exists and it seems like you are seeing around an object.

Even though there is some irritation with an aspect to Mars which is entering Aquarius there are still a good amount of blessings that will show up in your lives. This lunation seems to indicate that old stuff may be going but the emphasis is on what’s coming into your own life? What truth is showing up to which you will open? Gemini wants to talk about it. Gemini Moon wishes to explore what is presented to you. Are you willing to walk through the old junk and see where this new way is taking you? Feel your heart and open to exploring your own truth. How does it feel to you?

Yes, Gemini loves to think and think and think some more. Is your life where you want it to be at this time? Have you given yourself the opportunity to experience your own deepest truth? It is time for the transcendence within you so that your future in the now comes to you in a magnificent way. Are you ready to leap? Seriously, no one knows you like you know yourself. If you depend on others for their support and approval your life will always be in the comfort zone. IS that your choice? Think with the Full Moon in Gemini how you actually see your life and open the door to what is deep within your heart. Now is the time.

Mercury is in Sagittarius and so is Venus. Jupiter in Leo is trine to Venus and to the Sun and sextile the Full Moon in Gemini. Good times are felt by many of you. New realities are within reach for many. Also, there is another major square (conflict) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is about individuality and freedom and Pluto is transformative but could also be the shadow. This square occurs on December 14, 2014. It is the sixth square that has happened with one more to go in March. It is trying to change the structure of where it falls in your chart. Resisting makes things crazed. It wants you to have equality and some collaboration with others.

It is only those who are in constant revolt that discover what is true not the man who conforms, who follows some tradition. It is only when you are constantly inquiring, constantly observing, constantly learning, that you find truth, God, or love. (JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI),
Find yourself searching deeply and allow the truth to rise and surprise you with joyousness. Life is starting to change rapidly and you can choose to be on the fast train to open to higher consciousness or stay in the limited belief thinking.

Those of you who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or angles at 9-18 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini; Virgo or Pisces will be most intensely affected. The Full Moon in Gemini is in my 12th house. Yippee. I just retreat and watch for vivid dreams or spiritual inspirations. Explore your truth. Live it. Be it. Leap out of that comfortable place and take a risk. You can do it.

I pulled an Animal Powers card. Amazingly the snake came up. “Snake teaches us about we are each a nexus of power and we have the responsibility to ourselves and each other to think and act with awareness based on the evolving truth of our reality.” Snake spirit come to me and take me higher. Empower me for giving birth to new creations and letting go of fear of failure and success. I will stay attuned and listen deeply.

Have a great Full Moon. Truth comes. Thank you for reading. Be ready to leap if you haven’t already done so. Until again. Love, Jan

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